Zhou Yuhe got out of the nanny car with thick sunglasses and mask and walked into the I.S. building.

        When the elevator arrived at the familiar floor, he pushed open the door of Yang Yu’s office and suddenly froze when he saw the scene behind the door.

        “Brother Bai?” Zhou Yuhe asked uncertainly, even looked back at the sign at the door and thought he had gone to the wrong office.

        The man called Brother Bai was also an agent of I.S’s acting department, but he was not as competent as Yang Yu in all aspects.

        The two managers had a long history together.

        When Yang Yu was still in the idol department, the actor department was always under the control of Agent Bai, but when Yang Yu was relegated to the acting department, he had to look up to him to survive.

        However, after Yang Yu brought out Zhou Yuhe, his status in I.S. rose, and  Agent Bai changed from being the boss of the cast and crew to being a nodding and obsequious little man.

        Although he had been polite to Yang Yu and Zhou Yuhe, but behind the scenes his real thoughts weren’t known.

        Brother Bai while cleaning up his office utensils, smiled in response, “Mr. Zhou, how can you call me brother, you’re too polite, call me Ah Bai. Come in and sit down quickly.”

       Brother Bai’s flattering attitude made Zhou Yuhe feel a little uncomfortable.

        He walked into the office with a pale face, looked around and asked, “Where is Brother Yang?”

        Agent Bai saw that Zhou Yuhe didn’t like him, but came in to ask about Yang Yu, a trace of displeasure flashed across his face, but he quickly pullrd this emotion back and replied: “He got a high promotion, he was transferred back to the idol department as a manager, from today onwards, all your performing arts work is my responsibility, please take care of me.”

        Zhou Yuhe was silent for a moment, then smiled, “So that’s how it is, well, I’ll work hard.”

        His face didn’t show anything different, but his heart was in shock.

        He and Yang Yu worked together for two years, although the initial bonding period wasn’t too pleasant, later they had a more tacit understanding.

        The two supported each other all the way from the obscurity of an 18th tier small artist, and struggled to today, he could be said to be one of the top stars in China, and even in I.S., which was so huge, he had a considerable voice.

   This kind of hardship.

        It was impossible to say that there were no feelings, only a working relationship that could be replaced at any time.

        I.S. should also be well aware of it.

        How could they suddenly change his manager? And without informing him at all?

        He wasn’t able to sit still.

        He spoke with Brother Bai as usual, and then found an excuse to walk out of the office, ready to go to the idol department to ask Yang Yu about the situation.

        Just as he reached the elevator entrance, he was called to stop.

        “Zhou Zhou, President Ji wants you to come over.” The chief assistant girl, who usually had a good relationship with him, tapped him on the shoulder.

        Which one?

        The I.S president’s dispute had reached a white hot stage, Ji Yuan and Ji Chen, the uncle and nephew had never stopped making small moves behind the scenes, and the rumors coming from the company’s top management also varied from day to day.

        Today, his agent could be transferred at will without giving him any notice. In such a changing situation, he was really a bit confused as to whether the “President Ji” that the chief assistant sister was talking about was Ji Yuan or Ji Chen.

        He just wanted to say that he had something to do in the actor’s department, but suddenly, as if he thought of something, he nodded his head and followed the chief assistant into the president’s office.

        In front of the floor-to-ceiling window, the tall and mature figure looked lonely and elegant, and even his temples had a few strands of white hair.

        Zhou Yuhe: “Hello, President Ji.”

        Ji Yuan stiffened, then turned around and smiled wearily at Zhou Yuhe, “Sit.”

        With the uncle-nephew dispute, relatives turned against each other, and even his biological father didn’t stand on his side.

        Even Ji Yuan, who was such an unbeatable man, in these months, he became worn out and exhausted.

        Zhou Yuhe complied and sat on the swivel chair in front of the desk.

        Ji Yuan sat down across from him.

        The man who had been in charge of I.S for more than ten years, the tyrant according to his colleagues, sat opposite Zhou Yuhe and formed a confrontation with him.

        An unexplainable tension spread between them.

        In the end, it was Ji Yuan who broke this odd atmosphere first.

        “It’s been tough lately, hasn’t it?” He showed a smile that could be described as kind, like an ordinary elder caring for his junior.

        Zhou Yuhe also smiled lightly, “Compared to you, President Ji, it’s still not hard work.”

  Ji Yuan sighed: “President Ji …… ho ho, this ‘President Ji’ might change in a few days.”

        Zhou Yuhe didn’t answer.

        He knew the results of the calendar, there was no way to say any comforting empty words at this time.

