Just then, the mirror of the floor mirror suddenly created layers of ripples. It seemed like the youth in the mirror didn’t look at Fang Ziming anymore, but raised his hand and gently stroked the mirror: [Oh ho, the time limit seems to be approaching.]



Fang Ziming was stunned by his eyes just now: “You…”


The man in the mirror put up an index finger on his lips: [Shh, listen to me.]



He didn’t know if he was infected by this “plot”, “his” upper body slightly inclined to the mirror, and his speed of speech became faster and faster: [the most obvious difference between the mirror world and the real world, is the third floor of this residential building – – that is, this is where you live now. – it is a world away from the real structure. In the mirror world, the third floor has a total of six doors, when in danger, room 101 will be the safest refuge, followed by 102, the former is this rental room you are living in, the latter is ……] Stopping here, “his” mouth hooked up into a strange smile: [I prepared a small thing in room 102, which will lead to someone’s room.]



“Someone?” Seeing the person in the mirror smiling so meaningfully, Fang Ziming subconsciously rubbed the sweat on his arms.



[ The world hub of the mirror world is contained in room 106, but since you have just entered this world, it should not be open to you yet.]


The man in the mirror continued to say quickly: [As for 103 to 105, you’d better not try to enter these rooms until you have mastered some life-saving skills.]



Fang Ziming: “…… you just explicitly said I’m a rookie.”



After the youth finished gasping for breath, and rubbed his chin, talking to himself in general: [I can’t recall too much for a while, that’s probably it, after all, I didn’t listen to much of the content at the time, and the timeline you’re going to walk is probably different from mine …… hey, forget it, let it be… …]



Seeing that he was still mumbling, Fang Ziming couldn’t help but urge him: “Hey, isn’t the time limit coming? Brother, you forgot?”



The man in the mirror burst out laughing: [With our intelligence, you must have deduced who I am.]


“He” put up two fingers, touched his lips gently, and then blew a kiss to Fang Ziming: [This is a golden opportunity to talk to the past. Come on, make sure to catch up with…]


The mirror surface of the floor mirror suddenly reflected a burst of blinding glare.



The youth jumped back alertly, his right hand quickly covered his eyes as a reflex, and by the time he lowered his arm, the figure in the mirror was nowhere to be found.



Fang Ziming: “……”



He muttered quietly, “What I hate most in my life is when people fool me and leave half a sentence at the end without finishing.”


He waited a while longer, seeing no movement around, he went to the front of the mirror, reached out and slapped a hand on the mirror, as if the person pretending would come out again.



The floor mirror swayed twice, and Fang Ziming’s own image was reflected in the mirror – the image’s clothes, demeanor and movements were the same as his, apparently, it was now an ordinary floor mirror again.



Fang Ziming: “Strange, it’s not an LCD screen. This thing is really a mirror, huh?”



“Let’s see, according to the script of the story made up by this liar, some events that would make me panic should happen next, and then there is a possibility that a new character will be born to enter the plot to ‘help’ me out and finally go down with the situation.” Hr slowly retracted his hand and thoughtfully looked at the phone: “make me panic ah, that guy just seems to have said something about the tide …… Huh?”



He flipped through the phone’s movements, his finger re-traced to the first page, his eyes lingered on the [calendar] for a long time.



“Today is the 28th?” Fang Ziming frowned, trying to recall: “When I went to Baoyun Mountain with Old Jiang to shoot the meteor shower, it seems to be the 20th, it’s already eight days past? More than a week, so long? Why can’t I remember what I did all these days?”



He tried to recall for a while, and found that the only thing he remembered in the middle of the journey from Baoyun Mountain to the rented room was the strange and bizarre “dream”. Other than that, his memory was blank.



What was going on here?



Where did the missing eight days go, how did he get back from the mountain, and could the memory of staying with a friend at the top of the mountain to shoot a shooting star be false?


In addition, did he really experience that moment, or was it a hallucination caused by some kind of “ecstasy”?



Fang Ziming lowered his head, he looked at his phone, and couldn’t help but press open the address book.



The top one was still to his friend Old Jiang from eight days ago. He called back decisively, and as expected, nothing came out of the receiver.



“…… Zzz.”



“Forget it, let’s see what’s going on outside first.” Fang Ziming hung up the phone as he glanced at the floor mirror that was still in place and muttered, “That guy seemed to say that there are no living people in this whatever mirror realm. Unless they unite a whole city to trick me, this scam is too easy to unravel, hey, so what the hell are these people thinking?”



It was unthinkable to spend so much energy just to scam him, an ordinary person with little savings.



