C2—- Rebirth

After a long time.


Everyone had left, Shen Ning sat helplessly on the ground, crying without strength, watching Chu Ye’s life draining away a little ……


He thought ghosts didn’t have tears, but the hot liquid that kept dripping down from his eyes, still rolled down with a burning temperature.



One drop after another, it couldn’t stop ……



Shen Ning reached out to clean it, but he not only cleaned tears, but also bright red and stinging blood.



He had died, ah, but why could he feel heartache?



It shouldn’t be like this ah, Chu Ye was obviously the most irrelevant person to him.


Why ……


When did Chu Ye fall in love with him? And he was still like a fool that never noticed.



So many people died because of him, Shen Ning ah Shen Ning, you really deserve to die.



Shen Ning thought in dismay when he suddenly heard a small whisper from Chu Ye, almost imperceptible if he didn’t listening carefully.


Shen Ning was close to Chu Ye and heard him say: “How can you be cheap? Ning’er is not cheap, Ning’er is my baby, is a baby that I have always …… put in my heart and cherished ah.”


“I’m sorry …… Ning’er, it’s my incompetence, I failed to protect you, I’m sorry sorry sorry ……”


Finally, Chu Ye no longer speak.






Shen Ning reached out like crazy to hit Chu Ye, cursing and crying at the same time.



A wave of remorse, pain, and self-blame swept over Shen Ning! Pulling him into an endless abyss, cruelly tearing and whipping him!



It couldn’t be like this, Chu Ye shouldn’t be like this, he shouldn’t die in such a humble and wretched way!



He should live forever on top of the high clouds looking down on the world, should protect the peace of a country, sitting on the side with the security of the regent! He should be the god of war loved by the people!


Damn him, Shen Ning, alone, why should so many people die because of him, what qualifications did he have to cause this!?


Shen Ning wanted to hug Chu Ye, but found that Chu Ye was getting farther and farther away from him, he felt himself being pulled away by a huge suction, and everything around him instantly disappeared, and his thoughts became hollow and blurred ……



Cold, he was cold to the bones, Shen Ning instinctively waved his stiff limbs. After a few random waves, he lost his strength and fell straight into the cold abyss.



He felt a light in front of him. Shen Ning took the trouble to open his eyelids and saw figure… his father!


Was it a reunion in hell?


Shen Ning’s nose felt sour, and a huge sense of self-blame and guilt enveloped him.



Shen Ning struggled to brace himself, hugged his father, he spoke with a heavy nasal voice: “I’m sorry, father, it’s all my fault that I killed you, killed grandmother and brother, it’s all my fault, I’m sorry for you, ahhhhhhhhhh ……”


Shen Ning cried hoarsely, his helpless cry grew louder.



Shen Tu’s face immediately darkened, he pushed Shen Ning away and slapped the back of his head angrily: “You brat, what nonsense, I, your father, I’m strong, who died? Who died? Brat!”


Huh? Shen Ning was dumbfounded by the slap.



Shen Tu sighed and continued to scold with hatred, “You’re a good man, and you still like men! If word gets out, where do you want me to put my old face? You like the Crown Prince and want to be the Crown Prince’s concubine, is that your ambition? Is that something you can do just because you want to!?”





“Tell me, ah! You even asked your father to ask the emperor to give you a marriage! When I didn’t agree, you cried like a woman, looking for death, and even jumped into the river to threaten me! Why did I give birth to such an unfilial son like you? Tell me, do you want to kill me before you are happy! You ……”



“Wait wait …… wait ……” Shen Ning interrupted his father who was still rambling on and on.


Jumping into the river? Threaten father? Shen Ning was horrified, a thought came directly to his mind, he jumped off the bed, and didn’t care to put on shoes, and ran out.


Shen Tu froze and took a long time to react, lifting Shen Ning’s shoes and cursing as he chased after him.



Shen Ning first ran to his grandmother’s residence.



Old Lady Shen was secretly wiping her tears because Shen Ning had jumped into the river and was unconscious.



When she suddenly saw Shen Ning barge in, Old Lady Shen obviously didn’t react, and when she reacted, Shen Ning had long run out again.



Old Lady Shen trembled and asked her maid Cui’er: “Just now …… Was it Ning’er?”


Cui Er was also stunned. Wasn’t the second young master unconscious and dying? How come he looked so lively?


Cui’er nodded, “Yes… it’s the Second Young Master.”


Old lady Shen immediately wiped her tears: “Quick, quickly help me up, this brat, I must beat a layer of skin off him!”



Despite those words, Old Lady Shen’s face held a kind smile.



Cui Er was amused. She reached out to help Old Lady Shen, but she couldn’t help thinking. You can’t move one finger of Second Young Master without feeling pained.



Shen Ning dared not stop for a moment. The next place was the residence of his elder brother, Shen Yuanqi.


Shen Ning pushed Shen Yuanqi’s door open. Shen Yuanqi was sitting at the table drinking mulled wine.



