Zhou Yuhe felt as if he wasn’t holding a cell phone, but a hot stone slab that had been baked in the fire for a long time, and his ears were hot, as he stared at the cell phone screen, not knowing whether to reply or not, and what could he say?

He seemed to remember being dragged around by Ji Chen to make a toast.

Yes, wine …..

Zhou Yuhe grabbed the glass full of wine on the table like it was a blessing to his soul, and emptied the glass. His whole face wrinkled like a bitter gourd, and he hiccuped softly. He looked very shy and overwhelmed.

Xie Yifeng felt bubbles rising to the tip of his heart.

He moved his fingers slightly, as if he wanted to grab Zhou Yuhe, but Zhao Hua was in the middle, reminding him that there were really a lot of light bulbs [aka third wheels] present.

Xie Yifeng could only give up.

His fingers gently tapped his knee, then he suddenly grabbed the iPad and clicked on a song.

The dazed Zhou Yuhe had been in a dizzy state until “Searching For Heaven’s” soundtrack rang out in the box.

“Eh eh eh! Searching For Heaven”! Yifeng, Xiao Zhou, sing!” The drunken and red-faced director Liao hurriedly grabbed the microphone from director Zhou’s hand and handed it to Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe together with his own.

This was love song sung by a man and a woman.

The only people who could sing this song here were Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe.

“Why are you all crowded together? come put and sing.” After the microphone was shoved to them, Director Liao also pulled up the two from their sitting positions, Zhao Hua looked at the two, he originally wanted to stop it, but his behaviour would be too obvious and strange, so he had to give up.

Although the soundtrack of ‘Searching For Heaven’ was a love song sung by a man and a woman, the song style was majestic and atmospheric, and the content of the lyrics was about a man who gave up the three realms for the woman, the story of infatuation with no regrets.

Originally this good love song, was the story of Yuan Tian and Lin Xue, but the CP[Couple Pairing] fans decided that the song was more suitable for the Venerable Demon and Yuan Tian, and another song was suitable for the Yuan Xue CP, which was a song from Lin Xue’s point of view about her love and guilt towards Yuan Tian.

So this song was taken as a CP song by the VenerableYuan CP fans.

Recently, two famous voice actors re-recorded the VenerableYuan CP version, which was widely circulated.

The straight men of steel, director Liao, director Zhou and director Zhao, of course, didn’t know this.

But Zhou Yuhe knew.

As for Xie Yifeng ……

He took a look at Xie Yifeng who held the microphone through the not very bright light, and his mood was very delicate.

Now Zhou Yuhe wasn’t sure if he knew.

The guzheng slowly rang out, Xie Yifeng’s low magnetic voice slowly followef the indistinct and desolate background sound.
[TN: The zheng or guzheng, is a Chinese plucked zither.]

His voice was very nice, like red wine, but the voice was unexpectedly full, if people didn’t know that the other was an actor, the few people present would have thought it was some kind of song god singing.

Xie Yifeng was handsome, had a good personality, good character and excellent acting skills, but he also had a naturally beautiful voice.

Almost every person thought he was a born entertainer.

Zhou Yuhe also used to think so.

But now he didn’t.

He now sincerely wished that this guy wasn’t so handsome and his singing wasn’t too good, with preferably dull eyes, an extremely ugly face out of this world and a voice like a broken bellows –

This way, when he looked at him, his heart wouldn’t beat so fast.

“Lone plum, proud in the cold ice, white snow floating in the sky, hope I can fall in your eyes ……” Xie Yifeng sang his words while looking at Zhou Yuhe, when his part was about to end, the corners of his mouth hooked into a smile, his eyes looked like starry sky, extremely heartwarming.

Zhou Yuhe couldn’t stand it after one look, he hurriedly turned his eyes to the screen, and by this time his lyrics had already started rolling, and he undoubtedly missed the first line.

Fortunately, after a stumble, he finally picked up the words afterwards.

Although Cao Qiyue always dissed him for not being able to sing.

But she was a singer.

Actually, Zhou Yuhe’s voice wasn’t ugly, but he didn’t practice very much, so it was at a normal level, that was, an ordinary level. Compared with Xie Yifeng’s perfect voice, his singing really had nothing outstanding about it.

But Xie Yifeng showed a happy expression, as if he sang heavenly.

Because he liked it, even his mistakes, in his opinion, were very cute.

Because he liked it, even if it didn’t sound good, he was fascinated by the way he seriously wanted to keep up with the beat.

In the box, there were three huge light bulbs [TN:thirdwheels] sitting in the back.

But in this beautiful and affectionate melody, the world seemed to be left with only the two of them.

What could be heard wasn’t each other’s voice.

Rather, their intertwined and overlapping heartbeats.

“In the immortal mountain, going 10,000 miles without seeing you, it isn’t enough to regret, shallow pear blossom, dreaming into words,……”

The song was over.

The box resounded with sparse applause.

The two people who finished singing together finally sat together as they wished.

Zhao Hua wanted to say something else.

But he was sold by Xie Yifeng’s sentence “Director Zhao is so cunning, he hasn’t even gone to the table to drink the wine tonight.”

Director Liao and Director Zhou immediately crowded him and poured the wine for Zhao Hua.

Director Zhao, who had no time to spare, couldn’t bother them anymore.

Zhou Yuhe sat on the sofa and calmed down.

But suddenly there was an extra weight on his shoulder – Xie Yifeng leaned his head on his shoulder.

Zhou Yuhe subconsciously wanted to hide.

But who knew that Xie Yifeng pressed his palm against him, so that he couldn’t move.

His hand was very hot, the heat felt like it could burn straight into Zhou Yuhe’s chest.

His heartbeat that had calmed down sped up again.

“Yuhe, don’t hide.” The low, alluring voice rang out softly.

“I …… drank a lot of wine today, do you know why?” The nice and somewhat ambiguous voice with the soothing music accurately pierced Zhou Yuhe’s ears and attacked his heart.

This kind of atmosphere, this kind of eyes.

Anyone with eyes could see that something was going on.

Not to mention that Zhou Yuhe wasn’t really a twenty-year-old boy.

And he had had a crush on Xie Yifeng for a few years.

How could he not feel anything?

It was like, buying lottery tickets everyday for several years expecting to win.

The actual day when you really won the lottery, you wouldn’t believe it, and you’d be scared.

The crumpled lottery ticket in his hand was so torn up that he didn’t even dare to go into the lottery store on the street.

Zhou Yuhe probably had this mindset now.

He stiffly pulled out a smile, deliberately wanting to destroy the ambiguous atmosphere: “Because of the good drinks? Because the bottle of wine is your favourite? You did it on behalf of ……”

Xie Yifeng looked up and glared at him.

Zhou Yuhe shut up.

Xie Yifeng re-nestled his head on Zhou Yuhe’s shoulder, and the smell of the wine kept teasing the tip of Zhou Yuhe’s nose. His low magnetic voice sounded muffled –

“Because of you.”

“Because I’m afraid you’ll be forced, afraid you won’t be able to handle it.”

“So this kind of thing, I can resist if I can resist, I can block if I can block.”

“You just have to act well.”

You just …… have to like me too.

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