C26– Official Start Of Shooting

Zhou Yuhe called out to Xie Yifeng who was about to leave with his agent.
“That, thank you so much for the role.” Zhou Yuhe said.

Xie Yifeng laughed, “Didn’t you thank me on the phone before?”
“It’s better to say such things in person.”
“I won’t accept a verbal thank you, treat me to a French meal, there’s a nice Michelin restaurant down the street, that’s where Director Cai and I ate last time.”

“Oh, forget it then, bye.”

Zhou Yuhe didn’t feel anything wrong until after he finished speaking.

He looked and Xie Yifeng was stunned as well.
Then both of them laughed at the same time.

Xie Yifeng: “That’s it, no need to be so polite, we’re just taking what we need.”

“Anyways, I owe you a big favor…”
“Then buy me dinner.” Xie Yi Feng was serious.
“You roll.” Zhou Yuhe laughed and scolded.

It was as if the two of them had gone back to when they were good friends in their last life.

Zhou Yuhe left in a relaxed mood.

Xie Yifeng looked out at Zhou Yuhe’s back.

“It’s only been a few days…he’s really a talented actor.” At the thought of the other party’s outstanding performance when he read the script aloud, Xie Yifeng couldn’t help but lament.

“Can’t you see that his script was marked all over? What talent, it’s all an illusion brought by a large amount of effort in a short period of time, pay it forward ah Yifeng.” Xu Feng patted Xie Yifeng’s shoulder and taught with an amiable face.

“You know all this? Uncle Xu, you seem to like him a lot. While you can still pry him, won’t you try to do it?” Xie Yifeng teased, not to mention the script markup was a very detailed matter, Xu Feng sat on both sides of the rehearsal hall, a considerable distance from Zhou Yuhe, to be able to so carefully observe the young man who had never met him before, it looked like he had an agent’s occupational disease.

 Xu Feng shook his head, Zhou Yuhe’s agent, that young man called Yang Yu, he remembered meeting his teacher, Fu Xiaoyu, a few years ago.

That was a very ambitious, stubborn, and smart guy.

  He could see Zhou Yuhe’s malleability even from just one side, not to mention Yang Yu, who he got along with every day. Not looking at the fact that Zhou Yuhe was still just a newcomer, with his attitude towards Zhou Yuhe, he was afraid he was already a treasure that no one could pry open…

Xu Feng laughed bitterly and shook his head as if he was half a beat too slow, only then did he react, Xie Yifeng, that hard-winged brat actually dared to joke with the youth?

Xu Feng calmly threw a mine: “I don’t just know this, I also know that that kid seems to like you a lot.”

“Likes me?” Xie Yifeng blinked in confusion.

 ”His Weibo profile is a line from your first movie oh, didn’t expect that.” Xu Feng walked away cheerfully with an inscrutable smile, leaving Xie Yifeng standing in a daze.

It wasn’t long after the script reading that the crew officially started the production.

As a result of the fact that it was a youth drama, the cost was right there, neither like an action drama that needed special effects, nor like a historical drama that needed a magnificent historical building, the size of the crew of “Rejuvenation” was really not large, and there were usually only a few dozen people active on the set.

Although the size of the crew was small, the atmosphere of the entire crew was very good.

Perhaps it was influenced by the many warm-hearted episodes in Rejuvenation, everyone treated everyone else kindly, unlike the rest of the crew, who were either busy or everyone had a straight face as if they were ready to collect their accounts at any moment.

Such an atmosphere was naturally warm and welcoming to some of the crew who were used to being on a big drama set.
But for some people, it was not so happy.

The actress who was affected by the Korean schedule, Yang Dingding’s character, Zhang Liran, only entered the set on the third day of production.

As soon as she entered the group, she felt the difference in the atmosphere of the crew and got a bit flustered.

Everyone was so lazy, how could they finish the drama within the required filming period?

If the lead actor was still the same Xie Yifeng from before, then of course it went without saying.

The title “One Xie” was quite famous in the entire showbiz.

But the current leading actor, that newcomer called Zhou Yuhe…

Just thinking of him made her head spin.

After learning that the actor had changed from the powerhouse Xie Yifeng to an actor who was learning acting skills and had no fame  – oh, maybe there was, the kid was quite popular during the previous Cao Qiyue incident – the only thing worthy of praise was the other’s face, Zhou Yuhe, Zhang Liran only felt dizzy.

Strictly speaking, three years after her debut, she was not considered a pure newcomer.

After three years of being uneventful and surviving until now, it was hard for the company to be willing to help her secure the lead actress for Director Cai, even though it was a drama that had never been filmed before… but it was Cai Rongxi after all!

Zhang Li Ran saw this opportunity as incredibly important, even as a turning point to change her destiny, but who knew there would be such a thing at the end of the day!

“What exactly is this Zhou Yuhe’s background? So powerful, he was even able to snatch away Xie Yi Feng’s male lead role, didn’t he say he was the actor handpicked by Director Cai?” The accompanying exclusive make-up artist gossiped as she worked on on Zhang Liran’s delicate face.

“Where’s the background, his mother is a university teacher! Let’s see, he’s so good-looking, maybe… “Zhang Liran’s assistant was a pretty-faced gay, his sour breath literally stunk up the whole lounge.

