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       Even Zhou Yuhe, who was well versed in the ways of getting attention and public relations, had to admit that Xu Feng and Xie Yifeng’s move was really k!lling three birds with one stone.

        The first was to solve the conflict between the fans and CP fans.

Announcing the love affair would make the CP fans realize that FengYuhe were two “straight men”. If they continued to fantasize like this, it wouldn’t be good for their development, so it would die off. Even if Zhou Yuhe took on “Martial Arts” and cooperated with Xie Yifeng, most CP fans would transfer their emotions from the actors to the work itself, considering that one party already had a girlfriend.

Second, Xie Yifeng joined Zhou Yuhe’s studio, and the first battle started was their cooperative film. With such gimmicks, the name of the studio would spread, and they wouldn’t have to worry about the popularity of the film.

        Third, it solved Cao Qiyue’s current dilemma.

        It was a desperate move, but the payoff was just as great!

        Such a bold approach.

        Xu Feng’s style as an agent was quite different, even Yang Yu had to admit that he was extremely bold.

       It seemed leaving Universal Film And Television to seek transformation, wasn’t for only Xie Yifeng.

        Now it was up to Zhou Yuhe to choose.

        Zhou Yuhe glanced at Xie Yifeng.

        In fact, when he mentioned going public, his heart had a great shock.

With their status gap, for Xie Yifeng to be generous enough to speak this sentence without hesitation, whether it was for the sake of what happened to Cao Qiyue, his and Xu Feng’s attitude of fairness alone was enough to reassure him.

        Going public.

For these two words, Zhou Yuhe and Ji Chen went from intimate lovers to the abyss of hatred, and finally everything fell to pieces.

Xie Yifeng could speak frankly, no matter how much risk lies behind it …

As for being a fake couple with Cao Qiyue, it was forced by the situation, it had to be done, except this way, they really couldn’t think of a better way to solve everyone’s problem.

        Besides, in the entertainment industry nowadays, there weren’t just a few contractual couples, even the relationships of real couples such as Fan Junxi and Ning Qin’er, were full of calculations.

        This matter between Zhou Yuhe and Cao Qiyue was really nothing.

        “Okay, talk to the investor.” Zhou Yuhe nodded his head, finally agreeing to the proposal.

“Ah so comfortable.” Cao Qiyue laid on the lounge chair in the open-air cafe, lazily squinting her eyes, she looked like a cat.

       Such a frank and spontaneous woman, no matter who looked at her, they wouldn’t associate her with her current scandal.

       “Ah Qi you really know how to enjoy, it’s so noisy outside.” Zhou Yuhe took a sip of chilled lemonade, he couldn’t help but sigh at the relief.

       “Let them make more noise, will it lessen?” Cao Qiyue replied carelessly.

She was born with this nature.

        And wouldn’t change because of anyone, anything.

        Originally, she wasn’t suitable to enter the entertainment industry.

        But God gave her such a unique and charming voice and enviable talent.

       She had also attracted numerous anti-fans.

        Since her debut, the topics surrounding her had never stopped.

When Cao Qiyue was happy, she would clarify it. If she was unhappy, she wouldn’t bother to talk to them. Anyway, scolding was scolding, her songs were still being listened to, albums were still being bought, and concert tickets were sold.

With such a personality, she seemed extremely lovable to some people.

But people who hated her, were almost driven crazy.

But so what?

        Cao Qiyue didn’t care if people liked her or not.

       The negative news of her sexual orientation was just a little scandal.

        Even if it wasn’t, she would still be eating and drinking.

        The people who were anxious about her were the people around her, no wonder her assistant called her Grandma Cao.

        “Don’t worry about me, think about yourself, now the whole network is waiting to see you and Xie Yifeng’s next move.”

        “So I have a solution that will solve all our problems at once.”


        “We ……” Zhou Yuhe hesitated.

