“This ……” Qiong Ren hesitated, he was afraid that an atheist (former) couldn’t afford this honor.


“White Impermanence” said, “I’ve been lining up for years for the Bodhisattva Earth King to ask him to help me change my appearance, the banner has been ready for a long time, so I just changed the words on it.”


She bowed then wiped her tears, “Thank you for changing me back to the way I was.”



Qiong Ren: “Okay, okay. Thanks.” She was such an honest fan, she even said the banner was second hand.


Upon closer inspection, sure enough, a few of the words had just been written on, the gold ink was still wet, while the rest of the words were foil stamped.


“White Impermanence” bowed again, although she still wanted to say 20,000 words with the cub, there were still many fans waiting for autographs, she couldn’t take up everyone’s time.


Wiping tears from her eyes she slowly walked out as the fans applauded excitedly.


“But I’d rather know how the axe was pulled off, does that make sense?”


“But, it also doesn’t make sense for my son, a big living man, to be on the underworld network, does it?”



“The stuffed rabbit he’s holding can move, hey, since when can stuffed rabbits move? Is this scientific?”



“So touching. Qiong Ren, you are daddy’s best cub QAQ”


Qiong Ren looked at the banner placed aside and had a very wonderful feeling, his heart was sour and exicted.


He stabilized his emotions and continued signing.




“Hello.” A very calm female voice, “I don’t need you to sign, your hands are tired, right?”



She had a beautiful face, wore a form-fitting sheath dress, and her black hair was meticulously combed behind her head, giving her a calm and serious feeling, but what she said was very considerate.


Qiong Ren: “Thank you, but I’m not tired.”


It was super fun to meet with fans to counteract all the tiredness.


He signed his name in a few strokes, attaching a ^_^ to it.


Secretary Nan touched the little smiley face on the album and lowered her voice, “Thank you.”


The plush rabbit sitting obediently on Qiong Ren’s lap stirred uneasily, its little short hands picking at Qiong Ren’s arm.


Qiong Ren looked down at it, “?”


The simple curtains of the meeting hall suddenly shook, was the fluffy rabbit giving an earthquake warning? Before his thoughts could finish, he heard several earth-shaking roars accompanied by drum-like sounds.



A large hole was suddenly smashed through the top of his head, and a man fell onto the signing table in front of Qiong Ren, which was of superb quality and didn’t even shake.


The man struggled to get up and shook his head, two nosebleeds hanging on his face, half of his face was swollen.



“Meng Shen?” This guy never came back to pick up Lin Chunsheng, he didn’t even realize hat he had already been beaten to this miserable state.


“Qiong Ren?”


Meng Shen’s face changed as he shouted, “Run, the Scarlet beast is haunting the underworld!”


The group of ghosts immediately stirred, and the green and white eerie faces of the ghosts each wore an expression of fear.


But fearful as they were, they didn’t each run away with their heads in their hands, but instead looked anxiously at the organizers of the signing and surged over towards Qiong Ren’s side.



“Secretary Jin, how can a living person withstand such a big scene, quickly take him and run away!”


“Yeah, it’s just too dangerous for Qiong Ren to look this good!”


“That demon is psychopathic.”


“Qiong Ren, run away, we’ll cover you, ah–”


A gust of wind surged in from the doorway, blowing Qiong Ren’s eyes open, the meeting place was directly blown away, only the table stood strong in its place. Qiong Ren clasped the edge of the table with one hand and grabbed the skinny banner that was almost blown away.


The fur on the rabbit’s body was blown about, and it was more alert than most ghosts, its rabbit ears tied in a knot, tying itself securely to Qiong Ren’s wrist.



When the wind stopped, Qiong Ren opened his eyes and saw that almost all of his fans had been blown away, with albums and gifts from fans scattered all over the place.


It was only now that he had seen what the underworld looked like.


There were dead trees everywhere in the Inverted Hanging Little Underworld, and countless red-hot iron ropes hung in the air. Sinners who were tortured in this place were hung like dried sausages from high and low branches.



