He took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes.


Suddenly, his heart thumped.


Thud! Thud! Thud!


He whimpered, and the oily pen clutched in his hand fell to the ground and rolled bone-dry into the corner crevice. Before he could feel his increasingly rapid heartbeat, the cold mirror under his right palm disappeared without a sound.


Suddenly losing support, Fang Ziming’s body followed the inertia of tilting forward, he felt like he had passed through a thin barrier, and then plunged into the bust mirror.




Another familiar way of landing, the black-haired youth rolled left and right on the ground, covering his flattened nose and whispering, “Ow …… it hurts …… it hurts it hurts it hurts… …”


There was no one in the toilet, well, very good.


Fang Ziming quickly climbed up, he endured the sharp pain coming from the bridge of his nose, held his breath and squatted on the ground, and listened carefully to the movement outside.


The other side of the frosted door was silent, it seemed that the owner of the house was already asleep. He was thankful for that.


The toilet light was certainly not open, in order to prevent the sound of hitting something, Fang Ziming turned on his phone screen and turned around in the faint light, carefully examining the familiar half body mirror behind him.



The mirror reflected half of the bathroom scene, but had two anomalies that were bizarre, the first was that there was no image of Fang Ziming in the mirror – ordinary mirrors didn’t show him, it had been like that since he entered the mirror world – and the second anomaly? The frosted door in the mirror had a huge and clear black circle, while in the real world, of course, there was nothing.


Fang Ziming fixed his eyes to look at the door behind him, and then looked back at the one in the mirror, and finally couldn’t help but let out a short laugh.


“The opportunity is really this mirror ah.” He took a few steps back and leaned against the frosted door in general, and incoherently said, “Not by chance, not a dream, I really came out …… I really ……”


However, before Fang Ziming finished expressing his emotions, a click, the frosted door was unscrewed from the outside.


Fang Ziming was caught off guard, his body was tilted, and he fell on his back into the broad chest of the man outside.


Fang Ziming: “?”


The pectoral muscles against the backbone were wrapped in a hot, aggressive, unfamiliar breath, Fang Ziming froze, and instinctively turned his head to look back.


The owner of room 102, the tall man with a good figure was now blocking the door with one hand on the wall, in the faint light of the cell phone screen, this person slightly lowered his head, and met Fang Ziming’s gaze.


Fang Ziming was unable to move because of this glance.


The two were so close that the youth could feel the warm breath of the other on his cheek.



The man turned on the toilet light with a snap.


The small bathroom suddenly brightened up, Fang Ziming’s pupils contracted violently, he hurriedly raised his hand to cover his face.


“Well, I really didn’t expect that we’d meet again so soon.” Tang Yu looked down at the youth who was still leaning against his chest, the end of his eyes were slightly red, he raised his eyebrows, propped himself up against the door frame and whistled, “Is this your change of heart, you came back again ready to steal my underwear?”


“……” Fang Ziming was still in a state of flux because of the “return to reality”, but this man immediately calmed him down with just two words.


When he realized the banter in this guy’s words, he wasn’t only calm, but also very embarrassed.


Fang Ziming put down his light-blocking hand, tilted his head, and coughed twice: “You, how come you walk without sound?”


Tang Yu didn’t answer, instead, he yanked the youth in his arms, and with just one arm, he picked up the 1.81 meter tall young man in front of him.


Fang Ziming: “?!”


Fang Ziming was taken aback: “What are you doing?”


The man carried him into the toilet, casually closed the door, and then pressed the person to sit on the toilet lid to look at him from above, softly humming: “If I walk with a sound, wouldn’t you have absconded from the crime?”


He slightly bent down, just like a wall in front of Fang Ziming, the suspicious intruder was completely in his “space”, he had no place to hide.


Fang Ziming surreptitiously observed the man’s muscles and quickly calculated the force value of the two in his mind, and finally regretted that: he shouldn’t be able to beat this guy, going head-on would probably be a glorious sacrifice, or he could think about how to run away.


“Say it.” Tang Yu bent down and squeezed the youth’s neck with one hand: “Come on, tell me how you got in.”


Fang Ziming instantly returned to his senses and unnaturally gulped: “Can you, ahem, put your clothes on first?”


The man wore only a pair of flat underwear, or the kind of earthy dark green, Fang Ziming crazily dissed his dress taste in his heart, but he was choked by his domineering aura, and nearly collapsed on the toilet lid.


The two of them didn’t have a good or bad relationship, but Fang Ziming couldn’t help but praise this guy’s body, it was really good.


Tang Yu saw his unnatural expression, his small eyes from time to time, glanced at his eight pack abs, he couldn’t help but be interested, teasing: “I never wear clothes when I sleep. What, do you have a nosebleed when you see a naked man? You really are a little pervert who came to steal underwear.”


