Fang Ziming touched for half a day, and found that even the top wasn’t broken, the expression on his face suddenly became a little strange.


“Is it possible that what I saw before, wasn’t an illusion?” He was puzzled, his chest had long since lost the burning pain, and finally he had to give up: “Forget it, let’s figure out what this place is.”


Half an hour later.


The youth crouched in place with a depressed expression and hammered the ground.


“Dam-n it!” He hit the smooth floor with a thud: “What the hell is this place, am I really still in Yangping City?”


He spent more than an hour mapping out the space, not knowing exactly how far he had moved because there was no light. But from the results of the hour or so, he hadn’t touched anything else in this place except the ground beneath his feet – there weren’t even any walls.


There was no light, no sound, no sign of life. The youth lifted his arm and waved it twice over his head, his five fingers opened in vain, but he couldn’t feel any traces of air flow.


Fang Ziming was silent for a moment, then he suddenly stood up, hands close to the mouth and shouted: “Hey! Is anyone there -”


“Am I already dead?”


“What the hell is this place?”


He hung his hands in despair: “Is there anyone who can answer me ……”


“I …… may be really dead, right ……?”



It seemed that this sentence triggered a switch. Fang Ziming saw that before the words ended, a blue light suddenly lit up from his chest, just like a light in the dark, reflecting the space within a dozen meters around the youth.


The blue light seemed to be warm. Fang Ziming couldn’t help but peel off his coat. He didn’t find anything strange. The light source seemed to emanate from under his skin, even from the inside of his chest.




“… I said it, something must have hit me.” He lowered his head and kept his eyes on his chest, murmuring.


After looking at this for a few seconds, Fang Ziming suddenly had an unrealistic idea.


——Was it the blue light that hit him before, and when he was unconscious, the blue light had already crept into his body?


Fang Ziming shivered inexplicably. He reached out and touched his chest. He didn’t feel any pain on his body.



“What the hell is going on?” Her couldn’t understand it.


Since the blue light came on, the space that had been hidden in the darkness finally revealed its original face to the young man.


He stepped on a smooth mirror surface instead of a floor, and the area illuminated by the light had no furnishings, but there were mirrors of different shapes and in great numbers hanging above his head. The mirrors seemed to be suspended in mid-air without the help of external forces, Fang Ziming tilted his head to observe for a while, but never found a thin line or hook to fix the mirrors.


The youth glanced down at the ground, his feet vaguely reflecting another self, was also looking back at him with shocked and dismayed eyes.


“What the hell, why are there so many mirrors overhead, making it look like a haunted house.”



No one could answer him, Fang Ziming pondered for a moment and simply started walking on the mirror surface. With the faint light from his chest, he started exploring the space again, and after a few minutes, he finally found something he hadn’t seen before.


It was also an oval-shaped mirror standing quietly in the darkness.


Compared to the strange shapes of those mirrors overhead, only it was placed on the ground, and Fang Ziming took a closer look and found that it was also a floor mirror with an ancient shape.


The mirror was about two meters high, the frame was made of dark gold unidentified metal, the upper surface was carved with complex and ornate patterns, Fang Ziming looked confused for a while, and could barely distinguish that the top carved was the head of a fierce beast.



His heart beat heavily, Fang Ziming had no time to care, he stroked his heart, but all his attention had been completely captured by the other self in the mirror.


The “he” was standing in the middle of the mirror, seeing Fang Ziming, it smiled strangely.

[Come in.]


Fang Ziming couldn’t help rubbing his ears.


He turned his head to look around, then pointed to himself, endured his violent heartbeat, and whispered, “Are you talking to me?”


[Come in.]



Fang Ziming licked his lips and moved closer to the floor mirror: “What are you? A …… demon that transformed into my likeness? But I’m more inclined to think that everything now is a dream ……”



The “he” in the mirror pointed to the chest of the youth, and then with a faint smile, it disappeared into a cloud of fog.



Fang Ziming looked down at the blue light on his chest, then looked at the mirror and muttered, “I’m either dead or I’m really dreaming.” How could a normal person experience such a magical scene?

“Since it’s not real, what’s there to be afraid of?” He tilted his head and simply reached out his hand and pressed his palm on the smooth mirror surface.


Although Fang Ziming was prepared, he stumbled and fell into the rippling mirror without realizing it!





The intense weightlessness caused him to feel dizzy for a moment, and Fang Ziming didn’t know where he was being pulled to for a while.


