C8—– FishBone

Xu Jian woke up, just in time for Qin Shen to take a picture with his phone.

After two seconds, Xu Jian discovered his indecent sleeping position. He quickly turned over and stood up. Then the quilt was too soft. He stepped into the quilt gap with one leg, and then threw himself on the quilt.

Xu Jian: “…”

Life wasn’t easy, and the cat sighed: “Meow …”

Looking at the clumsy cat, Qin Shen rescued him from the quilt mountain with a smile, then held the cat in his arms and showed him the photos he had just taken, saying:

“Milk, you sleep in this position, and you reveal this informality domineeringly, which is powerful.”

After Qin Shen’s words, Xu Jian turned his head to look at the phone, and then saw his topless and abdomen-exposed sleeping position in the photo.

Xu Jian was stunned and subconsciously lifted his paw to touch the phone, his first reaction was-

This photo has to be deleted. It’s disgraceful!

And Qin Shen deliberately raised his phone and didn’t let him touch it. He smiled as he walked out:

“You are a male cat, are you still shy?”

Xu Jian meowed with anger and thought:

You are still a man, why don’t you take it off, let me have a look?

I’ll take a picture then to see if you are shy!

However, in the end, Qin Shen did not delete the photos. Instead, he sent them to his friends and Weibo:

Qin Shen V: The unrestrained sleeping position of Milk [picture].

Xu Jian, who witnessed Qin Shen’s series of operations, silently lifted his paw and covered his face.

Qin Shen used a chrysanthemum flower sticker to block his key parts, which made Xu Jian feel ashamed.

He felt that he would be ashamed to see others in the future.

Before he was ashamed and resentful, he decided to pull Qin Shen down to be his companion.

So Xu Jian took a bite of Qin Shen’s fingertips in anger, gently ground it with his teeth, and then looked up at Qin Shen like a demonstration.

Qin Shen, who was bitten, didn’t panic, he looked at him with a smile and even scratched his face with his finger.

Finally, Xu Jian felt bored and took the initiative to let go of his fingers.

Xu Jian didn’t dare to push hard, and Qin Shen’s fingers didn’t even break the skin.

Qin Shen not only wasn’t angry, but also appreciated his actions:

“Milk is really good.”

Xu Jian: … Brother, you praise me when I bite you. Do you know that you make this cat lose face? Can we be serious?

But Xu Jian’s seriousness didn’t last for a few seconds because he saw the food on the table.

Xu Jian saw the dish of vinegar fish in the middle at a glance.

Xu Jian used to hate eating fish, because when he was a child, a fish bone got stuck in his throat and he was taken to the hospital, so later Xu Jian stopped eating fish.

But he didn’t know if it was because he had become a cat now. He smelled the vinegar fish and felt it was particularly fragrant, which was unprecedented.

He wanted to eat.

Xu Jian was puzzled in his heart as he swallowed -was this a cat’s instinct when they saw fish?

Qin Shen put Xu Jian on the chair, but he jumped back to the table with great shame, staring straight at the fish, and couldn’t close his eyes at all.

As a heavy plush addict, he looked as the cat went to the table. Even if Xu Jian climbed Qin Shen’s head and jumped, Qin Shen would feel happy and satisfied.

So he just said,’ Milk, don’t run around,’ and let Xu Jian go.

Just as Xu Jian stared at the fish and almost drooled, Qin Shen suddenly put a bowl in front of him.

The movement made by putting the bowl on the dining table made Xu Jian barely recover. When he looked down, he saw that there was a bowl in front of him, he couldn’t tell what it was.

Qin Shen timely spoke:

“This is the chicken, shrimp and cat rice I prepared for you personally. Would you try the milk?”

Xu Jian looked at the things in the bowl and gave Qin Shen a suspicious look: “Meow, Meow.”

Don’t lie to me, I know what shrimp and chicken looks like, your yellow and red thing, you lied to me that it was chicken and shrimp. ?

Who believes it!

Xu Jian didn’t want to eat, thinking- it smelled like cat food.

But when he saw Qin Shen’s expectant eyes, he thought that Qin Shen had made it for him. Xu Jian bowed his head and took a bite with great reluctance.

After a bite, Xu Jian paused, then straightened up and silently pushed the bowl away:

Excuse me, leave now!

This thing not only smelled like cat food, but also tasted a hundred times worse than cat food!

Even if he thanked Qin Shen for his kindness, Xu Jian couldn’t eat such a big bowl of dark cuisine.

If he really finished it, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to wait to become a human.

Xu Jian’s resistance was not too obvious. Qin Shen could see from his wrinkled cat’s face that he disdained it.

