C21— Ceng Ang Was Beaten.

Ceng Ang shivered in the company to arrange his new apartment, which was actually the dormitory that trainees lived in the dormitory, although clean, but compared with Zhou Yuhe’s apartment, this could only be called humble.
Moreover, it reminded him of the dark days when he was waiting for his debut.

He looked at his right hand, and the more he looked, the more his heart swelled. He took the reading lamp beside him and wanted to hit it on his hand.
But-he dared not.

He threw the reading lamp away and hit his fist against the wall.
Make your hands cheap! Make your hands cheap!

Ceng Ang and Zhou Yuhe had been together for so long, and he thought he knew everything about him, he only dared to retaliate against him in this way. Who knew that he had lifted a stone and smashed his feet!
Since that incident, he had not been contacted by Yang Yu for a long time. He had no job, no schedule, and the days of hiding in the snow made him feel deep fear!

When the door was opened, a group of enthusiastic teenagers crowded into the dormitory in groups of three or five, and saw a bag bulging from the quilt on the right side. Bai Shu, a trainee who was once suppressed by Ceng Ang, couldn’t help but sneer: “Some people take advantage of villains and don’t cherish feathers. They simply don’t know how deep the water is in the entertainment industry. Today the audience likes you, it will make you popular. Tomorrow the audience hates you, and you are a street rat! Therefore, Teacher Xu is right. We must be cautious when we want to be artists. Otherwise, like some people, who debuted for more than a year and is still crowded with trainees. It is shameful. ”
“is”, “is”.
Echoed voices agreed.

Ceng Ang slammed the quilt angrily. “What the f*ck did you say!”
  Bai Shu had been suppressed by Ceng Ang for a long time, how could he show weakness in the face of such an opportunity, he shouted, “Just say what’s happened to you!”
Ceng Ang looked at the other side of the crowd, with the courage of a wimp.

He used all the muscles on his face, squeezed out a capital “suffocated”, climbed out of bed, bumped into Bai Shu and wanted to run away, who knew that Bai Shu would stop him.

Bai Shu smiled insidiously: “Brother Ceng, when you were popular, you educated us ah.”

Ceng Ang’s face was pale, “What are you guys doing? Don’t you guys forget you’re not even out yet, don’t, don’t mess around…”

 Bai Shu: “Didn’t you tell us that? The entertainment industry is all about strength and status, and when you, a snowed-in artist, are compared to us trainees with an unlimited future, who do you think the company will protect?”

He gave a wink to the teenagers around him, and the rest of them very visibly surrounded Ceng An.


The screams came faintly from the gap in the tightly closed door.

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