C1—- The Extermination

Chu Ye, the god of war of the Qi State in the south, was also the most honorable regent of the Qi State.


He took power at a young age through rigid means and his excessive wisdom shocked the four sides of the countries, and led the whole Qi country to take the lead in the southern land.


Chu Ye’s wisdom completely consolidated Qi’s national prestige in the southern land. What made all countries more frightened was Chu Ye’s iron cavalry, which was always victorious.



It was said that all the soldiers in the cavalry were cold and blo-odthirsty. They were invincible against hundreds of enemies on the battlefield. Wherever they went, there were rivers of blo-od!


The former emperor of Qi gave Chu Ye the name “Lone”, giving him the same status as the emperor, showing his dignity.



May was the rainy season. The streets and alleys had lost the excitement of the past. People were sheltering from the rain at home. They sat around and chatted with each other.


Yes, it should be peaceful.


Shen Ning wandered in the street. He knew that he was dead.


He was killed by his husband at the wedding dinner.



The people of the house screamed and tried to run for their lives, but couldn’t escape, the cold sword stabbed into their bodies without mercy, they couldn’t even cry for help, they laid straight on the ground, with resignation, fear in their eyes ……



His father, his grandmother and his brother were all tied in front of him, ki-lled one by one in his face, and their blo-od soaked his eyes. He screamed and begged him to let his family go, but it didn’t help.


It was he who caused it, and all of it was he who caused it. He fell in love with someone he shouldn’t have, and paid the price.


He should have listened to his father and elder brother, if he listened, then all this wouldn’t have happened.


Shen Ning raised his head and looked at the raindrops falling in the gray sky, which didn’t fall on him, but penetrated him directly.


The red robe that he was wearing at the time of his death was already torn and tattered, and the dirt and blo-od stains were clear.


What a mess.


He was now a ghost, why would he remain here?


Perhaps, it was the accumulation of deep resentment.


He didn’t believe in ghosts and gods, he thought it was nonsense, when people were gone, how could they become ghosts to stay in the world.?


But now, looking at himself, Shen Ning didn’t know whether to believe, after all, he was now in this state.


And what was the meaning of existence?


Shen Ning was lost in thought, suddenly two teams of soldiers trotted over, Shen Ning heard them: “Have you heard? The Regent revolted.”


Shen Ning felt amused, he had some understanding of the Regent, he couldn’t rebel, well …… it was more appropriate to say he didn’t care to rebel.


After all, his position was almost equal to that of the emperor.



Shen Ning drifted along with the soldiers and continued to listen to them.


“How is it possible? A rebellion for no reason?”


“Of course not, do you know who it’s for?”


“Who is it? Don’t lie.”


Shen Ning pricked up his ears ……


“I heard that it is for the young son of Prime Minister Shen’s family.”


For him? Shen Ning carefully thought about it, but he didn’t remember having interactions with the Regent.


“Shen Ning? Wasn’t his father secretly supporting the prince because he colluded with foreign parties? The emperor was so angry that he ordered the prince to destroy the whole Shen family on the day of marriage? How could the regent revolt for Shen Ning?”



Collusion with foreign parties? Secretly supported the royal son? Shen Ning faintly snorted a laugh, it was just a trumped up charge.



“You don’t know, the regent likes Shen Ning, and he even left the border wars behind. He also left the iron cavalry around him in the border to defend against foreign enemies. He stormed the imperial palace alone, questioned his majesty, almost kil-led the crown prince, and shook the foundation of the country. Now I heard that he was captured, and was preparing to be interrogated.”



Shen Ning froze in place, his eyes full of incredulity, the regent liked ….. him?


How was it possible …… Shen Ning didn’t believe.


Shen House.



All the furnishings were smashed to pieces, the previous atmosphere no longer existed.


The bodies had been carried away, the ground was covered with blo-od, because of the rain, although it had faded a lot, it made people’s scalp numb from fear.


Hearing a sound in the backyard, Shen Ning drifted over.


The backyard was full of soldiers, raised swords were rushing in one direction ……



Shen Ning looked over, and his eyes suddenly widened. He saw that the regent, who used to be aloof and looked down on the world like a god, was kneeling on the ground, his face was trampled on, and even fell into the soil .


The one who stepped on the Regent was Long Wuyang, whom he had always loved!


“Oh, Chu Ye, why? For an irrelevant person who has been accused of treason and collaborations with the enemy, you ended your good future?”


Chu Ye snorted, “He is not irrelevant!”


