“I admit that I took advantage of your trust, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have an ounce of guilt and regret in my heart. Every time I tossed and turned at night over the years, I thought about the sword I stabbed you with, and I knew you were in real pain, but how could I not be? I have stabbed you once, but I have stabbed myself many times in the heart! All these years, I’ve been trying to atone for my sins, so I’ve been asking around for you to find out where your master is. Once or twice, you can call me a hypocrite, but ten years! Don’t you see that I’ve been working hard for ten years?”

Ning Qin’er was immersed in her own emotions, her voice complaining, with pear blossoms and rain.

From an outsider’s perspective, it was hard to tell if she had made a mistake and forgotten her words, or if she had gotten too caught up in the drama and started to improvise.

But in either case, it was an extremely bad thing for Zhou Yuhe.

They could almost imagine this young man, who had not had much acting experience, hearing Ning Qin’er say the wrong line, going blank, then completely forgetting what to do next, and then having an NG[Not good]……

The NG[Not good] was of course not a big deal, but what went wrong was their lead actress, Zhou Yuhe wouldn’t have a chance to audition again.

Once the best acting form was disrupted, no amount of auditions could bring it back, and an actor with a little less resilience may even be crushed from the moment he/she was cast. ……

Everyone looked up at the studio and couldn’t help but give Zhou Yuhe a sympathetic look.


Zhou Yuhe’s performance was again beyond everyone’s expectations.

After he heard Ning Qin’er’s impromptu line, he didn’t go silly on the spot, didn’t forget the line, and didn’t even change his expression a bit, still so numb and slightly sarcastic, but something in his eyes began to waver.

Hatred, ambivalence …… and a hint of pity.

This wavering existed in his eyes for only a moment, and the next moment, his eyes became cold and empty again.

But the emotion conveyed by his eyes was so clear that it was absolutely impossible to ignore this shifting emotion even for a second!

Yuan Tian was touched by Lin Xue’s words!

“You ……” Yuan Tian’s lips were open, about to speak, but suddenly his eyes were extremely sharp, tensed into a steel needle, stabbing straight at Lin Xue’s back – “You ……

He had found something!

Everyone’s breathing became tense with this look from Yuan Tian.

She was about to follow his line of sight when an irresistible force suddenly took her in its arms and pulled her aside – they had dodged a hidden arrow from behind!

Lin Xue looked up and ran straight into a pair of deep, bottomless eyes.

Those eyes, like the deep sea, like the night tides, like a heavy, dark chain that locked you in tightly and could no longer escape ……

No one could describe in words the shock of the moment when the two of them looked at each other, just as no one could be separated from the gaze of this glance, a thousand words seemed to have turned into nothingness, and time remained forever at this moment.

All of them were dragged into a world called Yuan Tian by that glance of ten thousand years.

Not only did Zhou Yuhe perfectly defuse the unexpectedly difficult situation of his opponent, but he also used these few seconds of impromptu play to dig deeper into the complexity of the character!

And the initial fear of “TV aura”?

What a joke!

This kind of acting could withstand two hours of big-screen testing in a commercial movie, and was even more than enough to act in a literary movie under directors Cai and Liu!

The result of the audition was obvious.

The director stood up from behind the monitor and patted Zhou Yuhe on the shoulder with a long and heartfelt speech, and he said, “The next two months will be hard on you.”

It was a hammer blow!

In addition to Yang Yu and Luo Hao’s blessed smiles, everyone else on the scene had surprised expressions.

In particular, the faces of Fan Junxi and Ning Qin’er, who were preparing to enter the group with their own funds, were notoriously pale.

Ning Qin’er’s heart was filled with remorse.

She bit her lip angrily, thinking that she would be with Zhou Yuhe for the next two months, and Ji Chen would find a reason to get close to Zhou Yuhe, didn’t she give her opponent a chance to get close to her?

Ning Qin’er’s mind had completely strayed from the movie to her personal life, and her expression was already very bad, when suddenly her eyes glanced over and saw a certain figure standing at the edge of the set, and her face went white!

Zhou Yuhe was listening to the words of the director and the investors, when he suddenly felt an eager gaze on him, he raised his eyes and looked around the set, but he didn’t see anyone strange.

He raised his eyes and looked around the set, but he didn’t see any strange people.

After finishing the audition, Zhou Yuhe returned to the nanny car.

Yang Yu was about to close the car door when suddenly a young man came over holding a bouquet of scarlet flowers.

The visitor: “Hello, Mr. Zhou.”

Zhou Yuhe’s face changed.

He had been by Ji Chen’s side for so many years in his previous life, how could he not know his assistant, Xiao Tian?

He just remembered that Ning Qin’er was Ji Chen’s girlfriend …… at least nominally, and it was not uncommon for him to visit her set, but how did it happen to be today?

Zhou Yuhe’s face became three times more serious, and he asked, “What can I do for you?”

Xiao Tian handed over the flowers in his hand, “This is a small gift from Mr. Ji, Miss Ning caused you a lot of trouble today, he felt sorry for it, please accept it.”

