C8—– Not Zhang Qi

Zhou Yuhe had a long, long dream, in which he was sleeping on his bed, and outside the door was the sound of knocking, knocking, knocking, knocking, while his eyelids were as if they were pressed down by a thousand pounds, and he couldn’t open them no matter what….

The only thing that really woke him up was a phone call.

The first thing that popped up in his mind was the word “Cao Qiuyue”, and the moment “Cao Qiuyue” appeared, the pressure on his eyelids suddenly subsided, he touched the bedside table in a frenzy, no time to look at it, and then quickly accepted the call.

“Hello?”Zhou Yuhe’s eyes blinked laboriously at this point.

“You’re still asleep?”A male voice extinguished all of Zhou Yuhe’s enthusiasm.

He picked up his cell phone half-awake, and the two characters “Yang Yu” on it stung his eyes.

This was his agent. At the same time, he was also Ceng Ang’s agent.

As expected, the day-to-day manager Yang Yu called over for the unprecedented reason of asking for an apology.

“You kicked Ceng Ang out and beat him up? You’re becoming more and more capable now Zhou Yuhe.” Yang Yu’s voice on the other end of the phone was as dark as his face, almost dripping ink.

“I’m sorry, Brother Yang.”

The teenager’s slightly clear voice sounded so warm and soft in the spring morning, yet triple apologetic and aggrieved.

Yang Yu was surprised, a level of surprise that could not be overstated by seeing the sun come out of the west with his own eyes.

He coughed twice, his tone was still cold and solemn, but it was no longer like the previous words that had a needle in it, “You’ve caused quite a bit of trouble this time, in any case, you don’t even want to take a job for a while, stay at home and reflect!”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Brother Yang.”

“What did you say?”Yang Yu’s calm appearance darkened again.

“The opening ceremony of Rejuvenation is coming up this week, and I’m playing the male lead  number two, Xu Chang, so it’s not good to be absent…”

No one spoke for a full ten seconds on the other end of the phone, only thick gasps of air could be heard.

“What did you say?!”


Zhou Yuhe, under Yang Yu’s order, quickly washed up, dressed and prepared to leave for the office.

The other party didn’t say anything on the phone, just his usual business tone and slightly anxious urging, making Zhou Yuhe also a little unable to know what the other was thinking.

He opened the door, the drunken Ceng Ang and the two large bags had disappeared without a trace, Zhou Yuhe glanced down and found many more shoe prints at the bottom of the security door, it seemed that the knocking he dreamed of last night was not an idle dream.

But so what.

Zhou Yuhe raised the corner of his lips and walked out of the apartment with one hand in his pocket.

To make it easier to take care of him and Ceng Ang, the three assistants rented an apartment in the surrounding area, and this money was also deducted from Zhou Yuhe’s income, after all, they didn’t live in the apartment allocated to them by the company, so naturally they had to be responsible for these expenses of moving out.

The good thing was that as soon as something happened, the nanny van came especially fast.

Zhou Yuhe waited not even ten minutes downstairs where traces of night rain remained, and a black nanny van appeared in front of him.

The only person in the car was Su Su.

“That, Da Wei and Ajin have both gone to help Brother Ceng move.”Su Su said somewhat awkwardly, although Zhou Yuhe and Ceng Ang’s affair was not exposed, but after all, they had been in love for so long, these people around them still knew more or less, but a few of their assistants had signed a confidentiality agreement, there was no need to worry about them exposing his privacy to the world.

Zhou Yuhe had already had a bit of a premonition when he saw how strange her face was, so he smiled and asked indifferently, “What else did they say?”

Su Su looked at Zhou Yuhe’s eyes, what she hadn’t wanted to say, under such a penetrating gaze, she involuntarily said it all: “They said, Xiao Zhou, you really aren’t a thing, kicking Brother Ceng out of the house in the middle of the night, the weather was so cold, and he was drunk…”

Zhou Yuhe listened and felt it was funny, he really raised two white wolves, they got a little benefits and forgot about the past, forgetting who really paid their salaries…….

It was just that people’s hearts were like that. Maybe they thought that Ceng Ang was the treasure and he, Zhou Yuhe, was the grass, and as long as they bet on the right treasure, they wouldn’t worry about having a good life in the future. What was the little salary he paid.

Zhou Yuhe turned on the stereo, and melodious classical music filled the entire enclosed nanny van.

He closed his eyes, and there was no expression on his exquisite, cold face.

“Since they ‘care’ so much about Ceng Ang, let them work with him from now on, I can’t support that many big Buddhas in this small temple.” Besides, he was only an eighteenth tier artist now, how could he be so preoccupied that he needed three assistants to be busy? Since they loved to mingle with Ceng Ang, he might as well pack up together and throw them far away to save them from being an eyesore.

“Xiao Zhou this… “Su Su was fiercely startled, not expecting Zhou Yuhe to be so straightforward.

“I’ll talk to Brother Yang myself, I’ll leave it to you later.”Zhou Yuhe directly interrupted her, his face, which was already cold, now became even colder.

“No, it’s fine.” Su bit her tongue, thinking that Zhou Yuhe and Ceng had made a real scene this time. It hadn’t been a day or two since a few of their assistants had been close to Ceng Ang, and they hadn’t seen him with such a temper before, so it seemed to be a real breakup.

It was fine to break it off, she also felt something when she was helping Ceng Ang take care of his lover in private. It was just that Xiao Zhou…although the child looked cold and indifferent, he must actually be very sad in his heart.

Su Su couldn’t help but voice her comfort: “Xiao Zhou ah, some things are just in the past, but don’t let it affect your next work, I bought everything you asked for yesterday, I received the script last night, I also helped you scratch out Zhang Qi’s fragments with a marker overnight, it’s a rare opportunity to make a film under Director Cai’s hand…”

Zhou Yuhe opened his eyes and suddenly straightened up to look at her, “Zhang Qi?What’s the point of reading Zhang Qi’s scenes?”

“……. “Su Su was also dumbfounded.

Zhou Yuhe reclined back with some amusement, “The role I auditioned for yesterday was Xu Chang, not Zhang Qi.”

“Xu Chang…?”

Zhou Yuhe looked at her with a smile, and Su Su’s head blew up, she was blank for a full ten seconds.

She suddenly felt a little sorry for Da Wei and Ajin.

If they knew that it wasn’t Zhang Qi but Xu Chang that Xiao Zhou auditioned for, they probably would have regretted it til their intestines turned green.

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