Meng Shen surveyed the paper yuan bills on the bed with a difficult pose of bending over and twisting his head, his eyes glowing, “The quality of your paper bills are too good, can you sell me two?”


Qiong Ren: “……”


He finally remembered who this person looked like, this Lord Wuchang was simply an upgraded and strengthened version of Qingheng, that so called righteous man.


“Who are you to Qingheng?”


“He’s my stupid brother.” Meng Shen cracked a smile, “My name is Meng Shen, a living impermanent.”





So this indoor ghost content was only a measly twenty-five percent, the lowest ghost content of all his ghost encounters.



Qiong Ren felt like he could do it. It was true that things like seeing ghosts needed to be honed.


The little old man’s name was Lin Chunsheng, the original owner of the campground, who had built a bird protection monitoring station here.



He himself was a bird-watching enthusiast, and the bird-guarding station, in addition to patrolling the forest to protect birds, would also provide observation sites for ornithologists in need.


In order to protect the wild bird habitat, Lin Chunsheng himself planted trees, not counting, but also deliberately planted a lot of fruit trees for birds to feed.



When he died, the bird protection station was quickly converted into a campground by his son, and the binoculars and cameras he had instructed to be donated were all sold.


Unable to get peace about the wild birds, he begged Meng Shen to let him come back for one last visit. He was dazzled by Qiong Ren’s bed of bills and became greedy.


Qiong Ren didn’t realize that the thief was actually a good old man who loved the environment.


“But stealing is still wrong.”


Lin Chunsheng looked ashamed, “I heard that if you want to be reincarnated, you have to pay the King of Underworld for your life, and my son didn’t give me a penny to burn, so I got confused.”


As he was talking, the law enforcement recorder pinned on Meng Shen’s body suddenly rang, it was actually a video call, was the equipment in the underworld already so advanced now?


“Hello, this is Old Meng.”


“Meng ah, we need urgent support. Hurry over, don’t bring the soul with you ah, that thing can be vicious, don’t hurt the soul.”



Qiong Ren listened to the voices over there, which seemed to be interspersed with animal growls.



Meng Shen pushed down the recorder and looked embarrassed, “What should we do? It’s too late to send Lin Chunsheng back.”


He slowly turned around, Qiong Ren slowly backed away, frantically shaking his head, “I don’t think so.”



Meng Shen: “I think it’s okay.”


He unlocked the chains with a flourish and headed for Qiong Ren’s hand, fishing out a spare one of his own.


“Do me a favor. The technical analysis I did for your dance a few days ago was shared more than five thousand times and read over a million times, how can you bear to turn me down, I’m a fan of yours.”





He hit Qiong Ren’s weakness in one fell swoop.


In the blink of an eye Meng Shen ran out of the window, and Qiong Ren was confused with the chain cupped in his hand when a surprised male voice suddenly came from outside the window.


“What’s on your bed?”


Chen Ruize stared at the bed dumbfounded, followed by the accompanying camera, the camera boy also had a “feudal superstition can’t be broadcast” expression.


Qiong Ren instantly relaxed: “They’re gifts.”


Chen Ruize: “……”


This kind of special item dedicated to the underworld for the grave, who was it going to be given to? In connection with the hot search that Qiong Ren had been on two days ago, he really didn’t dare to think about it in detail.


He had also thought that it was marketing done by Sincere Culture, but now he was a little unsure.


He asked stiffly, “I’m going to make breakfast, would you like one?”


Qiong Ren was very wary, “Chicken breast quinoa and broccoli?”


Chen Ruize turned his back to the camera and gave a resigned look, “Fried noodles.”


Chen Ruize had a persona of being a master chef, and in order for him to show off his cooking skills, the program team specially arranged a breakfast making session, but the chef himself didn’t have a share of the food.


It was so pathetic that Qiong Ren felt sorry for him when he thought about it, but he almost drooled in anticipation.



“Two servings, then.”


Within half an hour, Qiong Ren had two bowls of fried noodles in front of him.


Chen Ruizhe’s handiwork was pure, and it looked like he was really good at it, not selling a persona. The top of the fried sauce noodles were full, the radish was red and cucumber was green, and the fried sauce was brown and bright.


Looking at it made one’s appetite grow.


Qiong Ren took advantage of the fact that the cameras were all filming Chen Ruize, and chained Lin Chunsheng to the pillar in the living room, “Don’t run away, when I find the opportunity, I’ll burn paper bills for you.”


Lin Chunsheng was greatly moved and cried and thanked him.


Chen Ruize just pretended to take a bite in front of the camera and put it down, the remaining three bowls were all swept away by Qiong Ren.


When he finished eating and wiped his mouth with satisfaction, Chen Ruize was staring at him with a furtive gaze.


“Was it good?”


Qiong Ren: “What can I say to make you feel better in your heart.”


Chen Ruize swallowed his saliva: “I still don’t know how good my fried noodles smell? Don’t worry about boasting.”


He was almost staring through Qiong Ren’s leftover bowl, and Qiong Ren, worried that he would do something he would regret, thoughtfully carried the bowl away.


Chen Ruize looks at his figure with very sad eyes.



His assistant quickly brought him his real breakfast. He looked at the shrimp boiled in water, and the other green dishes, and his face turned green.


Qiong Ren messed around in the kitchen for a while and brought him out a small bowl of dip.


“Dip this and eat it, there’s no salt in it, just a little low-sodium soy sauce.” People who lost weight not only needed to eat less, but also consume less salt, or else they would easily become edematous.


The dipping sauce was sour, spicy and fresh, Chen Ruize dipped the shrimp and tasted it, tearfully holding Qiong Ren’s hand, “You are the legendary angel, right?”



