Last year, Zhou Yuhe and Fan Junxi from the TV drama were vividly remembered.

So once the trailer was released, after a few waves of loud publicity, it immediately caused an uproar on the Internet.

The TV show was beautifully illustrated, the composition was also just right, stunning, even if it was easy to criticize the special effects of domestic dramas , it was on point in this drama.

Li was a director of great reputation, under his dedication,  the TV series that had not been broadcast before was of good quality.

The preview started with an overhead view.

The camera showed a mountain, a verdant and pure worldly mountain, the magnificent and exquisite special effects immediately grabbed the audience’s mind, this was the visual.

Then, it was the sense of hearing.

When the audience was attracted by the beautiful scenery, a clear voice of a teenager came from the distant mountains, pulling the attention back to the plot itself. The camera panned around, and there was a scene of the disciples of the Qing Lan Sect practicing hard in the morning and the elders teaching them carefully, and a happy and prosperous clear light, but the white figure on the tree took everyone’s attention in the next second.

The sun shone through the layers of leaves on the young boy’s tender face with a stick in his mouth, and he crossed his legs leisurely, forming a stark contrast to the serious and diligent picture under the tree.

“Yuan Tian! You’re hiding here again and not practicing!” Suddenly, an old voice broke the quiet and leisurely atmosphere.

The young man smiled and suddenly opened his eyes, his dark eyes looked like it had bright stars in them, an endless aura flowed out from this pair of beautiful eyes.

The female viewers in front of the computer and television set all exclaimed at this moment.

It was too immortal …… this was too freaking immortal!

With dumbfounded expressions, the plot continued to advance.

The teenager cleanly turned around and playfully said to the master under the tree justifiably: ” The Buddha has words, but wine and meat wear through the intestines, and the Buddha keeps them in his heart. The disciple thinks that the same is true of cultivating immortals, not only meditating and practicing is cultivation, sleeping in this tree is also cultivation! The so-called walking, sitting, and standing is ……”

The Master really couldn’t listen to his nonsense, and interrupted: “What nonsense! Why don’t you get down from there!”

Instead of listening, Yuan Tian turned over and leaped from the treetops into the peach forest in the back of the mountain, his clear laughter floated in the wind amidst the clusters of pink and white peach blossoms ……

At this time, in the complete opposite of the lush greenery of Qing Lan Mountain, a sea of boiling fire, eruptions of the volcano shot out from the crater, like a shooting star across the night sky.

Su Tong played the heroine Lin Xue, who was ordered by her master to go down to the world to find the whereabouts of the Heaven-Shattering Pearl.

The camera panned out from behind the black cloak of the old monster of Qishan and focused on the beautiful face of Lin Xue, who was demure and beautiful, yet not lacking in heroism.

Then, under the name of a disciple of Cang Xuefeng, Lin Xue assumed her identity and mixed into the team of disciples sent by the Qing Lan Sect to investigate the incident of the demon creature harming people in the volcano.

In the nick of time when she was fighting with the demon that obtained the Heaven-Shattering Pearl, Yuan Tian awakened the spirit of the demon in the Heaven-shattering Pearl in order to save her.

Lin Xue repeatedly tried to cheat Yuan Tian out of the Heaven-shattering Pearl.

However, Yuan Tian unconsciously never let her win.

On the contrary, her identity had faced the danger of being pierced several times.

During this period, the ambiguous atmosphere between the two gradually fermented, and after two life-and-death catastrophes, the two also identified with each other from the bottom of their hearts.

Unfortunately, the master’s orders couldn’t be disobeyed.

Lin Xue followed Yuan Tian’s side on thin ice, how she wished to take the Heaven-shattering Pearl from Yuan Tian’s hand to complete her mission and hoped that Yuan Tian would never know her true nature.

This had been delayed until the Immortal Sect Competition.

After the stabbing, the two could no longer be redeemed.

Since then there was no more “Lin Xue’er” and “Senior Brother Yuan”.

Only the evil demoness and the bloodless Yuan demon.


Seven years later.

Lin Xue, in order to repay her debt to Yuan Tian, went around to help him find the whereabouts of his master.

A piece of false information almost took away Lin Xue’s life.

Just as her life hung in the balance, the demon was split open by a red light.

The ghostly shadow descended from the sky.

She could never forget.

The naive teenager back then.


Seven years later, they met again but he became a demon.

Scarlet moonlight.


A dark Yuan Tian.

The last scene of the trailer was fixed on the thin and eerie smile on Yuan Tian’s face ……

Not, chill, but, shudder!

“Holy sh*t!!! This acting skill is exploding, right! It’s a bomb!

“I have goosebumps all over my body, the last scene and the previous Yuan Tian is the same person? Zhou Yuhe’s performance this time is so unexpected!”

“Everyone is praising Zhou Zhou, I’ll praise Miss Su Tong, no one thinks she attacked explosively?”

“Attack explosively +1.”

