”Hello, I’m Xie Yifeng, the actor who played the role of the male lead in Rejuvenation.” Xie Yifeng smiled and looked at the stage.

  His self-introduction was simple, but the storm he caused on the scene was not simple.

  ”This is Xie Yifeng?” “He doesn’t look like this on TV, he’s so handsome!” “Wipe your drool off ah sister.” Discussions rose and fell.

  Xie Yifeng, may not be familiar enough to the audience, but his extreme high level of business made this name a thunderous one to these young people in the showbiz.

  But to actually meet him in person was a different matter.

  No arrogance, nor the self-righteousness of a bully, but from the heart, the confidence and certainty of acting, the sense of professionalism, the ease of movement, just like the brand-name college students instructing elementary school students to do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division… Was this really the atmosphere that actors of the same age could have?

  There was unconcealed wonder in the eyes of everyone who was whispering.

  Han Cheng apprehensively took his information from the staff at the side of the stage, then went on stage and handed it out one by one to the three judges, and when he gave it to Xie Yifeng, he said awkwardly and nervously, “I’m sorry, Brother Xie, don’t take what I said before to heart.”

  Xie Yifeng glanced at Han Cheng, his beautifully lined lips slightly curved, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. He then lowered his head and casually flipped through the information sheet on the table, revealing only a slightly harsh jawline under the cover of the cap, and said indifferently, “Perform well and don’t think too much.”

  Han Cheng gulped nervously, then performed the entire time in apprehension.

  Han Cheng, who was originally very arrogant, was now standing on stage like a schoolboy, not knowing how to place his hands and feet.

  Director Cai first made a polite, yet measured scene, and then looked at Xie Yifeng with a questioning look, the look of reliance in his eyes quite thick.

  Xie Yi Feng nodded gently and took the microphone, his mellow voice flowing throughout the theater, “Before I evaluate the performance, I’d like to ask you a question, what do you think is the best acting technique?”

  Xie Yifeng’s voice was faint, as if there was no emotion in it, but Han Cheng felt as if he had been stripped naked and thrown in the snow, especially with the other party’s dark eyes, the penetrating gaze that made Han Cheng feel very cold and very much want to escape from this place.

  ”I’m not, not quite sure.” Knowing that this was a difficult situation, Han Cheng couldn’t put up any resistance.

  ”Some people say that the best acting is no acting at all, but I don’t think that’s the case,” Xie Yifeng gazed at Han Cheng with a gaze that was as fierce and captivating as a black swirl, almost teaching one to sink deeply into it, “‘The best acting’ ‘ That kind of thing doesn’t exist in my opinion. There will always be better, more amazing and unimaginable performances than yours, so to be an actor, you must first of all be in awe of the fact that any person may make a performance that convinces you, including an Idol.”

  After saying that, he actually lifted the corner of his lips towards Zhou Yuhe’s direction and smiled, the corners of his mouth under the cap curving with a few lazy and gangly feelings, Zhou Yuhe was startled, and his heart couldn’t help but rise with a strange feeling.

  He had actually noticed him just now… And this speech, was he helping him out?

  The audience was silent for a second, then applause thundered.

  Han Cheng was left speechless, and he couldn’t hear all of Xie Yifeng’s next comments about his acting skills, nor did he know how he got off the stage.

  Not only Han Cheng, but also Xie Yifeng’s comments on the next several contestants were all done by Xie Yifeng, and his spot-on comments convinced the contestants present.

  Although they didn’t expect the addition of the youngest of the judges, Xie Yifeng, didn’t make the whole audition any less difficult, but more tricky. But this person had a great personality and loved to joke, everyone wanted to hate him but couldn’t.

  Before they knew it, the audition came to an end.

  The roles to be recruited had almost been decided, the only pity was that the actor for the role of Xu Chang had yet to be found.

  The most outstanding performance was Ceng Ang, who appeared in the middle of the audition. After the audition, Director Cai nodded to him with great satisfaction and asked him what kind of dramas he had recently shot and whether he had any schedule.

  Looking at Ceng Ang’s expression, the others present were jealous, but they were also clear that the second male, Xu Chang, Would be played by Ceng Ang without any surprises.

  Ceng Ang came down from the stage, only concerned with his happiness, accepting the blessings from the people around him, without even looking at Zhou Yuhe who had been helping him all night.

  Of course, Zhou Yuhe didn’t care about him either, his eyes followed the young man in the judges table.

  After watching Ceng Ang’s performance, he didn’t make any comments, just slouched into his chair. Avoiding the overhead spotlight, the face under the cap seemed to be caught in the shallow shadows of the night, and although his expression couldn’t be seen, it still gave off a deep atmosphere.

  Zhou Yuhe was drawn to be the third last to go on stage, the remaining two were girls, meaning he was the last male contestant in this audition.

  The later the auditions got, the worse it was for the contestants of course. Not to mention aesthetic fatigue, many directors and writers cast not only by strength, but also by appearance, and if they had a satisfactory candidate in mind, the contestants who appeared later for the same role would not be taken seriously.