Shen Yuanqi raised his head and saw Shen Ning standing in front of him with a red face and panting.


Shen Yuanqi jolted and instantly lost his drunkenness.


Shen Yuanqi stood up, his trembling hands clasped Shen Ning’s shoulders and carefully sized him up.


Immediately after, Shen Ning heard Shen Yuanqi’s reproachful voice: “You bastard, what’s wrong with you? Jumping into the river, do you know how worried we were? Have you considered the feelings of father and grandmother? Grandmother is so old, her most beloved is you, if you really had an accident, what would father and grandmother do?”



Suddenly seeing Shen Ning’s bare feet, he became even more angry: “Why are you running around without shoes! What if you catch a cold?” As he spoke, Shen Yuanqi hurriedly took out his own shoes and put them on for Shen Ning.


After that, he pressed the back of his hand to Shen Ning’s forehead: “Is there any discomfort? Does your head hurt?”


Feeling Shen Yuanqi’s concern, Shen Ning’s eyes suddenly heated up and tears instantly flowed down.


Shen Yuanqi panicked, his hands busily wiped wiped Shen Ning’s tears.


In the meantime, Shen Tu and Old Lady Shen also both arrived here.


The moment Old Lady Shen came in and saw Shen Ning’s tear-covered face, she immediately felt her heart clench, how could she still remember that she had come to give Shen Ning a good scolding and lecture?



Old Lady Shen went forward, cupped Shen Ning’s hand, gently soothing it, and asked gently: “Aiya, my dear grandson, what’s wrong? What are you crying for, grandmother’s heart is breaking, it’s no big deal, I’ll let your father go to beg the emperor to accept, alright?”



Feeling the warmth in her hand and listening to Old Lady Shen’s kind and doting voice, Shen Ning blamed himself even more, and his tears flowed more fiercely than before.



Old Lady Shen felt even more troubled when she saw this: “Don’t cry, Xiao Ning. Grandma will ask your father to go to the emperor tomorrow.”


Hearing this, Shen Tu hurriedly tugged at Old Lady Shen’s sleeve. He thought it was really wrong!


Old Madam Shen pulled back her sleeve impatiently. She glared at Shen Tu for a moment, “My dear grandson can’t have any more trouble. If anything happens to Ning Er, I won’t live anymore. Will you go or not?”


“Mother, you, this ……”



Shen Tu couldn’t help sighing: “It’s not a big deal. I’ll ask the emperor tomorrow.”


Shen Ning looked at his father and grandmother who were quarrelling for him, and at Shen Yuanqi who was looking at him with worried eyes. Shen Ning was sure that he was reborn, the day before his father met the emperor and begged for him to marry Long Wuyang.



Shen Ning suddenly laughed. It was heartfelt laughter. The laughter was full of lightness and happiness. He stretched out his arm to wipe the tears that were falling on his face.


They were still… They were still….


He missed too much in his previous life, missed people who really loved him, and missed his family members who were so devoted to him.



Now, he had such a cherished opportunity, how could he fail again?


“Xiao Ning? Are you okay?” Shen Yuanqi asked with some concern.


“It’s fine.”


Shen Ning said with a smile, pulling Old Lady Shen’s hand back and rubbing it intimately, “Grandma, Ning’er just missed you.”


Old Lady Shen laughed, then she proudly pursed her lips, “You are used to saying sweet words, if you really thought of grandmother, how would you do such a confusing thing? You almost lost your life and caused grandmother to worry.”


“It’s Ning’er’s fault, I have to stay with grandmother forever, and will never do such a stupid thing again.”


Yes, for a man like that who didn’t love him at all and pushed him step by step into the abyss, to hurt the ones who really loved him, he blamed only his own blindness and lack of heart in his last life.


In this life, he would never repeat the same mistake!



Shen Ning’s eyes suddenly flashed with a trace of smile, and he thought of something: “Father, I don’t like the Crown Prince, and won’t marry him as the Crown Princess! Tomorrow morning you don’t need to beg the emperor at court.”


The people listening, were shocked, they looked at each other, confused.



The day before, he jumped into the river and threatened to marry the crown prince, how did he wake up and change his mind?



Shen Tu was naturally the first one who couldn’t hide his happiness. Shen Ning didn’t want to marry the prince, so he didn’t have to go to the court and ask for a marriage that went against the rules and ethics. Shen Tu was so happy.


He suppressed his inner ecstasy and said in a calm voice, “Really? You’re not lying to father?”



“Of course not. I really don’t want the crown prince anymore.”



Shen Ning smiled calmly. After a lifetime of experience, how could he be attracted to such a person as the crown prince.


That kind of pain, he never wanted to try again.


But he was going to marry someone else!


“Well, well, you’re father’s good son.” Shen Tu patted Shen Ning’s shoulder with a very pleased expression.



Shen Tu thought that his son choked on water that made his brain clear and realize that it was wrong to like men!


As a result, the next day Shen Ning did something that almost took Shen Tu’s old life.




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