C22—Actor’s Contract

 I.S agent’s office.
Zhou Yuhe sat across the desk, and in front of him was an official actor’s contract.

Before opening the contract for the Rejuvenation cast, Zhou Yuhe said to Yang Yu, “Thank you for that Cao Qiyue incident, Brother Yang.”

Whether it was the fact that he had taken the liberty to get involved in the Cao Qiyue incident without being punished afterwards; or Yan Yingyi had come out to support him; or what he had recently heard from someone else, about Ceng Ang’s snow in… this series of events, indeed he had to be thanked.

Yang Yu was busy with the documents in his hands and said without raising his head, “No need to thank me, if you want to thank me, thank yourself for being smart. You know, if it didn’t end well later, you and Ceng Ang would have been easy pickings right now…”

“Of course I know, but still… thank you.”
Yang Yu sniffed and flipped through the information with a pause, before raising his head and looking squarely at Zhou Yuhe.
He sighed, “Why didn’t you discuss such a big thing with me? Am I so untrustworthy in your eyes?”

If you were trustworthy, why did you not approach me throughout the entire PR process, but instead came to sell me a favor after I had successfully resolved it?
Zhou Yuhe’s eyes flickered, but his face did not show his thoughts in the slightest.

According to Yang Yu’s original style, he would have taken Zhou Yuhe under control when the Weibo post was just released.
Whether it was a reprimand, or a snowin, he would  have never been allowed to get involved in it again.

But the surprise was…stunning.
This devastating public relations ability, made the knowledgeable Agent Yang also amazed.

After this,  Agent Yang’s emotions changed from shock and anger to an observation of Zhou Yuhe.

  Observing whether he acted rashly, whether he was instigated to act brainlessly, or whether it was intentional.
Observing whether he was worth the investment or not, and how much he was worth to him.

Now, it was evident from his deliberate act and attitude-.
The results were already in full view.

Zhou Yuhe’s heart was clear, but on the surface, he pursed his lips slightly and remained silent, looking as if he felt somewhat guilty.

Yang Yu felt that his purpose had been achieved, so he didn’t push to gain more than an inch, he pushed the contract on the table, his eyes flashed with a brilliant light, seemingly smiling: “Since it’s already over, stop thinking about it, take a good look at this contract, if there is anything you don’t understand, just say so.”

Yang Yu’s smile was a pleasant, mysterious, and even a little smug.
This made Zhou Yuhe’s heart skip a beat.

He opened the contract in front of him and looked it over inside and out, there didn’t seem to be anything questionable about it, he had signed actor contracts so many times, if there was anything unreasonable he should be able to see it at a glance.
Could it be…?

Zhou Yuhe flipped through the first page of the contract, then his eyes suddenly widened-…
“This is… Shen Yan?!”

This actor contract in his hand.
It was no longer Xu Chang, the second male lead of “Rejuvenation”.
Instead, it was the one that should have been played by Xie Yifeng…
The male lead, Shen Yan.

“I know you have a lot of questions right now,” Yang Yu’s elbows were propped up on his desk, his chin resting on the graceful intersection of his ten fingers, a sharp light in his eyes shooting straight at Zhou Yuhe, “but I want a word from you right now, the male lead of Rejuvenation, Shen Yan, if you were to play the role, can it be acted well?”


Ehhhh?? Where’s  my ML?

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