The audition took place in the studio.

In a green backdrop, the director and several investors stood behind the camera with heavy faces, sweeping the three candidates with critical, cautious, and sharp eyes.

At a glance, Zhou Yuhe noticed that there was only one person among the group with a relaxed expression and even a slightly gloating smile on his lips.

Zhou Yuhe recognized him, the chairman of Yadong Culture, Cai Yuan.

The original copyright company of “Searching for Heaven” sold the movie rights to Yadong Culture.

When the copyright owners saw the news, they realized that they had sold the movie at a low price, so they sold the movie copyright to three other film companies without telling Yadong Culture, while the two sides had not yet signed a formal contract, and they invested and operated the movie together.

This made Yadong Culture very angry, but the two sides had not signed a paper contract yet, so legally the copyright owners could not be touched.

Cai Yuan couldn’t swallow his anger, so he bribed the three public relations companies to make “Seeking For Heaven” and the copyright company look bad in public.

Only then did the copyright owners realize the seriousness of the problem and reported it to Zhang An, who scolded them severely.

However, they could only leave the matter in peace and hand over all the TV series rights to Yadong Culture, and let him have a share in the movie as well.

So the only person in the room who was happy to see a movie get beaten up was Cai Yuan.

The film told the story of a young immortal, Yuan Tian, who unwittingly picked up a divine cultivation artifact called the “Pearl of Heaven-shaking,” which was coveted by all the forces in the three realms. In order to protect Yuan Tian, his master was killed in the competition of the Immortal Gate, and his soul was captured and melted.

Yuan Tian was abandoned by his proud master, his master’s body was destroyed, and the woman he loved betrayed him ……. Under the triple blow, the cheerful and simple personality of Yuan Tian’s personality changed drastically and he fell into the devil’s path. ……

The plot, when viewed today, was a very dogged weblog routine, but in the years before the rise of fantasy novels, it left a deep impression on countless readers and was still regarded as a masterpiece.

What really made it a hall of fame was not its forward-thinking writing style, but its core.

Compared to traditional fairy chivalry novels, or martial arts novels, in which justice and righteousness were absolutely respected, “Seeking For Heavens” could be said to be very “deviant”. Most of the righteous people in this novel were not completely righteous, but most of them were morally upright, like the Master, who sought his own personal interests under the banner of justice, while there were also some truly liberal and chivalrous people who were not restricted ……

“Searching for Heaven’ questioned righteousness, and justice, and its exposition of the word “chivalry” with its own unique values, were so novel and thought-provoking that countless years later writers had tried to imitate his style, but unfortunately, they had only scratched the surface.

Let’s go back to the audition itself.

The difficulty in playing the role of Yuan Tian was that the character is dark.

It was a big step from carefree in the early stages to ruthless and cold-blooded in the later stages, and it was a test of an actor’s acting skills.

The audition was divided into two parts, one was the episode where Yuan Tian just got the Zhentian Pearl and didn’t know what it could do, and the demonic witch Lin Xue wanted to cheat him out of the Pearl.

The other was that Yuan Tian, after blackening, got Lin Xue’s message and ran to the Valley of Ten Thousand Demons, but didn’t find his master and was ambushed by the demon’s forces.

These two scenarios represented the two stages of Yuan Tian’s different personalities, and the actor must grasp the mutual transformation of the two personalities. It was no good to play only the dashing innocence of youth, but not the hard-heartedness of the man, or to play only the hard-heartedness, but not the dashing innocence of the youth.

The first to audition was Luo Hao.

After playing the board in the scene, he instantly got into character.

He held the “Zhentian Pearl” – a large wooden ball in one hand – discreetly hidden behind his back, Luo Hao’s handsome face was full of guarded intention, “Girl! What do you want to do all of a sudden?”

Ning Qin’er played Lin Xue, worthy of being the number one beauty of the devil’s way, obviously a cool face, but the smile on her face was majestic, the two mixed qualities in her mixed-race delicate face perfectly fused together, she teasingly touched Luo Hao’s shoulders, Luo Hao couldn’t help but shiver a little, his face was still reserved and haughty as a child of the righteous.

“Little brother, the pearl in your hand is of great use to me, can I borrow it for two days, after which I will return it to you.” Ning Qin’er lightly opened her lips, with a seductive expression and seductive eyes that would be hard for almost any man in the world to resist.

Luo Hao sneered and looked askance at Ning Qin’er, who obviously didn’t look like a proper disciple, “What if I don’t lend it? What can you do?”

Ning Qin’er hooked her lips and smiled, her hand slowly touching her waist, where there was a hidden sword.

“Then I’ll have to take it by force!”


The director nodded and shook his head.

Unable to say whether he was satisfied or not, he just tapped the script twice on his knee with his fingers.

“Next paragraph,” he said.

Everything was in place.

Luo Hao came running from a distance and looked around, his face had already faded away from the kind of restrained youthfulness, and was replaced by a very cold and solemn expression, with falcon-like eyes sharply sweeping the surroundings, and then landed on Ning Qin’er, who was a beautiful woman.

“Are you lying to me?” His tone was filled with immeasurable anger, and his hate-filled eyes made even Ning Qin’er feel a chill.

This Luo Hao, his acting was really good!

Ning Qin’er pondered, but didn’t lose focus, she looked at Luo Hao with a sad and confused look in her eyes, “How did this happen? I don’t know! The message I received clearly said that your master is in the Valley of Ten Thousand Demons!”

Luo Hao closed his eyes wearily, pain and resentment mingling between his eyebrows, making his expression look somewhat distorted and horrible, “Once you lied to me, twice you lied to me, again and again, how long are you going to lie to me! Lin Xue, you’ve really disappointed me.”

“No, this time I really didn’t, you believe me Yuan Tian …… “Ning Qin’er ran up and grabbed Luo Hao’s arm, and just then-

He crouched down with a pained expression, his right hand forming a fist on his left arm as if he was holding an invisible arrow. He looked back towards the direction of the camera – the direction of the sneak attacker’s arrow and the director clearly caught the murderous intent on his face.

Luo Hao’s audition was over.

His performance couldn’t be faulted from any angle, as a professional actor should be, but it seemed to be too “professional”, in an established mold, something was missing.

At this level of audition, of course, there would not be a mess of actors acting, so everyone was satisfied with Luo Hao’s performance, not to say it was perfect, but it was quite expected.

Fan Junxi took a look at the crowd’s expressions and then looked at Luo Hao’s apprehensive expression as he bowed his head and exited the stage, the corners of his mouth gradually hooked up.

Now it was his turn to act.

As soon as Fan Junxi appeared on the screen, before he said his first line, the director and the investors brightened up.

This was it!

They finally knew what Luo Hao was missing – the

Youthful feeling!

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