C14— Replace The Upper Position

 No one would ever treat this as an audition again.
No one even noticed it was just an audition anymore.
Everyone seemed to have been dragged into that cramped and tight, oppressive environment to the extreme.

The previous pressurized scene that Ji Chen had done to Yan Yingyi now seemed to have been replicated.
Only the person had been completely flipped!

And compared to Yan Yinyi, who was helpless and couldn’t even get his lines down completely, Ji Chen was truly overpowered.
He played the role of “Gu Wuxi” smoothly, and even overperformed his opponent.
But what?
His opponent was more supernatural!

Even now, just on the set, everyone present could almost imagine if this scene were cut to film on television, with the equally vivid Gu Wuxi and Watanabe Ichiro, the audience would only see Watanabe Ichiro!

As an actor who was pressured into acting, this situation was clearly even more desperate than Yan Yingyi’s. Yan Yingyi could still make excuses for himself that he was in bad shape, but Ji Chen couldn’t do it at all. It was not that he didn’t play well, on the contrary, this scene was his best he’s been in the past two days, and this kind of frustration of going all out but still being overshadowed by the opponent, if it were Yan Yinyi, who didn’t have the right psychological quality, he would have collapsed on the spot.

But Ji Chen was not Yan Yinyi after all, he buffered for three seconds and his consciousness gradually came back.

Zhou Yuhe politely stood to the side, his posture still upright, but without the exuberant forcefulness of before, “I’m sorry for being rude.”

He was referring to the action of pouring a bucket of water over Ji Chen’s head, which was not in the script, and he added it himself.
This action seemed tiny, but the fine print, but very reasonable, Watanabe Ichiro wanted to elevate his own position in the torture room, to combat the prisoner’s mentality of punishment, such a decisive bucket of water, and then strong threat, felt like that life in the hands of others in a moment of crisis would spill out of the screen.

Ji Chen also understood, his treatment like this would indeed make the mood and atmosphere fuller, so he didn’t accuse Zhou Yuhe.
Besides, that audition just now…it was just too stunning.
Ji Chen sized up Zhou Yuhe’s eyes like a lion cub that had discovered some new toy.
Curious, yet aggressive.

Accidentally spilled by coffee, he had to secretly suppress him, in the face of such a large bucket of water, he didn’t care at all, he used his handcuffed right hand to smooth the wet hair to the back of his head, his knife-like stern and handsome appearance looked more intense with the water on him.

He stared at Zhou Yuhe for a moment and suddenly laughed, “On and off the stage, you’re completely two different people.”

Zhou Yuhe lifted his eyelids, “Thank you.”

“What’s your name?” Ji Chen asked, instead of his cold attitude making Ji Chen feel unpleasant, but in the opinion of this playboy who had seen many beauties, Zhou Yuhe who possessed amazing acting skills was neither arrogant nor impatient, neither cold nor hot, but more valuable.

The interest in the other’s words made Zhou Yuhe’s heart skip a beat, and his lips were slightly parted as he was about to speak, when the director and assistant director came up.

The assistant director yelled at his assistant to take Ji Chen down to re-do his makeup, and director Lin took Zhou Yuhe’s hand and brought him to the monitor, replaying the scene over and over again to show him, mouthing “Oh-!” from time to time.

“You’re doing great, Zhou!” Director Lin was also a director who had seen the world, and the fact that he was praising Zhou Yuhe like this showed that he recognized his acting skills.

“Thank you, Director.” In fact, this kind of audition could only be considered ordinary for Zhou Yuhe, but in order not to look too experienced, Zhou Yuhe still touched the back of his head somewhat “bashfully”.

This modesty suddenly made the surrounding people unconsciously give out a loving aura, they just remembered that the powerful “Ichiro Watanabe” on the monitor was only a 19-year-old boy, and his temperament was very different from the drama.
This showed that this was real acting!

After the audition passed, it was time for the normal filler shots.

Because the fill-in was the Yan Yingyi version of Watanabe Ichiro, Zhou Yuhe of course could not follow the previous audition as the state to act.

They looked at the monitor, even if it was just a back “double”, that body posture compared to Yan Yingyi’s Watanabe Ichiro, was also more upright.

A back figure was so theatrical, Zhou Yuhe, once again caused a heated discussion among the surrounding people.

“I can actually tell emotions from a back? Guilty of being questioned and shaken? I’m not blind, am I? How is that possible!”

“What’s up with this agent? They’re all artists under him, but obviously Zhou Yuhe is so suitable for the role of Watanabe Ichiro, why did he let Yan Yingyi audition for the role in the first place?”

  ”Who knows, maybe Yan Yinyi is more popular and the pay is higher.”

“If it was this ‘Watanabe Ichiro’, I would have slapped this part of the interrogation ten or eight times with my computer, and then advertised it to the whole, world! Hey, too bad…”

The regret of the crowd became especially unpleasant when it reached Director Lin’s ears.

He was the director, occupying the best viewing position of the monitor, of course, he knew that the later re-shoots of these shots and the previous audition was a far cry from each other.

This difference was not to be blamed on Zhou Yuhe, who acted well, but on Yan Yinyi, who acted that way, and whose “double” overshadowed him.

This was a tasteless scene, director Lin constantly shook his head and sighed.
The assistant director was a very clever person, he saw it right away, he leaned in to Director Lin’s ear, and Director Lin’s eyes lit up again.

When all the filler shots were over, Director Lin called Zhou Yuhe over.
The more he looked, the more satisfied he was, and the more he looked, the more uncomfortable Zhou Yuhe became. He waited until Zhou Yuhe was uncomfortably staring at him, then he asked tentatively: “Xiao Zhou, you want to play ‘Watanabe Ichiro’! ‘?”

Zhou Yuhe was stunned.

Immediately that was when he subconsciously looked at his agent Yang Yu.
He found that the other had his hands clasped in his arms and was looking at him without comment, with a calmness in his eyes, neither happy nor too surprised, and it seemed that Director Lin and the others had gotten through to him.

By the way, Yan Yingyi and Zhou Yuhe were both artists under him, and no matter whose turn it was, “Ichiro Watanabe”, he won’t lose. Although Yan Yingyi’s social status was higher than Zhou Yuhe’s and their pay was different, he could play such a role in the sequel of a big production, and his own development value was far more than the money paid. Yang Yu was so smart, of course, he could carry it clearly. Now it depended on how Zhou Yuhe chose.

  Zhou Yuhe pursed his lips.
The development of this matter today was really surprising.
Who would have thought that it was just a visit to a set, but it actually scouted out a job.

Having a big work that had a ratings guarantee, acting in such a role that tested his acting skills and had a very strong circle of fans, plus a professional team, an experienced director, and an all-star cast… this was an opportunity that couldn’t be found for any newcomer in the acting world, but-…


It wasn’t just these people around.
Even the distant Ji Chen couldn’t help but cast a surprised gaze at him.

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