  This out-of-galaxy luck.

  Zhou Yuhe sighed, and after moving his muscles a bit, he took his remaining half cup of cold milk tea and went on stage.


  Everyone was stunned at the sight of the teenager stepping up the steps with the milk tea, the white T he was wearing still clearly had a large milk stain on it. Especially director Cai Rongxi, his eyebrows were furrowed together.

  This… was too unkempt, right? Did the milk tea spill and none of the I.S. artists had assistants with spare clothes?

  The atmosphere became a little more delicate.

    Sometimes a person’s attitude was more important than their acting.

  What good performance could this young man produce when he looked so impertinent and sloppy?

  Director Cai pursed his lips, received the registration form from Zhou Yuhe, and looked up with a solemn expression, suddenly seeing the other party’s decent and polite smile like a genial spring day, the bad impression in his heart could not help but be slightly lessened.

  The manners and temperament were good.

  ”The character you’re trying out for is Zhang Qi, right?” Director Cai shook the application form in his hand.

  ”No, I would like to temporarily modify the audition role, I wish to try Xu Chang.” The young man smiled and said politely to the three judges, an unquestionable firmness inside his beautiful eyes.

  His voice wasn’t very loud, but it was enough to be heard clearly by the first three rows of the audience.

  The crowd was in an uproar.

  Temporary character changes, this kind of thing wasn’t unheard of in the audition process, but that was the prerogative of the big names. In a normal audition, whatever role was reported had to be prepared, and wouldn’t it be child’s play to change it around? And it wasn’t fair to anyone else either.

  So the entire audition, except for the judges asking the contestants to perform other roles, there was no one who dared to come out without permission and say that they wanted to change roles for the audition.

  The people in the back row were surprised when they knew what Zhou Yuhe had said from the front row of contestants.

  The audience gradually quieted down, and as they watched the increasingly gloomy face of Director Cai, everyone couldn’t help but sweat for this bold fellow.

  As expected-.

  ”No,” Director Cai coldly refused, “You can perform whatever you’ve prepared.”

  Faced with such a heavy atmosphere, the average inexperienced newcomer would have been overwhelmed by fear, but Zhou Yuhe’s face did not show any panic or apprehension, instead, he very calmly placed the milk tea in his hand in front of Xie Yifeng’s table, his strong psychological quality was somewhat impressive.

  ”Can I leave it here for now?” Zhou Yuhe asked softly.

  ”Of course,” Xie Yifeng straightened up from his chair, tides swirling in his dark eyes, he looked over directly, the corners of his mouth making Zhou Yuhe’s heartbeat a little faster, “Behave well.”

  It meant the same thing as “good performance”, but the two words said to Zhou Yuhe, along with the sweet smell of the milk tea, strangely soothed all the anxiety and nervousness in Zhou Yuhe’s heart.

  He took a deep breath, turned around, and walked to the right side of the stage, where the young man’s upright posture gradually became somewhat slack and… solemn? amidst the changing light and shadows of the spotlight.

  Just a side view….this guy!

  Cai Rongxi’s heart was shocked, and his body involuntarily leaned forward–

  The fatigue accumulated throughout the day sobered up the moment he saw this side view.

  The school bully, Zhang Qi, was a little brother who followed Xu Chang’s side, a scum bully, all day without a proper line of work, in this drama, his main role was to ridicule Xu Chang and the female lead’s relationship, to play an assistant for him. It wasn’t difficult to play such a role, but it was the key to the emotional drama between the second male lead and the female lead.

  The scene in which the audition was held was the one in which the female lead and Zhang Qi bonded, and then crossed paths with Xu Chang.

  The teenager came from the right side of the stage, one hand stuck in his pocket along the corner of his cardigan, the other casually rubbing his head, ruffling his soft, black hair. Lips slightly parted, a long, slow yawn spat out lifelessly, and those extremely beautiful eyes were now drooping lifelessly, revealing a strong air of sadness just by the change in his gait and shape.

  The “sadness” that was emitted all over his body very naturally changed the atmosphere around the young man.

  This kind of change seemed to be small, but it wasn’t simple. It seemed to be accidental, but there was also a kind of hidden “intentional”….

  It was impossible for an actor to transform his state in a moment and embody it very naturally, without deep skill or amazing talent.

  And it was because of this transformation that the milk stains on his body, which had been very deductive, no longer looked awkward, no longer made people uncomfortable at first glance… but rather, in this moment, blended in very harmoniously with the unkempt state of his entire manifestation!

  As if his clothes were as dirty and mortified as his temperament should be.

  Zhang Qi looked around for a moment, and there was something dark and vicious underneath the demoralized eyes, and he was about to say the words-


  As if awakened from a dream.

  The audience, who had only been pulled into the world of the play by Zhou Yuhe, was jolted by a resounding shout.

  They saw that director Cai Rongxi, who had only spoken once without using a microphone for the entire audition today-.

  For the second time, suppressing his excitement, he couldn’t wait to turn on the microphone and make his request to the teenager in the center of the stage.

  ”Xu Chang, you try Xu Chang.”

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