        This straightforwardness made Ji Yuan a little embarrassed, he quickly changed the subject: “Yang Yu’s matter was also decided only this morning, he is busy with the idol department, he won’t have time to talk to you.”

        The topic Ji Yuan chose was what Zhou Yuhe was most interested in, and he asked, “Who made this decision? Why didn’t you discuss it with me in advance?”

        “I,” Ji Yuan replied slowly, he cut himself a cigar and gestured to Zhou Yuhe with his eyes, Zhou Yuhe kindly picked up the lighter on his desk and lit the cigar for him, Ji Yuan took a deep puff before smiling at him and said, “Would you have agreed to discuss with me?”

        Zhou Yuhe: “……”


        Ji Yuan: “We are all pawns in the chessboard, we can’t help it Xiao Zhou, since the beginning of the industry, Yang Yu has been in the field of idols, for almost seven or eight years, being able to return to the idol department, is also considered to him seeking mercy.”

        Zhou Yuhe sneered, not being deceived by this capitalist’s pretentious appearance.

        Everyone thought that the idol department was popular, but Zhou Yuhe didn’t think so.

        In recent years, with the increasing popularity of fans, countless capitals were targeting the idol market, and the competition pressure on idols were getting bigger and bigger.

        As far as Zhou Yuhe knew, the Chinese government welcomed an idol explosion in 2020, with the highest frequency of one new group debuting every two days, but the opposite side of the boom was the decline.

        Instead of bringing the idol business in China to a new peak, this big wave of idols greatly depleted the original domestic market’s consumption power, and in the following decade, the idol industry continued to shrink and went downhill.

        Just because the general public couldn’t see these market trends didn’t mean that I.S and the superstars at the forefront of the idol market, couldn’t feel them.

        That was why I.S had been switching to the film and television market and increasing its investment in the acting department in the past few years.

     A newcomer would have believed these things, but Zhou Yuhe knew the truth.

Yang Yu was even more clear. If he was in the idol industry before and couldn’t see the situation clearly, he wouldn’t have brought up Zhou Yuhe in these two years and gotten into contact with many industry insiders.

Now for I.S, it seemed like the idol department was booming and the acting department was just starting, but in reality the idol department had slowly gone from boom to bust, while the acting department had too many possibilities.

        If Yang Yu had to choose, he certainly wouldn’t have gone back.

        In the end, it was an explicit promotion and a hidden demotion.

        The reason why Ji Yuan did this was probably because he knew he couldn’t compete for power over Ji Chen, and wanted to give Ji Chen some trouble before being swept out of the door.

        The company’s main staff, not only Yang Yu, but also many other key positions, had been assigned to other positions in various names.

        “According to Mr. Ji’s style, it should not only be Yang Yu, there are other colleagues also ‘seeking mercy’, right?” Zhou Yuhe snickered, this was like a bereaved dog, before leaving, it gave a few painful cuts.

        “I know you are in the rising stage of your career, it is normal that you are unhappy with the change of your manager, but Agent Bai’s ability is also good, you haven’t had contact with him before, don’t jump to conclusions.” Being affected by this, Ji Yuan’s expression showed his discomfort.

        “Okay, I know, if you have nothing else, then I will go out first.”

        Zhou Yuhe didn’t want to bother talking with the Ji family’s uncle and nephew, as he got up to leave, Ji Yuan immediately said: “Don’t rush out, I still have a very important thing to discuss with you.”

        Zhou Yuhe looked down and saw that it was the studio application submitted by him and Yang Yu, so he had to sit back again.

        Ji Yuan opened the folder and said carelessly: “The studio is a good idea, but unfortunately Ji Chen may not agree ……”

After saying that, he stared at at Zhou Yuhe.

        He definitely had something to say!

        “What do you want to say?” Zhou Yuhe looked at the folder in his hand, it was as if what Ji Yuan was holding wasn’t the folder, but his handle.

        “I know how my nephew behaves, he will never let go of the people he likes, in this company, maybe other artists can open their own studios and get out of his control, but only you, absolutely can’t,” Ji Yuan smiled like an old fox, “I can even imagine, if the company falls into his hands, what will be waiting for you ……”

        Zhou Yuhe took a deep breath.

  He had to admit, he was right, with his understanding of Ji Chen, it could be said that Ji Chen would definitely not let him go after taking the top position.

        “But now the situation is different, he is not yet the president of I.S., you still have a choice.”

        “What choice?”

        Ji Yuan smiled victoriously.

        “Choose to come with me.”

