Zhou Yuhe laboriously carried two heavy woven bags and dropped them at the door like trash, then turned back to the couch to catch his breath.

Only when he had slowed down did he turn on his fully charged phone and went onto Weibo to look at his homepage.

680,000 followers, 80% of which were still from the time he had just debuted, the company threw resources wildly at him to make him known, and the growth in followers over the past few months was simply pathetic.And the comments and retweets of the last Weibo were at 564 and 92 respectively, the ordinary netizens with followers were also better than him.
 Zhou Yuhe sighed, then read through the past Weibo posts, and that otherworldly feeling put him in a trance again.

 After reading it, he deleted some of the posts that were obviously not in line with his current personality, lest if he sent a post again in the future, it would make people feel as if he had suddenly changed.
 Zhou Yuhe had deleted nearly half a year’s worth of posts, and was still ready to delete more, he thought about it but didn’t continue.

Forget it, let’s leave it like this for now.
He looked at these traces of the past with attachment.

 Not just his own posts, Zhou Yuhe also couldn’t help but go through the black history of his old friends from more than twenty years ago, strolled through the posts inside and out, and just sat holding his phone for more than three hours.
The one thing that pulled him out of his reminiscence was a hot search that suddenly sprang up.

Cao Qiuyue plagiarism.
The words “Cao Qiuyue” crashed into his eyes without warning.
Just like a boulder suddenly falling down the calm lake, it started the waves.

Zhou Yuhe got up from the sofa, quickly exited Weibo, opened his phone address book, looked at the word “Cao Qiuyan”, and dialed it without thinking about it.
Beeping …

Instead, he heard the cold phrase “the number you dialed has been turned off”, made Zhou Yuhe tremble and his eyes became red.
Singer Cao Qiyue was the most important female friend in his past life and the only girlfriend he had ever dated. They had been excellent friends since they found that their sexual orientation wasn’t straight, thus breaking up peacefully. After he ran away from home, Cao Qiuyan became his only family.
But this only family member committed suicide by cutting her wrist more than ten years ago.

The cause of death was the plagiarism.
From rebirth to now, Zhou Yuhe, who hadn’t cried for a whole day, couldn’t stop crying at this moment.
It’s great that you’re still alive …
It’s great to be reborn!

Zhou Yuhe had never been so grateful for his rebirth as he was now, grateful that God was able to give him the chance to save her life.
 As soon as the call was cut off, he redialed back until he had gone back and forth seven or eight times to make sure that the other party’s phone number was actually working, before he trembled and wiped away the tears on his phone screen with his sleeve, leaving a message for Cao Qiuyan on WeChat and SMS respectively.

Although he didn’t know why she wouldn’t answer her phone, but as long as she opened her phone, she would definitely reply him.

 The drunken Ceng Ang was stunned when he entered the house and saw Zhou Yuhe crying on the couch.

He thought of the suspected packed luggage outside the door, and saw Zhou Yuhe in this way. He was immediately convinced that this boy had feelings for him, and wanted to leave home to stimulate him to retain him.

Therefore, with the strength of wine, he was even more daring. He didn’t feel uncomfortable to sit on the edge next to Zhou Yuhe, he held his thin waist and shouted Zhou Yuhe’s name in a muttering manner.
“Yuhe, Yuhe, Yuhe…”

 And he didn’t say anything unnecessary, just name calling, letting people’s imaginations float.
Ceng Ang had thought clearly when he was drinking outside, although Zhou Yuhe had robbed him of Xu Chang, but he couldn’t live without him now, so he went back to use the alcohol to get him and make him think that he still had feelings for him, and then the next day he would make a scene, this guy definitely couldn’t leave him behind….

The repeatedly tried and true Ceng Ang, as if he had grown on Zhou Yuhe, used his unusually low and husky drunken voice to call out Zhou Yuhe’s name a hundred times tenderly.
Yuhe had completely sobered up from the happy news that Cao Qiuyan was still alive the moment the other party entered the door.His eyes were unusually cold, shooting at Ceng Ang’s body like a knife and arrow.It was a pity that Ceng Ang was too drunk to pay attention, and was strenuously deep in the script he had prepared.

  ”Roll.”Zhou Yuhe’s face was gloomy.

Ceng Ang was stunned for a moment, then pretended as if he hadn’t heard, and continued to rub his face against Zhou Yuhe.
  Zhou Yuhe disgustingly grabbed his back collar and forcefully picked up this guy’s neck along with his head, he said the words that he had been holding back for twenty years, while twenty years ago, Zhou Yuhe couldn’t say them anyway.
“Take the trash at the door and get out of here!”
Ceng Ang was so startled that even the tone of his voice was much more normal.
“The door, those bags outside the door are mine?”
  Zhou Yuhe stood up, facing the couch with a condescending sneer, “Or what?You think it’s my own?After all you’ve done to wrong me, I’m packing out of my own apartment for you to live in, and I’m rolling up my own sleeves and leaving, what’s wrong with me?”
Ceng Ang’s had mostly sobered up, and he looked up incredulously at the cold looking young man and shouted, “Bullshit!You have no right to throw me out!This is an apartment that the company has allocated to both of us, you can’t make decisions like that on your own!”

