C24– Script Study

When Zhou Yuhe entered, he saw an indifferent Fang Lin and a well-spoken Director Cai.
Obviously stunned on both sides, Fang Lin and Director Cai  each coughed twice, revealing amiable smiles expected of elders.
Director Cai: “Here you are, Xiao Zhou.”

Zhou Yuhe greeted politely, “Hello, Director Cai, hello Teacher Fang.”

He had expected this to happen long before he arrived, so now that he saw it, he was quite calm, and after doing his best to be polite, he sat on one of the two chairs in the center of the rehearsal hall under the guidance of Director Cai.

The next to enter was Xie Yifeng and his manager.

Xie Yifeng’s face was visibly tired, and after Fang Lin saw him, her attitude was much warmer than Zhou Yuhe’s polite smile, “Yifeng, don’t make yourself too tired. No matter what, the body is the most important thing.”

Xie Yifeng smiled generously, “I don’t have anything to do with it, but it’s you, Teacher Fang, it wouldn’t look good if you keep frowning like that.”

Fang Lin waved her hand somewhat embarrassedly, “Teacher is so old, what else is good looking.”

This innate sociability of Xie Yifeng was really something that others couldn’t envy.

Zhou Yuhe looked towards Xie Yifeng, but was drawn to the agent beside him.
He was a short, obese old man standing next to Xie Yifeng who looked two heads shorter than him, with a smile and a friendly smile.

In fact, he didn’t look that old, only in his fifties, but half of his head was covered with snow white hair, so he looked much older.

The smile on his face was very kind, reminding Zhou Yuhe of the Maitreya Buddha he had seen on the public case table in his childhood.

In the world of showbiz, agents were under quite a lot of pressure, not only did they have to deal with a lot of schedules, but they also had to be sharp enough, tough enough, and thunderous enough to do things efficiently, so often they looked smart and capable or worldly and sophisticated. Brokers like him, who were as kind and amiable as the old man next door, could be said to be quite rare.

However, Zhou Yuhe knew that this was just an appearance, able to lead Xie Yifeng from his ups and downs as a child star, to a decade of obscurity, and then the following twenty years had been at the pinnacle of acting, becoming a myth that countless people looked up to, this uncle called Xu Feng was by no means a mediocre person.

Xu Feng seemed to sense his line of sight and stared over at him, he suddenly smiled, the creases on his face blossomed like daisies.

Zhou Yuhe nodded towards him, and it was a greeting.
  There were three lead actors in total, but the only ones present today were Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe.

The actress playing the lead role, Zhang Liran, had a trip to Korea and could not be present.

Previously, she, Director Cai and Fang Lin had already had a separate script reading, so today’s reading would focus on the two characters of Shen Yan and Xu Chang.

The readings began.
First, screenwriter Fang Lin gave an in-depth analysis of the core of the work.

The whole story revolved around six high school students in Class 1 and Class 4 of the senior high school, and told the story about the life of ordinary people in high school, including family, friendship, and neighborly love… Compared to traditional youth dramas, the love element did not account for much, but moreover, it expressed the writer’s deep experience of life and youth.

Simple but very real, cruel but full of true feelings.
The portrayal of warmth and affection, pure friendship and cruel reality in the drama was just like our real life, which made people endure and cry at the same time because of the twists and turns of the plot… This was the most inspiring part of “Rejuvenation”.

When Fang Lin finished, it was time for Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe’s part, the emotional line of the story, which began to advance when the heroine, Yang Dingding, got into the high school affiliated to Normal University.

On the first day of school, she was punished to run and unintentionally ran into Xu Chang’s sleeping “territory”, Xu Chang originally wanted to punch her, but found that it was a girl, so he stopped.

Instead of following the dogged development of idol dramas, where the female lead and second male lead had a life of joyful mutual dislike from then on, the appearance of Xu Chang was simply arranged here, with a fresh and refreshing start that made people just want to shout for comfort after watching too many dogged idol dramas.

“Xu Chang didn’t feel much for Yang Dingding when he first appeared,” Xie Yifeng methodically analyzed, “His entire focus was on how to fight against his family. His parents were divorced and his father often stayed out at night, but he was held to extremely high standards. He wanted to rebel and fight, so he deliberately acted like a jerk at school, refused to reveal that his father was a council member even when faced with threats of expulsion from the head teacher, and his rebellious personality made him look out of place in the school.”

“He used to keep everything to himself as he had asked his parents countless times during his childhood not to divorce, but no one listened to his wishes. Since then, he had decided that there was no point in saying the impossible, and that if he did, it would not only not happen, but would embarrass everyone. This psychological perception led him to never once confess his true feelings to Yang Dingding, he always used jokes to hide his weakness and cowardice.”

“He was not a gentle man, but he did all the gentle things for Yang Dingding, but unfortunately never declared them. He longs for love, but is afraid of getting too close to people because of his broken family, and also afraid of taking the risk that those closest to him might leave. He had a hard time growing up enough to face his loss, by the time he summoned up all the courage to speak his heart through jokes, there was someone else by her side…”

Xie Yifeng’s voice carried a strong sorrow and regret, like a melodiously whispered music, which played out the sorrow and helplessness of all the people who were young and loved but did not dare and could not be loved.

Maybe there had been times when you’ve liked someone but were afraid to admit it.
Maybe you have also been afraid that the person who melted into your life would suddenly leave you one day without any warning.
Maybe there was a Xu Chang living in your heart…….

Xie Yifeng’s interpretation of the character was many times finer than Zhou Yuhe’s sudden rebirth and audition like a duck on a shelf.

And the angle cut in, “fear of intimacy, fear of taking the risk of loss” when the point of view came out, Director Cai and Fang Lin were obviously startled. It seemed that Xu Chang was described by a teenager’s awkwardness and hesitation. With a deeper explanation, many fragments were suddenly strung together by an invisible line, and a vivid image of Xu Chang suddenly emerged from people’s minds.

Fang Lin heaved a sigh of relief.

This sigh didn’t mean that it was unsatisfactory, but rather that it was too satisfying….

Because of satisfaction, it was more and more regrettable that the other party couldn’t play Shen Yan.

  Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but stare at Director Cai, as if to say: look, a good Shen Yan and Xu Chang, poured out for you guys, and now you can only keep one Xu Chang!

Director Cai felt that he was at a disadvantage and could only pretend not to see it, his eyes couldn’t stop drifting out of the window.

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