Seemingly not expecting the other party to call out his name, Bai Linsheng froze for a moment.

The words meant to mock Zhou Yuhe was used to block him.

“Oh,” Bai Linsheng laughed dryly, “how can this be considered overpraising, recently you’re everywhere on the news, even we old guys who look at it can’t help but envy a little ah.”

“You’re joking, Mr. Bai is not only a good actor, but you also won a record award before you entered the industry, I can only be considered as a class act in front of you.” Zhou Yuhe smiled faintly, like a slippery loach, so that people couldn’t pick out the mistakes in his words.

“Hahahahaha.” Bai Linsheng smiled, but secretly thought, how many years ago were the awards, he actually knew, it seemed that this kid wasn’t easy to deal with.

He pointed to the stage in the center and said, as if inadvertently, “Speaking of singing, I heard that you and Cao Qiyue are good friends, your voice should be very good, what, are you not going to show it today?”

I.S was an idol company, the singing and dancing performances were the highlight of the annual meeting every year, after the idols and singers performed, there would be a “free performance” session, anyone who wanted to show themselves in the annual meeting could take the initiative to step on the stage in the center.

Of course, daring to perform in front of so many respected seniors and the company’s top management, there was a lot of pressure, if one wasn’t careful, they would turn into a clown.

Zhou Yuhe pursed his lips.

Although he knew that Bai Linsheng wasn’t good, the other party was, after all, an entertainment industry senior, it wasn’t good to brush him off ……

When he was thinking about how to respond, a male voice suddenly appeared not far away, relieving him of his siege.

“He debuted not long after entering the company, he doesn’t have much training in singing and dancing, if Mr. Bai really wants to see, why don’t I ask Devin to go on stage?” Ji Chen held a tall glass and walked gracefully with a smile to the middle of the two.

Devin was the lead singer of Galaxy, the most popular idol group nowadays, and had outstanding business skills.

When Bai Linsheng took a look at Ji Chen, his face immediately closed up.

A pair of eyes kept glancing at Ji Chen and Zhou Yuhe, as if trying to determine what relationship the two had with each other.

It was rumored that Ji Chen went for men and women, as long as it was a rare beauty, he would definitely get his hands on them, and the face of this Zhou Yuhe …… was very much in line with the other’s aesthetics.

Today, he just wanted to take advantage of the annual meeting to knock down the young man who was in the limelight.

In the end, there was nothing between him and Zhou Yuhe, it wasn’t necessary to offend Ji Chen for Fan Junxi, a junior.

Bai Linsheng smiled and said, “Since Mr. Ji said so ……”

Before the words fell, a majestic male voice rang out from behind the crowd.

“It’s just a song, I.S artists are not so bad that they can’t even hold up this kind of scene.”

The three turned around and saw a middle-aged man in a suit, with upright and firm features and hawk-like sharpness in his eyes, walking slowly with a coquettishly smiling beauty by his side, with an aura that was hard to ignore.

The eyes of Ji Chen and Zhou Yuhe changed at the same time.

Ji Chen lowered his eyes, hiding all the complicated emotions in his eyes, and said with lowered and obedient eyes, “Eldest uncle.”

The person who came was none other than the man at the helm of I.S, Ji Chen’s eldest uncle Ji Yuan.

Ji Yuan stood still, smiled faintly at Bai Linsheng, then said to Ji Chen with a serious face, “How many times have I taught you to be humble and polite to your elders, your uncle Bai has more seniority in the entertainment industry than me, he wants to give his juniors a chance to showcase themselves, do you want to spoil their fun?”

Ji Chen listened to his lecture and was silent.

In fact, Ji Yuan was quite good to Ji Chen, the resources and opportunities he wanted, the people he wanted to pick up, no matter how ridiculous the mess was, Ji Yuan turned a blind eye, and even had his men satisfy him as much as possible.

On the one hand he wanted to show a little uncle-nephew love in front of the old man Ji, to leave a good impression on the old man.

On the other hand, it was also to paralyze Ji Chen, hoping that he would linger in the flowery world of entertainment and not suddenly wake up one day and come to fight with him for the family fortune.