The “White Impermanence” gave him a banner to hang on the feet of an inverted ghost. Only a few petals of a small rose watered by the water of oblivion remained, and the glass cover was shattered to pieces.



Qiong Ren’s expression slowly sank and he raised his eyes to look ahead.


“If that monkey can get the book of life and death from a sinking ship, this Great King can naturally do the same,” the incoming demon was covered in black hair and draped all over his body, holding two gilt sledgehammers in his hands, “Is it possible that you are discriminating against your species and looking down on me, Sai Wukong?”



Meng Shen was like an enemy: “Don’t compare fiction to reality, okay? Be reasonable! No one is going to change your life and death book. Besides what kind of great king are you, is it certified?”


He blocked in front of Qiong Ren, looked ahead and whispered, “Quickly hide.”


He figured it would be a few more minutes before his co-workers arrived, Sai Wukong disliked handsome guys the most so he had to let Qiong Ren avoid him in these few minutes.


Sai Wukong’s ears and were light and agile, he heard Meng Shen’s words and threw the sledgehammer off his hand, Meng Shen threw out his hook chain and wrapped it around the hammer’s handle, and was dragged down by the force from above, stumbling and flopping to the ground.



There was no more cover in front of Qiong Ren.


“Hmm.” Sai Wukong narrowed his small eyes towards Qiong Ren’s face, wrinkling out a dozen frown lines, “So it’s you. I heard that Emperor Song is your father, so if I capture you, he’ll definitely change my life and death book.”


Where did all these rumors come from ……



You can’t just leave out the first two words of the golden father.


Secretary Jin and Secretary Nan, a man and a woman, one on the left and one on the right, came over in unison and blocked in front of Qiong Ren, one turned his head to him, “What are you waiting for, run!”



Qiong Ren didn’t run, and there was no fear on his face, “My dad is not a thing, you don’t compare my dad fan to my dad.”


“Whatever you say, today you are my Sai Wukong’s hostage!” Sai Wukong pounded his chest and wailed, but the whole routine was so familiar, it felt like it was copied and pasted from Godzilla vs. King Kong.


Qiong Ren sincerely suggested, “With your appearance, I think you should be called Sai King Kong. No, that’s an insult to King Kong.”


He immediately apologized in the same sincere tone, bowing solemnly toward the West, “King Kong, I’m sorry.”


This wave of taunts hurt Sai Wukong feelings, and he struck his chest hard, his voice sounding like a thunderclap, “How dare you humiliate me!”



Meng Shen was in a hurry, “Why are you still angering him?”


Secretary Nan and Secretary Jin saw that Qiong Ren wasn’t moving and directly went up to tug on him, however, they couldn’t tug at all and couldn’t help but feel outraged.


They were ghosts, since when could people arm wrestle with ghosts?


Qiong Ren gently broke away from the two secretaries and placed the rabbit in Meng Shen’s hand, “Keep it for me.”


He walked around the table and walked slowly to the open space.


Sai Wukong saw that he was only one meter eight tall, ten heads shorter than himself, and didn’t put him in his eyes, with a hammer on his shoulder and an expression of what can you do to me.


“Be sensible and quickly tie your hands, as long as you obediently be my hostage, I won’t destroy your face.”



Qiong Ren’s back leg stomped the ground, his body was like an arrow off the string, rushing towards Sai Wukong.


Sai Wukong hated good-looking people in his life, especially super handsome guys of Qiong Ren’s level. Saying that he wouldn’t destroy Qiong Ren’s face was just a casual remark, he wouldn’t allow the world to have male primates that were more handsome than him.


In the next second, Qiong Ren had already arrived close to him, he grabbed the tree with both hands and swung it with force, throwing his body out and kicking Sai Wukong’s right leg hard in the heel.


Sai Wukong’s calf was in severe pain, and he could no longer stand, and fell to the ground like a small mountain.


His skin was so thick that hitting the ground didn’t hurt him much, but his Achilles tendon was in so much pain that his undershirt hairs were drenched in cold sweat.


Sai Wukong was infuriated, he raised his head, ready to say a few harsh words, and then smash this beautiful face to pieces.


