C32[Part 2]

May 10.

Inside the hotel conference room.

Director Cai, who was still angry, was completely stunned.

“Xiao, Xiao Zhou …… you’re kidding right?”

The other creators present also found it unbelievable, Zhou Yuhe wasn’t usually such an unreliable person ah, why would he say such things today, and he seemed a bit …… today.


Unlike the normally polite, cool, distant, and low-key teenager, Zhou Yuhe, who was wearing a high-fashion silk white shirt today, showed an unprecedented boldness.

He said, “Together with the publicity during the drama’s online period, the drama’s entire promotional period must be at least two months. Two million, spread out over two months, what kind of effect can it have? Needless to say, everyone knows it, so you can’t blame Director Wang, it’s really a tricky situation, isn’t it?”

The man in charge nodded his head at that.

“Then you can’t give up the whole thing, right? In all my years in the industry, I’ve never heard of a drama that was a hit completely without publicity, and although there is an element of luck, human effort is also very important.”

Hearing this, the others in the conference room nodded in unison.

It was only after they all finished nodding that they realized what was a bit off-.

It seemed like it was Zhou Yuhe’s agent Yang Yu who just said this?

How come Yuhe didn’t know either?

Did he completely improvise on his own?

This was too messed up!

Yang Yu’s face also had a look of “you’re too messed up”, he was wearing a meticulous three-piece suit, coupled with the industry’s reputation for professionalism and shrewdness, the words he said at this point undoubtedly received unanimous approval.

Zhou Yuhe sighed in his heart that the other party’s acting skills were really good, while on the surface, he smiled slightly and said methodically, “Everyone calm down, please remember that what I said before was ‘giving up the entire pre-promotion’, it doesn’t mean that we won’t promote it.”

Yang Yu frowned, “Then what do you mean?”

Zhou Yuhe: “It has to be publicized, and it has to be publicized in a big way, but the period of publicity is very important, taking two million for two months of publicity, and taking two million for a week, or even only three days of publicity at the most critical time, the effect is also completely different, can you understand what I mean?”

Fang Lin kind of understood what he meant, “You mean, we’re going to spend our money on ‘knives’?”

Zhou Yuhe smiled and nodded, “Yes, instead of throwing two million down with no waterfall at all, it would be best for us to take advantage of the ‘east wind’ to maximize the publicity once.”

Director Cai’s emotions also gradually calmed down completely under this twist and turn, and he thought carefully, “It makes a bit of sense …… Then where is the ‘east wind’ you’re talking about? Don’t tell me about the east wind, I’m about to be swept away by the west wind!”

The male lead actor change, the sudden emergence of a strong opponent, the announcement that their resources couldn’t keep up …… the director felt that this period of time was simply too harsh.

“Isn’t there an ‘East Wind’ right now?”

Zhou Yuhe’s eyes looked towards the only vacant seat in the conference room.

Emperor Xuantong had been shortlisted for various awards at home and abroad, especially the Burfi Awards, which was the first time in nearly seven years that the Chinese had been shortlisted for Best Actor in the Burfi Awards, and the number of people inside and outside the industry were gradually increasing, and the number of promotional activities that Xie Yifeng needed to be involved in was also gradually increasing, and as soon as he finished his scenes, he rushed to Paris with the crew without stopping.

No, no, no, that was too risky!

Director Cai opened his mouth, he was about to refute Zhou Yuhe’s point, who then dismissed it before Yang Yu did.

“It won’t work.”

His tone was very definite.

All eyes were focused on him at once.

“One, it’s true that Xie Yifeng is now a nominee for the Burfi Award, as well as several other awards for lead actor, but! The difference between a nomination and an award, I think you can understand that, right?”

The crowd nodded in unison.

Of course! Nominating and winning were not the same thing, okay! If you couldn’t win, no amount of nominations would attract attention, just like people never remembered who the second one was.

Zhou Yuhe looked at him faintly and smiled, gesturing for him to continue.

Yang Yu: “Then the problem comes, the publicity plan you said must be based on the fact that Xie Yifeng must win, and possibly more than one award, before he can burst out, right, after all, we also know his previous fanbase …… and he’s caused phenomenal attention, that’s what connects him to the TV show he’s on right now, right?”

After a pause, Yang Yu said, “Er, even if Xie Yi Feng explodes, the traffic on him may not go to ‘Rejuvenation’. Because he’s not the male lead, the real male lead is you, and he’s only a second male lead in the drama, how do you guarantee that Xie Yifeng’s traffic will turn into our ‘East Wind’?”

After Yang Yu said this, the others literally wanted to give him a standing ovation, and Zhang Liran almost wanted to rush up and shake the water out of Zhou Yuhe’s head to clear his head and see what his manager was saying!

The crowd turned their attention to Zhou Yuhe, wanting to see how he was going to argue and come up with something to convince them.