        Zhou Yuhe was shocked: “Go with you? Where are you going? Isn’t my contract in I.S.?”

        “The contract was signed under my name, that is to say, Yan Yingyi and the others, as well as you, were signed to me personally, not to I.S.” Ji Yuan said leisurely, he had long felt that his position as president wasn’t secure, so he had taken a series of precautions and had registered several shell companies outside early for a rainy day.

        The facts had proven that it was always right to make plans early.

        …… Old fox.

        Zhou Yuhe scolded him fiercely in his heart.


        The two of them agreed for an answer to be given in three days, and the matter came to an end.

        In the next three days, not only Zhou Yuhe, but also some of the most important artists and managers in I.S. received invitations from Ji Yuan. Those who didn’t agree were directly assigned to other posts by Ji Yuan using his authority.

        The situation was so clear that even Zhou Yuhe had to admit that he had misread the situation.

        Originally thought Ji Yuan was a bereaved dog, wanting to drum up some action out of malice for Ji Chen.

        Now it seemed that his combat power was much more than that.

        This big move, he obviously wanted to take a group of people out to start again, messing I.S up, and leaving Ji Chen with a chaotic empty company.

      Not to mention what others were going to do over there. Three days later, Zhou Yuhe kept coming to Ji Yuan’s office.

        “How is it? Have you thought it over?” Ji Yuan asked with a cigar in his mouth.

        Zhou Yuhe didn’t waste words, he sat down and said: “I can go with you, but you have to promise me a few conditions.”

        Ji Yuan laughed: “The one who knows how to do things in the right time is a good man, tell me, if not too much, I can promise you.”

        Zhou Yuhe adjusted to a more comfortable posture and carelessly said: “One, you’ll pay the breach of contract fee.”

“Although you said my contract is in your hands, but you should know Ji Chen’s character, the lawsuit will definitely be fought, and you may not win, when the time comes, if there is a contract dispute, I hope you can settle the fee for me.”

        Ji Yuan smoked his cigar slowly and methodically, “Yes.”

        Zhou Yuhe was now extremely famous, his ability to attract money, even the company’s top artists weren’t comparable, this breach of contract was nothing, anyway, he could help him earn back in the future.

        Zhou Yuhe put up two fingers, “Two, I want to take Yang Yu, after leaving I.S, I want him to continue to be my manager.”

        The market now had a fan effect, when an artist was popular, there would naturally be resources that came to the door, an agent helped manage public relations and crisis,  Zhou Yuhe was now very popular, there was no need for hype, as for public relations …. …he was also known in the entertainment industry to be obedient.

        Honestly, he felt that there was no need to spend so much energy to get Yang Yu out of I.S. as well.

        Zhou Yuhe saw the hesitation on Ji Yuan’s face, smiled slightly, and said: “There is an old saying that a horse of a thousand miles is easy to find, but it’s hard to find a good friend. ……”

        Ji Yuan gritted his teeth and said, “Okay.”

        Zhou Yuhe put up a third finger, “There is a third point ……”

        Ji Yuan suppressed his inner impatience, his face remained unchanged, but his tone was no longer kind, “Say it. “

        “I want to open a personal studio.”

        Ji Yuan’s reaction was a little bit slower, “I thought it would be a great condition, this is natural, when you arrive at my new company, the treatment I give you certainly won’t be the same as Ji Chen, not to mention the studio, even if it’s ……”

        “Eh,” Zhou Yuhe interrupted him, his thin and clear eyes shone with fine streams of light, he slightly hooked his lips, as he cunningly said, “President Ji, don’t promise so quickly first.”

        “I said a personal studio, not your company specifically setting aside a project, but literally, a ‘personal studio’ ……”

        “I want to terminate my contract and go out on my own.”

        There was a ten-second silence in the top floor of I.S.’s high-end office.

        Finally the president’s furious roar rang out.

        “Zhou Yuhe, you don’t want to get ahead of yourself!!!”

“Who do you think you are? A superstar? Get out!” The cigar that was half smoked fell directly onto the table, scattering a small piece of ash.

        He thought he was a short-sighted, easy-to-handle brat, but who knew that he was actually cheated!

        He really dare to say anything ah!

        Cancellation of contract?

        He wanted him to help pay the breach of contract, help him settle the lawsuit with I.S., help him open a studio, and help him bring out your manager, and then he wanted to cancel his contract with him?

        What the hell did he look like?

        What did he mean?

        President Ji held back a lot of words.

        Foul words pressed against his throat, but for his image as a tall and noble president, he endured, he angrily gasped for air as he sat on the president’s seat.

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