C25– Script Study[Part 2]

Xie Yifeng sat down and smiled at Zhou Yuhe with encouragement in his eyes.

This smile was overly dazzling, especially still after the other party had acted perfectly, it was when the charm value was at its highest, Zhou Yuhe unnaturally stared back at the script in his hand, those who didn’t know thought he was nervous.

Zhou Yuhe stood up and looked around.
The surroundings were quiet, there were some sounds of birds chirping outside the window, the sound of the wind blowing the treetops rustling, in the early spring afternoon, one could not help but feel tranquil.

He looked round, and his eyes were at last on his script.
His clear, gentle voices rang out.

“Shen Yan, Yang Dingding’s childhood friend, appears on page three of the script, which is halfway through the first episode. He appears in the first scene where he sits at Yang Dingding’s seat and draws a picture, but after that there is very little about his drawing. Shen Yan was talented, especially in painting, he showed more than normal talent, he opened his first exhibition in the city at the age of thirteen, but no one in the Shidai School knew that he had such talent, in everyone’s heart, Shen Yan was a smart, sunny, super academic who painted a little better than normal.

“He seems to be good at everything, like he can do anything, but what hides behind the sunny exterior is his patience and burden with the harsh reality. Shen Yan’s family was well-off when he was young, but after middle school, his grandmother and father became seriously ill, and he gave up his long-held dreams and simple, carefree personality in order to get into a teaching college and relieve the pressure of his mother’s life, getting a premature taste of reality’s cruelty and helplessness. He had always acted more mature than his peers, and his classmates thought he was perfect, but it was all because his life was ‘too imperfect’.
“While his peers were thinking about how to do less homework and how to play more games, he was thinking about ‘how I’m going to get better grades and go to a better university’.”

Zhou Yuhe said calmly, his expression as clouded as his tone, the calmness of having experienced great ups and downs was instead more heartbreaking.

Director Cai couldn’t help but nod, Zhou Yuhe’s dissection of Shen Yan’s life was very accurate, it seemed that a lot of effort had really been put in these short days….

“Shen Yan has an open personality, which is shown in the fact that he doesn’t run away no matter what happens, but actively solves problems and treats his feelings as well. He has been fond of his childhood sweetheart Yang Dingding for ten years, and he is smart enough to keep his feelings to himself after realizing that Yang Dingding only has platonic feelings for him, but he doesn’t press on, but is understanding enough to keep his feelings to himself.
  ”To get this love, he had no other way but to be more earnest, no other way but to guard Yang Dingding’s side when she needed it again and again. Compared to Xu Chang’s love but not daring, I however think Shen Yan is even sadder.”

 ”Smarter and more precocious than his peers, he already knew that the person he liked didn’t like him, and he was ready to hand Yang Dingding over to another man himself, yet he still stayed by her side. To Xu Chang, Yang Dingding was just a girl he loved when he was 18, but to Shen Yan, Yang Dingding was sunshine, air, and an existence that he couldn’t survive without if he left, and he loved her without any return and without asking for results.
“Knowing that there’s no result, but still trying very hard, compared to a comment like ‘smart and mature’, I actually think he’s stupid…”

Director Cai, who had been nodding his head, frowned when he heard this.

Shen Yan, who appeared in the book as the perfect man, but Zhou Yuhe thought he was stupid?

Then, words that made Director Cai’s brow furrow even more appeared.

“On one hand, he is proud, smart and perfect in school; on the other hand, he has to face the cruelty and trials of life after leaving school, and has to look at people’s faces, be criticized, and take care of his grandmother and father, who are incapable of taking care of themselves. His duplicity is gradually revealed later in the script, and only gradually do those around him, including the audience, come to know that this teenager is taking on a maturity that he shouldn’t have at this age…except for Yang Dingding.
“He never reveals a word in front of her…”

Director Cai’s fingers tapped on the script.
The main point of view of “Rejuvenation” is the woman, Yang Dingding, and the entire drama is based on her as the starting point, making the whole story laid out successively, and then showing the group of characters.

