Kicked out of the bathroom by the master of the house, Fang Ziming wiped his face and didn’t rush out, instead he walked to the window in a muddled manner.


He pulled open half a window, stabilized his mind, and looked out with a hopeful expression.



The clock on the wall emitted a slight clacking sound, it was 22:15 at night, and there were still a few lights on in the adjacent residential buildings outside, Fang Ziming propped his hands on the windowsill and could vaguely see the family across the street sitting in the living room watching TV.


Downstairs several barbecue restaurants were still in business, three or two diners sat on small benches, laughing and talking.


“Live people, so many people!” Fang Ziming excitedly gripped the window frame: “This is not the mirror world, here …… here is the real world! I ……”


He came out of the mirror realm!


The youth’s breathing gradually sharpened, and he propped himself up on the edge of the window for a long time before suddenly turning around and running to the entrance door, he violently opened it and rushed into the stairwell with a twinkle in his eye.



Three minutes later, when Tang Yu came out of the combat shower, he saw that the window in the living room was half opened and the security door was wide open.


“That little brat, I should have taught him a lesson before letting him go.” He was bare-chested and only had a pair of underwear on his body and went to the door. Fortunately, there was no one in the corridor at this time, so the man closed door and lazily walked around the living room.


After picking up the socks that had fallen under the sofa, Tang Yu carried a pile of dirty clothes to the balcony and threw them all into the washing machine.


“One, two, three, four …… eight, nine, ten …… fourteen …… yo, there really isn’t a single thing missing.” The tall man squatted next to the drum and counted his clothes – he still thought he was an underwear thief – and found that the number was correct, his gaze deepened: “He’s really not a perverted peeping Tom. Well, speaking of which, how did he get in?” The lock hole of the security door didn’t show signs of being pried open, so could this guy have tumbled in through the window?



Tang Yu decided to double check the security of the apartment before going to bed.


“I don’t believe it, he couldn’t have gotten out of the toilet.”



On the other side, Fang Ziming rushed out of the community and took out his mobile phone at the first time. He looked at the time at 22:25 pm and then looked at the upper left corner of the screen. The signal was full and 4G unblocked. Finally, he opened the navigation to check the current position, and was shocked to find that he was no longer in Yangping.



He was in Wuyi City, W Province, but not in the city center, but in the urban-rural area immediately outside the northern part of the city.?


“Wait, I think I need to sort out my thoughts.” He turned around twice in place, then found a tree and squatted underneath, casually picking up a small branch and scratching it on the ground, “First of all, before I fell into the Mirror Realm, I was on the Treasure Cloud Mountain in H Province.”



“After being hit by a meteorite – assuming I had really been hit by a meteorite – I entered the Mirror Realm, my initial location was Yangping City in H Province, and at the same time, that is also the city where I live. ”


“Then, on the second day of the ‘tidal wave’, I entered room 102 across the hall, and for some reason, I returned to the real world from 102.” While analyzing, the youth said, “But after returning, I’m not in Yangping City, the distance from Wuyi to Yangping is not close, it would take at least six hours or more by car. So, when was the point in time when I was ‘transported’ to W Province? Was it in the Mirror Realm when I entered 102 from 101 that the ‘teleportation’ was already completed?”



“As well, another question, what kind of existence is 102. Was the key opportunity for me to return to the real world, 102 or not?”


He took a branch and gestured on the ground while muttering: “The owner of 102 is a male, definitely older than me, looking at his body, I know he’s a good fighter, I may not be able to beat him, does not like to clean up the room, bad personality is not very friendly, in addition, the guy seems super confident in himself. Well, most of this information is not far from what I guessed before. But ……”



“He doesn’t know how I appeared in the bathroom.” Fang Ziming said, “I assume that he also does not know the existence of the Mirror Realm, then there are at least two possibilities here. One, the one with a connection to the mirror realm is room 102 itself, or an object in the house, unrelated to the occupant inside. Two, the one with the connection is the occupant, but he has no knowledge of the matter. Now, it seems that the first possibility accounts for a little more.”



About the information of room 102, the future self in the mirror seemed to have plausibly mentioned a few words, Fang Ziming tried to recall but found that he really could no longer recall more details of the conversation between the two.


He pulled his hair in agony, he wished he could go back in time, and then grab himself ten days ago and slap himself twice to solve his worries: “Ah – why did I think I was a fraud in the mirror? I should have grabbed him at that time and asked everything I could!”


But! Anyone else would be instinctively suspicious of such a magical style script, right? If even this wasn’t suspicious, it was simply useless to have received nine years of compulsory education, and adhere to more than 20 years of materialistic scientific values, okay!


