C97— Bad Acting

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  Zhou Yuhe was wearing a typical ancient Confucian costume.

        A long green shirt, a waterfall of ink hair was tied firmly by a hairband of the same color, with darker colors, he looked meticulous, neat and tidy.

        For the sake of his persona, the make-up artist drew his eyebrows thicker and made his eyes look rounder.

        In this way, a pair of long eyebrows and phoenix eyes became sword eyebrows and large eyes, a strong and righteous spirit naturally flowed out from between his eyebrows and eyes, the corners of his mouth had a spring-like warm smile and a smooth and perfect jaw line, just a glance would make people have a good feeling about him.

       The young man was tall and fair, his posture was relaxed, and his body seemed to emit a faint scent of books.

        He wasn’t yet acting, but such a costume change made Mike Lee’s slightly biased view change.

     His temperament was really good ……

Mike Lee secretly nodded and called Zhou Yuhe to talk about the movie.

        The setting of “Martial Arts” was set in the Song Dynasty during the XXth century, when the people used martial arts, so there were many jianghu people and warriors, such a general environment had given birth to a group of people – who used martial arts for personal gain.

       They enjoyed the worship of millions of people because they knew martial arts and had the power that ordinary people didn’t have, so behind the scenes they conspired with those robbers and bandits – first the robbers and bandits robbed the people, and then they beat these “bandits” away as heros, enjoying the reputation and the “hard work” of the people.

        In this way, the same group of people were actually robbed “twice”.

    The main character, Rong Qian, was one of these people.

        He was on his way to the capital to take the exam when he was hit by this disaster, and because his parcel was switched, he lost his account card to the capital, so he had to join the camp to fight against the thieves and went to Hong Shui Villa to ask for the assistance of Xiao Yunqing, a famous local warrior.

        Unfortunately, the warrior was very busy.

        Today there was a cult to fight, tomorrow a bully to get rid of, there wasn’t enough money to hire more people to arrest the thieves.

        So someone in the crowd “cleverly” proposed a suggestion that they fund the warrior to fight the thieves.

        Rong Qian found something unusual and was about to refuse to contribute, when the jade pendant in his package was recognized as the personal belongings of the martial arts lord Lin Hansha.

        Lin Hansha.

        He was twenty-seven, at a young age he unified the jianghu with ruthless means, and had countless enemies.

A few days ago, it was reported that when Lin Hansha confronted the power behind the rogue-the evil cult Qianming Palace’s master, the poison in the town palace of Qianming Palace was used against him, and his martial arts were bound by the poison.

        In order to find out the whereabouts of the master of the Palace of Qianming, he also participated in the movement to suppress the thief.

        But in order to hide his identity and suppressed martial arts, he mixed into a group of ordinary people ……

The most suffocating operation was that before leaving, Leader Lin also said that his highly recognizable martial arts no longer existed, this jade pendant was his only proof of identity, seeing the jade pendant was the same as seeing him.

-This time, Rong Qian couldn’t speak clearly even if he had ten mouths.

Xiao Yunqing’s subordinate was a brain-dead fan of Lin Hansha. He had to pull Rong Qian to preside over this thief-seeking operation. With the call of Lin Hansha, all the heroes in the world would respond, and everyone would be willing to help Leader Lin with money.

   Rong Qian wanted to refuse, but he hesitated at the thought of his missing name card.

Just then, an old woman who helped Rong Qian on the road knelt down and tearfully cried that the money on her was life-saving money for her only son, and begged Rong Qian not to scrape a layer of blood off them.

        Rong Qian couldn’t bear it, so he decided to take the identity of this martial arts master.


        Film shooting was limited by the venue and time, it rarely started in accordance with the original plot from the beginning, it often jumped around.

       So although this was the first scene, the content of the shooting, was Rong Qian followed the victims to the Hong Shui Villa, seemingly to ask for the warrior’s help to recover their money, but in fact fell into the trap of Xiao Yunqing.

        The director called out, “Action”.

        Zhou Yuhe quickly entered the state of acting.

        He followed the memory of playing Rong Qian in his previous life and knelt at the entrance of the Hong Shui Villa along with the victimized civilians to ask for help.

        The door of Hong Shui Villa was always closed because there were too many people who came to the door for help during this period of time. Xiao Yunqing had ghosts in his heart and after fighting off bandits many times, he felt that his reputation was spreading too far, in fear of attracting suspicion, he planned to stay dormant for a while.

        Unfortunately, the ordinary people didn’t know the trick, seeing that the door didn’t open, they were as anxious as ants on a hot pot.

        This was when Rong Qian came forward to offer a plan to induce Xiao Yunqing to open the door.

        Zhou Yuhe had just said two lines when Mike Lee’s “CUT” came to his ears.

Zhou Yuhe paused and looked at the director in surprise.

        “Reshoot this section once.” Mike Lee frowned, he tapped his thigh impatiently with the script rolled in his hand, he didn’t seem quite satisfied with the scene just now, but exactly where he wasn’t satisfied, he didn’t elaborate.

     Zhou Yuhe nodded, then moved to shoot the scene according to the script.

        But this time, Mike Lee found the problem faster, in less than half an hour, he shouted for them to stop, then reshoot.

