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Zhou Yuhe exhaled heavily, “Okay, I admit that you’re right about everything. I’m …… not in a good mood right now to be honest.”

Xie Yifeng smiled slightly, he looked into Zhou Yuhe’s eyes, his lacquered eyes exuding a reassuring power, “Anxiety, low self-esteem, are actually all because of expectations. You take the role of Shen Yan too seriously, including Rejuvenation, and you seem to have more confidence in this drama than anyone else, but confidence can sometimes be a burden …… Yuhe, and caring is confusing.”

Caring was confusing.

Those four words were like a refreshing dose of truth.

Yes, all of his burdens, all of his anxieties right now were actually based on knowing that Rejuvenation would be a hit, knowing that Shen Yan would be a hit.

So if it didn’t turn out the way he wanted, he would have a deep sense of frustration.

But the truth was… Who could guarantee that a show would be a hit?

Things changed, and even if they didn’t, there might be other difficulties.

There was no drama that the heavens had decreed must be a hit.

Xie Yifeng asked again, “If you had known that today would come, would you not have taken up this drama?”

Without even thinking about it, Zhou Yuhe subconsciously replied, “Of course not!”

The script for Rejuvenation was very well written and as an actor, even if he didn’t know it was a hit TV series, he would have wanted to be a part of it and he would have wanted to play the role of Shen Yan ……


Wasn’t the reasoning that simple?

He wanted to play the part, and he did play it well. Wasn’t that enough?

If he wasn’t a rebirth, this would have been a simple truth for Zhou Yuhe.

But now, while rebirth brought him an unprecedented advantage, it also invariably led him into a misunderstanding.

What was a true actor? If he took on every role in every movie, instead of thinking about the movie, whether the role was challenging, whether there was substance, whether it suited him, whether he liked it or not …… then how far could he go on this path of acting?

Wasn’t that why Xie Yifeng, who never thought about it, that was why he was Xie Yifeng, that was why he was the future Film Emperor ah!

Off, heart, then, chaos.

Zhou Yuhe solemnly recited these four words in his heart.

All the anxious and uneasy emotions all gradually calmed down.

Xie Yifeng had such power, when he was most confused and at a loss, he could bring him warmth and peace of mind.


May 10.

Hotel, in front of Director Cai’s room.

Zhou Yuhe and Yang Yu were standing in front of the room.

Yang Yu looked at Zhou Yuhe, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Zhou Yuhe’s expression was indifferent, but there was an unquestionable certainty in his calmness, “I’m confident that they will agree with my idea.”

That insane idea?

Yang Yu opened his mouth, remembering his amazing performance in the Cao Qiyue PR incident, and miraculously, he didn’t say anything sarcastic.

“I got it, let’s go and go fight this next tough battle.”

Two equally tall and long figures, one in a meticulous white shirt and the other in a calm formal black suit three-piece suit, one white and one black, walked into the half-open door of the room.

Inside the room, the meeting was in full swing.

In order to facilitate work and temporary meetings, the room Director Cai booked was a business suite with all the office facilities.

Minimalist, but with a strong sense of design, on the other side of the room’s hall was a conference room that was partitioned off, with a large conference table and professional equipment such as a projector on the opposite wall.

The two parties were cursing at each other with thick necks.

The two sides were cursing at each other. Director Cai slammed the copy handed in by the publicity company on the table, furiously saying, “Is this the rubbish you wrote out? Do you know what scale of promotion the other side is using? You can’t even raise half a splash with a little fight like this!”

The person in charge of the publicity company was also very innocent, he put on a helpless face, but with a slightly sarcastic tone: “Director Cai, you should also look at how much money they have spent on publicity. The entertainment industry is like this, every penny counts, your budget on publicity is so much, the original two men who said they would have publicity resources over there are also gone, we have to be distracted to help them also promote together, the money is so little, naturally the original plan will also be discounted, unless you ……”

The person in charge had a point, Director Cai was so angry that his face was red and white, at first they agreed on a packaged price, and now when they became so passive …… D*mn!

Director Cai originally had a temper, hearing this scoundrel’s words, he directly picked up the mouse on the table to throw it at him, although there were also distributors and investors present, everyone knew Director Cai’s violent temper, so this scene wasn’t surprising. It was only after the scriptwriter Ms. Fang Lin, Zhang Liran and her company’s publicity director stopped him, that he was stopped by Director Cai.

Zhang Liran: “Director Cai! Mr. Choi! Xiao Zhou is here!”

When  Director Cai heard the word “Xiao Zhou”, his mind gradually came back to him, and he was helped back to his seat with a red neck, his chest rising and falling, and he seemed to be really angry.

Zhou Yuhe and Yang Yu fell into their seats together.

Zhou Yuhe smiled slightly, “Sorry, we’re late.”

“Not late, not late, we were discussing the publicity plan, one more person, and one more idea, you guys came just in time.” The screenwriter, Mr. Fang Lin, said to Zhou Yuhe with a bitter smile.

Zhou Yuhe asked, “Now where were we?”

Director Cai glanced coldly at the person in charge of publicity, without saying a word.

The publicity officer caught Zhou Yuhe and began to complain: “Xiao Zhou ah, you know that the current flow of the entertainment circle ah, publicity ah, is particularly money oriented, how much money decides as possible right?”

Zhou Yuhe nodded with a smile, “Right.”

