April 26, 2018, 22:45 p.m.


Finland, Porvoo Islands, South Island Lighthouse.


Two dozen uniformed soldiers were stationed around the lighthouse, and several houses not far from the lighthouse were darkened and didn’t seem to be active.


In this rocky island surrounded by the sea, only a few windows on the second floor of the lighthouse showed dark yellow lights, proving that the people in the lighthouse were still busy.


An unnamed gray white seabird, attracted by the light, fluttered in the night sky and silently landed on the corner of a windowsill on the west side of the lighthouse.


However, before it could stop, its beady black eyes snapped shut, and the seabird’s wings spread fully, arching its back with an ear-splitting chirp.




“Niko- Niko-!”


As if sensing some unknown threat inside the tower, the seabird left several deep scratches on the edge of the window with its sharp claws and flew back up into the sky with exploding feathers. With a shrill chirp, it stretched its wings in the night sky and flew away from the silent island.


On the second floor of the lighthouse, someone moved away from the window and toward a certain officer sitting in a corner of the room.


“Sir, it’s a bird.” He bent slightly and whispered, “No danger.”


The officer, who looked about forty years old, nodded at his words, his hawk-like eyes still unblinkingly looking at the simple operating table in the middle of the room, surrounded by half a dozen white coats.


At this moment, a tall white man was lying on the operating table, his body was covered with a dark restraint suit, eyes tightly closed, he seemed to be still in a deep sleep.


Several doctors had taped wires and films all over his head and body, and there were several instruments of unknown purpose beside the bed, some of the doctors were busy recording data, others were gathered around the “patient’s” head, trying to remove a strange crystal embedded in his throat.



Through the crowd, the middle-aged officer could see the fist-sized bulge on the “patient’s” neck, the icy blue “stone” buried in his throat. It was a large part of his skin deeply rooted in the bottom, only about a centimeter was still exposed in the air, and with the “patient’s” breathing rate, it slowly fluttered up and down.



The middle-aged officer looked at it intently for several minutes until one of the white coats approached him and handed him a pile of papers, “Officer Yagyi, this is the examination report of Tower Keeper Tep Kroger. And this one, based on the preliminary lab report of the blue crystal, we have reason to believe that the crystal on Tep’s neck is indeed from the one that fell six days ago, a fragment of NWA 1125.”


Yagyi took the document, but his eyes still rested on the sickbay.


The officer asked suspiciously, “Is it my mistake, why do I feel that the part of the stone exposed …… seems to be getting less and less?”


The white coat gave a slight pause and confessed, “You are not mistaken. In fact, it is still undergoing some sort of wonderful fusion with Tep, and at the current rate, it will only take 26 hours at most for that crystal to completely fuse into Tep’s neck.”


Jacqui muttered, “It’s unimaginable.”


White lab coat: “We are not sure what kind of changes this phenomenon will eventually make in Tep, but as of now, all his physical indicators are fine.”


“And, don’t you forget, we brought him up from somewhere.” He paused and resumed slowly: “Any normal person, immersed in seawater for six days, their body data wouldn’t be like Mr. Kroger. Seriously, he’s so frighteningly healthy now that if he woke up now, he could probably ki-ll a brown bear with one punch.”


Yagyi withdrew his eyes and looked down to read the examination report.


[Name: Tep Kroger

Nationality: Finland

Occupation: South Island Lighthouse Keeper


[Brief description of events.

On April 22, 2018, after landing on the South Island, the XX tour guide found Tep missing and it was subsequently reported to the police.


On April 24, police searched unsuccessfully and officially declared Tep missing.


On April 26, Tep appeared at the surface of an area in the Gulf of Finland (coordinates XX.XX degrees north latitude, YY.YY degrees east longitude) and was still alive when he was recovered and had a blue crystal embedded in his neck (photo attached).]


1. The blue crystal in Tep Kroger’s neck is most likely a fragment of the meteorite (No. NWA1125) that fell to Earth on April 20, after it disintegrated in the air.


2, Tep Kroger’s body is undergoing some kind of unknowable changes, his gene sequence has a small fluctuation, the initial judgment is some kind of evolutionary precursors, the details need more time for clinical observation.


3, the crystal has been “rooted” in Tep’s body, unless Tep’s neck is cut off and the crystal is forcibly removed, the two can not be completely separated. The researchers agreed that this is not the best time to remove the crystal.



Seeing this, Yagyi fondled the page in his hand and looked up to his assistant, “Connect me to the private line of the minister and the prime minister, this matter must be reported to several honored ones as soon as possible.”


After saying that, he turned to the white coat again and said slowly under his breath, “NWA1125…… Aisan, that meteorite on the 20th, how many fragments were split in the end? Is it possible that the other fragments are in the same condition?”


The white coat lowered his eyes, trying to hide his excitement as much as possible, his voice was still as calm as before: “This is not in the scope of my academic research, I probably can’t give you an exact explanation.”


Yagyi didn’t expect to get an answer either. He stared at the crystal on the tower guardian’s neck and murmured, “Is it really, just an ordinary meteorite?”


“I don’t know.” Aisan hooked the corners of his mouth and smiled imperceptibly, “So, we need to study it.”



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