He was vaguely disturbed, his mind went over what the man in the mirror had said, and finally he had to sigh: not to mention that looks can’t be faked, that person’s words, actions and behavior, and his own were simply too alike.



So thinking, Fang Ziming turned around to get a coat, put on the phone and keys, thought, and then back to the kitchen to pick up a broom, and then re-opened the door.



The youth clutched the “weapon”, eyes filled with vigilance and wariness, and slowly stepped out of his rented room.


The outside was really different from the usual corridor.



Fang Ziming looked around, then turned around and looked up to check the door of his room.



The door was still the same, but when Fang Ziming glanced over, he found that the iron door near the cat’s eye above the location, there were three more crooked numbers.





Fang Ziming: “……”


emmmm, to be honest, the handwriting was a bit ugly.



If not for the fact that the structure of the corridor had indeed changed radically, based on this number that seemed to have been written on by someone with a marker, Fang Ziming simply wanted to take out the person who had done the graffiti and despise the business level of the other party.


–The writing was too casual!



Fang Ziming strolled back and forth in the not-so-long corridor, as 102 was written on the door panel opposite. There should be only four doors on this floor, his room was the second east, but at this time there were six doors, three on each side, 101 on the left was the only stairwell on the third floor, the right was connected to the dim corridor, all the way to the innermost, the room on the left was 106.



He looked at the line of ambiguous door numbers, hesitated for a moment, but raised his hand and knocked on the door.


The door didn’t move at all.



He held the hand and pushed it twice, but it couldn’t be pushed.



“So quiet.” Fang Ziming stared at the door and murmured, “This building was built in the old neighborhood, and I remember that half of the residents here are elderly. Now it’s ……”



He took out his phone and looked at the time: “It’s 8:30 a.m. Even if none of the nearby office workers or students are around, it shouldn’t be this quiet, right?”



It was almost as if, apart from him, no one else existed.


“Impossible.” Fang Ziming stared at the phone screen, then at the door, and whispered, “I don’t believe it.”



With his right hand on the door panel of room 106, the youth used the force to turn around and face the corridor again. The slowness and impatience in his eyes were slowly receding, replaced by doubts about the current situation, caution about the deviation from the track, and a growing anxiety and unease.



This anxiety and restlessness urged him to leave 106 in stride, find the stairwell to the left of room 101 (which was also completely different from where he usually used the stairs), urged him to walk out of the residential building, cross the community square, which was usually busy but now unusually cold, and urged him to walk up the street, along the pedestrian street, until he found some large shopping center nearest to his home.



Because he didn’t drive, it took nearly forty minutes before and after.


Fang Ziming didn’t say a word, the whole time he pursed his lips, and his expression became more and more ugly as the time passed.



From his home to the shopping center, on this journey, no one had appeared.



The young man finally stopped, he stood in the empty mall and looked around, finally had to admit that what the man in the mirror said before, it was very likely to be true.



After a long time, he slowly bent over and squatted down, covering his face with a low curse: “There is no mistake, this joke is too big, right?”



…… Shit!




At the same time, the real world, X city X district X building XXXX room.


A young man who hadn’t cleaned the room for a month was lazily using a small portable vacuum cleaner in his bedroom, which was too messy.



The weather in April was still cold, but he only wore a black cotton vest. He was wearing cheap camouflage pants bought for more than 30 yuan, and his whole body was full of the aura of “no money, poor, but I’m happy”. However, the man’s figure was perfect. Although he wasn’t well dressed, the slight male aggression on his body was still very noticeable.


This made him look like an adult lion patrolling his “dog house”.





The man, with a cigarette in his mouth, used the vacuum cleaner’s floor brush to scratch the bottom of the bed twice, then poked out a small metal box tied with a pink ribbon.


The box hit his feet with a bone-crushing crash and shook twice and didn’t move.



“What the hell?” The man sat on the bed, threw the vacuum cleaner under the bed and picked up the box, he squinted and thought for half a day: “Well, is there something so girly in my rag-like household?”



In addition to the cute pink ribbon, the black square metal box had a side length of about 20 cm, an adult male could grab it with one hand. There was a small combination lock on the lid, and the man took off his slippers and nestled cross-legged on the bed, entering a series of numbers – his birthday – on it as if it were a game.



Snap. The secret button popped and the box was opened.



The man: “……” ooh, was this really a small treasure he forgot about?



“Tch, what the hell.” He took the contents out and looked at it in the sunlight, “Stone? Glass? Mineral crystal?”



There was also a card in the box, and the line on the paper was written in a flowing handwriting, and the man glanced at it, and his eyebrows lifted in surprise.



–This is an important gift. Remember to keep it, baby~

–BY.F (you don’t know it anyway).






Happy New Year 🎉🎉🎉🎉

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