The youth spoke, while circling the mirror twice: “I didn’t see the power switch next to the projection screen and other things, the design is quite hidden. Such a dark technology thing was also taken out for fraud. You should apply for a patent, it would be better to start a serious company to sell technology.”


“By the way, how did you move it in? Did you break the lock? Is the landlady your partner?”


Person in the mirror: […]


The person in the mirror held his forehead, and in a very low voice, he let out a sigh: [I am really …… good everywhere, but my imagination is sometimes too rich ……]


“Hey, what are you muttering in a low voice?” Fang Ziming tapped the mirror with his index finger: “Let’s talk openly, admit that you did something wrong, we can end it in private. But if you’re still so bent on confusing me, then I’ll have to call the police and let them handle this.”


His finger gently touched on the mirror, the mirror and an ordinary home floor mirror wasn’t very different, but after being touched by Fang Ziming, the mirror surface bent immediately showed ripples, shocking the young man.



Fang Ziming looked at “him”, feeling as if he was standing in front of a ha-ha mirror.


The expression of the person in the mirror was distorted in a strange way, “his” face didn’t see the tension, he smiled: [I can stay for a short time, put aside unnecessary suspicion and questioning, I’ll make a long story short.]


Fang Ziming frowned: “Are you unable to understand human language? I’m going to call the police.”


The man in the mirror didn’t respond: [First of all, you should have vaguely perceived that this is not your original world.]


Fang Ziming: “……”


All right, this guy was probably not just a liar, he may also be a psychopath.


Fang Ziming didn’t want to talk, he simply lowered his head and held up his phone to quickly dial the 110 police hotline.



[Still not aware of it? The man in the mirror didn’t stop him, he only whispered: [You can’t make this call. No matter who you dial, there will be no one on the other end of the line to answer.]


As if to verify what “he” said, the receiver responded with a busy tone, Fang Ziming stared at the upper left corner of the phone screen and said incredulously: “You guys are playing too big, right, you even blocked the communication signal?”



The man in the mirror: [The world of the mirror, except you, there’s no other living person, the phone here is just decorative, at best, you can use it to watch a video, play a single game or something.]



Here, “he” smiled again: [Unless you can find the key opportunity to leave this world.]


Fang Ziming looked at his phone and then looked at “him”: “…… buddy, isn’t it too much of a waste to use so much black technology to deal with a little citizen like me?”



The man in the mirror shook his head: [I really don’t have much time here. From now on, listen to what I say, don’t interrupt, and curb your wildly divergent imagination for me.]



Fang Ziming was about to retort, but the youth in the mirror had already preempted him: [The space you are currently in is built up from countless mirrors. It doesn’t have a specific name, but I am used to calling it the ‘mirror world’.]



Fang Ziming simply put down his phone and put his hands on his arms with a “I hear you lying” expression: “Go ahead and fool around.”


The man in the mirror laughed, and then his expression slowly became serious.


[This is a mirror image of the real world, which was formed from the ‘Fanny’s Stone’. I have no way of knowing exactly how big this world is, but so far I still haven’t touched the edge of its mirror image anyway. ]



The man in the mirror continued solemnly: [You have ten days to get used to and adapt to this world, about ten days later, the mirror world will usher in the first ‘tidal wave’ phenomenon, during the ‘tidal wave’ period, remember not to go out at will, for your safety, please be sure to stay in this room.]



Speaking of which, “he” slightly pondered: [In theory, no matter how violent the ‘tide’, room 101 can’t be destroyed. But nothing is absolute, if you really can’t avoid it, you can also go to the opposite room 102 to try your luck, it should already be available.]



With these few words, Fang Ziming identified this person was a liar – his house had a wall opposite the front door, his neighbors lived on the left and right.


The youth endured half a day, but he couldn’t hold back: “…… what the hell, bringing in the tide …… now you’re starting to go with the magical route?”


[Shut up and listen to me.]



The man in the mirror glanced at him: [The ‘tide’ will bring unknown creatures that do not belong here into the mirror world, no matter what they fell in because of, after arriving here, they’ll retain only one instinct, which is to kill you, and then seize the ‘Fanny’s stone’.]


“… Huh?” Fang Ziming winces, and the expression on his face was inexplicable: “This script is too perfunctory. Why don’t you make a cosmic magic cube?”