“I can’t guarantee it.” Zhou Yuhe bowed his head.

Everyone was stunned, even Yang Yu did not expect him to admit so simply.

“I have no way to guarantee what you just said, just like no one can predict whether an apple will fall and hit Newton or Jobs. There are no absolutes in the world, but we have the ability to judge and believe ……”

Zhou Yuhe lifted his head, a dazzling light bursting from his quiet eyes.

“We’ve all seen ‘Emperor Xuantong’, everyone knows Xie Yifeng’s acting skills, does he have the strength to win the award? Of course! Rejuvenation is our baby, no one knows it better than us, does it have what it takes to be a big hit? Of course! Since Xie Yifeng has the strength to win a movie award and Rejuvenation has the makings of a huge hit, why shouldn’t we take a chance? All ‘genius ideas’ require risk, and there is no such thing as a risk-free ‘east wind’ in this world!”

Zhou Yuhe’s voice wasn’t too loud, but the words that came out were so powerful that they were deafening!

His voice was like a light coming from the sky, shining through the fog and illuminating the people who were groping around in the darkness.

The “light” said.

“Do you want to give it a go?”

“I’m sure you’ve got something in mind, right?”



After a long period of silence…

Director Cai sighed compromisingly.

“…… that too, we can’t do nothing, what about our early traffic?”

Zhou Yuhe smiled slightly as if he had expected him to ask this.

He was calm and composed and said.

“It’s only natural that someone else would do the early traffic for us.”

The “others” that no one thought would be…

The publicity team for “Obviously Sweet”.


On May 29th, eight days after the premiere of “Rejuvenation”, Zhang Rong’s PR company recently received a deal to help market the recently launched “Obviously Sweet”, and the company had divided several planning departments to design the campaign, while their group was in charge of the online public opinion section.

The team leader’s face looked obscure in the conference room with the projector on.

He pointed at the data on the projector and said, “Our opponent from the same period, Rejuvenation, has a word-of-mouth tactic, and although the attention is not much better than before, we can still make use of ‘Cai Rongxi’s’ reputation.”

The group leader’s meaning was obvious, “making a fuss”, which was to buy passages, pulling it to suppress the competitors.

It was very common for publicity to include “‘a certain girl is gorgeous and depresses the heroine”, “a certain new actress can be called the first pure jade girl in the world, and even XXX can only stand by” and so on …

In order to flow, the people must be enough to attract attention, The “Rejuvenation”, which was launched in the same period before, had no big splash. Recently, it had gradually gained word of mouth. In addition, Cai Rongxi’s reputation as the “godfather of youth” was indeed very useful.

But Zhang Rong didn’t think so.

“It’s inappropriate, right? Haven’t you guys seen “Rejuvenation”? Honestly with the quality of Rejuvenation, I don’t think that words like ‘gaudy’ and ‘hanging’ are suitable for it, it might make a mockery of it then.”

The team leader glanced at him coldly, last time he was pissed off because of Cao Qiyue’s incident, this time he just happened to encounter a drama starring Zhou Yuhe, how could he be soft?

He said grimly, “So what? How many people are going to compare two TV series because of this kind of pull strategy, even if “Rejuvenation” has a high reputation, so what? You’re overthinking it!”

Now, in this world, traffic was power. Whoever was popular was a big boss. What was the use of not playing again? What was he afraid to step on?

The team leader sneered at Zhang Rong’s “concern”.

Zhang Rong had nothing to say.

That being said, he always recalled that amazing face in his mind.

That teenager ……

He didn’t think it was that simple ……

The trampling plan was quickly laid out.

But within a week, it backfired.

Manuscript: This is the only idol drama that can really be seen this year, and Cai Rongxi could only do it once. : I believe that everyone has seen the TV series “Obviously sweet”, which is popular in the circle of friends recently …

They had sent a lot of manuscripts like this, which probably meant to praise “Obviously Sweet” brainlessly, and then belittle “Rejuvenation” with little effect.

At first, the comments underneath were all bright pink confessions, but then, more and more questionable voices appeared.

“…… is there sh*t in these bloggers eyes? How does “Obviously Sweet” compare to “Rejuvenation”? Still hanging? I’m afraid that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all year.”

“The most embarrassing pull stomp in history, have you ever heard of a high school league champion hanging an NBA star?”

“I suggest you watch these two shows before you come out beeping.”



The most interesting was a netizen called “Bai Xiaoxiao”, who claimed to be a true fan of Ji Chen. She used to chase “Obviously Sweet” every day, but after watching “Rejuvenation”, she couldn’t watch the former anymore.

As soon as she made such a comment, Ji Chen’s fans immediately blew up and jumped out to say that this wasn’t their family’s fan, this was the water army hired by Rejuvenation.

