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Meng Chuan.

Fifteen years later, the king of commercial films in the Chinese film industry.

He was also recognised as the leading director in the industry whose film production was most similar to the Hollywood’s commercial system.

The Chinese film industry started late, especially commercial films, and the whole market was still in the fumbling stage.

He was born in the United States, and spent the first thirty years of his life in Hollywood, editing, post-production, directing, screenwriting, absorbing the nutrients of Hollywood in all aspects, and only returned to China in the last five years to develop, so far, shooting commercial films.

When it came to literary films, it seemed that this future director had nothing to do with him, how did Zhou Yuhe think of him?

It was all because of a delayed literary film he made four years later, “Thin Cherry”.

Towards homosexuality, China was in the newly opened stage, although homosexuals were now allowed to get married, but the requirements and regulations were very many, as difficult as getting a U.S. green card, same-sex films and television works were naturally quite strict, Zhou Yuhe remembered, after fifteen years, it could be released in the domestic market, “thin cherry” was one of the landmark works. The film was a milestone.

With Meng Chuan’s excellent plot control, “thin cherry” was polished to the extreme, its plot coherence was completely no less than commercial blockbusters, with word-of-mouth recommendation, it exploded in the box office, sweeping the following year’s major film awards ceremony, it won numerous awards.

It was because of the existence of “Thin Cherry”, Zhou Yuhe believed that Meng Chuan would also be able to make “Cats”.

Seeing that Zhou Yuhe was so devoted to recommending him, Cai Yuan and Yang Yu also considered it carefully and thought that this plan was feasible, and since Meng Chuan had just made a bit of a name for himself in China, it shouldn’t be difficult to hire him.

“In that case, then I will be responsible for contacting Meng Chuan from my side.” Cai Yuan said with a faint smile.

Zhou Yuhe nodded his head.

If Meng Chuan was on board, then his confidence in the film would increase lot more.

However, three days later, the news that reached Yang Yu’s side was –

Meng Chuan had refused.


“Why?” Zhou Yuhe sat in the nanny car surprised, “Mr. Cai should have been generous with his bid, right?”

At this time, they were heading to a well-known domestic outdoor reality show as temporary guests, Yang Yu scanned the show’s desk book while saying to Zhou Yuhe, “It’s not the price, but ‘not interested’.”

Yang Yu lifted his head, “Meng Chuan said that he is not interested in literary films.”

“That’s not possible.” The way he shot “Thin Cherry” was very skillful, the long shots and the use of colour were simply described as dazzling. If he didn’t have a deep knowledge of the filming techniques of literary films, it was impossible to make the artistic effects so stunning.

Zhou Yuhe thought for a moment and said, “Did he refuse very firmly? Did he mention any conditions?”

This time, Yang Yu looked at him with some hesitation.

“Yes, there is. He said …… if he must want to ask him to direct, he only has one request -”

“That is to replace you.”

Replace him?

Zhou Yuhe froze for a moment.

Then he couldn’t help but erupt into a light laughter.

He leaned back on the leather car seat, his expression somewhat lazy, without any sign of anger, just an unexpected expression, but still with an unspeakable aura, he tilted his head and said, “So the fundamental reason he refused to direct this movie was because he didn’t trust my acting skills? Or purely hates me?”

Yang Yu sighed, there was no excuse for Zhou Yuhe to have such a reaction.

Although “Rejuvenation” and “Searching For Heaven” were divine dramas, Zhou Yuhe’s performance in them was obvious to all, although the audience would still subconsciously classify him as an idol, but as long as the professionals could easily see Zhou Yuhe’s acting skills rather than the newcomers that didn’t know how to act, otherwise why were several A-class productions hoping for his to play a major role?

The rejection of Zhou Yuhe and rejection of this film, was also Yang Yu never expected.

He said: “Who knows? Since he clearly wants to pick on you, let’s choose another director.”

Zhou Yuhe pondered, his right hand rubbing his chin, the sunlight peeked through the gap between the car curtains, sprinkling on the handsome face of the teenager, a pair of pitch-black pupils in the morning light turned into a very beautiful amber colour, flooded with a fine and flowing light.

“But I think it’s not that simple ……” He thought he had no hatred or grudge with Meng Chuan, so why would he target him? Or was …… there another reason?

