Before Qiong Ren left, he saw Lin Chunsheng, the little old man standing in the living room, looking at him blearily.


“Secretary Jin, that ghost in there was given to me by the living impermanent, I promised to burn the Yuanbao for him, wait for me for a few minutes, I’ll find a place where no one is around to burn it before I leave.”



Secretary Jin: “No need to go to that trouble, I’ll just melt it for you. You’ve got a good stack of Yuanbao and enough chanting power, just burn one for him.”


Qiong Ren pulled out a Yuanbao from the huge cloth bag and handed it over, “That living impermanent said he wanted to buy two Yuanbao from me, can paper money really be exchanged for money?”



Secretary Jin took the Yuanbao, and with a flick of his wrist, the Yuanbao was lit up with a ghostly blue fire, and in just a few seconds, it turned into flying ash and disappeared cleanly, compared to the burning of the earthly world, this was the real “transformation”.


He had just finished melting it when Lin Chunsheng in the living room suddenly gained an extra ingot of gold. There was no cold metal on it, it felt warm to the touch.


“Many thanks Master Qiong, many thanks Master Qiong!”


Qiong Ren was quite embarrassed: “Poor master sounds unlucky, just call me Qiong Ren.”


[TN: Qiong means poor ]


Lin Chunsheng was about to say something.


Chen Ruize was unable to sleep due to the sound of the night wind blowing on the window, he got up and tried to tuck the window a little bit more, but he saw Qiong Ren carrying a big cloth pocket, next to it was a blue fire.


It was raining so hard, but the blue fire was not extinguished by water, and it burned out a yuan bill.


“If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have done femtoseconds. It’d be actually quite good if I couldn’t see clearly. “Chen Ruize rolled over to bed and covered his head with a blanket. Now only the blanket could give him a sense of security.


The two of them got into the car, the driver boy was still driving, he greeted Qiong Ren warmly.


Secretary Jin settled down with him in the back row, chatting about the question Qiong Ren had asked earlier, Secretary Jin said that the paper money could indeed be exchanged for the currency of the underworld. But just like gold and silver differentiate their value by their color, so did paper money.


The Yuanbao that Qiong Ren folded had a fine shape and sufficient chanting power, so it was an ingot of gold after it was burned. If it was replaced with a perfunctory one, the ghost might not even be able to hold a piece of gold sand.



In money like that, there were often chisels that couldn’t penetrate the white paper. After putting a knife to paper, ten could be used without making one. The lower layer without copper coin holes was directly discarded, and those copper coins that couldn’t be completely printed couldn’t be circulated in the underworld after being burned.


In addition, burning newspapers at the gravesite – was fooling the ghosts and also fooling the gods.


Secretary Jin nodded: “It’s quite possible.”


Qiong Ren: “Oh ……”


With what he said, it seemed that his was different. Qiong Ren immediately got a new fighting spirit, he first set a small goal, he’d strive to obtain 100,000 fans in the underworld.


Qiong Ren: “Hello. What would you like signed on the album?”



He smiled and looked at the fans, with gifts piled up in a small hill behind him. Secretary Jin said that most of them were local specialties.



This included, but wasn’t limited to, the spider silk gloves that had been soaked over the years in Blood Pool underworld (which can treat chilblains), the burning black soil of sinners in the scorching underworld (which had a miraculous effect of growing roses), and the hanging rope of a small underworld upside down (which was a great way to take a dog for a walk). A delicate rose covered in a transparent cover (watered with water from the Forgotten River, it could improve forgetfulness) .


He had already signed over three hundred, his hands were slightly sore, but his mood was still high. His underworld fans were all ghostly and well-spoken, and it was a real pleasure to meet and chat with them.


“Please sign Happy Anniversary of Xiao Rong’s death anniversary for me, Rong of the face.”


Qiong Ren signed and pushed it over, the fan in front of him was dressed up in a underworld flavor.


