Ji Yuan gave a gesture to the emcee in the distance, who came over and solemnly introduced the next program to be performed by Meng Churong and Zhou Yuhe.

The applause was thunderous.

Zhou Yuhe made a gentlemanly gesture of invitation under the attention of all.

Meng Churong also smiled sweetly, took his arm, and walked towards the center stage.

From the surface, it was completely impossible to see the grudges between these two people.

On the contrary, it was the golden girl, which made it very eye catching.

This was the entertainment industry.

All the fights and grudges must be hidden under the appearance of light, even if your companion walking the red carpet with you was someone you wanted to tear apart, then you could only show a flawless smile, and pick the right opportunity to strike again.

Meng Churong was probably in this state of mind.

Zhou Yuhe sat down in front of the piano.

With a slight smile.

After obtaining Meng Churong’s consent, he placed his fingers on the piano keys.

A beautiful melody like a tinkling spring rose from Zhou Yuhe’s slender white fingertips, instantly capturing the listener’s heart and soul.

But it made Meng Churong’s face change.

He had changed the tune.

She didn’t know if the other had been planning this for a long time, or if it was just a spontaneous intention, Meng Churong was in disarray.

But she was the only pearl of Meng’s group, she had seen a lot of big storms. In five seconds, she came back to her senses, found her rhythm in the slightly different melody, and cut in very smoothly.

Her singing voice was mellow and gentle, like a yellow warbler chirping, and like a pearl falling from a jade dish, with this spring-like piano sound, the two together actually had a kind of high mountain flow, a tacit understanding, so that the more the listener listened, the more intoxicated the listener became.

If you didn’t know, you’d think that this was a piece that the two of them had been rehearsing for days before they purposely came out to perform.

Meng Churong maintained a sweet and gentle smile on her face, but her heart kept beating hard.

The level of performance shown by Zhou Yuhe was obviously very different from the information she received.

Not only did he have the ability to play a piece perfectly and smoothly, he even had the ability to arrange it!

“Share” was originally a relatively calm and soothing song, but with Zhou Yuhe’s hands, it was wonderfully transformed into a quiet and melancholy little love song. Not only did this adaptation not change the original song out of place, but it was even more quiet and ethereal, setting off Zhou Yuhe, who was playing in a suit, like a noble and melancholy prince of the Middle Ages.

With such a performance, how could she suppress him?

Meng Churong no longer had such a mind.

She had fallen into his trap and could only be led by her nose. Keeping up with his rhythm had already consumed all her mind, and who could care about those messy thoughts?

However, even if she was so careful, at the next turn of the note –

She, Meng Churong.

Her voice cracked.

The party VIPs, who had been engrossed in the song, almost all cringed in unison.

It was over.

There was a momentary blankness in her brain, and before her mind was aware of it, her body’s instinct had taken the initiative to pick up and continue singing.

But the cracked voice was so sharp, so sharp that no one could ignore it.

Everyone in the room looked at Meng Churong’s expression ……

It was already very subtle.

She didn’t know how she walked off the stage.

She only knew that when the piano piece ended and she fled to the restroom in a very sorry state, thunderous applause rang out around her.

This applause was certainly not for her.

Rather, it was for Zhou Yuhe.

His performance was so perfect that he could have given a recital. Even Meng Churong’s mistake didn’t affect Zhou Yuhe’s performance at all, and he presented a very nice adaptation of “Share” from beginning to end.

Meng Churong clenched her teeth and looked back at the edge of the party to see Zhou Yuhe smiling calmly and gently accepting the compliments of the crowd, a trace of resentment flowed from her large eyes.


After responding to all the guests who were amazed by his music, Zhou Yuhe finally found a gap and escaped back to the corner of the banquet.

In fact, it was lucky that he managed to make Meng Churong look bad in public this time.

The information Meng Churong received wasn’t wrong.

Zhou Yuhe originally did not know how to play the piano.

In his previous life, he practiced day and night in order to win the leading role in a literary movie.

For Zhou Yuhe, whose appearance was no longer good, at that time, any opportunity to play the male lead, was very precious to him.

Not to mention that the director of the film, although a director of cliche subjects, the things that were shot were very connotative and deep.

This was the same movie that got him a nomination for the Golden Dragon Award before he died.

Zhou Yuhe exhaled, looking at the night scene in the distance, as if he had fallen into some distant memories again.

