Fang Ziming inexplicably felt an arrow in his knee, his reaction was very similar to when he first heard about the mirror world – he and his brother both felt that the person telling the “story” was sick in the head.



He didn’t rush to defend himself, but thought of something else: “Before falling into the Mirror Realm, I remember the meteorite exploded in the sky. At that time, the noise was so big that most of the sky was illuminated as if it was daylight. When the meteorite fragments fell on the Bao Yun Mountain, Old Jiang was closest to me, did anything happen to him?”


Fang Cheng shook his head: “Your friend is fine. He was the first to find you missing, and after coming down from the mountain to call you, no one answered, he was afraid that something had happened to you, and went to the police station the next day to report the case, and went then did our parents and I know that you were missing in the mountain.”


Fang Ziming: “That …… mountain, at that time there were more than a dozen photography enthusiasts, are they all okay?”


“I haven’t seen them, but I’ve not heard that there are still people missing in the mountains.” Fang Cheng looked at him worriedly: “Ziming, I was still in B City when you had the accident, but …… the search and rescue team said you lost your footing at the top of the mountain and fell off the cliff, there was indeed a meteor shower that night, but an explosion …… ”



As if he was afraid of Fang Ziming’s reaction, he carefully said: “Ziming, the news channel reported the Lyrae meteor shower, I also googled after that, but I never heard of any meteorite explosion.” At the end, he added: “Your friend also didn’t mention it to me.


Fang Ziming was stunned: “What did you say?”


Fang Cheng saw his expression wasn’t quite right, he hurriedly said: “Let’s not talk about this, okay, wait until you come back to talk.”


Fang Ziming was silent for a moment and sighed: “Okay, let’s leave it for now.” And then asked, “How are our parents?”


“How can they be? When they heard you fell off a cliff …… cough, went missing, our mother directly fainted, she just came back from the hospital two days ago. After your accident, I took a few days off with the unit, dad and I basically dealt with the police department. And ah, last week we went to clean up the house you rented, Dad secretly shed tears in your closet, I could only pretend not to see.” Fang Cheng wanted to curse, but he couldn’t get angry at his brother who seemed to be sick, so he had to put up with it silently: “Fang Ziming, you have so much stuff in your house, Dad drove twice to move it, and he cried again.”


Fang Ziming whispered, “I didn’t want to do this either.”


Fang Cheng rubbed his eyes, “Buy a ticket now and come home before noon tomorrow, so we can still continue to be brothers.”

Fang Ziming: “Hmm.”


Fang Cheng: “I was going to cancel your account at the police station this Thursday, but fortunately you contacted me, and your ID card should still work.”


Fang Ziming: “…… Speaking of which, my ID card is still in my rented room, the security guards at the train station won’t even let me in, right?”


Fang Cheng: “……”


Fang Ziming: “……”


Fang Cheng tapped his head: “Your ID card is now stored in Dad’s place. How about this, go to the police station in Wuyi City to file a police report, and explain the situation to the province’s public security, I’ll find a way to get the ID card from Dad, and pass you an electronic version, see if you can make do with it.”



“I’m still a missing person from the public security department, so I’ll definitely be exposed once I check the information, and I’ll have to go to the police station to record it.” Fang Ziming hesitated and said, “I can’t explain my whereabouts to them these days, I can’t say I sleepwalked to W Province. I probably won’t tell anyone else about the situation in the Mirror World except the family. Moreover, even if I tell them about it, no one will believe it.” Just like his brother, he just thought he was sick.



Sure enough, Brother Fang also didn’t believe, but he wisely avoided the topic and turned to say, “But I don’t know many friends in Wuyi City, you can’t even stay in a hotel without an ID card. Otherwise, I can go out now, it will take six hours to drive from Yangping City to your side, first take a taxi to the city, find a 24-hour convenience store or McDonald’s, and then wait for me to pick you up.”


Fang Ziming: “I can find a guesthouse, the guesthouses in this place shouldn’t need ID cards.”


Fang Cheng: “That’s fine. But after you settle in, you must give me a call to report the situation, send me your location, and send a message before you go to bed.”


Fang Ziming hesitated and said, “Don’t tell anyone about this first. I …… have a premonition that I may …… return to that world ……”


Fang Cheng’s brain was in turmoil, he didn’t understand for a while: “Which world?”



“The mirror world.” Fang Ziming touched his chest and whispered, “I will still go back, that premonition is very strong, I’m a little uneasy. Brother, I don’t know why, whether it hit me by chance or …… me, I don’t know what to do from now on.”


