Zhou Yuhe clicked on the “Shen Yan First Love”, and at the top of the page was a video clip of him drawing in a classroom.

The video was a clip from the official broadcast of the TV drama, but it was a bit different from what they watched on the monitor on the set, with the addition of post-production, the whole picture was even more perfect than before, every side of Zhou Yuhe’s face, every smile was filled with the feeling of a human fairy, pure and beautiful.

The comments section completely exploded.

“Is this beauty real? [Confession] [Confession]”

“Little brother I have a love affair I’d like to talk to you about [shy] [shy]”

“At first when I heard the word ‘first love’ I actually said no, but I didn’t think …… Gosh!!! Directional sniping! I’m melting when he smiles!!!”

“Shen Yan isn’t handsome at all, this video isn’t good at all, I’ve only watched it 500 times.”


Likes and comments reached over 100,000 and retweets were getting higher at 400,000 and 500,000!

And that number was growing at a rate that was visible to the naked eye!

Even the blogger himself was very confused.

He even joked in his latest Weibo post, “You can confess to Shen Yan, Zhou Yuhe, but not to the blogger, the blogger’s wife is very strict, don’t line up to give me a monkey anymore, my wife is now in the Under Zhou Yuhe’s Weibo page, she’s blackmailing me with her cheating with Zhou Yuhe if I don’t delete the video, you guys do what you want [Goodbye].”

The blogger who was mocking himself naturally drew another large number of fancy confessions from people watching the show.

“This one is on fire, the hottest are these two …… “Susu excitedly paddled her phone to show Zhou Yuhe, “Your ‘smile clip,’ And this ‘First Love Clip’, the retweets actually have more than ninety …… now breaking a million ahhhhh !!!!”

Susu screamed in spite of her image.

She couldn’t be blamed for not being reserved enough.

After all, in 2014, this figure could be said to be quite astonishing, and even Zhou Yuhe felt as if he was in a dream.

When was the last time he had broken a million Weibo retweets?

Fourteen years? Fifteen years? Or was it sixteen years ago?

Too long ……

He went through both clips.

The smile clip, which cut every single smile he had in the show.

It was reasonable that a smile, even if it was capable of making people melt, would be tiresome to watch too many times, let alone this kind of all-encompassing smile clip.

But Zhou Yuhe’s video didn’t not make people feel that way.

It was because his smiles in the drama were varied.

Smile, bitter smile, shallow smile, forced smile, after being teased silly smile, hidden heartbreak and pretend to be strong smile …… his acting level was rich, compared to the kind of sweet smile that could only drown people a few times, so it didn’t make people feel tired, just every time it appeared, there was no doubt that it would hit your heart, people couldn’t help it! Follow along and smile.

This infection …… was amazing.

“I can’t believe I’m smiling like an idiot following along ……”

“I’ve tried ten times and I can’t hold back from laughing with him at all!”

“It broke my heart to see him laughing while crying [big cry].”


There was even a challenge in the comments section on how not to laugh with Shen Yan.

Compared to the giggling girls in the smile clip, the confession party in the first love clip takes up half of the sky.

“Aaaahhhhhh! My heart is melting…! How can you say ‘you’re all I have’ with that expression! That’s foul!”

“Although it’s not my heart’s first love, I’d like to say that Zhou Yuhe is sweeter than my first love!!!”

“Everyone’s being flirtatious, and I’m the only one who noticed that little brother’s acting skills have improved superfluously! The Shen Yan he acted is nothing like the same actor as those before!!!”


Looking at the various confessions in the comments, the various compliments on his acting skills, there was a moment when he actually felt teary-eyed.

But he didn’t cry in the end.

All the emotions leaped up in his chest in a thousand turns and finally turned into a strand of hairspring into the heart.

Gratitude, cherish.

These simple words, but Zhou Yuhe had experienced the ups and downs of more than twenty years, and finally, the realization about his acting career had sunk in.

Susu covered her thumping heart, she saw Zhou Yuhe was so calm, and thought to herself that this silly boy still didn’t know what a million retweets represented!

So she cut right out of his Weibo homepage, pointed to his Weibo followers, which had skyrocketed to almost 2 million in one day, and said, “You’ve got 5 million followers now, and they’re still going up like crazy, Yuhe! You’re getting!!!”


This was not so much of a concern to Zhou Yuhe.

After all, he had also been a huge hit in his previous life.

He has done it. After disfigurement, he lost everything overnight. He also did it. Compared with regaining the audience’s affection, he could be indifferent to his achievements no matter what.

What caught his attention were the other keywords in her sentence.

“Five million already? How did it happen so fast?!” Zhou Yuhe was shocked, he took a look at his phone, and it really was 5,021,422 followers!

Susu gave a, “You see, I didn’t lie to you,” expression.

It wasn’t that 5 million fans were so great, according to Zhou Yuhe’s original estimate, after the filming of Rejuvenation, his fans would have to rise to at least this number.