        Going public ……

        Whether it was being gay from the beginning and only having a contractual  relationship with Cao Qiyue.

        Or becoming bent when he was in a relationship with Cao Qiyue.

        No matter the statement, the outside world’s evaluation of him and Cao Qiyue wouldn’t be too friendly.

        Zhou Yuhe pursed his lips and said instead, “We can release some inside information to the outside world, about a relationship.”

        “Us? Me and you?” Cao Qiyue sat up, sounding a little surprised.

     “Yes, me and you.”

        “Hype, but not going public.” Zhou Yuhe’s gaze flickered a little.

       Since it was just for attention, if the topic ……

      It was always right to leave a way back.

“D*mn, you’ve gotten the hang of it,” Cao Qiyue didn’t expect to hear him say that, she laughed out loud, “Three years of zero scandals, I thought you were afraid of people knowing you were gay. I don’t care, if there is anything you need from me, just talk to me, speculating relationships, who hasn’t done it.”

Zhou Yuhe was relieved to hear her accept this matter so magnanimously.

At this time, Cao Qiyue’s cell phone, which was on the table, suddenly vibrated.

       Cao Qiyue picked it up and looked at it, then turned it off again.

        In a few seconds, the phone buzzed again.

        This time, Cao Qiyue simply didn’t even look at it and turned it off.

        “Who is it?”

        “No one, no one important.” Cao Qiyue waved his hand and laid back down again.

        Zhou Yuhe also didn’t care much.

      On the other side of the phone, Meng Churong looked at the comments on the network, and the expression on her face changed from jealousy mixed with indignation to surprise at hearing the shutdown prompt.


        A big entertainment blog released an article, the title was very eye catching: “Explosive! Famous Movie Star and Musician finally become lovers after many years?

        The subtitle was: I believe in love again.

        This blogger was very good at writing, firstly, using the recent Feng Hua Music Awards as an entry point, they took several photos of Zhou Yuhe and Cao Qiyue interacting with each other in an intimate manner, after the award ceremony, the two entered the same hotel one after the other, and then left the next day together.

        The internet was full of stormy clouds and smoke.

        Who was Zhou Yuhe?

        The first time he appeared in a movie, he broke the box office record for literary films and got the Golden Dragon Award for Best Newcomer, the top famous star.

        Who was Cao Qiyue?

        Her first album “Qiyue” sold 300,000 copies, and the sales increased year by year. The fourth album “Flowing Fire” was sold out directly, and the title song of the same name dominated the audio charts for two months, setting a miracle in the audio sources and winning music awards.

        In the same year, a plagiarism scandal broke out, starting a dark era of “blackness all over the net”.

        After the plagiarism scandal was cleared up, she decisively left one of the biggest agencies in China, the leading record industry boss Black Emperor, and since then she has started a new era of a music diva who sang whatever she wanted, and every year her new album could cause phenomenal attention.

The two of them were in love?

    That was like a comet hitting the earth, a cosmic explosion!

   The search spread for more than three days.

       Zhou Yuhe and Cao July; Zhou Yu; Cao Qiyue; these three keywords with the suffix “explode” topped the Weibo hot search in turn.

       And some people observed with care and found that.

     The only one who came out to support Cao Qiyue online was Zhou Yuhe, who clarified the plagiarism incident for Cao Qiyue.

        He was the only one who came out to support Cao Qiyue in the whole network of anti-fans. With such a difficult friendship, it undoubtedly added another fire to their “romance”.

      In such a well-documented situation, the public statements of Zhou Yuhe and Cao Qiyue were surprising.

Cao Qiyue Weibo said: Thank you for your concern. I have been good friends with Zhouzhou for many years. On that day, I won the award. Everyone said that we would celebrate together. There were other friends besides Zhouzhou in the hotel, the two of us didn’t stay in the same room. I hope fans and media friends can focus on our works. Thank you for your attention.

        Such a statement was the same as not saying anything.