The person in charge, against the stare of Director Cai and Fang Lin, continued: “Originally we agreed that the budget in the promotion of this piece is two million, your own personal publicity by your own brokerage company to bear most of it, we’d just cooperate, this was originally all in the contract, Director Cai suddenly became dissatisfied with our previously set publicity plan, to overturn the start again, you and Xiao Xie are …… this little accident, the company publicity can not keep up, spreading it on us, it’s also very difficult for us to do ah ……”

Director Cai still couldn’t resist throwing the mouse in his hand at him hard, “You’re saying nonsense! That’s not what you said when you talked about the contract!”

The person in charge dodged it with a quick eye roll, “Not the same thing, not the same thing ah Director Cai!”

Zhou Yuhe helped the person in charge up and went to the side of the room to pour a glass of water for Director Cai, and only after both sides were in a slightly better mood did he say slowly and methodically, “I think, Director Wang is not wrong, it is very difficult to achieve the expected results when the publicity budget is only two million ……”

When the person in charge heard this, he was like grasping a straw that saved his life, nodding his head repeatedly, “Xiao Zhou you’re so right!”

Director Cai and the other creators were shocked, “Xiao Zhou how can you ……!”

How come you’re speaking for an outsider?

However, what surprised them even more, was what Zhou Yuhe said next-.

“So if you ask me, the two million, we might as well save all of it, not a penny of it, which is-”

“We’re dropping the whole pre-publicity, all of it.”

He smiled, his arms braced on the sides of his chair, his slender ten fingers folded over his chest, his back leaning slightly against the back of the chair, the corners of his mouth slightly upturned, an arrogant, compelling expression of powerful confidence.

A hidden strength spread from him to the entire conference room.

The crowd: “……”

Everyone was open-mouthed and couldn’t believe what they were hearing.


May 20.

For couples, it was a day no less than Valentine’s Day, with 520 advertising slogans everywhere on the street and countless love movies chosen to be released today, and naturally, it was also a good day for love drama idols to go online in the TV industry.

As early as a month ago, the youth idol drama Obviously Sweet, co-produced by Black Emperor and I.S, starring Meng Churong and Ji Chen, had already created a storm on the internet with overwhelming publicity.

Obviously Sweet was the best in the industry in terms of investment scale, distribution team, and production team, not to mention the luxurious cast.

Meng Churong was said to be the first in the industry in terms of actress resources. She had worked with countless big directors at home and abroad and had played the second and the main female roles in high-budgeted movies.

In order to reverse the public’s impression that Meng Churong was “cold” and had a “hard background”, they created an idol drama specifically for her. From the video clips that had been released, the female lead, Lin Mingtan, looked cute and coquettish, and Meng Churong’s acting skills had been greatly improved, and she was no longer the paralyzed actress that the public criticized.

Meng Churong alone was enough to make people look forward to it, not to mention the fact that she had invited Ji Chen, who was now a rising star, to play Lin Yuming, the male protagonist of the drama, who was a cold academic bully. This kind of persona of a cold academic bully in the early stage and a mad dog chasing his wife in the later stage was already very pleasing, not to mention the fact that Ji Chen was a true son of heaven!

He wasn’t the same as the others in the entertainment industry, Ji Chen was the only crown prince of I.S entertainment, his family history content was frighteningly high, fans as long as they saw him, they could associate him with a rich young master, aristocratic style, hegemonic president …… such characteristics made Ji Chen’s debut, an easy one.

This was the first time he appeared in an idol drama, fans had long been building momentum on Weibo, plus marketing numbers took turns on hot search, bought word of mouth and a big round of publicity, everyone on Weibo knew about the drama.

The first three hours of the show, she stayed firmly in front of the TV, and in the premiere of “Obviously Sweet”, she watched the first two episodes almost the entire time with her face in her hands.

The content of “Obviously Sweet” definitely lived up to the name, the entire high sweetness, the interaction between the male and female lead was also sweet, and the general idol drama male and female lead were always against each other due to misunderstandings, the clichéd opening was not at all different, completely clean flow ah!

After only three days of catching up on the drama, Bai Xiaoxiao had developed a good habit of catching up on dramas regularly.

It was not enough to watch the drama every day, she also had to go online to look for the same person, and had to see unanimous praise on the Internet to be satisfied-.

Look! Everyone, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen such a sweet idol!

One of the niche drama industry bloggers had published an article counting down the 10 most anticipated idol dramas of the year, with “Obviously Sweet” coming out on top!

The first-place winner was famous, but the second-place winner…

Goodbye …… The youth we walked together?

Hahahahahaha!!! What was with the archaic and clichéd title of the show!

The blogger’s recommendation was also interesting: She was actually under a lot of pressure to recommend this drama, because from the main cast to the original was very unpopular, and the title of the drama …… if not for the three words “Cai Rongxi”, she would never click on the cheapest to watch! But after watching the first episode, she realized that she was wrong!!! !!!OTZ is kneeling!!! It was so damn pretty!!! The remaining four episodes were watched with complete caution!!!! The only thing she wanted to say was that the producer really wanted to be so clean and not promote it at all! If it wasn’t for the fact that she’d been peeping at Zhou Yuhe all this time, she would have had no f*cking idea that he was on this drama, okay!!!

In fact, this blogger had written about it quite subtly, she was going to directly stamp “full score masterpiece”, but the drama’s publicity was really too cold, so she just wrote a sneaky, evasive praise, ‘If not for the production team not being as rich as “Obviously sweet”, it would have already beaten the latter by a few streets!’

“It’s that divine!”

Bai Xiaoxiao saw the blogger’s obvious sarcasm and immediately felt very frustrated, opened the webpage, and typed: goodbye, the youth we walked together and clicked into the video platform from the top of the search page.

Then twenty minutes later-.

“Hey hey hey hey-!!!”

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