C96— Filming

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Fortunately, his back was facing Ji Chen, otherwise he dared not guarantee that Ji Chen wouldn’t see something from his face.

        Zhou Yuhe bit his lips hard to keep his legs from getting weak.

        He mobilized all the strength in his body to turn around, looking fixedly at Ji Chen, and said coldly.

        “You know that dreams are usually the opposite.”

        That kind of horrible dream, he didn’t  want to experience it a second time.

        “Is it ……” Ji Chen was in trance for a moment, “also, I and you, how is it possible. But ……”

        But it was too real ……

        “No buts!” Zhou Yuhe interrupted Ji Chen’s thoughts, and quickly said, “I’ve been forgetting to tell you, I am a normal man, I am not interested in men, your previous words, and actions, actually made me feel a little disgusted, I am sorry I said it so bluntly.”

After Zhou Yuhe finished this sentence in one breath, he felt a little out of breath. Just now, under the tension and alcohol, he suddenly said that he was a normal man. Zhou Yuhe couldn’t help but regret it a little. But when he remembered that the other was Ji Chen, he didn’t feel he was being too much.

        He forgot to mention? Actually, he didn’t say anything because of his identity in I.S. and he didn’t want to offend him, did he?

        “You are trying to say that the things I dreamt about, couldn’t have happened at all?” The voice of Ji Chen was so low that he sounded a little pitiful.

        “That’s right, it’ll never happen.” Zhou Yuhe said categorically.

        “Well ……” Ji Chen wiped his face and said in a muffled voice: “Leave.”

        Zhou Yuhe fled.

        Ji Chen tilted his head and covered his face with both hands.

        The corners of his mouth beneath his ten fingers rippled with a rueful smile.

       “Is it true that I’ve been getting too fragile ……”

        Zhou Yuhe crashed open the door of the hotel room, held Xie Yifeng’s face and bit down.

        Xie Yifeng was astonished.

        He didn’t hold Zhou Yuhe and wrap his arms around him as usual, but pulled away.

        His narrowed dark eyes scrutinized Zhou Yuhe’s face, his red eyes, and non-stop shaking, cold fingers.

        “Yuhe, what’s wrong with you? Why are your hands so cold?” After smelling the alcohol on him, Xie Yifeng squeezed the palm of his hand and asked in a somewhat dangerous tone.

      Tomorrow they would follow the crew to depart for the film and television city for filming, he clearly promised him that the socializing would end as early as possible and he’d come back to rest properly.

        He came back at this time, and wasn’t wearing a hat or sunglasses, didn’t he know it was very dangerous?

“Nothing ……” Zhou Yuhe said, curling his body into Xie Yifeng’s robe covered arms, like a scared little animal.

Xie Yifeng pulled him to sit on the bed, and his slender fingers touched his red cheeks, he was angry but he couldn’t help but feel distressed as well.

Just as he was about to criticise him, Xie Yifeng’s words softened into a pool of spring water when he looked into those helpless and pitiful eyes full of tears. He softly asked instead, “Would you like some yogurt?”

        Yogurt had the effect of relieving alcohol, he had some in the mini refrigerator.

        Zhou Yuhe shook his head: “I want to drink ……”

       Only when he was drunk could he stop thinking about those things and have a good sleep until dawn.

        “Okay, okay…… Let me get it for you.” Xie Yifeng whispered softly against his ear, after forcibly peeling Zhou Yuhe off his body, he got up and opened the small refrigerator, pulled out two bottles of yogurt from it and stuffed them into Zhou Yuhe’s arms.

        Zhou Yuhe: “……”

      Zhou Yuhe, who was drunk, shoved it back fiercely, “… this is not wine!”

        Like he was coaxing a child, Xie Yifeng softly said, “Good boy, this is yogurt flavored wine, a new flavor from this brand, really.”


        Did yogurt companies sell wine?

        Xie Yifeng unscrewed the lid of the yogurt and gathered Zhou Yuhe, who kept pushing, into his arms, and threatened him, “If you don’t drink it, I’ll feed you with my mouth.”

        “……” Zhou Yuhe became even more unruly.

        Xie Yifeng lost his smile.

        He tilted his head and slowly raised the bottle under Zhou Yuhe’s gaze, revealing his superior jawline, and a sexy, prominent throat knot.


        He didn’t know if it was intentional, but when the first sip of yogurt slid down Xie Yifeng’s throat, the crime-inducing throat knot rolled a little.

        Zhou Yuhe gulped.

        His red eyes staring closely at his appearance …… was really indescribably cute.

Clearly, his heart was melting, but Xie Yifeng’s eyes were very clear when he looked in askance at him, which was quite like the abstinence male god in a movie, but it was even more tempting.

Zhou Yuhe felt that he wasn’t only blushing, but this fiery feeling ran straight down his neck.

        He helplessly shrank backwards.

The yogurt just taken out of the refrigerator was still a little cold, a sticky and sour taste but with a seemingly sweet aftertaste, as Xie Yifeng’s tongue played with his, it was like a storm swept through Zhou Yuhe’s heart.

     His scent after bathing was more obvious, the refreshing feeling penetrated Zhou Yuhe’s limbs and bones, inch by inch, igniting his cold blood due to uneasiness until it boiled.