At this time –

“I can’t believe I didn’t know you actually played the piano so well.” Ji Chen’s exclamatory voice sounded behind him.

Hearing Ji Chen’s voice, Zhou Yuhe’s heart became irritated, he turned around and glanced at Ji Chen nonchalantly, “There are still many things that Mr. Ji doesn’t know.”

Being glanced at by Zhou Yuhe, Ji Chen, instead of flinching, took a step closer and said with a smile, “It seems that I don’t know you well enough.”

“You don’t need to know too much about me.”


Like he heard a funny joke, Zhou Yuhe said with meaningful words, “Don’t forget that you are a man who has a girlfriend.”

Ji Chen laughed, “Oh, who told you I have a girlfriend now?”

Zhou Yuhe raised his eyebrows, “What?”

Ji Chen came to his side and leaned against the railing in the same pose as him and took a sip of champagne, “Isn’t this kind of thing very common in the entertainment industry? Ning Qin’er has been busy making movies lately, and I’m busy with variety shows, so I’ve been pried into a corner without paying attention.”

“You were dumped?”

Zhou Yuhe recalled that in his last life it did seem like this was the time when the news broke out that Ning Qin’er and Ji Chen had broken up, and then not long after that she became Fan Junxi’s girlfriend. It turned out that these two were already together when they were filming “Searching For Heaven”.

Ji Chen inclined his head and gazed at Zhou Yuhe with deep eyes, his tone was a bit sad, “You don’t believe me?”

Zhou Yuhe simply wanted to laugh.


If he hadn’t dumped Ning Qin’er first, with Ning Qin’er, a girl with little background, working in the entertainment industry, how dare she make Ji Chen a cuckold?

Now in front of him, he wanted to play such a scene “hurt by love”?

Zhou Yuhe wanted to laugh, then he really laughed, said the words without any mercy, “Why should I believe? What does this have to do with me?”

A cold light flashed in Ji Chen’s eyes.

Perhaps stimulated by Zhou Yuhe’s attitude, he drained the champagne in his hand, put away his sadness, and approached Zhou Yuhe with a little wolfishness, his tone warm and ambiguous, “Nothing to do with you? How can you say it has nothing to do with you? Ning Qin’er and I have broken up, and I have always admired you, why can’t you give me a chance? The same thing as today is inevitable in the entertainment industry, you won’t always be so lucky and be able to resolve the crisis, why not take a step closer to me, I will help you avoid a lot of such trouble.”

“And the movie role was stolen, I know you’re very sad, but I promise there will be no such thing in the future, okay? I will give you all the support in your career, as for the feelings we can talk slowly ……”

If a newcomer who had just entered the acting world, hearing such promises, such warm words of love, they may have been coaxed to dizziness.

But Zhou Yuhe was not moved in the slightest.

Facing Ji Chen’s approach, he didn’t hide.

Even his eyes were not evasive, as if he didn’t exist.

His lips had a sneer.

“Mr. Ji, tonight you don’t even dare to refute a single thing from your eldest uncle, I don’t know where you got the confidence to make such a promise to me.”

The teenager’s cold voice was like a black and cold knife plunging straight into Ji Chen’s heart, poking him where it hurt the most.

And like two loud slaps on his handsome face.

The charming atmosphere between the two people disappeared.

Ji Chen coldly retreated, two fingers kept tapping on the railing, seemingly using his whole body to suppress his anger.

He smiled in anger, “Good, Zhou Yuhe, you are very good.”

Zhou Yuhe smiled faintly, half-afraid of the look.

“It won’t be long before you have the chance to see what I can do, and I hope you can still maintain your pride like now until that day.”

He brushed his sleeve and left.

Zhou Yuhe was left alone to ponder by the railing.

His hands gradually clenched into fists.

Putting aside these personal grudges with Ji Chen and Meng Churong.

In fact, today’s encounter also vaguely foreshadowed some trouble.

It seemed to remind him that I.S wasn’t a place for him to stay for a long time.

But to leave, wouldn’t be so easy.

The Ji family was a big player in the industry and was used to managing the artists under them with the same strong-arm tactics used to manage idols.

Two years ago, he signed a seven-year acting contract with I.S under the lure of a high share.

That meant there were still five years until the expiration date.

If the contract was really torn apart and forced to be terminated –

It wasn’t a difficult task for I.S to kill a popular actor who had not yet developed his wings.