“I also think so! That look she gave to Yuan Tian, I think I’m going to bend!”


After the first wave of teasers was released, the discussion on the internet about the “Searching For Heaven” TV series reached a peak, and the topics were basically maintained on the two main characters, Zhou Yuhe and Su Tong.

The contrast between Zhou Yuhe’s before and after, plus the teaser just stuck in the moment of reversal, so that the ladies who were starved by the hunger marketing of not putting out news constantly before, not only were they not satisfied, but they were even more hungry! Watching the trailer hundreds of times a day wasn’t enough!

Each time, they couldn’t help feeling, how is this guy so good-looking! Ah ah ah ah! The final reversal was just too exciting!

In addition to the focus on Zhou Yuhe’s eyes.

Surprisingly, Su Tong also received a lot of praise.

Her role as Lin Xue was different from the traditional sense of a demon girl who mainly pleased men and showed a soft and delicate style.

Su Tong’s Lin Xue was definitely gorgeous, but her temperament was more masculine. Dashing, casual, decisive, and often had a teasing smile, which tantalized the crowd of young girls’ hearts.

And the early Yuan Tian happened to be more innocent and naive.

Such a CP[Couple Pairing] unexpectedly collided with a very intense spark.

There were even many fans who reversed the positioning of this CP, calling Lin Xue “Brother Lin” and Yuan Tian “Sister Tian”.

The TV drama hadn’t yet been broadcast, there were countless comments of “Brother Lin teases the girl daily”, “It’s tempting being suppressed” ……  Su Tong and Zhou Yuhe sometimes felt helpless when they browsed through the Internet and laughed teasingly.

These little girls were really too naive.

They thought that the CP was the sugar, the climax.

But they didn’t know that the hormones between the two, the collision of s*xual tension, would actually reach its peak only after he blackened.

Yuan Tian had become a different person inside and out and could be said to be making a strong aggressive counter-attack on Lin Xue, he remembered when shooting some scenes of Yuan Tian flirting with Lin Xue, many young girls on the set couldn’t help but cover their mouths and scream silently, their faces were all scarlet red.

The two big men sitting in the nanny car looked at each other and showed a very synchronized bad smile.

Completely different from the silent shooting period, the TV series entered the pre-launch period, and Chairman Cai hardly regarded money as money, and tried his best to let every corner of the whole network know that “Searching for Heaven” was coming!

This trenchless style got the unanimous support of the creative team –

You’re going to be beaten by the film crew, who cares if it’s black or not when it comes to life and death?

What was even funnier was that I.S’s PR department also used this to create an original publicity release for “Searching For Heaven”, using Zhou Yuhe as the main point of view, comparing the poor crew of “Rejuvenation” with the tycoon crew of “Searching For Heaven” in a comprehensive manner. How to make a poor crew into a tycoon crew?

The answer was, dream on.

It was seemingly dissing, but actually, self-hacking brought a lot of freshness to the public, instead, they felt much better about the “Searching For Heaven” crew’s bombardment during this time.

However, Su Tong and Zhou Yuhe didn’t pay much attention to such things as team publicity. Now, in order to gain publicity, the two leading actors worked all day long.

Zhou Yuhe was so busy that he couldn’t even eat, only when Yang Yu reminded him, he remembered that tonight he had to attend the I.S annual meeting, which was a truly star-studded occasion.


I.S’s annual meeting was held in the terrace ballroom on the roof of Tiansen Hotel.

As one of the top super companies in the industry, I.S had a star-studded talent department.

Not to mention the idol groups that were popular throughout Asia.

In recent years, I.S had signed up many big-name movie stars and actresses to support I.S’s actor department in order to make inroads in the film and television market.

Compared with them, these entertainment industry evergreens, Zhou Yuhe’s achievements this year, could really count for nothing.

So he entered the event and maintained a consistent low profile, Yang Yu had advised him to wander in the edge of the banquet, not to go to the center of the party.

However, even if he didn’t show off, others might still notice him.

“You’re really awesome haha.” A voice came from behind him.

Zhou Yuhe turned around, and with his rich experience and insight in the entertainment industry, he immediately recognized that it was the actor Bai Linsheng who got the Golden Dragon Award for Best Supporting Actor this year.

When Bai Linsheng was young, he was also considered the fresh meat of his era, and had many fans, and was popular for a while.

With the growth of years, he transformed into a power actor, his era had passed, but he still won a few awards and still had some say.

And this summer, when Fan Junxi and Zhou Yuhe were tearing each other up the most, he signed into I.S…

The coincidence was that he was also an old classmate of Fan Junxi’s father.

Zhou Yuhe’s eyebrows couldn’t help but raise.

He had been in the entertainment industry for decades and knew the tricks of the trade.

He knew he might be in a bit of trouble tonight.

Zhou Yuhe smiled and took out a polite yet impeccable respectful attitude, and said, “Teacher Bai is complimenting me.”

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