Of course, except for the middle-aged sick people.


Fang Ziming thought sadly.




An hour after falling back into the real world, Fang Ziming reluctantly sorted out everything these days, and then, with a feeling of apprehension, he dialed the first phone number outward.



This time, the number just dialed out, the receiver rang a “beep” ringback tone. It didn’t take long to wait, probably only a few seconds, Fang Ziming was still in a daze, the person on the other end already hurriedly picked up the phone and asked in a panic: “Are you, Ziming? Is that you?”


Fang Ziming instantly came back to his senses and hurriedly said, “It’s me, brother, are you still in B City? Are our parents here?”


Elder brother Fang was silent on the other end of the phone for a long time.



Fang Ziming immediately predicted what was going through his brother’s mind and hurriedly said, “Stop! Fang Cheng, don’t shout yet! Come on, take a deep breath and keep yourself calm.”



His elder brother Fang Cheng’s tone was a little flaky: “…… listening to the voice, it does sound quite like my brother ……”


“What ‘quite like’, I am your brother.” Fang Ziming grabbed a few small grass on the ground to ravage back and forth, his eyes were red for a moment, but the tone of his voice was instead much flatter: “How, how long has it been since we saw each other, can’t even remember my voice?”



Fang Cheng was still suspicious, he was disturbed by the phone call, so he followed his instinct to ask: “No …… The police department people informed us half a month ago, saying that brother may have …… …… I didn’t quite believe it. This number is indeed my brother’s, you …… Tell me your birth date and ID number!”


Fang Ziming’s throat knot rolled, he casually explained, then sighed: “It’s really me. Brother, find a quiet place, don’t alarm our parents, I have some things on my side …… cough, I need to talk to you clearly first.”


Fang Cheng was even more alert: “Wait a minute, I still feel wrong. Turn on WeChat, I want to have a video call with you.”


Fang Ziming couldn’t resist rolling his eyes, “…… okay.”


The two Fang brothers, one secretly crouching under the roadside street tree outside the neighborhood, and the other quickly unlocking his bedroom door, faithfully initiated a video call request.



Fang Ziming picked up the call: “I’m not in good light here, let’s make do with it?”


Fang Cheng held the phone, and found that it was not a telecommunication fraud, he immediately squeezed out two tears from his eyes: “Brother …… you’re really my brother ah …… Fang Ziming, where the fu-ck did you go?! Do you know how sad our parents were these days! I almost fuc-king quit my job to go to the mountains to find you! And our father–”


Fang Ziming: “Shh, shh! Brother, keep your voice down, you have to control yourself. No one else is around, right?”



“I’m here with our parents, they’re next door, they’re already asleep.” Fang Cheng took a deep breath: “Where are you now, what’s going on?”



“In W Province, Wuyi City.” Fang Ziming held up his phone and turned around, letting his brother admire the old residential buildings that were very dated all around, and the depressed, cold, narrow street in front of him, “But it’s not in the city center, and I don’t know how the security situation is in this area.”



Fang Cheng frowned: “What are you doing in W Province? The police said that you fell off a cliff in Baoyun Mountain and disappeared, the rescue team searched for a week and couldn’t find anyone, did you float down the river from Yangping to Wuyi?”



“That can’t be.” Fang Ziming wiped his face and said tiredly, “I can’t really talk about it over the phone for a while, I’ll make it short, I still have to find a way to buy a ticket to leave W Province after talking to you on the phone, so when we meet, we’ll talk in detail.”



Then, he started to tell his brother about his encounter in the past ten days, in a few words, once and for all.



Ten minutes later, elder brother Fang looked dumbfounded, he froze for a while, then looked at Fang Ziming with a desire to say something: “I believe you.”



Fang Ziming’s eyes lit up: “You really believe that the mirror world is real? I was afraid that you wouldn’t believe.”


“…… hmm.” Fang Cheng paused, then he carelessly asked: “That, Ziming ah. Recently, is it a little stressful?”



“That depends on which side of the pressure. The pressure that the mirror world gives me is not small ……” Fang Ziming suddenly woke up and said suspiciously, “Wait, you don’t think I have some kind of paranoia, right?”



Fang Cheng immediately shook his head: “No, no, no, how could it be!”



Fang Ziming: “……”



Fang Ziming: “Ugh.”


Fang Cheng’s tone was soft as he advised him, “I really don’t mean anything else, don’t be like this, life is still very beautiful. Any troubles you have now, you can talk to your dear brother, I am definitely on your side.”


Fang Ziming waved his hand feebly, “Okay, don’t say anymore, I understand what you mean.”


His brother thought he was mentally ill.




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