C4— You’re So Stupid

“Don’t worry, I’ve learned all about it, he’s the son of a mistress, just a b*stard, his father won’t care about him.”

When he said that, the hearts of the people relaxed, and the person who had just had concerns took the lead and rushed up and kicked Liang Xi in the stomach.

The impact on his abdomen caused him to fall backwards and onto the sink.

Liang Xi covered his stomach, his face was full of pain, his forehead was covered in a dense sweat, and he slowly slid down against the sink ……

Xia Ze impatiently waited outside for a long time but he didn’t see Liang Xi come out, he would have left, but then he heard the sound of fighting inside, he couldn’t help but frown.

Why was this boy so violent? What if he hit to hard and mistakenly k!ll someone? Thinking of this, Xia Ze quickly walked in.

When he came in, the fight had already ended, and there was only a mess in the toilet and a group of people lying on the ground.

He knew these people, they were the famous bullies of the No. 1 High school, but not as famous as him because they were ugly.

Xia Ze glanced at Liang Xi, probably because the fight had just ended, he was still breathing heavily, there were footprints and blood on his school uniform, the zipper was also torn, but this didn’t affect his handsome appearance, but instead, he looked nonchalant.

Liang Xi glanced at Xia Ze with a murderous look in his eyes, wiped the blood stains from the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand and walked straight to the door.

Xia Ze looked at him with a confused face. what was he doing? He was just walking away? He didn’t take him with him. Didn’t he ask him to accompany him? Why did he go first?

Liang Xi felt that his steps were unsteady and was afraid that he would fall, so he braced himself against the wall and returned to the classroom, the seat by the lecture table was missing, after looking around, he found his bag in the middle of the first row, he walked over and sat down, leaning his back on the chair.

He kept cursing in his heart: what kind of seat did that idiot choose, sitting in such an obvious seat, what if he wanted to sleep in class, it was too easy to be caught.

Xia Ze followed him in and sat next to him, he kept watching him as he slept with his head on his side, he was unexpectedly different, he wasn’t as energetic and active as he was just now when he was answering questions.

His left hand was propped up on his head and his right hand was holding a pen as he drew around in the book carelessly.

“Hahahaha”, Xia Ze couldn’t hold back his laughter, he really didn’t expect him to have such a cute side, he was a little silly.

Liang Xi woke up with a start, and after hearing the laughter, glared at Xia Ze, “What are you laughing at? Didn’t you get enough of a beating?”

“Hahahaha, you’re so silly,” Xia Ze couldn’t stop laughing, the louder he laughed, the more unrestrained he became, directly interrupting Bai Qing who was teaching.

Bai Qing took off his glasses and shouted, “Xia Ze, don’t affect other students in class, go stand at the back”.

Xia Ze stood up and went to the back, although no sound was made, but the smile at the corner of his mouth didn’t fade away for a long time, he took two steps and remembered the image just now, he couldn’t help but smile again, like a spring breeze. Although he was very handsome, he was really too stupid.

As he laughed, everyone looked at him suspiciously, thinking that he was brain-dead.

When he passed by Ju Yuan , Ju Yuan touched his head with a puzzled look and asked in a small voice, “Brother Ze, are you possessed?”

When he heard that, Xia Ze put away his smile and glared at Ju Yuan, “Shut up!”

Xia Ze stood in the back for a while before he heard Bai Qing call his tablemate’s name.

“Liang Xi, go stand in the back too and come to my office for the evening study”.

Looking at Liang Xi who was walking towards him, Xia Ze couldn’t help but laugh again, “What? Caught sleeping?”

“Get lost!”

Liang Xi walked to the back and turned a corner and walked to the corner of the classroom, deliberately staying away from Xia Ze.

He felt pain in his back after standing for a while, so he had to hold it with his hand and slowly bend down.

Xia Ze looked at him with contempt, he was too pretentious, he couldn’t stand up after only 10 minutes, he was pretending to be pitiful, but seeing the footprints and blood stains on his clothes that hadn’t been cleaned, Xia Ze suddenly remembered that he had been injured in the toilet, so it seemed that his back was injured and he really couldn’t stand for long, he didn’t know if he could survive until the end of class, forget it, seeing him so pitiful, he would help him.

“Teacher, Liang Xi is a little nearsighted, he can’t see standing far away the blackboard”, Xia Ze shouted to Bai Qing.

Teacher Bai agreed to let him sit, but Liang Xi looked at Xia Ze with a disgusted look in his eyes and didn’t want to take him up on it, but it seemed like he felt he was going to be unable to hold it up, so he had to walk back slowly, he felt better after sitting down.