But it was too fast, so fast that it was a little abnormal, and according to this momentum may not be beneficial to his development ……

Zhou Yuhe put down his phone and contemplated for a moment, his heart faintly beating hard.

After shooting Cao Qiyue’s music video, it was already starting to get dark.

Zhou Yuhe did not go back to his apartment to rest but went directly to the office.

As soon as he got out of the nanny car, he could feel the close gaze from the people around him, many people were whispering, some girls were even very happy to take out their cell phones to take pictures of Zhou Yuhe.

Zhou Yuhe greeted them generously and walked into the company building amidst the screams.

Inside the office.

Yang Yu was wearing a Bluetooth headset, talking about work with his mouth, while his other hands were speedily jumping on the keyboard, discussing another matter with another person on WeChat.

The ability to use two minds in one was really admirable.

Zhou Yuhe went directly to sit down in front of him and asked to the point, “Was that hot search your handiwork?”

He would be popular, Shen Yan would be on popular, and that was all normal.

But this scale, this speed, it wasn’t normal.

Yang Yu glanced at him and didn’t reply, but leisurely finished the business negotiation with the other party over the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Yang Yu’s hands also stopped.

He raised his eyes to look at Zhou Yuhe, “Why didn’t you call or send me a WeChat for such a small matter, and why did you run there yourself.”

Zhou Yuhe tugged at the corners of his mouth, “Your phone has to be able to go through as well.”

As for WeChat, there was so little information that text could convey, he still wanted to talk to Yang Yu in person.

“Alright …… So what if I did it? Oh, don’t be too grateful to me, but it’s also because of Rejuvenation and the good heat you’re getting that I’m in a position to get the resources to push you.”

“I do appreciate it when you have the heart to do that to me,” said Zhou Yuhe heartily, “but don’t you think it’s too urgent? The growth of two million followers a day is too heavy with artificial traces.”

He looked at Yang Yu seriously, “‘Pulling out the seedlings’, such a simple truth I thought you understood.”

He believed that Yang Yu did not start the trend of “first love”, the most likely was that he just saw this keyword in the hot search, after weighing again and again that it was feasible, he made a big deal, buying hot search, buying traffic, and buying a manuscript, which threw him into the first position of hot search, otherwise, he wouldn’t turn the traffic of passers-by into his personal fans so quickly.

It wasn’t that it was bad, but the potential pitfalls were actually huge for an unknown artist to suddenly skyrocket to stardom.

The faster he became popular, the more hot searches he bought, the faster the public backlash against his overexposure would come.

Zhou Yuhe believed that even if he did nothing, his Shen Yan would just as well achieve great results.

So why bother ……

Yang Yu didn’t reply directly, he looked at Zhou Yuhe fixedly and responded to him with Zhou Yuhe’s phrase, “‘Time is of the essence’, such a simple truth I thought you also understood.”

“What do you mean ……?”

Yang Yu interrupted him, “The Burfi Award Ceremony is the day after tomorrow, I don’t know if Xie Yifeng will win the Best Actor Award, what if he does? At that time all the internet would just be about him, that ‘first love’ of yours looks like it’s going up well now, but what about when that time comes? Do you think you can steal the public’s attention?”

“Uh ……” this he indeed hadn’t considered.

In his previous life, the notion that the nation’s first love Shen Yan and Xie Yifeng were complementary and the mutually fulfilling relationships were so ingrained in Zhou Yuhe’s mind that he didn’t realize for a moment that the current situation wasn’t quite the same.

Yang Yu raised his eyebrows, “Don’t look at the scale of the passages so menacingly, that’s because I’m playing short term, a total of only two days, wait until two days later, you just want me to push, I won’t make the mistake of letting you go and fight with Xie Yifeng.”


“How long are you going to wait if you don’t take advantage of this heat?  You’re getting endorsements now, and you have time to do whatever you want to do with your music video?”

If he was really short-sighted and took advantage of Zhou Yuhe’s rising popularity, he would have already taken a bunch of messy endorsement ads for him, if that were the case, Zhou Yuhe’s future upward mobility would be tightened up a lot, after all, any high-end big name wouldn’t want an endorser to be a third-rate artist who took a bunch of low-end ads.

Zhou Yuhe hadn’t received a single endorsement up to now, just because they were equally aware of the importance of the first endorsement to an artist.

Zhou Yuhe was blocked by him with nothing to say.

“It’s me who misunderstood you, sorry.”

Yang Yu waved his hand, “What you need to do is not to apologize to me, but to make yourself a little more trusting, trust me and trust yourself as well.”

Zhou Yuhe was puzzled, “What does this have to do with me?”

Yang Yu’s expression became a bit playful at this moment, and he turned his laptop around to display the contents of the above WeChat conversation.

“With my current resources, the most I can buy for you in terms of traffic is to get you from the last place in the hot search to the first page of the hot search, and the one who really made you first is yourself ……”

“You know what? You’re really famous.”

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