The “tidal wave” phenomenon would stay for three days, and he couldn’t go anywhere for those three days. There was enough food in the kitchen to help him until the “tidal wave” receded.


At 14:25 in the afternoon, a shadow ghost finally stepped into the third floor hallway.



It was a single shadow ghost. Its shape was no different from its companions floating around on the street, with its sisal-like limbs and two-meter-tall body, it looked quite laborious when walking in the old, dilapidated residential building.


Fang Ziming, who was always watching the movements outside the door and at the window, immediately became nervous and held the broom against the wall in his hand.



Outside the living room window, two shadow ghosts floated gently, and the black shadow standing in the third floor corridor slowly came to the front of room 101, as if it had some kind of curiosity about the metal security door in front of it. Fang Ziming saw it groping on the door through the cat’s eye. Seeing that he couldn’t open it, he got nervous and put his whole body on the door. His dark head swung back and forth between the cat’s eyes and Arabic numerals . Fang Ziming and it were only separated by a thin door, and his back had produced a layer of cold sweat unconsciously.



The shadow ghost put its head against the cat’s eye, and gradually strange sounds came out of it.


[Goo …… Goo ……]


[Hooooooo …..]



From such a close distance, he should be able to see the general appearance of the shadow Ghost. But to the young man’s horror, he found that there was nothing where the other should have five facial features. The head and even the whole body seemed to have been soaked in ink. Fang Ziming hadn’t seen anything as black as the shadow ghost in front of him.


So, could it see or hear? Or did it need to perceive things in other ways? Fang Ziming held his breath and brainstormed quickly.


One person and one “ghost” stood still for more than ten minutes. The ghost seemed to have lost interest in the door at last. It slowly withdrew its head, straightened up, and shakily swayed to the other side of the corridor.



At 14:50, the shadow ghost touched each of the six door panels one by one, and then, with a whirring cry, wandered away from the third floor.



When its silhouette could no longer be seen in the cat’s eye, Fang Ziming retreated from the doorway into the living room and sat on the floor by the sofa, panting silently.


“F-uck.” He wiped the sweat on his forehead and said in a very low voice: “This almost scared me to death, there will be blessings after a big disaster, they should …… not come up again ……”




Fang Ziming looked back and saw a shadow ghost floating outside his living room window, the “ghost” was holding the window frame with one hand, while the other hand was viciously knocking on the fragile glass window. Seeing Fang Ziming turn his head, it excitedly tilted its head and let out a cry: [Hoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo].


Fang Ziming: “?”


Damn, I forgot to close the curtains!


Fang Ziming let out a low curse, but what he was thinking was: “The shadow ghost can really see things, but where are its eyes?”


The shadow ghost howled out, immediately attracting the attention of a large group of companions, within a few minutes, Fang Ziming’s window was plastered with black figures without five senses, scrambling to tap the sliding glass window that didn’t look secure.


Fang Ziming: “…… tsk.”


Sure enough, he was still inexperienced, he didn’t expect to be exposed so quickly.


He first reached out and slapped himself in the face, at the same time, his other arm braced against the floor and leapt up, the youth ran to the window, and the countless shadow ghosts outside, the shadow ghosts stopped moving in their hands, all the black heads came towards his direction.


Fang Ziming’s scalp tingled, but he didn’t look the slightest bit timid, he calmly pulled the corner of the silk cloth and closed the curtains.


[Ow–Hoo Ow Ow Ow–]




The heavy curtains obscured the unrestrained “sight” outside, and the shadow ghosts stirred, knocking frantically against the glass windows.


If this shocking attack was in the real world, the attackers outside would have already broken the window and tumbled inside, but Fang Ziming waited for half a day holding the curtain in place, the shadow ghosts were knocking more and more frantically, but the thin glass window seemed to be unbreakable, it was like an impenetrable barrier, blocking all attacks outside.



Fang Ziming swallowed. He loosened his grip on the curtain and turned to the right corner of the window. He raised his hand to touch a fishing line hanging by the window, and then slowly pulled it down.



Then he gently lifted the corner of the curtain, and the young man’s eyes moved upward until a series of heavy objects suddenly fell from the roof and smashed five or six ghosts lying on the glass, and the light in his eyes gradually brightened.



——Physical attacks were effective against ghosts.



The second fishing line was stretched straight in his hands, and was knocked over by a small bottle fixed under the windowsill on the fourth floor. The untightened bottle cap and the chemical flammable substances in the bottle were spilled together, and all the ghosts were drenched.



Almost at the same time, the fire sprang up on the head of the shadow ghost closest to Fang Ziming, the other howled for a moment, then raised its hand to touch its head, stroking out all the flames that had spread.