Zhou Yuhe looked at the bouquet of flowers in his hand, the flowers consisted of bright scarlet red buds and orange-red fleshy inflorescences, not roses, not lilies and other common flowers, Zhou Yuhe could not recognize what kind of flowers it was.

He pondered for a moment, and just before he hesitated for an embarrassingly long time, Yang Yu accepted the bouquet for him.

Yang Yu said, “Yuhe is very tired today, so I will thank Young Master Ji on his behalf.”

Xiao Tian took a look at Zhou Yuhe, immediately grinned a polite smile and left.

The few people left in the car looked at each other.

Susu held the half-eaten sandwich in one hand, but her eyes looked straight at the bouquet of flowers.

She said, “So …… should I ask about the audition results first, or this flower?”

Yang Yu glanced at her, “You should let the words in your head stay in your head and don’t come out.”

Susu made a stitching motion of her mouth.

But in the next second she couldn’t hold it in, “But this flower …… can confirm from the side that Xiao Zhou passed the auditioned, right?”

Yang Yu shook his head and laughed, “You’re the smartest one.”

Susu was so happy that she almost had fainting spells, “My God! The protagonist of “Searching for Heaven”! I must be dreaming!!! Can I tweet right now? The anti-fans fans will think we’re crazy!”

Yang Yu and Zhou Yuhe looked at each other and unanimously decided to let her go crazy and leave her alone for now.

Yang Yu glanced at the flower in his hand, “What do you think of this flower?”

Zhou Yuhe took out his cell phone and opened Baidu without any delay.

“Well …… found it, red palm flower, also known as …… flaming crane, meaning big, passionate, hot-blooded, suitable for men with rising careers.” Zhou Yuhe’s face grew colder with each sentence.

Flaming Crane.

This name really suited him.

Yang Yu completely understood Zhou Yuhe’s bad mood as he said, “He sent flowers right after you came out, so it’s obvious that he was already prepared for it.”

Zhou Yuhe was a little surprised by Yang Yu’s inference that the flowers were delivered right after Yang Yu’s visit.

Yang Yu added: “The last Tiansen charity night I saw his attitude towards you is a bit …… plus I have been in I.S for so many years, I always have to know about the possible future upstarts.”

“He was very interesting to you. And as expected, he may have to make a move recently.”

Zhou Yuhe was impressed by his manager’s ability to read people.

This was also the place where he was most irritated.

In his last life, he was the one who ignored Ji Chen, and Ji Chen became more and more aggressive. Starting from the Golden Dragon Award for Best Newcomer, he used his power to pursue Zhou Yuhe at every possible opportunity, and his tactics were superb and unconventional, how could the 20-something Zhou Yuhe be his opponent?

Ji Chen, a prominent nobleman with an extraordinary temperament.

He laid down many of his arms and did everything in his power to get his love. The true heart was definitely there, although this true heart did not exist for a long time, it was enough to prove that he had always been willing to spend all the time and energy for what he wanted, regardless of the cost.

But God knew how much Zhou Yuhe didn’t want to be what he “wanted”.

In his last life, he was just cold, so he thought he was introverted, shy, and too deeply hurt …… to be able to say anything at all.

But this time …… he thought he had never given a good face to the other side, right?

He even squashed his scenes in the audition, poured cold water on him, and brushed his face off for the sake of Xie Yifeng!

What the hell was wrong with him, and what did he see in him?

“What should I do?” Zhou Yuhe looked at the flaming red flaming crane flower bouquet in front of him and whispered another question to himself, “What should I do? Brother Yang.”

Yang Yu looked at his face and said, “You should ask yourself this, not me. You are now an I.S. artist and he is the prince of I.S. Are you willing or able to dedicate yourself for your own career?”

In Yang Yu’s opinion, the entertainment industry was just like this, he had seen many dirty things.

It was a common thing to see such things as backers and bag holders.

Although Zhou Yuhe seemed to be developing well now, his foundation was too shallow, so if he offended some big shot in the industry in the future, he wouldn’t be able to bear half of the other party’s anger, which was especially obvious in the movie industry. The industry was a game of capital and connections. Big directors liked to use old faces, while big productions needed money.

This, however, was the reality.

If they took advantage of this line of Ji Chen, the resources would directly soar. With Zhou Yuhe’s acting skills and popularity, which movie would he want to star in and not get it? Why did they have to work so hard and calculate so much for a movie and a chance?

For such an obvious gesture of goodwill from Ji Chen, Yang Yu was not in favor of it, but he definitely wouldn’t oppose it either.

Now it was up to Zhou Yuhe.

The atmosphere in the car gradually became somewhat solidified.

Obviously, the air conditioning in the car was turned up, but Zhou Yuhe felt a flame burning in his chest.

With his hot right hand, he slowly reached to the center of the flaming crane bouquet, the one with the most gorgeous blossoms.

The long, thin fingers gently caressed the outermost petals of the flower, as if it were a a charming, tender and loving touch between lovers.

But in the next second…

Five fingers gathered together and crushed the whole flower!

The aroma of surfeit suddenly filled the small, dark van.

“For the cause, I, for one, would give everything.”

“Only, not to him.”

Not ever.

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