Fang Cheng hurriedly interrupted him: “Ziming, don’t think about it.”


He finally looked at his brother, who was obviously much thinner, and said in a muffled voice: “Wait, brother will go out now, and I will definitely pick you up.”




As if experiencing only a moment of dizziness, when Fang Ziming opened his eyes again, he found himself back in that familiar 101 rental room.



Fang Ziming: “……”


Wait, no way, he was back again so soon?


He jerked up from the bed, and with a hint of hope in his heart, he slowly ripped open the corner of the curtain.


Numerous shadow ghosts howled madly at him through a layer of glass.


Shadow ghosts: [Ow – woo hoo hoo hoo – hoo hoo hoo -]


Fang Ziming’s heart sank: “…… Ah, we meet again, you’re still there.”



At this time, it seemed that less than five hours had passed since he had just fallen back to the real world from the Mirror Realm. Fang Ziming felt out his phone stuffed in his pocket and found that there was little power left, so he had to gingerly find the charging cable and charge his phone in the dark.


Then he began to try to call Fang Cheng.


Fang Ziming: “Damn, I really can’t get through.”


After charging for ten minutes, the youth silently unplugged the charger and stood up to look around.


“No.” He held the phone, his gaze gradually hardened: “I must go to confirm again.”



Fang Ziming finally looked at the shadow ghost outside the window, a certain thought became more and more firm, he turned around and walked straight out of the bedroom to the front door.


The lights in the corridor had been blown out by Fang Ziming, but he could still see that there were fewer shadow ghosts outside than two hours ago, probably because the intruders were bored and dispersed when they realized that the master wasn’t home. Fang Ziming observed for a while, casually placed the flashlight on the shoe cabinet and the clothesline standing against the door, he lifted a breath, then quickly opened the door, carrying the long pole and rushed out.


The strong light source could weaken the attack of the shadow ghosts, the flashlight beam was poor, but it wasn’t a problem to make do with it. And the clothesline was used to repel the shadow ghosts, after two days of testing, Fang Ziming had determined that physical attacks could repel these “ghosts”. Of course, these two things could only repel them, clothesline and a flashlight was still far from the degree of killing shadow ghosts.



Fang Ziming waved the clothesline in a frenzied manner, and before a few ghosts could react, he kicked open the security door (which was still half-closed for some reason) and darted into the 102nd living room like the wind.


In the hallway, the shadow ghosts who were still wandering around: “???”


It was pitch black in room 102, and Fang Ziming looked up and really saw a rather familiar wall clock hanging on the TV wall.




The youth’s eyes searched the living room a few times, and a few moments later, he stood outside the two connected bedrooms and slowly pushed open the door to the master bedroom with a hint of uninvited weakness and hesitation.


“At this point in time, a normal person should be sleeping …… right?” Fang Ziming first looked at the single bed placed against the wall, where unsuspectingly there was no one, he strolled around the house and frowned: “Really a single dog, the bedroom doesn’t even have a mirror.”


Without a mirror, he couldn’t observe whether the owner of 102 was sleeping. Fang Ziming turned around and went out of the master bedroom, and then went around the living room and the second bedroom, and again didn’t find anything like a dressing mirror.



After observing, Fang Ziming reluctantly gave an evaluation: “This guy lives really… He should be a straight man of steel.”



“Forget it, I assume the straight man has gone to bed, the priority now is to confirm if the ‘crossing’ just now was an accident or not.” He went to the bathroom and twisted the handle nervously: “If the owner catches me again this time, I’m afraid I’ll really be guilty of burglary.”


Opening the frosted glass door of the bathroom, the sink and the bust mirror above it were immediately revealed.


Fang Ziming looked back at the direction of the bedroom, he was still a little apprehensive, but once he thought of his brother who was driving to W Province, he could only give himself a boost and whispered: “The opportunity last time, whether it was this mirror, something in the bathroom, or the person next to the mirror …… this time let’s give it a try ……”


It was an ordinary bust mirror. It had been used for at least five years, there were many small stains on the mirror surface, the lower left corner also had two or three broken lines, but he didn’t know how the careless owner of the house “abused” it to leave the marks.


Fang Ziming reached out and wiped on it, and a large part of the stain in the center of the mirror was immediately wiped off.


After thinking about it, he went back to the living room and found an oil-based pen on the coffee table. After taking the pen, the youth went back to the bathroom again and drew a big circle on the frosted door.


As he closed the door and turned to face the semi mirror above the washstand, Fang Ziming could clearly see the frosted door reflected in the mirror, which was empty – that was the real world, not another marked door.



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