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How did he know he was here?

How did he manage to relieve him in such an apt manner?

None of that mattered.

The important thing was that he sat next to him and he grabbed his hand.

Even if it was a Hongmen Banquet, he had the courage to face it.

Not to mention just an ordinary outing.

Zhou Yuhe’s whole body was relaxed, looking at the three directors and Ji Chen, his gaze wasn’t as cautious and careful as before, the other party had some influence on him due to his memories of his past life and his hands and feet became a little cold, then when Xie Yifeng came in, Zhou Yuhe’s heart completely warmed up.

It was just an outing, hadn’t he experienced more in his previous life?

A confident and calm smile appeared on Zhou Yuhe’s face.

The atmosphere was in full swing.

When Director Zhuo was drunk, he pulled Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe and said , “Yifeng ah, little Xie is very good ah, very polite, you also know each other.”

Director Liao, on the other side of the table spoke up, “Director Zhuo you’ve drank too much, little Xie is Yifeng ah, if you are talking about little Zhou, then they have worked together for two films, so they are familiar with each other!”

Director Zhuo puffed out his cheeks, a little like a child, “Really?”

Xie Yifeng: “Yes, director Zhuo, Yuhr also mentioned your work on the set, saying that you are China’s ‘Mashat’ is not an exaggeration.”

Director Zhuo’s eyes lit up and he looked at Zhou Yuhe differently, “You know about ‘Mashat?”

Mashat was a great director in Hollywood in the last century who was known for his use of color, and he was indeed director Zhuo’s idol.

Zhou Yuhe couldn’t imagine that he just casually mentioned it at that time, yet Xie Yifeng remembered it.

Zhou Yuhe’s heart was slightly moved, he said unhurriedly: “Mashat’s colour world can be said to be colourful yet harmonious and unified, he is good at using different lighting and colour effects to show the corresponding atmosphere of the film or the state of mind of the character. In fact, I prefer Director Zhuo’s works to his kind of films that highlight tragedy in heavy colors, whether it’s “Heart Rate”, or “Color Bridge”, or “The Stone in the River”, the colours inherit the merits of Mashat, but the core is more warm and profound, even though there are tragic elements in it, but the end of the story always brings people hope… …”

Several directors in the audience, who were not impressed when they first listened, changed their faces and became serious and attentive when they heard the latter.

He really knew what he was doing!

If previously, they were pleasant to Zhou Yuhe because of Ji Chen, thinking that there was some intimate relationship between the two of them and it wouldn’t be good to offend the young master of the Ji family, then this moment, they were really impressed with Zhou Yuhe.

When it came to movies, several people present were industry leaders, but also film nerds, they became much more enthusiastic when they talked about movies, instead of business.

From the explosion of Hong Kong movies in the 1990s to the unevenness of the film industry now, from domestic movies to Hollywood movies, Zhou Yuhe could answer almost everything, more extensive than them old guys!

This was only a young man of 20 years old! His talk and temperament felt like he was a two decades old actor!

And they heard that he didn’t study acting, to achieve such insight, it could be seen how much hard work the young man has used behind the scenes!

Zhou Yuhe’s voice wasn’t loud, nor excited, but just lightly, without losing humorous ups and downs, he talked about all aspects of the film industry, with sincerity and eagerness on his face, when he was saying these things, he looked like a small glowing sun, shining so brightly that almost everyone couldn’t move their eyes, including Ji Chen.

He had never thought that this person was actually excellent to such a degree.

Even he, didn’t have such knowledge, yet Zhou Yuhe was able to speak with ease and wonderful words.

The whole audience looked at the teenager sitting in the corner with incredulous eyes, only Xie Yifeng beside him, had the corners of his mouth raised in a pleased and proud curve.

This was the first time they had seen such a Zhou Yuhe, but Xie Yifeng had seen it many times before on the set.

At that time, Zhang Liran, director Cai, Mr. Fang had such expressions.

He knew from a long time ago.

