The movie version of “Searching For Heaven” could be said to be raging, as a commercial film of A-class production, the capital was strong, the publicity was simply more than the TV version.

Subways, bus stations, TV, Weibo, Douban, …… they used almost all the media, the preview of the broadcast reached a million views on the same day!

The movie’s special effects level was certainly incomparable to the TV series, the preview was several times more exquisite than the TV series, Fan Junxi as Yuan Tian and Ning Qin’er as Lin Xue, under the special effects and post-production, looked as good as the exiled immortals that came down to earth, their fans praised their faces, but also deliberately brought the recent picture of Zhou Yuhe, Zhou Yuhe’s fans were angry, but he wasn’t around, they couldn’t counterattack yet, they could only say a couple of sentences before being drowned out by the anti-fans.

For the passersby, with the previous drama king as a pavement, they were of course very excited about the movie version of “Searching For Heaven”. In less than five seconds on the day of the ticket release, many cinema tickets were sold out On the opening day, the box office reached a terrifying 110 million!

This broke the history of IP movies’ box office debut!

When Wang Jing and Fan Junxi saw this, of course, they were overjoyed.

Inside Wang Jing’s private villa –

“Hahahaha …… So what if he’s the king of drama? So what if it was released early? So what?” He wrapped his arms around the delicate woman in his arms, with a lu*tful smile.

“It’s Director Wang who has the vision ……,” the beautiful woman laughingly looked away.

Fan Junxi also had a rather proud look on his face.

Zhou Yuhe’s portrayal of Yuan Tian was really good, he was good-looking, but so what, now on the Internet, he was the one being praised.

And how good was the TV series ratings, the small screen didn’t gain money, but he? The premiere broke 100 million! It was a real box office!

This was only the beginning, just the release haf such a huge momentum, after, the box office would certainly be higher and higher!

Thinking of Zhou Yuhe and all the people praising him at that time, he couldn’t help finding it funny.

Only Ning Qin’er, who was now Fan Junxi’s girlfriend, crossed her legs elegantly while her beautiful eyes showed concern:.

“But one day after its release, there are a lot more bad reviews online ……”

Wang Jing waved his hand and said unconcernedly: “Who doesn’t have bad comments these days, the blacker it is the more popular! The audience is like this, while saying ugly words, they honestly shell out money to go to the cinema, Qin’er you ah, you’re blindly worrying.”

“Junxi ……”

“Qin’er, you’re my girlfriend, don’t you trust me at all?” Fan Junxi’s brow was slightly wrinkled, and he looked a little sad.

“…… No.” Ning Qin’er shook her head and said no more.


What Wang Jing and Fan Junxi never expected was that although “Searching For Heaven” broke 100 million in its debut.

But the situation soon reversed –

In the midst of such a wave, the box office on the second day decreased rather than increased!

From 110 million, it dived straight to 80 million!

Then, 60 million, 23 million, 17 million …… the eighth day of box office actually fell from 14 million to 2.5 million!

This was only the second weekend!

It was simply too bad!

The movie version of “Searching For Heaven” fell from the altar at the speed of light.

The day before, they were planning a celebration party, but they didn’t expect the blow to come as fast as a tornado, and the next day the internet was flooded with bad reviews for “Searching for Heaven”.

“I was the only one who didn’t fall asleep in the whole cinema because I was playing Plants vs Zombies [smile]”

“What the h*ll is this? If I hadn’t read the original book, I wouldn’t have recognized it as “Searching for Heaven”, okay?”

“Can Fan Junxi’s smile not be so evil and impetuous? You’re not a domineering president, sober up a little!”

Wang Jing and Fan Junxi looked dumbfounded at the box office results displayed in the computer, their faces were both red to varying degrees.

“How …… how can it fall so much?!” Wang Jing looked dumbfounded, this was only the second weekend, yet it fell to more than 2 million, then what would happen in the ten days?!

At this trend, the capital couldn’t be gained back!

Fan Junxi was even more red-eyed, he looked at the netizens’ comments, which were very different from what he thought, and suddenly felt ashamed.

When he was acting, he didn’t feel it, but when the audience criticized him and called him a bad actor, it was as if the beautifying filter on the surface of his eyes suddenly disappeared, and an unprecedented sense of shame rushed to his brain…

God, why in the world did he take this movie in the first place?


The first release of “Searching For Heaven” was a brilliant 100 million yuan hit.

It was easy to make a lot of money even if they didn’t have a big hit.

Behind this seemingly waterloo box office results, in fact, there were many fatal reasons.

First of all, the original story of “Searching For Heaven” was very long, millions of words of the novel had to be crammed into a two and a half hour movie, if the trade-offs weren’t done properly, this plot was important, that plot was also important …… then the filmed movie was likely to turn out to be uninformed – –

The movie version of “Searching For Heaven” obviously stepped on this minefield.