But all this has changed this year.

 Originally, he had been so obsessed with acting that he thought he was playing well with Ji Yuan, but he didn’t expect that Ji Yuan would still be suspicious.

The assistant that Ji Yuan placed beside Ji Chen discovered that Ji Chen was recently thinking of ways to get into some movie investments.

Although Ji Chen reacted quickly and quickly removed this spy afterward, it was still detected by Ji Yuan.

    This undoubtedly touched his uncle’s line.

In addition, the recent health of the old man wasn’t very good, the doctor often said the situation wasn’t optimistic, which made Ji Yuan slowly relax, even his nephew wasn’t much in his eyes.

Ji Chen’s eyes darkened, a trace of resentment flashed in his eyes, but he quickly suppressed this emotion and said obediently, “What eldest uncle said is right.”

He obviously wanted to pull down the person in front of him and replace him, but the expression on his face didn’t show it in the slightest, exactly like an obedient nephew –

It must be said that Ji Chen’s heart was really very firm and able to endure.

For the Ji family’s uncle and nephew’s explicit shots and arrows, Zhou Yuhe didn’t put it on his mind.

His eyes fell on the young woman beside Ji Yuan.

The young, beautiful, colorful girl looked at the scene with a smile.

The expression on her face was somewhat naive and romantic, as if she didn’t see the trick.

But her eyes were too clear.

Meng Churong ……

These three words came with endless coolness.

He almost instantly remembered that in his previous life, when he found Cao Qiyue’s body in the rental house, Cao Qiyue’s face was peaceful with relief, and there was even a suicide note to Meng Churong in her hand.

Every word on the suicide note, every punctuation, carried the deep fondness and blessing for the lovers who had broken up.

At that time, he respected Meng Zhurong in his heart.

Regardless of her background, her character, the outside world’s different opinions.

But the person Cao Qiyue liked couldn’t be that bad.

But the truth hit him hard in the face.

As he once believed Ji Chen that –

Meng Churong felt sorry about Cao Qiyue’s fondness.

He remembered that when he approached Meng Churong with the suicide note, the other party cried so hard that he couldn’t stop her.

But the next day, Meng Zhurong and Ji Chen openly displayed their love.

Zhou Yuhe didn’t believe.

He certainly did not believe it at that time.

He foolishly thought that both Meng Churong and Ji Chen were burdened by their families and had no choice but to do so.

All four of them were the heroes of tragedies, the puppets of fate.

It was not until the news of Cao Qiyue’s death that Cao Qiyue exploded on the entire internet.

He could never forget when he turned on the TV and saw Meng Churong, as she did at the beginning, tearfully reading the suicide note Cao July had written to her in front of millions of viewers.

What a rage it was!

The anger of being cheated almost burned his heart dry!

In order to protect her reputation, Cao Qiyue hid her sexuality and even dated a male artist at the begging of Meng Churong, just to dispel any suspicion of their relationship!

She was so afraid of being discovered by the paparazzi back then, yet she took the initiative to disclose the relationship when Cao Qiyue died and burst into the limelight after her death!

Yeah, homosexuality was unforgivable in the entertainment industry.

But the dead were innocent, weren’t they?

But the infatuated were innocent, weren’t they?

Not to mention that it was Cao Qiyue, who everyone was obsessed with, but who was never to be seen again.

Their underground love affair, originally unseen, actually became a poignant love affair for the ages under the great hype of Black Emperor, and Meng Churong, the beloved heroine!

It was disgusting!

Zhou Yuhe immediately dropped the TV remote control and ran to the bathroom and vomited furiously.

In the TV, was the bright and shiny, pearly Meng Churong, but in his opinion, it seemed like a mass of rotten maggots.

Publicly, for the sake of profit.

Even marriage, which was incredibly important to all girls-

In Meng Churong’s eyes, it was also able to be sacrificed for the sake of profit.

Perhaps Ji Chen was right at first.

Meng Churong was the one who knew how to play in the entertainment industry the most.

