C9—- It’s A Mistake

I.S Entertainment’s corporate building was located in one of the busiest parts of City A. The main building towered over the city, and as the nanny van turned into the driveway near the company, the spectacular and magnificent tower looked like a landmark of the city from between the gaps in the heavy shadows of the trees.

The electronic screen scrolled with music videos of I.S’s most popular idol groups, and the sides of the screen were filled with one legendary name after another.
These idols were the signature of I.S. Entertainment and the core competency of its worldwide reputation.

Asia’s largest idol incubation base, naturally, lived up to its name.

However, with the saturation of the idol market and the rise of the film and television market, I.S had clearly shifted its focus to the film and television sector over the past two years. Not only had it signed up internationally renowned directors, but it had also poached the ace TV drama production team, which had produced several of the most popular TV dramas in the country, and was ready to make its mark.

However, everything was difficult to begin with, besides some famous actors poached over, so far, the only actors that I.S had cultivated on its own were Crown Prince Ji Chen, and the popular youngster Yan Yingyi, only these two people’s popularity was remarkable in the fiercely competitive showbiz world.

The nanny van stopped at the company’s main gate, Zhou Yuhe walked down, looking up at the behemoth I.S. He looked very small standing on the ground.

Although the Actor’s Division was a new department in the idol industry and film and television investment, and there were no big movie stars or actresses, the music market and idol market were full of superstars….Compared to the whole of I.S. Entertainment, he was so small.

Not too different from the office workers who were in and out of the office.

A nobody, that was what he was now.

“Xiao Zhou?What are you looking at?” Su Su tilted her head upward.

“Nothing.” After Zhou Yuhe coldly said, he walked inside the building, and Su Su, who was half a beat slower, hurriedly followed at the sight.

As soon as Zhou Yuhe pressed the elevator door, he saw Yang Yu walk out of the elevator.

He was shrewd, cautious, and sensibly somewhat an indifferent economist.

His scrutinizing eyes shot sharply towards Zhou Yuhe. He bumped into Zhou Yuhe and didn’t say much, just pursed his lips and stepped out of the elevator.

“Just in time, come with me.” Without unnecessary words, those who saw this scene thought that the two of them had already made an appointment to do something, but in reality, Zhou Yuhe hadn’t seen Yang Yu for almost a month.

The last time they met he instructed Su Su to forward the audition script for “Rejuvenation” to him and Ceng Ang, he saw Yang Yu’s back in front of the company, and the next second, the thunderous agent was hurrying away in a commercial vehicle.

A worthless person was not worth a little more of his time.

Yang Yu was actually a gold medal broker with tough wrist and outstanding ability. Even in I. S company with talented people, he had always been a popular trend combination. If it wasn’t for the internal struggle of the company, he wouldn’t have been “relegated” to the actor department. Zhou Yuhe, a few of their new actors, may not have had this honor to become the “clients” under Agent Yang Yu.

But as it turned out, he did have the resources.

The first time Zhou Yuhe came out, he used a very short time to gather a large number of fans and super-high attention for him, and after discovering his character flaws, he was not destined to go a long way in the showbiz, he decisively gave up and switched to Yan Yinyi, and now in I.S Yan Yinyi’s name could be followed by the godly Prince Ji Chen. Last year’s big bang movie, the second part of the spy drama “Spy 2” as a pivotal Japanese officer, he was even in communication with them about a supporting role.

It should be noted that Yan Yingyi had been on the scene for less than a year, and it was also Yang Yu’s first time managing an actor.

They followed Yang Yu to the car.

“To Film City.” After saying so, Yang Yu turned back and looked at the unidentified duo.

Before Zhou Yuhe could even ask him where they were going, Yang Yu was the first to speak up.

“Taking on the role of Xu Chang, why didn’t you communicate with me in time?” Yang Yu raised his eyebrows, looking like he was still unhappy about his rotten affair with Ceng Ang, so he took the opportunity to vent out.

Zhou Yuhe calmly returned, “Brother Yang, according to the procedure, the Rejuvenation drama team will send the contract to your work email before 12 noon today, and then contact you to discuss related matters.”

