c3—– Mystery Judge

 Under the guidance of the staff, the auditions proceeded in an orderly fashion.

  One smug young man walked up to the stage, another walked down dejectedly, and even some girls with poor mental capacity ran straight out of the theater with red eyes after hearing the harsh criticism.

  Director Cai shook his head, and without looking much, he immediately began to call the next person.

  Such a harsh and tense atmosphere made the crowd, who were still laughing, each had their hearts beating like drums, their eyes were fixed on the script, reciting lines furiously with a determination that vowed to read through the script.

  Zhou Yuhe smiled, he didn’t blame these kids for walking on thin ice, after all, Cai Rongxi plus Fanglin plus youth films, such a combination had made countless artists famous.

  Moreover, Director Cai was one of the only few big directors in the showbiz who used newcomers for every film.

  This had to do with the type of film being made.

  ”Youth films” required the lead actor to be “youthful”.

  This was not youth, but rather youthfulness, and the audience should be able to see the budding youth and the beauty of youth at a glance. This was the first time the two had been cast in a TV drama.

Although this would be the first time for the two of them to work together in a TV drama, but for the young people with the dream of being an actor was nothing, for the three words “Cai Rongxi”, they would not hesitate to throw themselves into the fire.

  That was his magic.

  But there were exceptions.

Unlike the crowded back rows of seats, the top two rows were very empty, with only a few people sitting there, they looked relaxed, their chins slightly raised, even the script wasn’t like the others who were always pinching the palm of their hands.

  They were already little-known new generation of actors, naturally had the capital, more important than the others.

  Zhou Yuhe was certainly not in this category, and the third row he was in was the lowest in the crowd.

  Because the audition venue was a theater, the stage was some distance away from the audience, the players did not bring microphones, they wanted to observe the opponent’s situation, they could only squeeze as far forward as possible. Zhou Yuhe came back from going to the toilet and everyone saved his seat for him, all thanks to the pressure of his company and the little recognition that his face gave him.

  Ceng Ang returned from the bathroom, with a very annoyed expression, after seeing Zhou Yuhe squeezed in the middle of the crowd, he suddenly got a little proud, he glanced at Zhou Yuhe and sat in the empty second row.

  Zhou Yuhe didn’t care about these details, his entire mind was now on the script in his hands.

  Although he had participated in it, it was after all a drama from more than twenty years ago, and many of the details were already fuzzy.

  The good thing was that this scene, back then, the night before the audition, Zhou Yu accompanied Ceng Ang and helped him go through it many times, so now carefully thinking about it, those forgotten things from the depths of his memory came in a flood.


  After carefully going through a few times, Zhou Yuhe pursed his lips and raised his head.

  A little over half of the auditions in the arena had already passed, and Director Cai and Writer Lin were looking critically back and forth at the auditionees while looking at the entrance of the theater from time to time, as if they were waiting for someone.

  ”Who are they looking at?” A young girl in the back whispered to the young man next to her.

  The young man looked back, “I don’t know, it’s said that for this audition, the actor playing the lead role of Shen Yan will also come over to help with references.”

  The young girl was shocked, “These two still need someone to give advice?”

  Young man: “Yeah, I heard it’s an actor.”

  The young girl was even stranger, “Didn’t they say that Director Cai only cast new actors for youth films?”

  ”It’s not clear, so take another look, and don’t keep asking for more.”



  The comments of the two in the back row fell like a feather on Zhou Yuhe’s heart.

  He gazed at the spot where the long table came down empty, suddenly a little disturbed.

  He knew who they were waiting for.

  Xie Yifeng….

The three words, even if chewed up and swallowed, would have the aftertaste spread between his lips and teeth.

  Xie Yifeng was the main character “Shen Yan”, the main actor who became famous by “accident” in Rejuvenation.

  It was an accident, but it was inevitable.

Xie Yifeng made his debut as a child star at the age of 12, and quickly became popular and then disappeared within two years of his debut, after which he studied hard as a newcomer and ran countless sets and routines.

Ten years of time, he seemed to be just a frivolous white horse, but his sorrows and bitterness, only he know.  

Finally, at the age of 24, Xie Yifeng, who had been silent for ten years, won a total of seven domestic and international film awards by virtue of his role as Puyi in the film Emperor Xuantong, which broke the film history record, and since then he has been in great shape.

  Before that, he was a young actor with great achievements, but no one was interested in him.

  His fame had not only led to the airing of “Youth Again” at the same time, but also to many other classic but obscure works that had been repeatedly watched and marveled at by fans.

  Xie Yifeng, who was the most award-winning movie star in Chinese film history, was a national treasure and one of the most important people in Zhou Yuhe’s former life.

  In his previous life, Ji Chen’s biggest enemy was Xie Yifeng, so even Zhou Yuhe disliked him, until after the fire, Ji Chen gradually disappeared from his life, but instead, Xie Yifeng took care of him more, and the role that got him nominated for the Golden Dragon Award was introduced to him by Xie Yifeng.

  He treated Xie Yifeng as a benefactor and best buddy, but the images that flashed through his mind before he died told him that this person was probably much more important to him than he had imagined.

  Thinking of this, Zhou Yuhe’s mood actually became tense for no apparent reason.

  Then, he saw a young man wearing a cap sitting in front of him.

  A sudden heartbeat.

  Zhou Yuhe looked over uncontrollably, his angle was just right to see the smooth lines of the other side of his face, and his masculine, sexy Adam’s apple.

  The young man sat down, his long legs elegantly overlapping, holding the script in his left hand, his right hand gently clasped on the table, looking up at the stage from time to time, his expression relaxed and intrigued.