Bai Xiaoxiao in a fit of anger put her own Weibo page, filled with star-struck posts, she also said that the fans were too disappointing, she wanted to stop being a fan from now on.

As they all took a look, this girl was really a fan of Ji Chen!

That was embarrassing ……

The original overwhelming marketing suppression was gradually reversed by the powerful strength of Rejuvenation, and more and more people stood up for it.

Meng Churong and Ji Chen, it was enough to beat them.

Who knew the backlash would be more emotional!

Although Zhang Liran was small and transparent, the tearing ability of the agency behind her was very strong.

With so much black material about Meng Churong, any tear could make the fans explode in place with anger.

The most surprising was Ji Chen and Zhou Yuhe.

The passages was about how Ji Chen’s acting skills were outstanding, and Zhou Yuhe was nobody’s concern.

However, the passersby immediately mocked that Ji Chen’s character, Lin Yuming, only played cool and provoked girls, he didn’t listen well in class and only cared about making eye contact with the female lead, so there was no comparison with Zhou Yuhe’s character Shen Yan. He was the real bully!

This couldn’t really be blamed on Ji Chen, who was a good actor in his own right but simply acted the straightforward sweetness of his persona and plot, and the complex and multi-layered Shen Yan who was simply incomparable.

Ji Chen’s fans could only retort: youth idol dramas is about looks!

Who knew that the mockery was actually greater.

Puzzled, they went next door to take a look, and-.

The face value of Zhou Yuhe, who was even more beautiful and smooth next door, was just glowing in the main cast of “plain” people!

“Little brother Shen Yan, I cry sweetly when he smiles, okay!!!!”

“Don’t you just want me dead! Take me away!”

“Why is the writer abusing Shen Yan, I’m sending razor blades to the crew!!!”


In the face of the fans’ flowery confessions, the seasonal fans were unable to refute them.

Because they also felt that Zhou Yuhe was really so handsome!

More and more people participated in the tearing, more and more people gave positive reviews to Rejuvenation, and of course, more and more people knew about the youth drama called Rejuvenation through this huge pulling and stomping incident.

“How did this happen …… ” Zhang Rong’s mouth opened wide in surprise.

The promised plan of trampling, how did it now turn out that they were giving the other a head-start?

And the team leader was the one who was really pissed off that the spiral exploded into the sky.

Where did the fans of “Rejuvenation” get such a strong fighting force? Wasn’t there one before that made fun of himself for being a drama chaser!

With strong curiosity, the team leader clicked into those so-called “Rejuvenation” fans, and the results were even more silly.

A lot of these “Rejuvenation” battle fans were road warriors for “Obviously Sweet”.

What the f*ck was this, this, what the f*ck was this?!

“Team Leader! Team leader! Look!” Zhang Rong brought up the official weibo page of “Obviously Sweet”, and found that it had already been pinched beyond recognition.

It turned out that Black emperor had made up their mind to push Meng Churong, so when the drama was broadcast, Meng Churong took various shot with Ji Chen, and I.S was ignored. They originally thought of cooperating with the other, but they didn’t expect to be thrown away as if they were entangled in something dirty.

The other party was the Black Emperor Company, but the fan traffic and Ji Chen wasn’t at the same level, not to mention that before they bought a hot search, they tried to steal other people’s resources, the goodwill was already very low, now they wanted to tie Ji Chen together to pull him down with them, how could they agree?

So both sides were making efforts in the dark, making a mess, it was completely unwatchable.

On the contrary, Rejuvenation didn’t have high popularity, but it was very harmonious, it was different from the next plastic cp[couple] love, completely clean flow.

Therefore, many passers-by who were squeezed by Obviously Sweet that bought hot searches were disgusted and abandoned the drama. When they saw the harmonious atmosphere of Rejuvenation, they went into the pit with the mentality of giving it a try. They didn’t expect that they would never get up again! Accustomed to “Obviously Sweet’s”-style of tearing down others, it was certainly handy for them to join the fight.

The team leader was limp on the chair, and on the computer screen was a Weibo post on “Rejuvenation’s” official page:

A lot of fans are always asking why “Rejuvenation” never bought hot searchs, didn’t do marketing and could only silently bear, in fact, the reason is very simple – because we’re poor [bye] [bye].

The straightforward answer undoubtedly gained a wave of fans again.

“No marketing, can you believe it?” The team leader snickered from his nose, but the question came out as if he had been hollowed out and had no energy.

It wasn’t just Zhang Rong and the others, but almost every PR firm this evening was also thinking.

From no one to godlike word-of-mouth backlash, had “Rejuvenation” done anything at all?


“Really, nothing?”

After walking out of the conference room, Zhou Yuhe and Yang Yu entered the elevator together, Yang Yu pressed the close button as he asked Zhou Yuhe in the elevator mirror.