The implication was that the matter of informing him was done by the crew and was not within his scope of work.

Yang Yu saw that he was a little scatterbrained in his attitude, but his words were extremely measured, not defending himself or expressing dissatisfaction, not humble or overbearing, just a slight statement of fact, and then the rest of Yang Yu’s words blaming him for his ignorance were blocked.

Yang Yu couldn’t help but see him in a somewhat different light.

It had been a month since he last saw him, and it seemed like something was different about the kid.

The seasoned and worldly Yang Yu nimbly detected a hint of something unusual, and when Zhou Yuhe saw his expression, he remembered that this agent was not like the assistants who were easy to fool, so he corrected his attitude a little, making himself look less calm and old-fashioned.

“Brother Yang,” asked Zhou Yuhe, “What are we doing?”

This was his immediate concern, it was puzzling that Yang Yu had called him to the company so urgently, thinking that he had something to discuss with him, but he had only arrived at the company and was taken to another place.

Yang Yu’s reason, however, was brief. “Visiting a set.”

Zhou Yuhe: “Visiting a set?”

Yang Yu glanced up at him, “Or what? I.S can’t afford to be shamed by you.”

Zhou Yuhe touched his nose at his words, in his previous life Zhou Yuhe did indeed take on all the idol dramas with limited audiences at that time, not to mention big directors, even the big actors hadn’t seen many.

Although Rejuvenation also had a youth theme, director Cai was an international award-winning director after all, and Rejuvenation was his first drama production, and possibly his last (as directors who had been on the big screen rarely returned to the small screen), and its harshness could be imagined.

Zhou Yuhe was not playing a small role, but the second male lead in the drama, Xu Chang, who had a lot of parts in the drama. If he entered the group, no one woud consider whether it was his first time being the second male lead, and people would only question his level and I.S.’s ability to train artists.

In particular, in Yang Yu’s opinion, Zhou Yuhe and this second male lead was completely baffling, he was his agent, he had something he still didn’t know? His level was not to be counted on, and the rest, if not to look good, at least to do a decent job, it just so happened that he has a visit planned for today, so he pulled Zhou Yuhe to come along for the ride.

Yes, by the way.

While it was nice to get the second male lead in Rejuvenation, it wasn’t so much that he had to saddle up for him, and Yang Yu’s focus was still on Yan Yingyi.

After all, when people were unlucky in this life, there would be a big luck.

Moreover, in this entertainment industry, as long as there was a face that was amazing, even if the person had no content, they would always be favored by God once-

In Yang Yu’s mind, there was nothing but connotation, and Zhou Yuhe, one of the golden treasures, had such a situation.

But three hours later—

Yang Yu stood behind the camera, his hands wrapped around his chest, his lips pressed tightly into a line, and stared intently at the child, who was wearing the Japanese military uniform that originally belonged to Yan Yingyi on the set and was sitting in the torture chair, perhaps … It should be said he was a youth?

The mature and powerful military momentum really didn’t come out like a 19-year-old child.

Meticulous black hair, a gold buckle, a military uniform with no wrinkles, leather military gloves, pocket watch with complicated workmanship … With that straight, abstinence, white and somewhat morbid face, he was perfectly like a sculpture.

In the face of the handsome and unreasonable prisoner who pushed in, the male protagonist of “Spy 2,” Gu Wuxi, an important member of the pseudo-government, didn’t have any discomfort or impatience on his face. He was just ridiculing the man. After that, he suddenly opened his pocket watch, and his narrow eyes curled slightly downwards.

“Ten forty-three, you’re three minutes late.”

The cold, mechanical voice sounded like an old clock, stopping time momentarily.

The officer looked up, his handsome face magnified in the monitor, and he smiled faintly, a sneering smile with a hint of blood and cruelty.

The smirk was in stark contrast to the haughty smile on the corner of the protagonist’s mouth, one smooth and cunning, the other iron-faced and ruthless, the tension of the confrontation instantly overflowed from the entire picture.

Yang Yu’s heart thudded…

He didn’t think he would be stunned by him one day.

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