“You mean…” the makeup artist lowered her voice, “he was kept by some big guy before…”

“If you guys want to gossip, go out and talk.” Seeing them getting more and more outrageous, Zhang Liran interrupted coldly.
The more they belittled Zhou Yuhe, the more pressure Zhang Liran, who was acting with him, was under.

 She rubbed her eyebrows and went out to wait for the scene after putting on her makeup.

As soon as Zhang Liran found a stool to sit down, she was greeted by Director Cai.

She had the impression that Director Cai, was always serious and grumpy, yet he was actually wearing a kind face, patted her on the shoulder, and said to her in a long-winded manner, “Little Zhang, don’t be nervous. It’s up to you.”

Zhang Liran looked confused, “Huh??”

What did this have to do with anything?

How come she was the one to watch? Shouldn’t they be looking at the actor who could drop the ball at any moment!

Zhang Liran dejectedly returned to her seat, she was looking for a place to cry when a deep and nice voice came from not far away, “Hi, Liran.”

When Zhang Liran saw the visitor, her dejected look was swept away, she even stood up from her stool with a slightly shy smile, “Hello, senior brother Xie.”

Xie Yifeng had just come out with his makeup on, and his originally handsome and compassionate face had become much flatter.

Because the drama “Rejuvenation” was different from the popular youth idol drama on the market today, the main focus on real warmth, which required the lead actors not to be like other idols with “dazzling” appearance, the make-up artist made the actors originally delicate and flawless features ordinary and simple, and strived to make them look like your neighbors and classmates, like a good friend who really existed by your side.

Zhang Liran stared at the other’s face for a moment, taking it back in time before the gaze time became rude, her fan girl’s heart pounded wildly.

She and Xie Yifeng, who graduated from the Imperial City Theater Academy together, although she had heard her tutor praise the other’s malleable movie face countless times, when she truly saw it, she still couldn’t help but feel amazed.

Just wearing makeup, why was it like a new face!

The reason why it was confirmed that it was his own charm and not the credit of the make-up… Looking at those actors that came out from the same make-up artist’s hands, she knew.

“Brother Xie I’m really looking forward to working with you this time.” It was clear that the years of her debut were not short, but Zhang Liran still couldn’t help but be nervous.

Instead, Xie Yifeng generously smiled, “There’s no need to be so nervous, your temperament is very much in line with Yang Dingding’s, so even if you’re not confident in yourself, you should still trust Director Cai’s vision.”

These words indeed soothed Zhang Liran’s uneasy heart to a great extent.

She was grateful that the other party was so kind, but at the same time, she also felt more and more regretful.

How great would it be if the male lead was Xie Yifeng?
That Zhou Yuhe and her older brother were just…….
   She hadn’t finished complaining when suddenly there was a commotion in the crowd not far away.

A tall, long, elegant young man in a white shirt walked out from the crowd.

His face didn’t have too much decorating, just a simple depiction of him better brought out the sun-baked freshness of his body. His face with the warm smile of the sun that could melt all the cold ice, walking in faith as if the hero of the novel tore open the dimensional wall into reality —.
So real, yet so unreal.
So perfect, yet so intimate.

Zhang Liran’s breathing couldn’t help but stagnate.

Before entering the team, she had seen many of Zhou Yuhe’s so-called road shots and dinner shots on the internet.

She remembered that she was very disdainful at the time.

  Obviously, the company released it after editing, so that even his mother did not recognize the editing of the picture, but actually had the nerve to say that it was taken by a fan?

The entertainment industry had such an unspoken rule, so no matter how beautiful and handsome pictures one saw on the internet, Zhang Liran would habitually put a question mark in her mind.

But this Zhou Yuhe….

  Was the real person even better than the photo?

Zhang Liran was so surprised that she didn’t know what to say.

In fact, Zhou Yuhe’s facial features were also “sculpted” by the make-up artist.

But……..it was not very useful!

If they were 100 points adjusted to 80, then Zhou Yuhe was 120 points adjusted to 110!

His face was unaffected by any of the cast members!

Zhou Yuhe walked up to Zhang Liran and extended his hand to her in a gentlemanly greeting, “Hello, I’m Zhou Yuhe, take care of me.”

“You, hello.” Zhang Liran snapped back to consciousness and shook his hand.

“Haha, Yang Dingding shook my hand first, you lose.” Zhou Yuhe stretched out his hand in front of Xie Yifeng.

First love.

This was the feeling Zhang Liran had when she saw Zhou Yuhe for the first time.

  It wasn’t that he was good-looking or handsome, but the feeling of innocence on his face, and the way he smiled… It was soooo sweet when he smiled.

Seeing him smile, one couldn’t help but be infected by him and then laugh along with him…

Seeing that Zhou Yuhe’s previous uneasiness was actually erased by this smile, Zhang Liran herself felt very baffled.

She inexplicably thought-.

  Shen Yan, if there was indeed a person in this world, this was what he would look like.

Only she soon discovered another problem.

He was also…too good looking, right?

Such a face would really go well with this drama and its “simple” lead actors…

Wouldn’t it?


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