Zhou Yuhe closed his eyes, he looked slightly tired, “Actually, ‘inaction’ is also a kind of ‘action’, it doesn’t mean that inaction means doing nothing, but when you weigh the pros and cons and find that ‘Doing nothing’ is the best ‘action’, then naturally you don’t have to do anything.”

Although he said it was very simple, both of them knew in their hearts that “doing nothing” was much more difficult than “doing something”.

Yang Yu: “Sometimes I really don’t understand where you are getting your confidence from, when you said what you said today, I actually actually believe that Xie Yifeng will definitely win the movie title and “Rejuvenation” will be a big hit, I might be crazy.”

“Sometimes life just needs to be ‘crazy’ to be exciting,” Zhou Yuhe opened his eyes, “Anyway, thank you for today Brother Yang.”

If it wasn’t for Yang Yu playing helper on the side, one of them singing red and one of them singing white, keeping the rhythm of the meeting firmly in hand, he was afraid they wouldn’t have been so smoothly convinced to agree to his proposal today.

Hearing this, Yang Yu, whose expression had been heavy, was finally a little more relaxed, “A little negotiation trick, not enough.”

Saying that, he lifted the corners of his mouth and glanced towards Zhou Yuhe rather proudly, “Happy cooperation.”

Zhou Yuhe smiled as well.

“Happy cooperation.”

What Yang Yu didn’t know was that Zhou Yuhe’s so-called “self-confidence” was actually because he was a reborn person.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Xie Yifeng would definitely win awards – lots and lots of awards; if it wasn’t for the fact that Rejuvenation really blew up; if it wasn’t for the fact that the lead actors didn’t work very hard during the airing of Obviously Sweet ……

If he didn’t know this, he wouldn’t have the guts to take such a big risk and make such a gamble.

And fortunately, things were indeed all going in the direction that Zhou Yuhe had planned.

He would even get a thrill of goosebumps when he saw that the fans of Obviously Sweet were really getting into Rejuvenation.

When the high risk, high reward, really happened, the incentive for people was naturally obvious.

But yet, not everything was as he expected-.

Cao Qiyue’s contract termination controversy with Black Emperor led to the suspension of the album she was supposed to release, and it wasn’t until she recently set up her own music studio that the recording of her new album was back on the agenda.

Just two days before the Burfi Awards ceremony, Zhou Yuhe came to the studio to help her shoot the music video she had previously arranged.

Dao Pan, who was promoted from assistant to manager, took Zhou Yuhe’s arm and showed off how good their studio was, how free they were now, and how many sponsors had approached them. ……

Cao Qiyue looked impatient as she drove Dao Pan out of the room, lit a cigarette, crossed his legs, and asked Zhou Yuhe as if he was asking for a crime after the fact, “Tell me honestly, how far have you and Xie Yifeng developed?”

Zhou Yuhe’s heart was in shock, “What are you babbling about!”

Cao Qiyue was stunned and flicked the cigarette in her hand in a lack of interest, “What ah, I didn’t talk about you, it’s boring.

Zhou Yuhe who understood that the other party was being condescending: “……”

Cao Qiyue leaned in again and smiled wryly, “But you’re overreacting, Yuhe, you like him.”

Zhou Yuhe, who admired the other’s detective ability to the point of speechlessness, “……”

“So what, he isn’t interested in me.” Zhou Yuhe said sullenly.

“How come! I vouch for the fact that Xie Yifeng, that prude, is definitely interested in you.”

Zhou Yuhe frowned, “Where can you tell that from?”

“A TV show!” Cao Qiyue righteously said, if she hadn’t seen the unique aura between the two, she wouldn’t have said anything.


Zhou Yuhe was truly speechless this time.

Cao Qiyue still wanted to say something when Susu breezed in, so hot and bothered that she even forgot to knock on the door.

“Xiao Zhou!!! Look at Weibo!!!”

Zhou Yuhe unknowingly picked up her phone and saw that the number one spot on the Weibo hot search list was…

Shen Yan First Love.

This hot search was a full single digit more than the second place search.

Shen Yan? First love?

As soon as these two familiar keywords jumped into his eyes, it was as if his heart stopped beating a beat.

Susu’s excited voice seemed to be a thousand miles away: “You don’t know, the whole internet has exploded, Brother Yang’s assistant said that the office’s phone is almost bursting ……”

From trampling event to now, “Rejuvenation” was a lot better, it was popular, but it still had a lot of distance.from a “drama king”.

For “Rejuvenation”, where the traffic was saturated, what was lacking now was an explosion point. Once something exploded and brought out phenomenal topics, the whole drama could be pushed to the peak completely.

Zhou Yuhe originally thought that this explosive point should be Xie Yifeng’s winning of the Film Emperor.

Unexpectedly, he had beat Xie Yifeng to it.


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