Long Wuyang relaxed his feet, he looked down at Chu Ye, and sneered: “I didn’t expect that the most honorable Regent would like that kind? His appearance on the bed is really attractive, and also very cheap. Unfortunately, the Regent will never feel it.”


“Don’t talk about him like that! What have you done to him? Where is he?” Chu Ye straightened up and glared at Long Wuyang with cold eyes.


“Where do you still have the right to question me now? You are no longer the regent. Put away your aggressive appearance.”



“I asked you where he was!” Chu Ye had no patience. An angry roar burst out from his chest.

Shen Ning was shocked by Chu Ye’s roar, the anger in his eyes seemed to burn everyone in the room to ashes, but underneath the extreme anger, he clearly saw heartache, was it for him ……



The two soldiers retreated in response.



“He was lost in the disorderly burial post. Since the Regent wants him, you can go search.”



“Did you kil-l him?” Chu Ye’s breath was disordered, and his expression finally cracked with pain.


“To this Prince, he is no longer useful, so why keep it? Isn’t that disgusting?” Long Wuyang replied with a snicker.


“Long Wuyang! He loved you so much, how dare you!” Breathing was getting harder and harder for him, and his fierce eyes were fixed on Long Wuyang.


“Ha ha ha ha ha” Long Wuyang laughed wildly until his voice cracked.



“Love me? Don’t disgust this Prince. You are good to him yet he didn’t notice. He even liked me. He had been pestering this Crown Prince all the time. His father directly went to my father, without telling this Prince, to ask Shen Ning to be the Crown Princess. The Crown Prince is the prince of a country. How can I marry a man to be the Crown Princess? You know how many people in the court said something? Shen Ning is a broken sleeve, but not my princess! It’s disgusting!”


The man he used to love and admire with all his life, Shen Ning stood in front of Long Wuyang’s face and quietly watched the man he used to adore with all his life, commented on him with such disparaging words.



It was ironic that Shen Ning was so blind in the first place.



“Things were already like this. It was better to take advantage of the situation and pretend to like that fool Shen Ning, so as to gain his father’s influence!” Long Wuyang’s expression suddenly became ferocious: ” What this prince did not expect is that even so, Shen Ning’s father, that old man, still supported my third brother. Since this is the case, there is no need for the Shen Family to exist. I can’t get this force. can I let the third brother get it so easily?”



At this time, the two soldiers who were ordered to go out also came back, with his corpse.


Shen Ning saw Long Wuyang covering his nose in contempt and waved his hand, instructing the soldiers to carry the man away as soon as possible.



The soldiers carried his corpse to Chu Ye’s face and threw it out like a broken object, and a soldier then fanned the air under his nose with his hand.



Yes, it’d been three days, it was already stinky.



But Shen Ning saw that Chu Ye gently picked up his stinky corpse, as if treating some great treasure and tightly embraced him into his arms.



He was tortured when he died, his face was cut by a knife, not only his face, his body was also whipped until his flesh turned out, from head to toe there was no piece of good flesh.


Even Shen Ning saw himself in this state and felt disgusted, not daring to approach, but Chu Ye didn’t have the slightest dislike.


Chu Ye’s chin was against his forehead, and his face was full of pain. He rubbed his face gently, like a lover who had been separated for many years.


The rain was still falling. There was no sign of it stopping. It seemed to be getting worse and worse.


This time, Shen Ning clearly saw Chu Ye crying, the man worshipped as a god by his people, at the moment as if he had removed all the hard and cold pretensions, hugged him, crying like a child, choking as his shoulders slightly trembling.



Shen Ning felt the worst pain of his whole life! He stared at Chu Ye blankly. What did he miss?



Suddenly, a long sword passed through Chu Ye’s chest and his body. Shen Ning’s eyes widened with shock and followed the long sword to see Long Wuyang’s distorted face.



“Ho, such a proud regent really loved Shen Ning,, that lowly man, to the point he was willing to lose his life, the former god of w-ar is no better.” Long Wuyang let go of his long sword and clapped his hands in disgust.


The soldiers who were scattered gathered in front of Chu Ye and raised their swords.



Shen Ning realized what they were going to do, and frantically stood in front of Chu Ye.



Shen Ning hissed, he tried to push the soldiers away, but he couldn’t, he couldn’t touch them!


He could only watch as long swords pierced all over Chu Ye’s body.


Shen Ning felt like his heart was viciously torn open, he looked at Chu Ye covered in swords wounds, and he couldn’t help but bawl as he knelt in front of him.




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