The fluffy bunny struggled to move its short little legs, and Secretary Jin bent down to pick it up, tucking it into Qiong Ren’s arms.


Qiong Ren took the fluffy rabbit into his arms and rubbed the fluffy hair hard.


Ah, Rabbit, the harbor of my soul.


Secretary Jin wondered if this was a fluffy rabbit or a ghost wavelength shield.


Emperor Song looked on, silently pondering.


Qiong Ren, as a mortal, first kicked over the criminal who escaped from the congregation of the underworld, and now he had beaten a demon ……


Thinking about that day, when Qiong Ren flew and kicked the scum, he exploded in a shower of golden light. If he wasn’t mistaken, that was a golden light of merit and virtue, how could a small child in his twenties have such a high end attribute, he would have to be a saint reincarnated.


Emperor Song checked the reincarnation manual in passing, and felt even more strange, Qiong Ren was a mediocre mortal with no background, nor was he the reincarnation of anyone.



Chen Ruize woke up in the morning, touched his empty stomach and rolled on the bed, thinking about what happened last night, he couldn’t help but suspect that he starved to the point of hallucinating, and that was why he saw Qiong Ren burning Yuanbao in the air.


Thinking of that weird scene, he couldn’t stay, he put on his clothes and slipped to Qiong Ren’s door. Knocking, there was no movement inside, but the door opened a crack.


The quality of the wooden houses here was really not good, the windows and doors were hard to close tightly, and they opened when touched.


“Ruize, is Qiong Ren awake?” The director came over with a slice of baked bun in his hand, “While the sky is clear, you two should hurry up and go shoot some footage of scouting the tour route in the mountains.”



Chen Ruize turned around and nervously blocked the door, he glanced into the doorway from the corner of his eyes, there was no one on the bed! The ernomous Yuanbao were also missing, could it be that he really went to deliver the Yuanbao?



“He went for a morning walk and didn’t bring his cell phone.” Chen Ruize couldn’t help but praise his own wit, making up a seamless lie out so quickly.


“Okay.” The director nibbled on the steamed bun and turned around, “Yo, you’re back from your morning walk. You should always go with a cell phone.”



Qiong Ren: “Morning walk? Oh …… right, I went for a morning walk.”



Chen Ruize saw that he was still wearing the same clothes as last night and became more and more sure of his own guess, he had a feeling that his three views were gradually being destroyed.



After breakfast, Chen Ruize and Qiong Ren wandered around the mountain, and the director followed the camera, he took a deep breath of the fresh mountain air, and sighed, “What a nice place.”



He grunted and did chest expanding exercises, “Eh? What kind of route did you take for this morning walk out here? The mountain paths are not easy to run on.”


Qiong Ren casually responded, “I don’t remember. I’m a road idiot, after three meters, I can’t tell north, south, east, west, and north, and it’s all luck that I was able to come back.”


“……” The director got flustered, “Then you were still jaywalking!”


“I’ll make sure not to jaywalk next time.” Qiong Ren casually promised.



The director’s body weakness was serious in middle age, he just walked a few steps before he started wiping his sweat, “Aiya, I can’t do it, I’ll go back first.”



Why did Chen Ruize keep fidgeting today? The director muttered in his heart. It must be from losing weight, too little carbohydrate intake would indeed lower intelligence.


Meng Shen scurried out from the side and circled around to survey Chen Ruize: “Big star, hey!”


Elderly people like Lin Chunsheng had no understanding of idols, but Chen Ruize played the male lead in a big hit drama last year. The old man particularly liked his upright military officer image in the drama.



“Yes, yes, yes, this little brother acted very well.” Lin Chunsheng smiled and narrowed his eyes.


Thinking that Qiong Ren was there, he quickly took it back, “But the best actor in my heart is always Master Qiong. Master Qiong’s work is so good, and his acting is so great. It’s really punching Han in the South Mountain and kicking Little Li Zi in the North Sea.”


To enhance credibility, he also gave two thumbs up.


Qiong Ren: “……”


Forget it, he wouldn’t bother with old people.


There was a small piece of fruit forest on the mountainside, the path bowl stretched downward, and a few thin clouds hung extremely low in the air, making for a particularly nice picture. The accompanying director suggested that the two of them walk down this path, and with a drone they could get a very pretty shot.



The two went all the way down, Meng Shen drifted and nagged, “Be careful when you walk the mountain road, although I see that you have a long life span, but an accidental death can happen at any time, and you don’t want to live in the City of Wasted Death, right?”


Lin Chunsheng pointed to the fruit tree, “That plum tastes extraordinarily good, it’s just not very fruitful, quietly pick and eat one.”



These two people were too noisy, it was like having a live audience.



Chen Ruize felt far enough away from the camera to turn off the mike: “You gave away the yuanbao all night?”



Qiong Ren: “Ah. Thanks for covering for me.”


Chen Ruize was worried about him, “Why deliver it yourself when you can burn it here, it’s dangerous.”


This was the joy of ignorance! Meng Shen almost burst into tears, which ghost could beat Qiong Ren, and who exactly was the dangerous one?


Qiong Ren: “My fans, uh ……”


He saw Chen Ruize shiver and decisively omitted the word ghost: “They’re extraordinarily good, don’t worry, I won’t be in danger.”