But just as his head was halfway up, he was punched by Qiong Ren into the Stone of the Black Rope Great Underworld, which made him squeal and scream.



“Don’t you like to talk about novel plots? Today I’ll let you personally experience the Water Margin!”


Qiong Ren’s knuckles were long and slender, and his clenched fists weren’t as broad as Lu Zhishen’s “vinegar bowl size”, but they fell as fast as rain, crackling on Sai Wukong’s head.


A few minutes later, Emperor Song and the Uncanny Team, who had rushed to the underworld of overtime to save the cub, arrived.


The man in front of them was miserable, just miserable in a different way than they expected.



Sai Wukong had an inverted hanging rope around his neck, and Qiong Ren was tugging at the end of it, looking a bit grumpy, “Pick it up quickly! You’re the one who blew away the gift from my fans, you’re going to have to pick it up for me yourself.”


Looking at Sai Wukong’s face again, it was swollen like a black basketball, his eyes, nose, and mouth were no longer distinguishable, oozing blood in a chaotic mess on his face.


Secretary Jin’s ice beauty face still had “Σ (っ ° Д °;)っ” traces as he briefly described the passage Emperor Song.


Emperor Song had lived for thousands of years, what big scenes had he not seen?


Sorry, this scene was really the first.


He couldn’t help but think deeply, was it that the usual training for the Underworld’s law enforcement team wasn’t in place, was it appropriate that the Underworld scarabs they had been catching for a day and a night were just beaten into a dog by Qiong Ren?



Was Qiong Ren too strong, or was the Underworld team too useless? But no matter what, the quality of the Uncanny Team did need to be improved.


“How do the City gods of the various prefectures usually train you?”


Emperor Song’s simple expression of doubt shamed the Underworlders into lowering their heads.



Meng Shen, as a living Impermanent with noble ideals of punishing the wicked and eliminating evil, was actually protected by a living civilian, which was undoubtedly a huge blow to him.


He couldn’t beat him in dancing admittedly, but he, a Living Impermanent, actually lost in martial arts as well.



However, as a mature fighter, he still defended himself and his colleagues, “Your Majesty is well aware that the Underworld Scarlet is a first-class protected animal that calls the Great Underworld, so it is inevitable for the brothers to have their hands tied.”


Emperor Song shook his head and walked over towards Qiong Ren.



Qiong Ren murmured in a low voice, “The soil that the fan sent me is all scattered ……”



The miraculous scorching great inferno black soil package broke, the bag floated on the upside down sea, the soil went into the sea, so it was impossible to retrieve it.


Qiong Ren pursed his lips, the corners of his mouth turned downward as his eyes grew red.


Sei Wukong raised his proud head and said disdainfully, “It’s just a bag of dirt, mortals really don’t see things.”


Qiong Ren clenched his fists instantly, his tears quickly retracting!


Sai Wukong shivered as soon as he clenched his fists, and choked in fear as he held his head, “I’m an Underworld Scarlet, the Great Inferno first class protected animal, I’m more precious than a giant panda, you can’t do this to me.”


“Precious? Are you connoting me?” Qiong Ren, who had barely risen from an unknown artist to a seventeen point five star, was shocked.



“I didn’t mean it like that, that’s my breed’s scientific name.” Sai Wukong explained with a great deal of aggravation, tears mixed with blood ticking down, “Aren’t you afraid of ghosts?”



Why was he not at all what he had imagined a delicate little white boy to look like? False information harmed people.


Qiong Ren was speechless, “Yeah, but you’re a demon.”


Sai Wukong suppressed his hatred.


“Qiong Ren,” Emperor Song said lovingly, “I’ll have the Great Scorching Underworld send a few dozen cartloads of black soil for you to plant flowers.”


Qiong Ren looked over toward him, and behind Emperor Song there were dozens of Impermanent Beings looking at him with complicated expressions.


In a flash, Qiong Ren suddenly realized that he was surrounded by impermanence, and the fans that had been blown away by the wind were slowly making their way back.


The ghost content was approaching one hundred percent!


He was suddenly breathless, “Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit come …….



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