        He originally thought that since this was their first cooperation, they would go through the starting phase, but a morning after being stopped several times, they found that the problem didn’t seem to be so simple.

        Zhou Yuhe and Mike Lee gathered in front of the monitor

        Xie Yifeng joined them.

        “Here, and here, do you see any problems?” Mike Lee pointed at the corners of the monitor, whenever Zhou Yuhe appeared.

      Zhou Yuhe had an upright posture, superb temperament, he had a wise and calm aura, it was very striking.

        Zhou Yuhe didn’t speak, he didn’t know what Mike Lee meant to point out. In his last life, when he got the role of Rong Qian, Mike Lee stopped and scolded him a lot of times, then he slowly found the feeling, but in this life, his acting skills were extremely better than his previous life, his control of the role was good …… But Mike Lee didn’t seem satisfied?

        Honestly this was the first time since his rebirth that he had encountered this situation.

        “Where is Yifeng?” Mike Lee looked him with a “it’s normal you can’t understand” look, then turned his head to ask Xie Yifeng.

        Xie Yifeng pursed his lips, he seemed to feel the discord.

        He glanced at Zhou Yuhe, but shook his head in agreement.

        Mike Lee said: “Your ‘Rong Qian’ is too prominent, your aura in the scene, makes me feel that you and the surrounding group actors aren’t in the same drama, the trace of discord is too serious, do you understand?”

        Zhou Yuhe took another look, indeed.

        He wasn’t acting badly or not outstanding enough, he was too outstanding, his temperament was too good, even the place where he sat seemed to have a breeze pine and bamboo layers, the gap between him and the surrounding people was too big, as if he was acting in a solemn historical drama, while others were acting in an easy and funny idol drama. When it wasn’t mentioned, he didn’t notice, but when it was, the problem was highlighted.

        It was said a long time ago.

        Xie Yifeng was the kind of actor who would match the scene and completely blend in.

    And Zhou Yuhe’s features were too superior, he was used to letting the scene and actors “adapt” around him.

        The same role, the same way of acting.

        In his last life, when he played Rong Qian, he was very young and inexperienced, but it was because of this deficiency and youthfulness that he was able to blend in smoothly with the people around him.

        On the contrary, nowadays, his skills were perfect, the temperament were excellent, but his “rebellious constitution” had also come to the fore.

       Zhou Yuhe knew that Mike Lee was telling him to put away his act.

        “I understand.”

       The scene started again.

       Although there were several NGs, Zhou Yuhe finally got the first scene down.

        “That’s it …… wrap it up!” Mike Lee shouted, and the surrounding staff all let out a cheer and packed up.

All day today, only five scenes were filmed. Not only Zhou Yuhe, but also the actor who played Xiao Yunqing was scolded for a long time. His number of NGs was more than Zhou Yuhe’s, so everyone didn’t pay attention to Zhou Yuhe’s acting skills, but felt that Mike Lee’s requirements were too high.

Zhou Yuhe went to Mike Lee and wanted to talk to him again to see where he didn’t act properly.

        Although Rong Qian was a role he played in the past, he didn’t know how, but Zhou Yuhe had a feeling of not being able to perform, which had a certain relationship with Mike Lee always cutting his scenes early.

    Instead of criticism, Mike Lee waved his hand and grinned: “You’ve done a good job, you just started, go back and memorize the lines, it would be better if you can strengthen your appeal.”

        He said this without his previous perfunctory attitude, but like an elder encouraging a junior, but ……

        Zhou Yuhe didn’t say anything more, he nodded his head, after expressing his gratitude to the director, he returned to his position and sat quietly for a while.

     While cleaning up, Su Su looked at the state of Zhou Yuhe and couldn’t help but say: “Zhouzhou, you acted very well, I was dumbfounded, the director is too strict, I heard that he is one of the directors who use NGs the most, inside the acting industry, he’s known as an obsessive compulsive demon, you’ll see, it’ll be difficult for brother Xie too.”

        Zhou Yuhe thought about it, Mike Lee did seem to be a perfectionist.

        He smiled vaguely, “Thank you Susu, I feel much better.”

        Susu smiled cheekily, patted Zhou Yuhe’s shoulder and went to the nanny van first to organize.

  Zhou Yuhe changed out of his costume and waved at Xie Yifeng who was laughing and talking with others from afar.

        Xie Yifeng’s first scene was tomorrow, since he didn’t have any scenes today, he came to the set to observe.

        He thought he couldn’t see from such a distance, but as soon as he said goodbye, Xie Yifeng locked eyes with him.

        After finishing the conversation with the staff, Xie Yifeng quickly walked towards him and was about to pinch his cheek, but his hand reached halfway but paused and went to rub his head instead.

        “It’s been a hard day, Mr. Rong.”

        “Keep laughing, see if you’ll have a good fruit tomorrow.” Zhou Yuhe bared his teeth at him.

        Xie Yifeng blinked, his tone ambiguous, “Why wait until tomorrow? Can’t I ‘eat’ tonight?”

        Zhou Yuhe was stunned, a hint of red crept up from behind his ears, the sorrow of the bad scenes dissipated a lot.

        He found that this person’s shamelessness was really getting better and better every day.

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