C95—- Memories In Dreams

       The truth was that they didn’t really act like a couple.

        It was all natural physical contact between friends, but because they were too familiar, it looked extremely natural.

      Before no one would doubt they were just friends.

        But the photos were now seen differently.

        In a photo, there were angles, lighting, and the position and other factors.

        Just like a TV show, it was clear that the two actors didn’t kiss, but with a different angle, it would easily make people think that it was a real kiss.

        In the photo, they were laughing happily because of a joke, but under the intentional guidance, it was easy for people to think it was a couple being intimate.

      But it was a good thing it was Cao Qiyue.

        He and Cao Qiyue were real buddies, like family.

        On weibo and other social apps, there was no need to send too many about the “couple’s background” posts and “couple’s accessories” posts intentionally.

If they were looking for “clues”, there were many in their previous pictures. Just turn it over, and they could make up beautiful stories.

        This time, the speculation was boisterous.

      The only thing they did was to take some photos, fight landlords with Xie Yifeng in the hotel all night, and contact an authoritative Verified blog to make a  post about it.

        They didn’t have to do anything else.

        The media itself was the most imaginative creature in this world.

        For a time, Zhou Yuhe and Cao Qiyue’s “love affair” seemed to be a concluded deal.

Meng Churong looked at the ever-changing Weibo posts while biting her lip and pressing her mobile phone.

“A few days ago, you were gay. Today you’re with Zhou Yuhe. Well, you’re very good. Why didn’t I see this side of you when I was with you?”

After typing this paragraph with hatred, Meng Churong clicked send and a friend request flew out from WeChat.


        Cao Qiyue had long deleted Meng Churong’s contact informations cleanly.

She didn’t block her. She just thought that since they were in the same industry, there was no need to make it ugly.

        But it was impossible for her to pay attention to her.

        Unfortunately, Miss Meng felt good about herself and thought that Cao Qiyue didn’t block her because she still cared about her old feelings, and had always had a touch of fantasy towards her in her heart.

        Since the last call was received by Zhou Yuhe, she didn’t call to harass her anymore.

        Until the news came out on the internet a few days ago.

        She couldn’t sit still.

  So she tried to contact her a few times.

There was no response.

        She panicked.

        Recently Ji Chen had been working particularly hard, and I.S had been so well organized up and down that it was now like an iron plate.

        The interior was in order, it was time to expand to the outside.

        But after all, he was still young, to reach out to the entertainment industry outside of I.S., he needed the help of other forces.

        More than once, her mother, consciously or subconsciously, hinted that it was time for them to get married.

        At this very juncture, Cao Qiyue actually spread the news that she and Zhou Yuhe were together?

        What was the reason?

       Why was it that she dumped Cao Qiyue and she went to beg her mom for permission to be together, but now she had gotten a boyfriend, but she was forced to jump into a fire?

        Unhappiness, resentment, jealousy, and even a hint of hope.

        She wanted to get a response from Cao Qiyue.

        She typed the first sentence, “How are you? I heard you’re in love, congratulations”, she regretted it.

She deleted and edited the text, adding more venomous words before sending it.

        A trace of pleasure flowed through Meng Churong’s limbs.

     It wasn’t enough.

Seeing that she didn’t respond, Meng Churong sent another text: Was the man who answered your phone that night Zhou Yuhe? What did you tell me at the beginning? You’ll never like men in your life, and you can’t stand men touching you. I didn’t expect you to be such a person. You really make me sick …

After thinking about it, she deleted it and changed it to “disappointed”.

        She kept sending more texts.

        The hostility in Meng Churong’s chest seemed to have all rushed out.

        She was lying on her bed at home, her eyes empty as she stared at the ceiling.

        She hadn’t acted in more than half a year.

        Somehow, after scolding Cao Qiyue, she didn’t feel happy, but rather she felt even more empty and lonely ……
As a studio boss, Zhou Yuhe still held one hundred million invested by Ji Yuan. Of course, he couldn’t get paid as before, he had to consider the livelihood of the studio .

So, taking advantage of this opportunity to appear in “Martial Arts”, he simply and cleanly invested 50 million in it.

Considering that in his last life, with the same crew, “Martial Arts” final box office ended at 700 million, of course, boss Zhou didn’t have to worry about the return of capital.

        But socializing was always inevitable.

  After following a few “martial arts” investors to drink a few times, Zhou Yuhe’s drinking capacity had grown greatly, quite towards the trend of his previous life, he thought that things like that wouldn’t happen again, who knew that he would still fall into the way.

        “Ji …… Chen?”

      Zhou Yuhe pushed the door open, and through the dim and flashing lights, he saw Ji Chen in the corner of KTV.

        The other investors saw the situation and smartly slipped out.

        “It’s me, long time no see.” Ji Chen said, he looked little tired, his eyebrows were slightly bent, but it didn’t make him look old, but rather it made the superior capitalist aura around him more pronounced.

        Zhou Yuhe instantly sobered up.

        “Sorry, wrong way.” Zhou Yuhe turned his head to leave the KTV.