Qiong Ren felt really lucky that his underworld fans were brave and kind, and after being blown away by the wind, they came back in droves, wanting to do their part to catch Sai Wukong.


He askea the Irregulars to help him watch Sai Wukong pick up the gifts, and continued signing albums for the fans. When the signing was over, Qiong Ren borrowed a fire from Emperor Song, poured out all the Yuanbao in the big black bag, piled it into a golden hill, and lit it.



The fire licked up the gold paper and soared upward, burning the golden yuanbao into scalding red ashes.



Inverted hanging underworld was a place with little wind all year round, it was difficult to burn the fire. Emperor Song lent the fire and generously lent the wind, blowing the fire to melt the Yuanbao, and blowing the gray paper ashes into tiny particles that fell on the black rock and the inverted sea.


The smiles on the fans’ faces when they got the gold ingots were touched and satisfied, and Qiong Ren felt that he would never forget it for the rest of his life.


There was a big temperature difference between day and night in the mountains, and the ground quickly dried up as it warmed up quickly after the sky cleared. After the mountain road resumed its function, other guests arrived one after another.



Apart from Qiong Ren, Chen Ruize, Fu Jiaze and Qingheng, there were two other pairs of partners, namely, the TV star Zhang Min and his daughter Zhang Shu, and the World Archery Champion Liu Shu and her husband Li Qixuan.



The most unknown among the stars was actually not Qiong Ren, but Qingheng. He already had 2 million followers now, exceeding Qingheng’s 300,000 fans!


With everyone in place, the program team began to cue the process.



“We’ve prepared a small game, the ranking of the game will determine your dinner today.”


The staff pushed four large dinner plates covered with lids up, displaying tonight’s dishes in order.



The first was a deluxe seafood platter. The second serving was steak. The third serving was chicken thighs. The fourth serving was only an egg.



“Today’s going to be an archery tournament!”



The crowd applauded soullessly, interspersed with fake-high cheers.


Clap clap clap.



Hmm? They suddenly reacted to what was wrong.



Zhang Shu exclaimed, “It’s not fair! There’s a world champion here, how can we possibly win?”



The director explained that Liu Shu wasn’t participating, she was responsible for off-court guidance and pre-match training.



Chen Ruize whispered, “I’m starving and bleary-eyed, so I’ll have to rely on you for the race.”


It would be nice to come in second, Chen Ruize stared eagerly at the steak, his eyes almost glued to it.


Meng Shen slipped into the range from outside, “Wow, so many stars.”



Qingheng’s heart stopped in shock when she saw Meng Shen suddenly appear. Meng Shen shouldn’t have chased him over a thousand miles because he couldn’t get the things, right?



Who would have thought that Qiong Ren’s lagging peripherals would be sold out when he accepted to do it, it wasn’t his fault that he couldn’t buy them.


Qingheng was more and more sure that he and Qiong Ren were not in harmony. It was just that he wasn’t too familiar with facial readings to personally verify his judgment.


The guests picked up recurve bows of varying tension, put on their finger grips, and began practicing under Liu Shu’s guidance.


Meng Shen enthusiastically suggested, “I can attach myself to your arrows, when the time comes, you can shoot as many rings as you want, with your eyes closed.”



Qingheng was shocked, Meng Shen must have been talking to him, he was actually willing to help him cheat ……



Qiong Ren was speechless, “Don’t you have to go to work?”


Meng Shen: “My coworkers are willing to cover my shift. They entrusted me to come and learn fighting skills from you.”


Qiong Ren: “……”


Lin Chunsheng showed an expression of eagerness to see the action, “It’s rare to see so many stars, let’s stay for two more days.”



Qingheng froze in a flash, so Meng Shen had come to see Qiong Ren. It was like drinking a dozen bitter melon juice in one gulp, his heart was drenched in bitter water.


Sure enough, Qiong Ren was the enemy of his life.


The arrowhead didn’t enter the seventh ring’s position, and the arrow feather quivered slightly.


Qiong Ren frowned slightly, archery was a little harder than he thought. The arrow didn’t travel in a straight line, the aiming point and the center of the target were not co-located and needed to be corrected repeatedly through attempts.



Liu Shu was a good athlete but not a good teacher. Under her devoted teaching, the guests’ standards steadily increased.


Qingheng purposely stopped Liu Shu when she came over to see Qiong Ren, with a look of sincerity and seeking for guidance, and the effect was very obvious, he had now been on target twenty times in a row.


There was a sudden rumble of thunder in the air, the sound was soft yet inexplicably clear. Qiong Ren frowned slightly, wasn’t the weather forecast clear?


Meng Shen tensed up and whispered, ”There are thunderous sounds in the sky, and the King of the Underworld is passing by. His divine might is unpredictable, you must not attract his attention.”


At the mention of King of the underworld, Qiong Ren suddenly remembered.



Secretary Jin had said that the King of the Underworld was the busiest of the ten halls, enduring a deadly workload, and Emperor Song was always worried that he would die suddenly.


Fortunately, he had long since become a god, objectively ensuring the safety of divine life.


He didn’t know if the King was crossing for a business trip or for vacation?




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