So what if you were hated? So what if they were talked about? The black-red was also red, as long as it didn’t touch people’s bottom line, as long as it wasn’t too much, there would always be a day for whitewashing.

The young princess of the Meng Group didn’t care and didn’t need to maintain a good girl’s image in front of the public all the time.

Whatever they said, anyway, she wanted heat and talk.

As expected, after the suicide note incident, Meng Churong was cleansed overnight.

No matter what kind of black history she had before and how bad the audience’s edge was, from that day on, her name was forever tied to a pure and fiery soul ……

“Little Zhou, you’re okay with it, right?” Ji Yuan turned his head, said to Zhou Yuhe, his tone of voice revealed the pressure.

He didn’t know if Zhou Yuhe was a “vase”, or if he had been in a high position for too long.

[tn: vase is a sland for a pretty face with no brain]

In his opinion, Zhou Yuhe wasn’t much different from the small fresh meat that suddenly became popular on the market.

    But on the contrary, the speed of his rise to fame was too fast, if not at the right time –

This kind of important occasion was to take the opportunity to knock him down, so that he knew who the boss of I.S was and what his position in I.S was.

He was afraid he would get carried away in the future.

In fact, his idea wasn’t unreasonable.

But the only regret was that he misjudged Zhou Yuhe.

But any boss with some eyesight, with this year’s observation period, would also see Zhou Yuhe’s amazing potential, as long as he was given the right opportunity, a flight to the sky.

Like Ji Chen.

From knowing Zhou Yuhe so far, he never forced him, more than showing his strong will.

Just a little tiny detail.

But one could see who could eventually sit on the I.S president position.

Zhou Yuhe was called back to his senses by Ji Yuan.

He withdrew his gaze from Meng Churong and looked at Ji Yuan and Bai Linsheng without being condescending.

With a faint smile, he replied, “Since Mr. Bai knows that Cao Qiyue and I are good friends, then perhaps he has heard that she publicly ridiculed me for singing badly, I have self-awareness, I won’t offend everyone ……”

Before the two people’s faces turned sour, Zhou Yuhe added: “But I recently practiced playing the piano, although not for long, it’s barely enough, I hope that when the time comes, Mr. Bai and Mr. Ji will not laugh at me.”

Zhou Yuhe was polite, and the reason for his refusal was reasonable.

They were a big senior and a big boss.

It wasn’t good to make things too difficult for a newcomer, so they nodded their heads and agreed.

“I’m not good at the piano, it may sound monotonous ……” Zhou Yuhe looked up at the stage as if thinking.

At this time, Meng Churong, who hadn’t spoken, suddenly spoke up.

“By the way, speaking of Cao Qiyue, she and I are also very good friends, and we even released a single together, so if Mr. Zhou doesn’t mind, why don’t I help you with the backing vocals?”

To be honest, she had been displeased with Zhou Yuhe for a long time too.

The Cao Qiyue plagiarism incident, he drew the spotlight on Black Emperor, causing the stock price of Black Emperor to plummet during that time, and people were on edge.

And the later “Obviously sweet”, which was supposed to be her turnaround work.

It was also stirred up by Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng.

She didn’t use this to change the public’s impression of her but also harvested a group of anti-fans from Ji Chen and Zhang Liran’s fans.

Compared to acting, singing was her specialty.

It was easy to overpower a world-weary brat like Zhou Yuhe on such occasions, she thought.

Zhou Yuhe’s mouth was smiling, but his eyes were cold as could be, “Then thank you, Miss Meng.”

“Which song do you want to play?”

“Just the song ‘Share’ that you and Cao Qiyue composed together.”

The range of “Share” was very high, and the high notes were all done by Cao Qiyue.

And how come it was “Share”?

A strange look flashed across Meng Churong’s face, and she looked straight at Zhou Yuhe, as if realizing that this conversation just now seemed to be no coincidence –

He was coming for her.

A meaningful smile also crossed her face.


A great soprano also needed to be matched by a great standard of playing.

‘Share’ was no introductory piano piece.

And she remembered that Zhou Yuhe, who was only 20 years old, had no experience in playing the piano!

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