  Zhou Yuhe frowned, “You have amnesia, don’t you? That apartment was too small for you, I brought you out to live here two months ago. Now this, it’s an apartment that I, Zhou Yuhe, spent my own money to rent, and I have to go through the company’s approval to kick you out?”
 It was only after he said that that Ceng Ang remembered that there was such a thing.
Ceng Ang was uniquely blessed to be picked out by the director after less than three months of training, unlike Zhou Yuhe who made his debut in a film, he had practiced as a trainee of the company for seven or eight years, when the company was originally going to insert him into an idol group to debut, but it was not uncommon for the entertainment industry to be airborne and bring in funds to the group, and the positioning was so repetitive that he would not have even had a chance to debut if the top management hadn’t been prepared to focus on developing the actor’s department.
  The fame and attention he had accumulated this year made him fade away-.
 He still hadn’t paid off the huge debt he owed to the company during his time as a trainee!
 Having lost Zhou Yuhe, although he couldn’t say he was sleeping on the streets, it was absolutely impossible for him to return to his current standard of living!
 Ceng Ang, who was used to being unrestrained in this relationship, only now clearly realized that between himself and Zhou Yuhe, the so-called dominance, the so-called doing whatever he wanted, and even everything he got now – all because of the love of this teenager whom he disliked and hated to the extreme.
 Once he lost him, not to mention his current life, even in the future, those resources that belonged to Zhou Yuhe would no longer fall into his hands, and he would have to crawl in the showbiz with that little talent of his?How could it be, how could it be….
  Tears of remorse continued to fall from his cheeks as he took advantage of the wine and shamelessly picked up the young man’s trousers and wept bitterly,

“Yuhe, Yuhe, you misunderstood, I didn’t do anything wrong to you, don’t ever leave me…”
Before he could finish his sentence, a small box of something smashed into his face.

Ceng Ang followed the object’s rolling path and reached out to catch it, picking it up to see that it was a half-used box of…SAFETY .. condoms.
Ceng Ang’s face went white.
  Zhou Yuhe’s voice was like a deep lake that froze three feet in the middle of winter, “What else do you have to say?You know, I can’t use this stuff.”

  Ironclad evidence, Ceng Ang could no longer say anything to defend himself, so he could only hug Zhou Yuhe’s waist with a snotty nose and tears, “I’m sorry I really didn’t do it on purpose, I’ll go back and definitely cut off contact with her and have a good life with you…”
Live well…that had been something he’d believed twenty years ago, and what had happened?
“…Ceng Ang, I advise you to be sensible, hand over the keys and get out yourself, otherwise…don’t blame me for beating you up!” Zhou Yuhe forcefully jerked Ceng Ang off his body and lifted his foot and stepped on Ceng Ang’s chest.
That foot almost stepped on Ceng Ang’s throat, and he didn’t know if it was because he was a drunken wimp, but in such a dangerous situation, he actually didn’t run immediately, but held Zhou Yuhe’s foot in a smooth manner and refused to let go.
“You really think that I don’t dare to hit you isn’t it… “Zhou Yuhe dragged Ceng Ang out and threw him onto the living room floor, seeing that he was confused and not willing to let go, and his mouth even dared to pull and say some words like he loved him, the inherently not so warm Zhou Yuhe angrily smashed a punch on Ceng Ang’s abdomen, punch after a punch fell on the places that could be concealed.

This anger, he endured for twenty years, he fantasized for twenty years of having the opportunity to vent it out so viciously, but at that time they were both notorious popular artists, not to mention this kind of meeting alone, without fighting, even their usual speech had to be deliberate, so as not to let the media write randomly.
  And today! All of the past was vented by Zhou Yuhe’s pair of fists, Ceng Ang’s moaned as he laid on the ground, his wretched appearance, his pleading tremors-.The moaning of Ceng Ang lying on the ground, his wretched appearance, the trill of his plea for mercy- 
  What a relief this was! What a pleasure!
  Zhou Yuhe’s eyes suddenly became moist, tears blurred his vision, the man curled up under his fist and moaned in grief .The person who was moaning, unarmed and powerless to fight back also changed from Ceng Ang to his own face .

  Zhou Yuhe was startled.
 The movement of his hands stopped.
  There was a momentary pause in time.

  Then- .
  ”Yuhe…” Ceng Ang wailed, Ceng Ang was a mess. He didn’t know what was happening, all he felt in the darkness was that something had been pulled out of his pocket, he just realized what it was and struggled to grab it, the next thing he knew, he was being dragged by the back collar and his entire body was thrown right out the door.

  ”Hiss-” Ceng Ang covered his back that was hurt by the fall, and slowly propped himself up, but he saw Zhou Yuhe standing motionless in the doorway, a line of tears dripping down his cheeks, his eyes were expressionless, as if they were looking at him, or through him, at some other person.

 There was a pattering sound in the darkness outside the corridor window.

  It was raining.
Ceng Ang didn’t know why his mood had suddenly become so strange, he had not quarreled with the boy for a year, but he had never had this, as if he had the illusion of losing this person forever, as if there was a pair of muddy hands in the abyss was pulling him down and down again….

  He also cried.

  If the sobbing before was just an act, then at this moment, Ceng Ang was really sad, he really knew it was wrong.
  His body hurt, hurt, but his heart hurt even more….
  He was about to say something, do something, but the teenager’s voice was faster, he moved faster, and the metal door slammed shut at the same time his words came out.
  He said-.
  ”Good-bye, Ceng Ang.”
  Good-bye, Zhou Yuhe.


Yuhe is saying goodbye to himself 😢

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