Yang Yu said: “You mean to try again? But on our side he has already cut contacts.”

Zhou Yuhe instantly remembered Xie Yifeng, who was known as a social flower in the circle, and he said, “It’s okay, if the public one doesn’t work, we’ll do it privately.”

Yang Yu was about to ask him what this meant, the nanny car suddenly arrived at the scene of the programme recording, there was no choice but to accompany Zhou Yuhe off first.

Zhou Yuhe’s popularity was soaring very fast.

Because of this, Yang Yu, who understood the truth that too little was too late, he didn’t rush him to frequent television shows, only during the promotion of his work would he be on some talk shows or variety shows, reality shows were even less, this programme could be said to be his first reality show since Zhou Yuhe became popular.

This reality show was very popular in China, and the MC team were almost all household names. They had been juggling with each other for a while, and after the official announcement of Zhou Yuhe’s appearance, they announced it in unison.

The fans sitting in front of the TV set understood and instantly got up a lot of energy.

The teenager with a smile at the corners of his mouth in a soft filter in the late stage of cherry blossoms made by the programme team, slowly walked into the picture, like a fairy who fell into the mortal world, making people’s hearts move so much that they just wanted to scream out loud!

The MC’s reaction was also very realistic!

“Wow! Is this kind of face real? Is he equally as human as me?!” The MC who was in charge of being funny in the team exclaimed with an exaggerated expression.

The control MC next to him sniffed and gave the funny MC a glance, the too strong contrast in facial value made him spit out, “Why is there so much difference!”

A burst of laughter rang out in front of the TV.

“Totally the feeling of first love eh ……”

“I always thought that Zhou Yuhe’s photos were all photoshopped, but today, responsibly, I’ll tell you, completely, no!” A dark-skinned MC said.

The funny MV caught the point of the dark-skinned MC’s words and immediately disliked him: “You still say that people photoshop pictures, your own official pictures makes you a white person, okay? Last time I clicked on your post, I saw that you were even whiter than me! Doesn’t your conscience hurt?”

The camera also gave a close-up of the two people’s arms in comparison, and the vastly different skin tones immediately triggered another round of laughs.

The only young lady in the MC team, first-tier actress Wang Shiqiu, joked, “A few of you were just saying you were fresh meat, and now the real fresh meat is here.”

The controlling MC took over, “Yuhe say hello to everyone.”

Zhou Yuhe looked at the camera and smiled gently, “Hello everyone, I’m Zhou Yuhe.”

Wang Shiqiu: “Yuhe, it’s too monotonous for you to introduce like this, you should add a little prefix, such as ‘national first love’, ‘double year drama king’, ‘teenager with golden fingers ‘ or something like that.”

Zhou Yuhe couldn’t help himself, “What’s the golden finger about, how come I don’t know it myself?”

Wang Shiqiu: “Didn’t you find out which drama you acted in, which drama wasn’t the drama king of that year? Now netizens are saying that you are a novel hero with golden fingers, a cheating player with a prop.”

A cheating player with a prop?

It was really quite apt.

Control MC: “What I’m more curious about is what it’s like to have a prop?”

This question seemed to throw a point to Zhou Yuhe to let him play, but in fact, the thunder point was also big, if he really followed thehe thought of the control MC to say how he became popular, even if it was in a joking tone, it would certainly cause discomfort to some viewers, and there would even be anti-fans using his words against him.

So Zhou Yuhe pretended to contemplate: “I feel it’s not useful to me, because I want to be a game company boss.”

“Eh, this can be connected ah!”
[TN: I’m vaguely sure it’s connected in Chinese but in English it just goes /–\]

“Very witty well, today we have a lot of challenges!”

The relaxed and pleasant atmosphere of the scene made the MC and audience in front of the television set, relieved.

The variety show that Zhou Yuhe was on before he became popular was simply called black history, although the results on the talk show afterwards were not bad, but the reality show really made people sweat.

Now it looked like …… Zhou Zhou was adapting very well!

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  1. A golden finger is like a game cheat, so maybe that’s how it’s related to being a game company boss?? 🤔🤔🤔

    1. Kalzang bhutia says: Reply

      Golden finger actually refers to a characters over powerness. Like in anime OP characters.

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