Immersed in films and acting….

Was the most dazzling Yuhe.

His hand squeezed Zhou Yuhe’s hand and didn’t let go, and the other side also squeezed him back.

The two of them were synchronized and revealed a smile that blinded Ji Chen’s dog eyes.

During the last parts, director Zhuo tugged on Zhou Yuhe’s sleeve and said he appreciated him and he could come to audition for any of his films in the future.

Zhou Yuhe thanked him repeatedly.

Although looking at Director Zhuo’s drunk look, he didn’t know if he would remember this after sobering up.

But the fact that the other could say this, at least proved that his performance in today’s outing was considered very good, later when Yang Yu handed over scripts, he might not even need to audition.

Several people walked out of the hotel.

Director Zhuo drank a lot, he was assisted into the car by his assistant, but Director Liao and Zhou still felt a little unfulfilled.

Xie Yifeng proposed for them to go singing.

Zhou Yuhe naturally also followed, the box had been a bright place, they hadn’t gotten the opportunity to talk in private.

Ji Chen saw that Zhou Yuhe also went, he originally wanted to follow keep an eye on them.

Who knew that the young master’s cell phone would ring at this time, coincidentally.

This was the second “coincidence” that he didn’t want to see tonight.

Ji Chen hung up with a blank face.

“The company has some business, I will not accompany you all,” he glanced at Zhao Hua, “Keep an eye out for Yuhe, he had too much to drink today, be sure to personally send him home.”

Don’t let him have a chance to spend time alone with him.

Zhao Hua understood, he gave a look indicating that he would definitely not let Xie Yifeng have the opportunity to get close to Zhou Yuhe.

Ji Chen nodded his head and walked away reassured.

Inside a large KTV in Kyoto.

Immediately Zhou Yuhe sat down, Zhao Hua sat down next to him, determined not to let Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe sit together!

He could be said to be a very competent lapdog!

Xie Yifeng froze for a moment, then smiled and sat next to Zhao Hua.

On the other side, director Liao and director Zhou, who knew nothing: “……”

Why were the three of them so close to each other?

Was the box too cold or the sofa too crowded?

The cosmic straight men Liao and Zhou naturally didn’t know how hard Director Zhao worked to prevent the two from having a chance to stick together, and they ordered the song and then sang on their own.

Two or three songs later.

Xie Yifeng smilingly asked Zhao Hua: “Director Zhao, what’s the point of just watching, why don’t you go and order a few songs too?”

Zhao Hua: “No, it’s not necessary, I can’t sing well, I’ll just watch you guys like this.”

Zhou Yuhe made a gesture to get up, “I’m going to order a song, brother Zhao please make way.”

Zhao Hua was very sharp-eyed and took out the iPad under the coffee table, “This store allows you to order songs online, it will be troublesome for you to stand up, little Zhou you can take the iPad and order here.”

Zhou Yuhe: “……”

He conceded defeat and sat down with the iPad.

At this time, something suddenly vibrated in his pocket.

Zhou Yuhe took out his phone and saw that it was Xie Yifeng who had sent him a WeChat.

“Is it exciting tonight?”

“Exciting to death.”

Zhou Yuhe’s two thumbs tapped on the screen quickly, “It would be more exciting if you told me how you knew I was here.”

“Didn’t you ask me to come?”

Zhou Yuhe was confused, “I called you?”

The corner of Xie Yifeng’s mouth rose in a naughty smile, “Yes, I heard you calling frantically in your heart, Brother Xie, Brother Xie come and save me! I heard it, so I rushed over first.”


Zhou Yuhe was happy, his heartbeat couldn’t help but speed up a little, his face was extremely red, “How come I didn’t know you had mind-reading skills?”

“I don’t have mind-reading skills,” Xie Yifeng said, “I only know your heart.”

Zhou Yuhe was dizzy from the shock of this confession-like sentence, and his heart began to beat uncontrollably like a heavy hammer was hitting it.

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