Fang Ziming: “……”


–The fire attack wasn’t very useful to them.



As he thought so, he pulled the third fishing line. Right next to the youth’s hand, a dozen fishing lines dangled in a row, and Fang Ziming tried them in turn while sitting cross-legged on the ground, recording the results of his experiments in a notepad.



“Electric shock can send the shadow ghost’s limbs into a short paralysis, the duration is about six seconds, I don’t know whether high-voltage electricity will last a little longer …… Then the directional ultrasonic test ……” Fang Ziming wiped his sweat, his handwriting was getting sloppier: “…… strong corrosive liquid directly penetrated the body of the shadow ghosts, they are basically immune to liquid attacks …… and then… …strong light source attack test ……”



All the experimental materials were found in the city of Yangping during his ten days exploration, in order to test the strength of ghosts, their attack power and defense level.



After more than two hours, Fang Ziming slowly closed the book.



All the tests were completed, and the shadow ghosts gathered outside the window were partially cleared away, but the base was still too large, and after the front ones, hundreds more swarmed behind, which was simply annoying.



As dusk was approaching, Fang Zimeng didn’t dare to turn on the lights, and seeing that the shadow ghosts couldn’t break through the window barrier, he simply ignored them and stood up.



He needed to go to the kitchen first to replenish food and water, and then see if he could find the legendary double-sided mirror before the shadow ghosts could do any further damage.


“There are still ……54 hours left.”


Meanwhile, a neighborhood in the real world.



The tall man was walking into the stairwell from outside, carrying a plastic bag with takeout in one hand, while holding the phone in the other, he slowly climbed up to the sixth floor.



“Your party wants to hire me? Oh, yeah, old …… cough, I can go to work tomorrow. Well, well, okay, I will definitely dress formally. Ah yes, what about ……”



“Which company is your party …… from ……?”


The man laughed twice and complimented the other side with a few words, dousing all of their discontent.


When he hung up the phone, he was already standing in front of the door of the small apartment he rented.


“Xiao Tang, have you found a job?” The old grandmother next door, who just picked up her grandson, smilingly poked out her head and waved at him: “Don’t eat take-out again, come to grandma’s house to eat.”


The man smiled harmlessly: “No, I can’t. Did Nan Nan just get out of school? I bought a few extra skewers outside.”



The child’s ears were sharp and he didn’t even put down his school bag, he immediately rushed out from next door: “Eat! Uncle I’ll eat–”



Old granny: “Eat what? Xiao Tang don’t spoil him!”



After talking in the hallway with the unusually enthusiastic neighbors, the old woman, the young man, and the elementary school student all went back to their respective homes contentedly, and Tang Yu brought a bunch of keys out of his pocket and looked down in the dim corridor for the lock hole.



Suddenly, the man’s ears twitched, keenly catching a small rustle of movement coming from the other side of the door.



Tang Yu raised his eyebrows, and smoothly inserted the key into the lock hole, as if he had heard nothing, and opened the door smoothly.



There was no one in the cramped rental room, and all the furniture was in its familiar place, except for one little one.



The man slowly walked in, he first threw the plastic bag with take-out on the shoe cabinet while standing at the door, before pacing to the living room coffee table, then he stretched out his right foot and kicked the small stone on the floor.



The ice-blue crystal rolled twice and shone brightly under the incandescent light.



“Yo, it’s you.” He whistled and bent down to pick up the stone: “Didn’t you get stuffed into the box and thrown back under the bed by me. What, are you lonely?”


Despite these words, his gaze wasn’t on the stone. His hawk-like sight scraped around the room, Tang Yu’s taut muscles gradually relaxed, but his brows wrinkled bit by bit.


There was indeed no one in his house. No one was hiding in the shadows, and no one had sneaked in while he was out.


Then what about this stone? Tang Yu’s mind was full of question marks.


The man of course didn’t know that the moment he opened the door to his room, the mirror world, which was located in an unknown dimension, also underwent certain subtle changes.



Unknowingly, a day flew by.


In the mirror world, the second day of the “tide”, 21:40 at night.


Countless shadow ghosts were still entering this world from the other side of the wormhole, and as far as the eye could see, the whole Yangping City was full of black “ghost shadows” in the sky and the ground, if he really wanted to use any idiom to describe it, it could only be “a group of devils dancing”.


This group of intruders were now in a frenzy.


After entering the mirror world, almost every shadow ghost subconsciously caught the aura of the Fanny’s stone, they landed on the ground and began to frantically search for Fang Ziming’s trail, the shadow ghost’s intelligence wasn’t high, and even if they found the true master, they would only rush forward one after another. They hadn’t learned how to play tricks, which made Fang Ziming’s situation much better.




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