        “It’s useless, my people are outside, you can’t get out.” Ji Chen said quietly.

        Zhou Yuhe’s heart stuttered.

        What did he mean by that?

        Zhou Yuhe turned his head back.

        Ji Chen looked at his expression and froze for a moment, then laughed: “Don’t worry, I’m not as underhanded as you think, there are so many beautiful people in the world, it’s not like there are no better looking beauties than you, if I wanted someone, I don’t know how many people would rush to climb into my bed.”

        He spoke with arrogance and self-importance, but it was true.

        Although Ji Chen wasn’t a good person, he was an attractive man.

        Zhou Yuhe’s expression relaxed, but he was still unwilling to take two more steps in his direction.

        “Then what does Mr. Ji …… want to say to me today?”

        Ji Chen paused for a few seconds before slowly saying, “It’s nothing …… I just want to ask you, what the outside world is saying about you and Cao Qiyue, is it true?”

        “…… It is.”

        “Is that so? Then congratulations …… Cao Qiyue is very beautiful.” The expression on his face was surprisingly a bit despondent, he wondered if it was related to those rumors about I.S recently. After firing so many old employees who had contributed all their youth to I.S, even a heart made of steel would feel sad, right?

        However, this had nothing to do with Zhou Yuhe anymore.

        “Thank you, Mr. Ji, am I free to go?” He said.

        “……” Ji Chen didn’t say anything.

        Zhou Yuhe also didn’t want to wait for his response, he turned around and was about to leave.

        At this time, a hoarse voice echoed in the small box.

         “…… I’ve had some dreams recently.”

        Zhou Yuhe’s footsteps froze.

“In the dream, my relationship with you …… seems to be very close, maybe we’re lovers. Inside the dream, you’re not as …… strong as you are now, although your expression was cold, but actually you weren’t familiar with people, in fact, you were very shy, it was cute …… “Ji Chen quietly said, a shallow smile emerged on his face, that easy and simple smile, contained a sincere, sweet and soft emotion.

      He didn’t know what was going on lately.

       Maybe the atmosphere in the company was too blo*dy.

The more stressed he was, the more strange dreams he would have at night.

The protagonist of the dream was him and Zhou Yuhe, but there were no adrenaline- inducing scenes.

Very simple, yet very sweet.

        That teenager was the most unique person he had ever seen in terms of temperament.

        It was obvious that he was so cold-looking, but his eyes were clean and clear as if they were immersed in a lake, with only a desire and aspiration to act.

        He remembered him since the promulgation of the Golden Dragon Award for newcomers, and after a few times together, he found that his character wasn’t as cold as it was said to be.

        His smile was faint, but every time he smiled, it was from his heart, unlike artists in the entertainment industry, their smiles were brighter than the sun, but inside they hid a mind that no one could guess.

        Although he wouldn’t take the initiative to respond to his approach, in fact, “not to refuse”, itself was a response, him allowing you to approach him, in fact, was already him treating you as a very special person;.

        Although he rarely said something sweet, or did something to please him, but as long as he appeared in his line of sight, his eyes would only see him ……

        Such a person, in this dirty and sordid entertainment industry, really existed?

        He couldn’t control himself, he fell deeply, and became obsessed, he couldn’t help himself.

        He took the best scripts, the best endorsements, the best everything to him, just hoping that he could become the most dazzling existence in this industry.

        That kind of wholeheartedness, that kind of heart and soul, that kind of passionate emotions.

        He sometimes woke up in the middle of the night and would feel palpitations in his racing heart.

        After the palpitations, he didn’t feel love, instead he felt remorse and emptiness.

        Why …… would he be remorseful?

        This mood was really disturbing.

        The sweeter he was in the dream with Zhou Yuhe, the more bitter he felt when he woke up.

        This waking remorsefulness made him puzzled.

He originally wanted to clarify his feelings for Zhou Yuhe before making plans.

        Until he saw the news that he and Cao Qiyue were together.

        Then he really, couldn’t hold back.

He wanted to say something to this person, so that the soaring emotions in his heart could be expressed.

So he explained everything he felt to him.

It made Ji Chen reveal a sweet and gentle smile.

But Zhou Yuhe felt like he had fallen into an ice cave, and he couldn’t help but tremble.

The good thing was that the KTV lights were dark enough, and his face was red because of the alcohol, so he didn’t look strange.

        How could he …… dream of that?

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  1. How could he dream of that??? Probably to hurt him (and us)…skhdhdhekljsakhskshksh note to self: don’t get swayed me 😭 don’t forget he is a horrible scum,,,

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  2. Gianne Midori says: Reply

    Shit, why is it always the rival who has these memories? Someone tell me a novel in which it was the ML who has the memories of the other life! I will thank you in advance!!

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    Ha- this unsettling feelings again. From the previous chapter, I was doubting if the POV was stating that someone also has memories of the past life and then has a rebirth. And now this… jist praying hard that nothing bad will happen to the MC or ML.

  4. it’s too bad. maybe JC really liked/loved him. but his priorities were himself so this happened. I won’t feel bad.~

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