–Streets, houses, mountains, rivers, fire and lightning. He saw countless mundane or bizarre scenes, countless majestic palaces rising from the ground, golden-red aurora shining on the magnificent temples, and in a flash, thousands of stars pierced the night sky, and when heaven and earth seemed to be on fire, the stars fell with a bang, leaving him far behind again.


Fang Ziming blinked hard and saw the huge dome of the temple start to crumble from the central axis, it turned into thousands of pieces flying in the sky, and then quickly disappeared from his sight.


All the scenery was divided into two, their left half was intact, while the right half was like a cracked mirror, little by little it crushed into pieces, and in the next second was reassembled by invisible force, forming another unrelated landscape.


It was as if he had fallen into a strange illusionary space or a bottomless pit like a kaleidoscope. The scene around him was changing every second, and in the end, Fang Ziming’s eyes couldn’t keep up with the speed of the changes. The youth tried to raise his hand to rub his eyes, but he soon realized that he couldn’t even move a finger, let alone lift his whole arm.


He maintained this head-down position, passing through layer after layer of illusions, falling deeper and deeper.



Falling deeper and deeper.


Falling deeper and deeper ……


The surrounding scenery gradually thinned out, darkness like waiting tentacles, wrapped around him from all sides and Fang Ziming struggled to raise his eyelids, he noticed the darkness of the abyss, there seemed to be something shining and shimmering.



After falling down for a few minutes, the youth finally saw the true face of the shimmering light.



A familiar oval-shaped mirror floated in the darkness, the mirror facing him, as if sensing Fang Ziming’s attention, the light on the mirror surface also flickered slightly.



–It was as if it was waiting here to say hello to him.




Fang Ziming: “…… What ……?”

Without much time to think, Fang Ziming’s speed of descent steeply accelerated and he actually hit his head on the mirror!



Immediately after, his entire body passed through the mirror surface, then once again disappeared in the chaotic darkness.




At the same time, Fang Ziming opened his eyes violently and found himself lying in a rented room in Yangping City.


The sunlight came in through the gap in the curtain, illuminating the originally dim bedroom.


In front of him were familiar light-colored bed sheets and simple furniture. He gasped violently for a while while looking down at his left chest – there were no wounds there, let alone any blue light.


Fang Ziming felt like he had just broken out of an absurd and bizarre dream. He propped himself up on the bed with one hand, his heart pounding hard, and took a while to sit up from the bed.



“Shi-t, it was a nightmare, it scared me to death.”



He groped for his cell phone on the pillow, and stood up to open the bedroom door while looking down to unlock the cell phone interface: “It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a strange dream, I ……”



The youth suddenly stopped in his tracks.



A nearly two-meter-high floor mirror was placed in the middle of the living room at some point.


Its mirror face was facing the bedroom door, Fang Ziming opened the door and walked out, i was meeeting his face in the mirror.



He silently reached out his hand and pinched himself hard on his thigh.


It was very painful.


“……” Fang Ziming withdrew his hand, his expression gradually became strange.


The young man in the mirror was dressed very differently from him, and his hair style and attitude were not quite the same, but Fang Ziming just had an inexplicable feeling that the person he was looking at through the mirror was either someone else or himself.



This was very similar to the previous absurd dream?


Then the person in the mirror smiled and waved at him, [Don’t worry, I’m not malicious.]


Fang Ziming: “What?” You, can this thing even speak of its own accord?



The man in the mirror looked at the phone he was holding: [Haven’t you found it yet?]



Fang Ziming wrinkled his eyebrows and stopped where he was, looking warily at the mirror, and then quickly looked around the living room: “Is there a burglar in my house? The key to the room is only available to me and the landlord, is it the landlord’s mother who’s up to no good?”



The man in the mirror: [Hey, you haven’t considered how a mirror appeared out of thin air.]



The man in the mirror and he was just like the same person. Throwing away his strange familiarity, Fang Ziming tutted, he turned his eyes back to the person in the mirror, and slowly said, “I think it’s necessary to declare that I’m really a materialist. ”



The man in the mirror shrugged: [What a coincidence, I used to be one too].


“I don’t think I have anything to be scammed, so why are you trying to fool me?” Fang Ziming hesitated and took a few steps forward: “This thing …… is a projection screen disguised as a floor-to-ceiling mirror? Your face is exactly the same as mine, so let me think, this should also be a synthetic surface made with some kind of software, right?”


“As for the nightmare just now.” He frowned and muttered, “…… All I can think of is psychedelics.”






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