Jumping to another mega-company required connections and the value of owning – and causing other companies to poach him at the risk of offending I.S. -.

And opening his own studio required money.

Not to mention the hefty breach fee of his contract.

Whether it was money, connections, resources, or strength.

The current Zhou Yuhe hadn’t yet reached the point where he could leave.

Zhou Yuhe sighed deeply.

Forget it, do not want to.

It was better to focus on the “Searching For Heaven” drama that would be aired soon, rather than the long-range termination of the contract.

After all, the results of “Searching For Heaven” would largely affect his next development.


After the Spring Festival.

“Searching For Heaven” entered the final promotional period, three days before the start of the broadcast, another version of the teaser was released.

This version of the teaser was heavier than the first version, focused on the plot of Yuan Tian’s blackening.

After being stabbed by Lin Xue at the Immortal Gate Competition, Yuan Tian woke up with endless resentment in a place called Death Spirit Mountain.

Drinking muddy water, eating rotten meat.

In order to survive.

He didn’t expect that Death Spirit Mountain wasn’t only a demon’s deserted mountain, but also a perfect place to cultivate.

But the cultivation was no longer the true Qi that the righteous were proud of, but the Qi of the dead soul.

Seven years into the demonic path, the storm clouds rose again.

The Heaven-Shattering Pearl reappeared, accompanied by what was no longer a legend of the decent school, but the rumors of the Venerable Demon’s awakening.

The three worlds were greatly alarmed, regardless of good and evil, people from all schools were all excited to move.

In order to find the whereabouts of Yuan Tian’s master, Lin Xue blended into a group of demon merchants invited to the Demon World event, the Ghost Banquet.

She and her companions were almost discovered, but at the critical moment, they were saved by the legendary “Venerable Demon”.

However, after seeing the true face of the “Venerable Demon”, she was…

“Are you crazy, Yuan Tian? You actually pretended to be the Venerable Demon to attend the ghost banquet? Aren’t you afraid of being discovered? How dare you!” Lin Xue was so angry but she wanted to take the man with the brocade clothes and jade crown, the evil, and escape.

But in the next second, she was yanked back by someone fiercely–

She fell into a strong, generous arm that couldn’t be denied.

“How dare you?” A cold hum of disdain escaped from his throat, and the corners of Yuan Tian’s mouth hooked into a soul-stirring, wickedly bad smile.

He pulled Lin Xue and stared at her closely, he asked back unpleasantly, “Why can’t I be a ‘Demon Dweller’? Don’t forget I have the Heaven-shattering Pearl in my hand.”

The camera was just on his side, revealing his sexy jawline and throat.

Arrogant, evil, and ambiguous.

Plus the previous costumes after the blackening of Yuan Tian were very casual and simple, now, him wearing purple brocade robe, wearing a jade crown, his face was also very clean, no bangs or stray hairs, his delicate face in such a costume had a  maximum advantage, he looked dignified and elegant, but also had a powerful and unmatched aura.

   If fans wanted to comment, this was the best, the stage, the best, the best!

With his immortal aura, National first love was thrown to the clouds.

When he pulled Lin Xue into his arms, some fans directly had nosebleeds!

Too much, too much, too much…

Even if he didn’t show anything, in the eyes of the fans, he was like walking hormones.

After watching it, straight men became bent, bent women became straight, men and women were killed…. One after another.

Ahhhhhhhhh!!! In short, they went crazy!!!

Everyone, please understand this toxic little brother!!!

 In fact, that part alone was enough to provoke a girl.

But this was the end of the trailer.

The real main event was still ahead –

After this episode, there was a fast-paced montage about how the protagonist group impersonated the identity of the Venerable Demon, the whole event stirred up a mess of drama.

The “Venerable Demon” hurt the world of demons.

    This made it difficult for the wicked men who were ready to defect to the demonic sect face their indignation and denounce the demonic world for not keeping its promise.

A wrecked ghost banquet.

In the perfectly positioned VIP box on the second floor –

The pale servant bowed his head respectfully.

“Venerable Demon, are you really not going to make a move?”

There was a soft clatter.

The camera just stopped on the small half of his smooth, clean-lined jaw that was revealed when the bamboo curtain fell.

The ancient charm extravagant and expensive background.

The young man called the Venerable Demon had a playful smile on his lips.

There was no response.

That night.

Countless viewers flocked to the internet.

All of them were asking on all social platforms…

Who was the “Venerable Demon”?

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