Qin Shen chopped shrimp chicken and fried it with olive oil according to online recipes. He felt that it should be good.

But the dislike in Milk’s eyes and on his face was real, and Qin Shen, in disbelief, used chopsticks to pick a bit and put it in his mouth.

A few seconds later, Qin Shen expressionlessly poured this expensive bowl of cat rice into the trash can and filled a small bowl of rice for Xu Jian.

Seeing Xu Jian bow his head and take a small bite of rice, Qin Shen found an excuse:

“It seems that there is a problem with the online recipes.”

Xu Jian meowed at Qin Shen’s forced homage to ease his embarrassment.

Anyway, he was determined not to admit that it was his mistake.

Seeing Xu Jian’s eyes drifting towards the vinegar fish, Qin Shen gave him a bit of the fish belly and said.

“This fish was prepared and delivered by the restaurant, it’s absolutely delicious.”

Seeing Xu Jian looking at the fish with glowing eyes, Qin Shen instructed again unsurely.

“There are fishbones. Eat slowly and be careful.”

Qin Shen felt that he had said nonsense. Milk was a cat. How could a fishbone get stuck?

Xu Jian’s thoughts were the same as Qin Shen’s, and he didn’t take his words to heart.

After all, cats could eat fish raw, so how could a fishbone get stuck?

Two minutes later, Xu Jian, who didn’t listen to Qin Shen’s words, felt a sore throat, and a bit of fish was neither swallowed nor vomited instantly. He had a bad feeling.

It seemed to be … a fishbone was really stuck …

Xu Jian let out a few whimpers from his throat, and the harrowing experience of getting stuck in a fishbone and going to the hospital resurfaced in his mind, causing him to open his eyes wide in panic.

Didn’t cats have special skills in eating fish? ! How did he get stuck?

It was uncomfortable to have a mouthful of meat stuck in his throat. Xu Jian opened his mouth and tried to spit it out. However, the fish was spit out but the thorn was still stuck.

Seeing Xu Jian’s sad expression, Qin Shen was surprised, he hurriedly put down the chopsticks to see his situation.

Xu Jian knew Qin Shen wanted to help him, so he clasped his wrist with his front paws and opened up his mouth as much as possible, so that he could check his throat with his flashlight.

Qin Shen narrowed his eyes for a few seconds, turned off the flashlight with a solemn expression, and patted Xu Jian’s head to comfort:

“The fishbone is too far down to see, we have to go to the hospital.”

After saying that Qin Shen pocketed the phone and picked up Xu Jian and went outside.

Xu Jian was afraid and in pain, and he felt pain when he swallowed, so he was miserable in Qin Shen’s arms.

When he was a child, he was always afraid that fishbone would pierce his fragile esophagus.

Looking at his poor listlessness. Qin Shen was distressed and rushed to the pet hospital without stopping.


It was more than half an hour later when the doctor took out the fishbone.

After arriving at the pet hospital, the doctor spent less than three minutes taking the fishbone.

After successful removal, the doctor also looked surprised:

“Mr. Qin, your cat is so cooperative.”

He had never seen such a clever cat, and when he took the bone he opened his mouth wide.

Xu Jian, who didn’t have a bone in his throat anymore, felt much more comfortable. He meowed at the doctor and thought:

After all, I am human and know the pain.

On the way back, Qin Shen was still concerned, and he said to Xu Jian:

“It seems that you can’t eat fish in the future.”

Even if he ate it, he would have to pick the fishbones in advance.

Qin Shen didn’t eat and brought him to the hospital. Now, when he went back, the food was cold, and Xu Jian was very sorry in his heart, so he gave him two soft continuous meows.

The guilt for Qin Shen didn’t remain for two seconds, and the next second Xu Jian heard his merciless mocking:

“But milk, aren’t you afraid of being the first cat to get stuck eating fish?”

Xu Jian was so ashamed, that he meowed angrily.

Looking at Milk that suddenly became refreshed, Qin Shen breathed a sigh of relief and lowered his head and said to himself:

“It’s strange Milk, your reaction now gave me the illusion that you can understand me.”

Hearing Qin Shen’s words, Xu Jian’s tail, which was hanging under the seat and wagging, stiffened, and then became honest.

Seeing Xu Jian suddenly become honest, the feeling in Qin Shen’s heart that Milk could understand him became even more obvious, but he didn’t say anything this time, just shook his head and laughed at himself for thinking too much.

Based on the principle of not wasting, Qin Shen put the food in the microwave oven for a few minutes after he got home.