Fang Ziming coughed, he had the heart to defend himself, but he couldn’t really tell him that he rolled out of the mirror, no one would believe that answer 800% of the time.


Tang Yu tilted his head to look at him, and his tone became softer: “Don’t be nervous, who doesn’t have a little hobby, you just like underwear? However, sneaking around and stealing from other people’s homes is wrong for you.”


“I’m not, I’m not.” Fang Ziming held up his hands, feeling he couldn’t defend himself, “I’m really not interested in your underwear!”



Tang Yu nodded, the hand that was squeezing his neck suddenly made force, then he pressed the youth on his back against the toilet tank, and asked in a low voice: “I don’t really care about the underwear thing. We can talk first, how in the world did you get into my house?”



The man’s eyes were still very mild, Fang Ziming was forced to tilt his head, and met his his dark pool-like eyes, he inexplicably felt a chill down his back. He struggled to break the hand on his neck, coughing while saying: “Cough, let go! I …… can’t breathe!


Tang Yu came up to him, his eyes tracing his face: “Say, what do you really want to do? Both times you sneaked in, you picked a time when I was at home, which shouldn’t be a mistake a habitual thief would make, right? I assume you didn’t want to steal anything from my house, you probably just wanted to get my attention, that’s good, I do notice you now.”


Fang Ziming: “Cough …… cough …… loose …… let go!”


Tang Yu: “Come on, tell me your reason, I can give you two minutes to defend yourself.


Fang Ziming slapped the large hand on his neck: “I’m going to be – choked to death – by you!”


Tang Yu stared at the corners of his increasingly red eyes for two seconds before finally slowly letting go of his hand.


Tch, it’s quite pretty. He whistled softly in his heart.


Fang Ziming didn’t know what mess was going through this guy’s mind at this time, he just lifted his foot and effortlessly kicked the man caged above him away from himself, then panted violently while rubbing his neck and sitting up straight.


“I don’t know you, and I’m not trying to get your attention.” He glared at the man, coughing as he said, “You, just think of me as sleepwalking in. It’s true that I was wrong to trespass, but I was just about to be choked to death by you, man, can you not be so impulsive!”


Tang Yu shrugged his shoulders and said rightfully, “If I know someone is going to harm me, do I have to take the initiative to hand a knife to the criminal?”


“For the last time, I’m not a criminal and I don’t want to get you killed.” Fang Ziming said in a hoarse voice, “I don’t want to be in your toilet all the time, making me look like a perverted peeping tom, this is really just a misunderstanding.”


Tang Yu: “Misunderstanding, do you think I’m dumb? You’re so fucking arrogant that you’re standing in front of me, and you can still just dilly-dally and not come in?”



“……” Fang Ziming nearly choked to death on him. What kind of weird metaphor is that?


Tang Yu didn’t think there was any ambiguity in this statement, he put his hands on his arms, took a step back and leaned against the wall behind him, and said neatly, “Come on, only two minutes, please start your performance.”


“Act my ass, I’m being pinched by you, cough, I can barely speak.” Fang Ziming held his neck and wrinkled his eyebrows in pain: “Excuse me, can you give a glass of water to the wounded first. My throat is really cracking, cough cough cough ……”


Tang Yu saw him look as if he could almost die on the spot in the next second, tsked under his breath and said impatiently, “So much bullshit.”


He turned around and went out of the toilet, thought about it and returned a few steps, turned his head and showed Fang Ziming a smile of unknown significance: “Little pervert, stay where you are and don’t move, dare to run you will be dead. Understand?”



Fang Ziming: “I can run to where ah …… cough …… cough …… cough ……”


Fang Ziming coughed heavily for a while, and as he watched the person turn around and walk out of the restroom, he cautiously locked the door from outside. The young man almost immediately put down his hands that were caressing his neck. He took out his phone from his pocket and sent a WeChat message to his older brother.


[I’m entering the Mirror Realm again, you go back first, I’ll find a chance to contact you again. Don’t worry, I’m safe.]


Seeing that the message was successfully sent, he stood up from the toilet lid in a flash, leapt to the sink in two steps, and once again slapped his right hand on the not-so-clean sink mirror.


“Magic mirror, magic mirror, hurry up and send me back, hurry up, GOGOGO!



So, the moment Tang Yu reopened the toilet door with his water cup and stepped in, he immediately found the strange little thief who was originally sitting on the toilet lid had once again disappeared in place.


Tang Yu: “……”


Very good, really bold enough.


He tilted his head and drank the water in the cup in one gulp, a low chuckle escaped his throat, “Interesting.”



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