    Was there anyone else in the hotel besides you? Who else? Why don’t you explain?

        There was indeed an explanation.

      But it wasn’t Cao Qiyue.

      It was Zhou Yuhe.

      At the opening ceremony of the movie “Martial Arts”, a reporter seized the opportunity to ask Zhou Yuhe about this topic.

        Zhou Yuhe calmly smiled: “It’s true that I wasn’t the only one who was with Ah Qi that day, Brother Xie was also present. If we could be a couple we would have done it long ago, we wouldn’t have waited until today, thank you very much for your concern for us, and I hope fans will focus on the work rather than the artist’s life.”

        What? Xie Yifeng was there?

        The media at the scene exploded and handed the microphone to Xie Yifeng.

        Xie Yifeng “hesitated” for a moment and then said, “Yes, yes I remember there was such a thing, that night it was the three of us in the hotel room, so don’t think too much about it. We should pay more attention to the new movie of me and Yuhe.”

        The three of you in a hotel room?


        You think it’s a three-person fight the landlord game?!

        And you were there too, why are you talking so hesitantly and uncertainly?

        You really didn’t come up with that on the fly?

        After the denial of the two sides, people instead became more sure.

        The glass hearts of the FengYuhe CP fans broke, they were speechless.

After all, love was love, they were still very clear in their hearts, idols were normal people, normal people would fall in love, get married, have children, not to mention Zhou Yuhe and Cao Qiyue had been friends for many years, basically, Zhou Yuhe’s fans accepted Cao Qiyue, in their eyes, if he was in love with a female artist, Cao Qiyue was the better option.

        After two or three days of struggle, the CP fans gradually accepted the matter.

Fortunately, after that, the announcement for the new movie was released, which was a kind of New Year’s welfare, and it could be regarded as a comfort.

        For CP fans, they would still support it, but in order not to affect the private lives of their idols, they would try their best to restrain themselves, instead of running under the Weibo of Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe as before.

        For the fans of Cao Qiyue and Zhou Yuhe, they interpreted this as a sign that they weren’t willing to disclose their relationship, so they commented that they hoped they would focus on their work and leave enough space for their personal lives.

        Fans of Cao Qiyue even found a reason to hit back at the negative news from a while ago.

        “Two days ago it was you guys who said that she was photographed with her same-sex friend in a couple’s outfit and they were suspected of being a couple, and today it was said that she and her best friend are a couple. The blogs are all saying two different things. So what if she’s in a relationship with Zhouzhou? Are artists not allowed to fall in love? Please leave Cao Qiyue alone and let her private life be a little cleaner.”

        “The same-sex scandal was the media trying to create rumors, now fans are now also very confused, but in any case, the entertainment industry is particularly fragile, since Ah Qi is not willing to disclose it, naturally she has her reasons, Ah Qi has a concert this year, Zhouzhou’s new movie “martial arts” is also in preparation, now it is we fans begging you Passersby, focus on the artists’ works and stay away from their private lives, can you?”


“It’s obvious that I wanted to adjust your hair, but you wouldn’t let me do it, and you even called me a dwarf! And this one, you carried me because you broke my high heel! I didn’t let you pay 30,000 Yuan to replace it and told you to carry me a little, of course you laughed ah! …… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. The three of us in the hotel? We really f*cking fought the landlord all night hahahaha ……”

        Zhou Yuhe rubbed his battered ears and suddenly wondered if the decision to “Speculate with Cao Qiyue” was the right one.

        “By the way, with such ambiguous comments, that …… won’t be jealous, right?!”

        Zhou Yuhe stiffened and turned his head.

        He looked at Xie Yifeng who was sitting right next to him.

        Honestly, from the phone…

        The four people in the entire office could clearly hear her voice.

Xie Yifeng smiled gently and elegantly.

        “Tell her that I won’t.”

        “Okay.” Zhou Yuhe relayed the words very begrudgingly.

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