  Just sitting like that, he had a mysterious and powerful aura spreading to the surrounding area.

  Whispering began to occur around him.

  Some people were like that, even if they did nothing at all, they would stand out.

  That kind of aura, that kind of aura, that kind of swagger, shouldn’t be seen in an actor so young.

  It was definitely uncomfortable.

  Especially…without knowing him.

  The one who made room for the youth and sat directly in front of Zhou Yuhe was a popular newcomer signed by Tianchen Television last year, Han Cheng, who had three million Weibo followers and was also one of the few people with the strongest overall strength in the entire audition, and he saw that the other party had come eagerly and rightfully, so he gave him a seat without looking much, and only after he sat down and took a closer look at the face did he feel that something was wrong.

  Han Cheng pushed the youth with his arm and asked carelessly, “Dude which company?”

  The youth looked up, looked at the other for a moment, then back at the crowded back row, and the empty front row, when he too realized what was going on.

  Although there were no written rules, but in the entertainment industry was a big dye vat, who did not know something about the world, looking at this situation, could the first two rows be sat on casually?

Looking at the youth’s actions, Han Cheng thought that the other party would leave with an apologetic expression, but who knew that the youth turned his attention back to the script in his hand and said indifferently, “Oneworld Pictures.”

  Hearing the words “oneworld pictures”, Han Cheng completely relaxed, and his attitude towards the youth was even more arrogant, he kicked the other party’s shoes with his foot, “This is not the place for you to sit.”

  The youth just laughed, “Why?”

  ”I don’t like sitting next to people.”

  ”Oh, yeah?” He said, and stopped looking at him, as if even his earlier reply was an “automatic reply”.

  When Han Cheng saw how insensitive he was, he wanted to say something else, but Zhou Yuhe’s cold voice sounded behind him.

  ”You’re blocking me.”

  Han Cheng was taller, but how could it be at this exact moment….

  Han Cheng looked back at Zhou Yuhe and asked in an unkind tone, “Who are you?”

  ”I.S Entertainment Zhou Yuhe.”

  I.S Entertainment, one of the largest agencies in China, the most prestigious idol incubation base in Asia, over the years, he didn’t know how many popular idol groups had been produced, although its actor division had only just started, but it was indeed a big company.

  ”I.S? “Han Cheng’s tone was somewhat subtle, he looked at Zhou Yuhe’s face, his heart unconsciously equated him with a vase[a dumb but pretty face], “This is not the place where idols should come, if you feel self-conscious, leave early, don’t lose I.S’s face.”

  There seemed to be an inherent chain of contempt between idols and actors. In the opinion of many self-described actors, idols were able to attract a large number of fans based on their faces and persona alone, so why would they come to steal an actor’s job when they could become successful so easily?

  If it was some brain-dead idol drama, it was fine, but those who dared to audition here were more or less confident in their acting skills, and this time, when they heard that the outstanding-looking Zhou Yuhe was from the idol company, I.S Entertainment, their eyes couldn’t help but look at him with three points of contempt.

  Not only Han Cheng, the people around him also gradually changed from dissatisfied with Han Cheng’s trickery to gloating.

  Zhou Yuhe raised his eyebrows, ignoring the gazes of the others and coldly said, “You blocked me, you want me to repeat myself a third time?”

“Okay, okay, I’ll make room for you, so you don’t have to complain on Weibo and have a wave of brain-damaged fans attack me later,” Han Cheng moved over amidst the relishing discussion, glancing back and forth between Zhou Yuhe and the youth with a malicious look, “You and your beloved friend can cheer up, Don’t break the fans’ hearts.”

  There was laughter all around.

  Zhou Yuhe and……..

  The youth mumbled those three words in his heart, as if suddenly recalling something, his gaze moved away from the script and fell on the young man’s cold and steely face, his sexy lips unconsciously curved.

  ”Quiet! Quiet! The people at the bottom don’t affect the stage…” then Ms. Fang Lin’s voice came from the direction of the stage, she didn’t have time to finish but she was interrupted by a surprise voice from the side.

  ”Xie Yifeng! Why did you go down there?” Director Cai was so excited that he even forgot to turn off the microphone, and his thick voice penetrated the entire theater so that everyone in the theater could clearly hear it.

  The face that had become gloomy from passing one contestant after another became as warm and genial as a spring breeze in this instant.

  The whole scene was instantly quiet.

  Even if they didn’t know what the word “Yifeng” meant, they could figure out that this person was from a different background just by the intimate tone of Director Cai, who was known for his seriousness and harshness.

  Han Cheng followed the others and held his breath, following Director Cai’s line of sight…

  His pupils constricted.

  ”This perspective can see a lot of different things.”

  Compared to Director Cai’s disorientation, offstage, Xie Yifeng was instead much more stable.

  As he spoke, he leaned languidly on the back of his chair, his expression under his cap still laid-back and relaxed.

  Director Cai urged, “Hurry up and come up.”

  With a slight smile, Xie Yifeng turned out from the audience, and with long legs, that calm step as if he was stepping on everyone’s heart, Xie Yifeng walked up onto the stage with much attention and sat on the vacant judge’s seat.

  The scene was in an uproar.

  This young man was not only on good terms with Director Cai, he was also the third judge today? Who the hell was he?

  While everyone was mingling, the people that had been watching the fun went silent.

 Especially Han Cheng.

  Considering himself to be a good actor, he had been in the entertainment industry for some time, and he had guessed who the other party was as soon as he heard the word “Yifeng”.

  The person who had been acting since his mother’s womb, who he might never be able to catch up to, was actually mocked by him like that?

Han Cheng felt his veins go cold.

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