[The ‘Fanny’s Stone’ is actually a fragment left behind after a meteorite fell and disintegrated. Remember, before you fell in, you were hit by a meteorite fragment.]


The man in the mirror curled his lips, then raised a hand and pointed to his chest: [The meteorite split into a total of nine fragments, and then fell in all corners of the earth, and one of these nine, is in our chest cavity.]



“He” whispered: “Listen to me, this is very important, you better not tell anyone about our possession of the meteorite.”



What happened on the Baoyun Mountain was now in front of him, Fang Ziming’s heart jumped: “We?”


The man in the mirror smiled, he didn’t answer him but changed the subject: [Let’s go back to the ‘tide’, this is the thing you need to pay the most attention to now. First of all, the name ‘Tidal Wave’ is actually my random name, because of the world rules of the mirror world, every once in a while wormhole-like ‘gray channel’ will open, the first few times, it will be some other dimension of the shadow ghosts entering the mirror world, and not one or two, but tens of thousands. The ‘tide comes’ for three days before the ‘tide recedes’, at which time the shadow ghosts that are still alive will be sucked back into the original world from the entrance they came from.]


[ This ‘tide’ phenomenon happens once a month, and the time is basically fixed. The ‘gray path’ that transports the shadow ghosts is a randomly generated mirror in the mirror world, to stop the ‘tide’ To stop the ‘tide’, breaking the mirror is the fastest way. ]



Here, “he” shook his head: [but I don’t recommend you to use this method, not to mention that you can’t find the right mirror before the ‘tide’. Even if the mirror is broken within three days of the ‘tide’, the ‘Grey Road’ will immediately collapse, and then those shadow ghosts that have entered the Mirror Realm will not be able to return.]



[This means that the shadow ghosts that are still left in the Mirror Realm will keep lingering here until you ki-ll them completely or they finish you off and capture the ‘Fanny’s Stone’.]



Fang Ziming had now basically treated what this guy said as a story, not to mention, it felt quite amazing to listen to it from a different perspective. He unknowingly began to discuss the plot: “This setting is still a bit interesting. So, according to the usual formula of movie novels, I guess you must have other ways to ki-ll monsters?”


The man in the mirror hooked a long silver chain around his neck with his index finger and brought out a certain object in the inner pocket of his jacket: [Here, this is probably the best weapon to use inside the mirror world. It should have been left somewhere in Room 101, but I can’t quite remember the exact location, so you better find it out as soon as possible and keep it close to you wherever you go in the future, just in case.]


“…” Fang Ziming saw that “he” was holding a portable vanity mirror that only a little girl could carry with her, and it was also the kind of folding double-sided mirror with super cute patterns painted on the mirror cover.


His mouth twitched and he didn’t know how to mock him for a while.


The young man wiped his face and sighed: “You… use that as a weapon? Brother… No, brother, does your ga-ng sell mirrors? Is this your main product?”



The man in the mirror raised his eyebrows: [Of course not.]


Fang Ziming: “Then, please big brother, replace it with a dragon slayer, otherwise this episode is too damn out of character.”


Ask the hero of a novel, which hero would fight with a make-up mirro? Was it to take a look at himself in the mirror when fighting, to turn into a little Balala fairy, or to give it to BOSS in melee, so that other would be sad to death after looking in the mirror?


Which one was very impressive?!


But the “liar” in the mirror seemed to have completely missed the dislike in his tone, and still raised the lady’s mirror in his hand without changing his expression: [Open the mirror and put it on the forehead of the shadow ghost to send it home before the end of the ‘tide’.]



The mirror: [Of course, there are other ways to deal with the shadow ghost, but you’d better figure it out yourself, so that it is conducive to the growth of the ‘protagonist’. Oh.]



The young man in the mirror gave him a sidelong glance, “his” tone was indifferent, but Fang Ziming could still hear a little good-natured teasing.



Fang Ziming rolled his eyes at the young face that looked exactly like his own: “Thanks for your advice, then.”


The man in the mirror: [Anyway, please cherish your little life, in these first few ‘tides’, try and hide, it’s better than being eaten alive by thousands of shadow ghosts].


[Incidentally, the location of the wormhole is related to the range of your activities, even if you escape to the other side of the earth, the shadow ghosts will follow you. So, you’d better not think about just running far away, their instinct in the mirror world is to keep searching for you, tearing you up or eating you, it’s the same everywhere you go.]




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