Secondly, the main actors’ acting skills were mediocre, Ning Qin’er wasn’t mentioned, after all, she was a top actresa, her acting skills wasn’t bad.

The main thing was Fan Junxi.

The trailer was fine, but once the main film started, his shortcomings were infinitely magnified.

Especially his rival scene with Ning Qin’er, it was extremely “miserable”.

Ning Qin’er was mixed race, her features were delicate and deep, and Lin Xue was a demon, so her face on the big screen was aggressive yet beautiful, filled with a sharp aura.

As a big male drama, to suppress such a female lead, you had to have deep acting skills to do so.

Otherwise, it would become like Fan Junxi and Ning Qin’er – the whole time, the female lead suppressed him to the end.

Fan Junxi didn’t act well in general and with such suppression, he completely became the female lead’s background cloth.

His smile was twisted, he had hollow eyes, hysterical ……

In the opinion of the book fans, simply everything wasn’t good, he couldn’t be called “Yuan Tian”.

There was a clip comparison video on Weibo – “Searching Fot Heaven is still the same Searching For Heaven, the book fan is still the book fan, but Fan Junxi can never be like Zhou Yuhe”.

The same plot, even some movements were the same.

Watched seperately, it was all fine, but put together, you’ll find that –

“Holy cr*p! How can the difference be so big!”

“I’ve never felt that Zhou Yuhe’s acting skills are so good!!!”

“So it’s not that the book fans are demanding, or that Fan Junxi isn’t good, but that Zhou Yuhe is too good?”

“I think so too!”

“+1” “+1” “+1”

“+1” instantly filled the entire comment section.

The book fans thought it was correct, Fan Junxi’s acting in “Lover” was also like this, but no one dissed his poor acting, they had said that he was the new rising star in the industry!

It was true that there was no harm when it wasn’t compared.

The year-long “Searching For Heaven” dispute finally came to an end.

It was clear who lost and who won.

Not only did Cai Yuan, who had been teased throughout the incident, raise his eyebrows, but Zhou Yuhe’s fans also cheered and celebrated.

Let’s not forget that they changed the roles of Zhou Yuhe!

Fan Junxi not only stole the role of Zhou Zhou, but also tried to trample on Zhou Yuhe, insult his drama, create self-hype –

Who really had no acting skills? If Zhou Yuhe didn’t have any acting skills, then wasn’t Fan Junxi even more ridiculous?

The difference in strength was so obvious that Zhou Yuhe was able to clear up the negative news of his previous “self-promotion” without much effort, and more and more people believed that Zhou Yuhe was the original male lead of the movie, and Fan Junxi had used improper means to steal the role from him!

Seeing that the wind had completely turned, Fan Junxi’s fans were anxious, but they couldn’t refute it, people with discerning eyes could see that Zhou Yuhe’s acting skills were a step ahead of Fan Junxi’s, so how could the film director choose Fan Junxi instead of Zhou Yuhe?

It was one thing to lose out, but they couldn’t be left hanging.

So they collected those very ugly road shots and spread them on the internet in an attempt to divert attention by criticizing Zhou Yuhe’s face.

However, the face hit immediately came again –

At the TV Festival, Zhou Yuhe narrowly won the “Most Popular Actor Award” and the “Best Newcomer Award” from the organizing committee.

Zhou Yuhe appeared on the red carpet that night with a great temperament and he looked extremely handsome, where was the ugly look from the photos?

Photos were never as convincing as the real person.

Overnight, all the voices dissing Zhou Yuhe on the Internet disappeared.

Although being inexplicably insulted and discussed maliciously was very bad.

But a blessing in disguise was still a blessing in disguise.

These months had a series of storms, Zhou Yuhe had been silent for most of the year, and his fame that was almost lost instantly fired up again!

The failure of the film version of “Searching For Heaven” not only strongly boosted him, but also once again confirmed his “golden fingers”, plus the ugly picture fiasco, him winning a double award …… Zhou Yuhe’s popularity was rebounding at a speed visible to the eye!

The real cause of the hurricane effect waa a promotional poster that he posted on the Internet on the 1st.

The picture was a small corner of a damp and dilapidated hut, a slender skinny arm pushed open the dirty small window, revealing the teenager behind the small window with the cat.

The boy was too slender, his yellowed T-shirt revealed a large part of his chest, the collarbone was so clear that one couldn’t help but be surprised.

He was slightly hunched over, his messy hair and sun-chapped skin made him look unkept, the flesh on his face was even thinner to the point of deformation, they were completely unable to see his delicate features, they were in shock.

Shocked, not only because of the poor environment, but also the image was too bad.

But, his eyes.

Bright, clean, and full of hope.

And at his side, a small, civet cat crouched on the windowsill!

One man and one cat, from their expressions to their eyes, were actually so similar!

All those who saw this poster felt a tingle on their scalp.

Who was this? This couldn’t be Zhou Yuhe, right?

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