Generally speaking, with Xie Yifeng’s level, unless it was a film, it was difficult to get him to appear in a TV series cameo.


This was a very downgraded thing in the eyes of the outside world, so if not for special circumstances, most movie stars would rather play the lead role in lesser films, rather than acting as a supporting role.


But Xie Yifeng was different from others.


He had ten years of experience and had played in too many movies and TV shows to count. So if he came to guest star, the strange feeling of discomfort would be much lower.


And the Venerable Demon wasn’t an obscure supporting character, he was the biggest boss of “Searching For Heaven”, his part in the whole TV series was quite critical, even though he didn’t have many scenes.


The Venerable Demon’s character was treacherous and unpredictable, quite challenging, for Xie Yifeng to act in such a supporting role, it wasn’t a disgrace to him.


After the makeup artist finished Xie Yifeng’s makeup and he came out, everyone was amazed.


He looked exactly like the character.


His previous role of Xu Chang had a juvenile look, but after the costume change Xie Yifeng’s aura had completely changed, with a smile at the corners of the mouth, Xie Yifeng emitted the charm of a mature man, people couldn’t help but blush.


Xie Yifeng went to Zhou Yuhe and raised his eyebrows. “How is it, OK?”


He had such a strong aura that Zhou Yuhe, the main character standing next to him, had a feeling of weakness, Zhou Yuhe tried to calm his heart that was beating fast in amazement, and said deliberately. “Not that good, it’s okay.”


Xie Yifeng smiled and said nothing.


But Zhou Yuhe felt that his smile was a bit teasing.


It was like the saying, “Just keep your mouth shut, and you’ll know it’s amazing later.”.


The camera was in position.


Today they were shooting the first part of the big climax of the drama.


The main character’s group passed through many obstacles, and finally entered the lair of the Venerable Demon, and searched for a long time in the complex underground palace, and easily found the soul of Yuan Tian’s Master, only to find that this was the biggest trap, the Venerable Demon himself was already waiting in the dungeon.


In the illusion realm created by the Venerable Demon.


As soon as the Venerable Demon blocked Yuan Tian’s magic power, he strangled his throat with one hand from behind, his low magnetic voice flowed into Yuan Tian’s ears, he said unpleasantly, “Yuan Tian, you shouldn’t anger me again and again, you won’t take the clear path pointed out to you, so do you have to force this Venerable Demon to make a move towards you?”


Yuan Tian’s pale face flashed with a trace of mockery, he looked at the Venerable Demon through the corner of his eyes and sneered, “If the clear path you are talking about is to go on a killing spree with you, then it is not necessary.”


Xie Yifeng was so distracted by this glance that his heart felt like a million claws were scratching it, he moved and gently rubbed Zhou Yuhe’s fine white neck with his fingertips, his tone became more seductive and dangerous, “Do you think I wouldn’t dare?”


The Heaven-Shattering Pearl was actually the treasure of the Venerable Demon, it was made of the Venerable Demon’s heart blood and the Nine Heavens divine phoenix’s prana crystal fusion, thousands of years ago, it fell to earth and was inadvertently picked up by the founder of the Qinglan clan, who kept it for himself, then it was repeatedly tossed around the three realms and finally fell into Yuan Tian’s hands.


In a life-and-death accident, Yuan Tian used his true Qi to pour into the Heaven-Shattering pearl, awakening a trace of divine consciousness left in the pearl by the Venerable Demon, who had been sealed for a thousand years, so the devil’s emotions for Yuan Tian was very subtle.


On the one hand, he appreciated the potential of this mortal, since he could awaken the Heaven-shattering pearl, he had to be amazingly talented, he had a love for talents; on the other hand, he was afraid of Yuan Tian’s potential, he was a cultivation genius, if he couldn’t use him, he would definitely become a big obstacle in the future.


Kill him, he couldn’t do that yet. Besides, Yuan Tian showed some kindness to him.


Let him live, and sooner or later, he’d meet him again ……


So the Venerable Demon deliberately revealed the whereabouts of the Heaven-Shattering Pearl to the demonic sects, and lured them to the Qinglan Sect, and then killed Yuan Tian’s master at the Immortal Sect Competition …… The purpose, was to make him become a demon.


This was the first time that the two had acted with each other after “Rejuvenation”.


Zhou Yuhe could clearly feel that Xie Yifeng’s acting skills compared to the “Rejuvenation” had taken another step-up.


The contradictory and murderous emotions in his tone of voice, mixed with him breathing close to Zhou Yuhe’s skin, making his scalp tingle.


Zhou Yuhe didn’t say anything, but his eyes silently showed his decision and determination.


The Venerable Demon couldn’t help but be greatly annoyed when he looked at it.


His five fingers slowly forced Yuan Tian’s face upwards, he admired Yuan Tian’s gradually reddened face while laughing gloomily: “What is right? What is wrong? Look at the ridiculous righteousness you defend, just a small Heaven-Shattering pearl, yet they want to kill each other to this point, are they really worth it? Are you really going to be stubborn?”


The force of Xie Yifeng’s hand was so hard that his veins became visible, but the force he used to choke Zhou Yuhe was very moderate, it looked like it was very hard, but in fact it wasn’t uncomfortable to Zhou Yuhe.


This was a test of the two people’s acting skills.


His strength was clearly not strong.


But looking at the “hard” choke, it really looked terrifying.


Zhou Yuhe’s face became red and he said in a choked voice: “What …… is right? What is …… wrong? They are not right, but, but you …… must be right! I will never join you ……!”


The righteous people were indeed hypocrites, but the so-called “fast life” and “whatever you want” attitudes of the demonic sects and others were definitely not the justice in Yuan Tian’s mind either!


In this world, there was no kind of justice, it was completed by killing!


He started off pure white, then blackened, and then slowly came back to his sense.


By this last part of the plot, Yuan Tian had completed the blackening stage, if it was after the Immortal Gate Competition when the Venerable Demon said this to him, he might have been compelled by it, but now ……


Yuan Tian used all his strength to push the Heaven-Shattering Pearl in reverse, absorbing the energy inside into himself frantically, a light burst from his body, making the Venerable Demon let go of his hand in pain.


Yuan Tian took this opportunity to leap and landed steadily on the opposite side of the Venerable Demon.


He used his hand to wipe away the blood from the corner of his mouth, his eyes were full of murderous intent and was like a sharp dagger that stabbed at the Venerable Demon.


When the Venerable Demon saw him actually reverse the use of the Heaven-Shattering Pearl against him, he froze, and then also slowly revealed a crazy and bloodthirsty smile.


He knew that this man would always bring him “surprises”.



“Searching For Heaven” was successfully completed.

And the New Year had also come unnoticed.


When everyone was busy with the New Year, a message suddenly appeared on the Internet like a stone thrown into the sea.


There was a thud.


At first there was little sound, but the ripples gradually became bigger and wider as time fermented, turning into one whirlpool after another, and finally surprisingly raised a monstrous wave –


The TV series “Searching For Heaven” was coming online!

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