With a high hat on her head, a wailing stick in her hand, a white dress, and a long-tongued mask over her face, it was clear at a glance that she dressed herself up as the White Impermanence.


She cupped the paper bag with both hands and passed it in front of Qiong Ren, shyly saying, “This is a garland made by my friend, can you wear it and take a picture with me?”


“No problem.” Qiong Ren took out the garland and put it on his head, looked up and asked, “Is this okay?”


She gasped and covered her half-meter tongue with both hands.


Out of a noble sentiment of sharing beauty, “White Impermanence” moved three steps to the side, and the garlanded Qiong Ren was exposed to all the fans.


The scene was silent for a while.



“It’s too good looking!” The White Impermanence fans let out a whimper-like broken sound. “You are the male god born of Aphrodite and Apollo, right?”


Qiong Ren: “……” Wake up ah fan friend, can’t you tell the difference between yellow and white?


The shutter sound in the waiting area rang out into a chorus of clicks and clacks intertwined with curses.



“Hop~Hop photo~”


Qiong Ren’s voice trembled uncharacteristically at the sound of her voice, If it weren’t for him holding the plush rabbit, he probably would have stuttered throughout his speech today.


The fan handed him his cell phone. When taking a selfie, let the person with the longest hand hold the cell phone so that your face would be smaller in the camera.


Qiong Ren got up and leaned toward her, a little hesitant, “Do you want to take off the mask for that …… one?”


Fans were concerned about scaring him and were mindful of their appearance, but he himself was fine with it. He belonged to the fundamentalist type who was afraid of ghosts, and what he was afraid of was the ghosts themselves, unrelated to the size of their abilities or the horror of their appearances.


“White Impermanence” whispered, “My original appearance is not very ……”


He guessed right.



But dear fans, aren’t white faces with long tongues and ultra-realistic masks scary?


Qiong Ren patted his chest and assured, “I can’t be intimidated by what you look like.”


She hesitates for a moment, but the idea of taking a picture with Qiong Ren prevails. She took off her mask, removed her high hat, and looked no more than sixteen or seventeen years old, with an axe sticking out of her head, her skull cracked in half, and blood blotting all over her face.


“Isn t this not scary at all ……” Qiong Ren smiled with a tilt of his head.


“White Impermanence” was so happy that she felt delirious: “Hold my axe and shake it, it’ll be more memorable.”


What kind of bizarre request was this …… But Qiong Ren couldn’t bear to refuse the child who died early, so he reached out and gently shook it.





A soft sound.


“White Impermanence” suddenly felt her head become lighter.


Qiong Ren’s eyes were quick to catch the falling small axe, “……”


He was filled with shock, even axes could touch porcelain these days!

[TN: touch porcelain —- It originally comes from an old Beijing dialect of Mandarin. This word refers to a trick that takes its name from a scam, in which unscrupulous antique sellers would rig up damaged porcelain vases to look whole, wait for customers to “break” one by picking it up, then demand that they pay for the item.]


The “White Impermanence” reached out and touched her round head, the axe was gone, the crack on her skull was gone, she took a look at the camera, even the blood was gone!


She let out an “Ow!” and floated away with a “Shoo!” and a “Wait for me a minute!”


The fans in the waiting area were dumbfounded. Most ghosts remained the same as they were when they died, but they had never thought that there would be such a quick way to get a facelift other than begging the Bodhisattva of Earthly Treasures for kindness.


Qiong Ren looked blankly at Secretary Jin, “If …… I pull out her axe, will it…..?”



Before he could finish speaking, the girl ran back again, unsure of the time it took to enter and exit. She picked up a bundle of red velvet cloth from somewhere and shook it with a pole in front of Qiong Ren.



It turned out to be a banner, gold words were written in it:


“One-handed pulling axe male bodhisattva, wonderful hand plastic surgery, living goddess of Mercy.”



One more!!!

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