Xu Jian, who was stuck by fishbone once again, refused fish in his heart, but his cat instinct made him swallow saliva constantly.

But Qin Shen didn’t dare to give him a piece of fish with bones now. Instead, he picked out the fishbones and mashed the snow-white fish to make sure it didn’t even have a small bone before putting it in his bowl safely.

Even so, Xu Jian uncertainly nibbled, he was afraid to go to the hospital again and become a stupid cat that was caught twice by the same fish.


Xu Jian had been in Qin Shen’s home for almost a week, but he had never found the opportunity to check his car accident online.

It wasn’t that he didn’t have a chance to use Qin Shen’s tablet and computer, it was because he still didn’t know the password of Qin Shen’s home electronic products.

In fact, Qin Shen went out alone on the third day when he arrived here. Xu Jian guessed that he was going to see Mr Du who had just flown back from Moscow.

On the third day, Xu Jian, a cat, stayed at home. When he thought that Qin Shen was going to “serve the bed”, he was inexplicably angry.

He always felt that Qin Shen shouldn’t take the road of hidden rules.

They had only known for a few days, but Xu Jian saw the other side that Qin Shen had not shown in public before:

Was a good person with a soft heart and a little girlish heart.

He thought Qin Shen could have had a brighter and more magnanimous road.

As Xu Jian expected, Qin Shen came back in the evening smelling of alcohol.

Looking at Qin Shen lying on the bed, Xu Jian felt a little sad and silently tugged at the quilt that had slipped to his chest.

In this way, he squatted on the pillow and looked at Qin Shen for a long time. Finally, Xu Jian laughed at himself in his heart-

Xu Jian Xu Jian, you are in danger now, and you are still in the mood to worry about others. Moreover, this man is still a popular movie star. What qualifications do you have to worry about him? Did you lose your mind when you became a cat?

Thinking that way, Xu Jian jumped out of bed and went back to his cat house.

In the blink of an eye, it was time for Xu Jian to take a bath again, although he knew he was very good in the bath, but Qin Shen still brought him to the last veterinary hospital.

This time, Xu Jian bathed together with a short British female cat.

Although they were in two different tubs, Xu Jian still moved silently to the side, far away from the British short, and he was afraid that she would suddenly break free from the control of the staff and run to his own place.

This battle, even if he knew, those who didn’t know would think it was someone abusing the cat.

And the owner of the English short was a young girl, she was also very helpless, full of envy as she looked at the calm Xu Jian, she turned to Qin Shen:

“I envy you so much, your cat is so good at bathing.”

As long as Qin Shen took Xu Jian out of the door, he would be praised, so he was used to it, but he hummed gently.

The girl heard this brief reply from Qin Shen, and stopped making fun of herself, saying in her heart-

Qin Shen is as difficult to get along with as it is said on the Internet. People like him should have cats, and it was such a beautiful and clever white cat.

She always felt that cats were so soft and that animals didn’t match Qin Shen.

With the feeling that Qin Shen gave people, the girl thought that it was in line with his temperament to raise a wolf …

Xu Jian was with the other when he took a shower and his hair was dried.

When the two cats’ hair was almost done, Xu Jian looked at the cat next to him, and suddenly an idea came to his mind-

Did other cats feel the same as him?

Xu Jian couldn’t understand the feeling of plush addiction. Last time, he didn’t feel anything special, so he put his idea to the test on the english short.

As his heart randomly moved, Xu Jian consciously leaned towards the cat’s side without moving, then lifted his paw and touched her back a few times.

After touching her, Xu Jian looked down at his own meat pad and frowned-.

Why didn’t it feel as good as he did?

Xu Jian was lost in thought: so what’s so cool about touching a cat?

And except for the short cat itself, everyone noticed that Xu Jian touched it with his paw.

Its strength wasn’t light or heavy, it was obviously not a fight, more like a provocation.

Looking at the white cat’s action, the staff member who was helping him blow his hair laughed and turned her face to ask Qin Shen.

“How old is Milk this year, looking at him like this, isn’t it time to find him a partner?”

The staff’s subtext was: Isn’t it time to get a she-cat for Milk?

Xu Jian was shocked at the news, “!!!”

What? What did you say you were looking for?

Just as Xu Jian was shocked, off to the side, Qin Shen also came up with a sentence:

“This matter can be considered.”

Xu Jian looked up at him:!!!!

Stop this crazy idea! I don’t need company!


Xu Jian regretted using his paw – Touch what!


The author has something to say:

Qin Shen: It’s not bad to have two cats?

Jian Jian: If you dare to find me a companion, I will scratch you! You will really be scratched! [threat. jpg]

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