Liang Xi walked to the office door, which was open, but he knocked twice anyway as a courtesy, and at once all the teachers in the office looked up at him, and after Bai Qing saw him, he made a gesture for him to sit.

He waited for Liang Xi to sit before he started speaking, “Liang Xi, I know you’re good at your studies, but you should still listen carefully during class, don’t be too casual”

“Okay.” Liang Xi responded, somewhat impatiently.

Bai Qing continued, “You should have less contact with your deskmate, and you should ignore him even if he messes with you ……”

Knock knock knock–

There was another knock at the door, and Bai Qing glanced at the door, “What are you doing here when you should be in class?”

Xia Ze waved the application in his hand, “I’m looking for you and the PE teacher to sign it”

Bai Qing stopped his ideological education to Liang Xi and told him to stand aside first.

Xia Ze came over with the application and put it in front of Bai Qing.

Bai Qing put on his glasses and looked at it carefully, “You won’t go to evening study for a semester in order to practice badminton?”

Xia Ze nodded and said with a smile, “Yes, our varsity team has many competitions this year, and I, as the captain, must do my best to practice ah.”

Bai Qing shook his head, obviously disagreeing, “That won’t work either, you can change it, come back to class for the last month”

“Okay,” Xia Ze knew that Bai Qing was stubborn, and it was useless for him to say anything else, so he’d just go along with him and talk about it then.

He picked up the pen on the table and added a sentence to the date of the application, then handed it to Bai Qing again, and this time he was quick to sign it.

Xia Ze took the application back and went to the PE teacher’s desk, and when the PE teacher finished signing he heard Liang Xi’s voice.

“Can you stop it? Yes, I slept in class, it’s my fault, but even if I slept in class, I could still get first in the exams and not delay my studies”

Xia Ze’s heart trembled when he received the application from the PE teacher, it was unexpected, he wasn’t old, but his temper was quite big, but even he couldn’t help but lose his temper when listening to the old man’s nagging, the fact that he was able to endure it for so long was already quite good.

Bai Qing was shocked by his gesture, and after taking a sip of water, asked, “What about when you didn’t come first in the exam?”

Liang Xi put his hand in his pants pocket and left with a cool “Whatever”.

Xia Ze immediately followed him out and ran up to Liang Xi and stopped him, “You’re quite brave.”

“What’s it to you? Get out of the way!” Liang Xi was a little upset, and when he saw the teenager in front of him, he clenched his fist unconsciously.

“What if I don’t want to?”  Xia Ze put on a look of embarrassment. “What if I don’t want you to win the first place?”

The anger in Liang Xi’s chest instantly ignited, and he couldn’t stand it anymore, all his anger exploded at this moment, and he stretched his leg and kicked at Xia Ze.

Xia Ze quickly took a few steps back and reached out and grabbed his ankle, he  originally wanted to fight back, but thinking of the injury on his waist made him unable to strike, he put his foot gently on the ground, “Young people shouldn’t have so much anger, today for the sake of your injury, I won’t hit you, let’s play another day. ”

After saying that, he ran away without looking back.

When Liang Xi returned to the classroom, Xia Ze happened to be running out of the classroom with his satchel on his back, and after seeing Liang Xi, he said hello, “You’re back? Your Brother Ze is leaving bye.”

Liang Xi resisted the urge to hit him and returned to his seat, bored, so he did a set of test papers to kill time.


In the following period of time, the relationship between them suddenly became particularly strange, it wasn’t harmonious, but it wasn’t chaotic, anyway, they just didn’t like each other, but they didn’t fight again. At most, they just hurt each other verbally and moved on quickly.

They slept most of the time, but occasionally when they woke up, they got up and listened to a couple of lessons or solved a couple of questions.

The teacher saw them sleeping and didn’t care about them. Xia Ze was a repeat offender and the teachers all knew he was thick-skinned, so they didn’t care about him.

Liang Xi was also too arrogant in front of Bai Qing, so no one cared about him.

It had been almost a month, and it was just a few days before the monthly exam.

At noon, Bai Qing stood on the podium and knocked hard on the desk to silence the class and wake up the two masters in front of him.

“Pay attention,” Bai Qing looked around to make sure everyone’s eyes were on him before continuing, “I’ll say this, we’ll start our monthly vacation this afternoon, and we have to be back before the late afternoon study session the day after tomorrow, and we’ll do a roll call, and since the monthly vacation is in two days after </p> <p>We’re going to have to go back to the office the day after tomorrow, and we’re going to have to go back to the office.

As soon as he said that, a wail was heard.

“You call that not much?”

“I feel like there are more papers than I have in a week at school”

“That’s not all, the English teacher has several more to hand out.”

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