In Xie Yifeng’s version, Shen Yan would tell Yang Dingding everything that was in his heart and he never hid himself from her, so as to better show the audience the complexity of Shen Yan’s character.

If, according to Zhou Yuhe, Yang Dingding never knew, then how could the audience know about Shen Yan’s burden through Yang Dingding’s “window”?

He was about to interrupt Zhou Yuhe, but Fang Lin beside him suddenly straightened up and leaned forward, quickly flipping the script to a certain page, shaken.
Sure enough!

She looked up sharply, her pupils slightly dilated as she stared at Zhou Yuhe who was holding the script.
  Zhou Yuhe noticed the other’s surprised expression, and a meaningful smile overflowed on his lips as he unabashedly looked directly into Fang Lin’s eyes, as if attempting to look into the other’s heart, “This arrangement is for the big climax on page thirty-four of the script, when Shen Yan’s grandmother dies of illness, and he and Yang Dingding rush to the hospital together to see her one last time, and under the shock of the death of a loved one, Shen Yan formally confesses his heart to Yang Dingding for the first time, and Yang Dingding then realizes that Shen Yan, the youth who has always been proud and smart as hel*, has been having such a hard time, and that she was angry at him thirty minutes ago for being lectured by her parents, who were angry at him for not understanding the difficulties of life…”

So that was it!
So that was it!

It wasn’t just Fang Lin, little light bulbs were popping up in everyone’s heads…

If you know in the beginning that a teenager’s life is miserable, but very positive, you will feel comfort, appreciation, and even admiration.

 But if a teenager, you’ve always thought was positive, and you were jealous of the other’s carefree nature, and in your own frustration accused the other of not knowing anything, and suddenly found that his life turned out to be a million times harder than yours, his maturity, his perfection,  his unrestrained ease, everything was pretend, the truth was so cruel, so sad and helpless … ….


You’ll be heartbroken, you’ll be shocked, and you’ll hate that it’s him and not you who suffered these things!

There was no need to officially start filming, the seasoned creative team need only associated the shots to know how many tears this plot would earn!

Fang Lin opened her mouth, not knowing what to say.
She’d thought Zhou Yuhe would be bad, though both she and Director Cai had seen his previous work after the audition.

Let’s be honest: the good and the bad were mixed.
The roles that fit were agile, the ones that didn’t were unbearable.

So when they recalled his audition performance, they both agreed that the young man had put enough honesty and effort into the film, and that what he lacked could be made up for by their direction and cinematography skills-.

It wasn’t the first time she and Cai Rongxi had brought in new people anyway.

She had always approved of Zhou Yuhe.

But endorsing, was endorsing his Xu Chang, she didn’t think he could play the role of Shen Yan well.

  Not to mention Xie Yifeng, who was the Shen Yan in her mind.

She had always thought that no one could replace Xie Yifeng.
But now….

She couldn’t say who’s Shen Yan was better.
But Fang Lin knew that if it was Xie Yifeng’s Shen Yan, she would fall in love with him.

If it was Zhou Yuhe’s Shen Yan….

She would ache for him, shed all her tears for him, and would want to shield him from all the cruelty that reality would bring!

She just wish he’d break a few less hearts.

  It was so real.

Zhou Yuhe and this version of Shen Yan was like a real childhood sweetheart who hid all the pain he’d been through from you, and always protected you with his warm and reliable face. You just think that he can do everything well, but you don’t know how much “maturity” and “strength” he had to endure at his age in order to do it well….

Zhou Yuhe said that Shen Yan was stupid.

Maybe Shen Yan himself wished the same thing, not to be too smart, not to be too mature, and to enjoy his youth like a fool-.

  It was probably something he’ll never be able to do….

The reading ended.

After all the warmth and cruelty intertwined for a short time, only endless sighs and desolation remained in the rehearsal hall.

The sound of spring still remained outside the window.

Fang Lin wiped the corners of her moist eyes and said with a choked voice, “…Thank you, thank you, you guys are the best ‘Shen Yan’ and ‘Xu Chang’.

“You guys are the best youth.”

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