C27– Official Start Of Shooting[Part 2]

Zhang Liran was going to shoot a lot of scenes today, the most important was with the first and second male lead. Even if it was a youth film, it couldn’t be avoided. When the leading men appeared, they still had to do some necessary image enhancement, so that the audience could see at a glance that this was the male lead or the second male lead, not a passerby.

Xie Yifeng appeared first, and the picture panned out from the back of his black hair. A little black spot in a uniform came stumbling from a distance. Yang Dingding, who was accidentally late on the first day of school, was instructed by strict instructors to run around the third teaching building ten times. Yang Dingding’s physical fitness wasn’t good since childhood. Whenever she ran past a big tree behind the teaching building, she always gave out a wheezing gasp, which sounded so noisy on Monday morning.

  Under the tree, the head covered by a cap bobbed a little, as if it had been disturbed by something, turned sideways, and then plunged into a new round of sound sleep.

The young girl, who looked lively and energetic, but was in fact quite physically useless, couldn’t make it to the sixth lap. She braced herself on her back, breathing heavily, and went under the trees, looking at the towering school buildings, the injustice and grief and anger inside her grew stronger and stronger.

What was worse than having a brother who had “one foot in Tsinghua university”?
It was the same high school he got into.

Because she was Yang Chong’s sister, she had to study well, she had to be good at sports, she had to have a sense of time, or she would embarrass her parents and brother… What kind of bullsh*t theories were these!

The frustration and anger, and the feeling of disempowerment that spread throughout her body, made the small girl unable to control her emotions, she grabbed the green grass beneath her and threw it forward with a small piece of dirt that had been plucked up along with it, letting out a stifled roar in her throat.

She hadn’t even finished venting when she was suddenly carried over by a powerful force-.

Her shoulder fell into a warm, strong chest.

“Hey, man, there’s a limit to your tantrums, don’t you see the place is ‘occupied’?” The owner of the chest said lazily.

Yang Dingding was shocked, and she snapped back –
She looked into a pair of untamed, expansive eyes.

They both froze at the same time.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were a girl.” Xu Chang let go of her hand, moving back in a show of innocence, keeping a safe distance from Yang Dingding.

Yang Dingding glared at the other party and ran away somewhat shamefacedly.

Xu Chang looked at the other party’s petite back, licked his lips, covered his military training cap back over his face with full carelessness, and slept on the lawn-…

“CUT!” Director Cai shouted.
Zhang Liran and Xie Yifeng came to the monitor at the same time to watch the replay.

The ordinary and vivid short-haired girl, the careless rebellious teenager, the two of them looked quite harmonious in the same picture. And the glance that Yang Dingding and Xu Chang looked at each other also had enough sparks, no matter who looked at it, they knew that this always well-behaved girl had been deeply attracted by a unique quality that she had never seen before.

“You’ve done a good job on this one, Little Zhang.” Director Cai praised.

Zhang Liran was finally relieved to hear this.

The sixth retake, she didn’t know if it was because it was the first day in the group or what, but she was a little nervous and absent-minded, shooting many scenes and failing to pass, either making some low-level mistakes on the positioning or not being emotionally full enough to shoot until the sixth retake.

  This was not a good thing for Zhang Liran who was already doubting the progress of the shooting.

She turned her head to look at the monitor, which happened to show Xie Yifeng taking off his military training cap, revealing a face that was lazy and impatient.

The face wearing make-up and the camera’s “double blur”, it couldn’t show how three-dimensional and good-looking it was, but when it crashed into the monitor, it suddenly made the whole picture become vivid…….

It was a very mysterious feeling as if his entire body had melted into the picture, blending into a landscape with the surrounding scene. No post-processing, just from the monitor you could see the overall picture was quite harmonious and smooth.

What was even more exaggerated was that he didn’t just “pick” this one time to have such a vivid performance, but a whole six times!

Almost every one of the six had the same effect!

  Such a perfect play made Zhang Liran feel fortunate, but at the same time, she couldn’t help but feel stressed out.

But compared to the next scene with Zhou Yuhe, this pressure was simply nothing.

After a few more shots for easy post-editing, Zhang Liran entered the studio with apprehension and anxiety and began preparing for the scene with Zhou Yuhe.

Shen Yan’s first appearance was to sit in Yang Dingding’s seat to draw, and Yang Dingding, who had come back to help her classmates get their things, accidentally bumped into the scene.


Yang Dingding flamboyantly opened the classroom door.
There was a thud.

A flurry of birds flew outside the window.

The sun was scorching, and the steamy classroom seemed to be infused with a refreshing summer breeze.

There was a subtle noise of the pencil hitting the snow-white drawing pape, the cool wind, brushed the delicate young face of the teenager.

His lips had a gentle, shallow smile, his detailed eyes were incomparably focused on the paper in his hands, eyes filled with love as if looking at his lover. The fine white fingers were very steady, a stroke, a hook, like the souls of people hooked away.

The wash like jade in the spring, the pulse-like spring on the peach.

The youngster looked immersed in the halo, immersed in the end of summer.

Immersing itself into his eyes.

  Zhang Liran almost forgot to breathe.

 And all the people around him were afraid to speak, for fear of disturbing the boy, for fear that he would take the cloud away.

But the youngster was one step ahead and discovered the “unexpected guest”, he raised his head and smiled shallowly as if there were a thousand trees in full bloom: “Dingding?”.

“Dingding?” The teenager called out again.

Zhang Liran responded in hindsight, struggling to remember the next line she was going to say.

Yang Dingding: “Shen Yan? Why are you here? Are you… Are you in my class? How come I didn’t see you at military training this morning?”

 The impetuous young girl threw out all the questions in her head, but the teenager was not annoyed at all, as if he was already used to it, he held up one finger at a time and said methodically.

  ”One, you were late for military training in the morning and didn’t see me; two,  my uniform was missing, and it happened that the city got the media to take pictures today, so the instructor told me to go back to the classroom and stay there until my uniform arrived in the afternoon before joining the military training; and three, Dingding, can you not go down for so long, okay?”

In just three lines, you could see the character traits of this teenager, gentle and sunny, sensible and intelligent, and logical.

“Ah!” As if remembering something, Yang Dingding shouted, grabbed the glass of water from her desk, and hurriedly ran out of the classroom-…

“CUT! Pass!”

With this call from Director Cai, all the staff members gathered around the monitor.

  Except for Zhang Liran.

She stood there in a daze, hardly believing what was happening.
A pass?
Just one take?

After returning to her senses, she followed the rest of the staff around, and then the whole thing replayed.

What she had thought would stand out and be very mismatched, that face of Zhou Yuhe actually fit in the monitor!

The image in the monitor.

The lighting and setting were simple, but it was because of the simplicity that the face of the teenager was more distinctive as if he was breaking through a plain picture, and all of a sudden it rushed into your heart, and the shock of contrast hit the soul instantly!

And the kind of energy flowing around him was completely different from Xie Yifeng.

When Xie Yifeng’s face appeared on the screen, you could clearly feel that he was one with the whole style of the frame, he was the one who was matching the frame, but Zhou Yuhe-.
It was the frame that was working for him!


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