He wolfed down the diet meal and rubbed his stomach and lamented, “Actors are not human, I’m so skinny, yet I still have to lose weight, I have to reduce to skin and bones to fit the role.”


“What role is so cruel?” Qiong Ren was a little curious.


Chen Ruize turned off the mike and came over to cover his mouth and whispered, “Chen Tao. The Peach Blossom Fan.”



“Keep it a secret, it hasn’t been officially announced yet.”


Qiong Ren was aware of The Peach Blossom Fan. What was being talked about here wasn’t the kunqu ‘Peach Blossom Fan’, but the novel written by Xu Fengjun. With the gay love affair between kunqu performer Chen Tao and singer Song Yuncheng as the main line, it told the joys and sorrows of the entertainment industry in the last century.


Both of the male protagonists had archetypes, Chen Tao’s archetype was the retired kunqu performer Xu Li, and Song Yuncheng’s archetype was the deceased singer Jin Xuecheng.


[TN: Kunqu, also known as Kunju, K’un-ch’ü, Kun opera or Kunqu Opera, is one of the oldest extant forms of Chinese opera.]


Because Xu Li and Xu Fengjun shared the same last name, many speculated that Xu Fengjun was Xu Li’s pen name, or he was one of Xu Li’s relatives, who were the ones who knew everything about what happened between the two men.


Qiong Ren: “I’ve seen the original work, as long as the execution doesn’t go wrong, it’s sure to become a classic, it’s well worth losing weight for it.”


Chen Ruize, because of that bowl of dipping sauce, already treated Qiong Ren as one of his own, and honestly said, “I’m holding back to get an award, the director is Zhang Hao, the screenwriter is Hu Zhi, many roles are still being cast, do you want to give it a try, I can help you get in touch with it.”


Zhang Hao was a first-tier famous director, the kind whose artistry and commerciality were guaranteed. He wasn’t particularly young, only thirty-two this year.


What Qiong Ren particularly liked about him was that his skill was very advanced, yet he was willing to communicate with the audience in an intimate way that didn’t require too high a threshold for viewing. He seemed out of place among other art film directors who couldn’t even tell a story.


Editor Hu, whose full name was Hu Lanlan, was one of the most famous screenwriters in the industry, having won all the domestic and international screenwriting awards. Compared to other screenwriters in China, who generally had a low status, Hu Lanlan was the Wu Zetian of screenwriting.


With such a good team and characters, he didn’t know how many people would break their heads for it. Being able to reveal this news to him showed that Chen Ruize already considered him a friend.



“Thank you very much, but I don’t know anything about acting, so with such a good cast, I shouldn’t go and ruin your artistic achievements.”


Chen Ruize raised his eyebrows in surprise, his expression immediately softened, in the face of this kind of invitation he was able to refuse, which showed that his heart was good. What to do, he wanted to bring him into the cast even more!


Qiong Ren was a bit uneasy and instructed, “Be more strict, don’t say anything to anyone, you don’t know who you could be talking to.”



Chen Ruize’s smile widened and he nodded.


In the monitoring room, the director looked at the screen with a dumbfounded look, “With Chen Ruize’s high-minded temperament, he can actually have a time when he is on first name terms with someone …….”


“Although Qiong Ren’s popularity is made from marketing, but his ability isn’t bad, Chen Ruize is quite gentle to those who are capable.” The screenwriter squatted next to him.


“What are they talking about with their mics off.” The director muttered, then smiled, “They really chose the right one with Qiong Ren, so what if he’s a marketing curiosity, he’s good looking! When the time comes to cut the promotional video, give him some airtime.”



When the part discussing the three-day travel plan for the campground was finished recording, Chen Ruize couldn’t help but ask, “Those bills of yours, are they really for the fans?”


Qiong Ren hesitated for a moment before throwing in the towel, he wanted to tell the truth, “Uh-huh.”



“In the afternoon when the guests come to re-distribute the rooms, the two of us will share a room, okay? I may not be around in the evening.” He was a man who shouldered the heavy responsibility of the signing.



Chen Ruize: “Where can you go in the middle of nowhere?”



Qiong Ren: “Ah, this, to send Yuan Bao.”


Chen Ruize was almost scared: “Really?”


Qiong Ren nodded.


“Your fans will come here …… to find you?” Chen Ruize immediately looked around vigilantly.



Qiong Ren thought, “Don’t look there, there is a ghost tethered right next to you.


“My fans won’t come here, don’t worry.” Qiong Ren told himself that sometimes lying was for the other person’s good.



After all, all roads lead to the underworld, there was no delay in seeing fans da.



In the afternoon, it suddenly rained heavily, the road leading to the campground was a mountain road, only off-road vehicles could barely climb up, the rain was so heavy and the mountain road was slippery, no one dared to risk sending the guests up the mountain.


Seeing the sky gradually darken and the rain still didn’t stop, the crew could only suspend the program, letting the two guests already in place, go to bed first.


Meng Shen, who promised to come back as soon as possible, was nowhere to be seen, so Qiong Ren waited until Secretary Jin came to pick him up to go to the signing, but no one noticed that there was an extra nanny van that didn’t belong to the show.



Secretary Jin suggested using his soul to go to the underworld before someone realized he wasn’t there and caused trouble.


Qiong Ren: “If I were to disappear as a whole, that would be a person gone, but if I leave my body and they find out, they’ll think I’m really gone. That would be a big mess.”


Secretary Jin thought he had a point.


The rabbit rubbed against his hand, “Want to go?”



The stuffed rabbit nodded, and it hopped toward Qiong Ren’s arms, but there was still a stuffed rabbit sitting on the bed.



Qiong Ren was shocked, “So you’re not possessed by a ghost, you’re the plush rabbit that became a spirit.”


The rabbit nodded its head, it was a plush rabbit from the inside out la.



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