        Xie Yifeng tenderly pressed him to the bed, the yogurt in his hand was placed on the floor while he bit Zhou Yuhe’s ear, and whispered fiercely, “Say, do you want to go hard?”

Zhou Yuhe felt very dizzy. When he heard this sentence, his mind collapsed, and he held onto his shoulder tightly. No one looking at him, would be able to hold back.

Letting out a growl, Xie Yifeng bit Zhou Yuhe’s neck, and his movements became more urgent.

As Zhou Yuhe held him in his arms, his heart and mind relaxed, because the anxiety and fear drawn by Ji Chen gradually faded away the minute Xie Yifeng’s breath filled the tip of his nose.

        “I really, really like you.”

        Xie Yifeng’s body jerked.

        Then holding his face, he urgently asked: “What did you just say? I didn’t hear you, say it again.”

        Zhou Yuhe replaced his answer with a kiss.

        His annoyed heart suddenly quieted down.

        Of course in the next instant, it was re-invigorated by Xie Yifeng’s passionate kiss ……


        The next day, they took the studio car and left for the filming location.

The filming location was in a place with beautiful scenery and lush forests. On the sparkling river, the light shadow of the sunset with orange and red reflected. Occasionally, a flat boat cut through the river, which looked very magnificent.

       Mike Lee deserved to be an editor. He was very particular about the sense of picture, and the location he chose was also very compatible with “Martial Arts”.

        After they arrived at the set, the people inside had already started to get busy.

        A tall back wearing a duck-tongue cap, rolled the script and used it to direct the crew.

        Mike Lee turned around.

Although the sideburns on the duck-tongued cap had a lot of white hair, his chin also had black and white scruff, but his spirit was particularly adequate, as soon as he saw Xie Yifeng, he took the initiative to hug him.

        “Yifeng, you’re here! We can finally make a movie together! I just can’t wait!”

        If there was a list of “most wanted actors” in Mike Lee’s mind, then Xie Yifeng was definitely at the top of this list.

        In fact, not only Mike Lee, but also many big directors at home and abroad wanted to cooperate with Xie Yifeng, but unfortunately, according to the previous operation of Universal Film and Television, only one big production was  made a year for the leading actor, and Mike Lee wasn’t a nobody, he also had a heavy schedule, so it would take months or years for the two parties to get together.

        “Hi Mike, how have you been doing these days?” Xie Yifeng smiled and then pulled Zhou Yuhe next to him to introduce him, “By the way, I came with your ‘Rong Qian’.”

        “‘Hello Rong Qian’!” Mike Lee said with his arms outstretched, also moved to hug Zhou Yuhe.

        The familiar feeling came over him, and the corners of Zhou Yuhe’s mouth revealed a light smile.

        Mike Lee was still the same Mike Lee.

        He returned the hug, and when the two separated they stared at each other.

        Although Mike Lee’s face was smiling, his eyes were somewhat perfunctory.

        It was different from the real joy he showed when he just hugged Xie Yifeng.

        It wasn’t that Zhou Yuhe was overly sensitive.

        Rather, after being in this industry for a long time, plus having a deep enough study of people’s expressions, it was possible to see these things. Not to mention that he also worked with Mike Lee on this project in his previous life, and knew his character quite well.

        It was like a pot of cold water poured on his head.

        But Zhou Yuhe immediately adjusted his mind, politely and without losing affection, with just the right attitude, he greeted Mike Lee.

        In fact, it was understandable.

        Mike Lee wasn’t Zhou Yuhe, he hadn’t accumulated the goodwill from his last life, to him, Zhou Yuhe was just a stranger, his perception of him was on a surface level.

        Zhou Yuhe’s current popularity was too high, and he could be said to be the representative of young people, but he was also the number one actor who bore the brunt of the contempt chain in the entertainment industry.

        Plus Mike Lee was a very temperamental director.

He wasn’t very happy when the investor made him hire Bai An. Then Bai An resigned, so both sides were very unhappy. Now there was another “top traffic star”, Mike Lee not being a fan of him, was justifiable.

        This wasn’t their first meeting.

        But the press conference and the opening ceremony had been crowded.

        At that time, Zhou Yuhe and Mike Lee were far apart, and he was busy dealing with the media, so he didn’t pay much attention to it, but now that he was in contact with the group, he felt that Mike Lee wasn’t very satisfied with him.

        The good thing was that Zhou Yuhe wasn’t a glassy-eyed person.

       He has been in this industry for decades, what difficult directors hadn’t he seen, Mike Lee’s character was quite good, but because of the previous incident, he had some prejudice against him.

        Zhou Yuhe touched his nose, and followed the staff to the dressing room for his makeup and hair.

      The name of the film was called “Martial Arts”, Zhou Yuhe played Rong Qian, who was a gentle scholar.

        And it was said that it was a double male lead movie, but in fact the center of the film was Rong Qian, the scholar who didn’t know martial arts.

        The frail Rong Qian was robbed on his way to the capital to take the exams, and by chance got involved in a kung-fu fiasco. The director wanted to express the movie theme of “chivalry is not a character, it’s only in the hearts of people”, so he chose the character in the whole film who didn’t know martial arts as a carrier to tell a thrilling journey of the Martial Arts world.

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