C12—Temporary Stand-in

Suppressing the play.

It meant that when two actors were playing opposite each other, one actor was strong and played well, completely overshadowing the other actor. This was usually the case with two actors whose interpretation standards were quite different from each other.

It was just like Ji Chen and Yan Yingyi in this scene.

Although Ji Chen was blessed with a privileged background, his success didn’t entirely depend on his origin –
He was a natural star, yet he worked quite hard.

In his previous life when Zhou Yuhe and Ji Chen spent time together, he had clearly experienced the strength of the other party, not only his understanding of acting, including the script, shooting, directing, to the business game between the producers, his understanding of the showbiz industry could really be said to be all-pervasive and extremely extensive, which showed the depth of his drilling skills.

It was a pity that his uncle, that cunning businessman, thought that his cynical nephew was so intent on being a king in showbiz that he was pulled down by a momentary lapse of judgment and ended up losing everything.

Even though acting was just a means for Ji Chen to become familiar with the industry, he also puts the best effort he could into it, and if he didn’t really excel in acting, there was no way that I.S.’s connections alone could have helped him seek out a large-scale period positive drama project like “Intelligence” -!

So it wasn’t impossible for him and Yan Yingyi, who were more than a hair’s breadth apart in terms of acting, to create a “squeeze” effect.

But why did he do it?

Also harboring doubts were Yan Yingyi and Yang Yu.

  ”Did you offend him anywhere today, no, I think it was yesterday, before the shooting?” Zhou Yuhe asked.

“No, we’ve always gotten along well… Oh, right I accidentally spilled iced coffee on his shirt yesterday, but he kept smiling and telling me that it was fine…” Yan Yingyi recalled.

“That’s right,” Yang Yu also reacted instantly, “It seems that this prince of ours is far less broad-minded than he seems.”

Zhou Yuhe wasn’t surprised, Ji Chen’s smiling personality was all too familiar to him.

In fact, there were traps in the words of consolation before going on set, such as “Director Lin” and “he was too nervous yesterday, I’m sure he’ll be fine today”, which could increase pressure.

On the set, the phenomenon of pressure was very common, but this completely defeated the opponent actor’s psychology, so that the other couldn’t catch the scene, but not only the acting gap that simple.

He may have even said yesterday, “I’ve seen your previous movie, and you’re a good actor,” and “Everyone is watching you work hard,” and so on, which raised Yan Yinyi’s state of mind to a point where he was so nervous that he was on the verge of collapse.

Under the illusion of “pressure”, what was really staged was a set bullying.
It was just a clever way of doing it that was not easily noticed.
Even Yan Yingyi, who was in the game, thought it was his own fault.

“Then what should I do now?” Yan Yingyi nervously finished the last gulp of ice water and twisted the mineral water bottle in his hand.
Although he knew that it wasn’t his acting skills, Yan Yingyi’s emotions were still not much relieved.
  Yang Yu glanced at the twisted and distorted water bottle and said irritably, “Not sure.”

“Yuhe… “Yan Yingyi helplessly turned his gaze to Zhou Yuhe.

Zhou Yuhe said indifferently, “Don’t worry about it, keep performing.”
Zhou Yuhe added, “We all saw the play suppression, didn’t Director Lin know? He’s not going to sit back and do nothing.”

Director Lin sat behind the camera monitor, he looked at the unmoving nanny van, then looked at the assistant wiping sweat off Ji Chen, the latter felt his line of sight, he sent a slight smile towards him, with just the right amount of admiration and respect.

Hey, none of them were worry-free.

As Zhou Yuhe thought, it wasn’t that he hadn’t seen Ji Chen’s suppression of Yan Yingyi, but he was just hampered by the other’s identity, so he turned a blind eye and even went along with it, hoping that the temper of this little prince of the Ji family would go down quickly so that the next scene could proceed normally.

It was time to stop this nonsense.
Director Lin had just made up his mind when he heard the sound of the car door opening over there.


  The three of them from I.S got down from the nanny van in turn.
Yan Yingyi’s face was still not too good, and reasonably speaking, with the rounds of reassurance from his manager and colleague, he should have been fine, but his face was surprisingly white.

“What’s wrong with you, Yan?” Director Lin frowned.

Yan Yingyi waved his hand, his mouth said that he was fine, but his body curled up uncontrollably. He squatted down with his stomach covered, cold sweat flowing wildly from his fair cheeks.

“Not good! Yan Yingyi has a bad stomach!” Yang Yu immediately thought of the drained bottle of ice water when he saw it. He was already in a state of high tension, and with the stimulation of the ice water, his stomach couldn’t take it anymore.

The assistant  went forward, “How are you, Yingyi? Do you need to use the bathroom?”
Yan Yingyi was busy shaking his head, indicating that he didn’t want to have diarrhea, but simply a stomach ache. His lips turned pale when he spoke, and he even started to dry heave.

Maybe there was some escapism going on, but Yan Yingyi’s illness was so raging that it scared many people in the room.
Yang Yu had no choice but to instruct his assistant to send Yan Yinyi to the hospital, and the set was in chaos.

“Director, what should we do now? Our shooting schedule has been dragging all afternoon and this scene has to be shot today.” The assistant director said.
Director Lin irritably took off his director’s hat, “Of course I know! But what can I do in this situation…nothing! You’ll have to use a double to fill in the previous shots!”

  Bad news came from the personnel department. “But there is no body double like Xiao Yan here!”

Director Lin couldn’t help shouting, “How do you work!”

The little sister of personnel felt very wronged. Xiao Yan’s body double didn’t join the group on time due to private affairs. She thought that body double would not be used for shooting, so she didn’t care. How could she know that such a thing would happen?

When Director Lin was in a great hurry, his eyes suddenly shrank, and the script rolled into a stick pointed to Zhou Yuhe around Yang Yu.

“Aye aye aye! Who is this! You can! Come on! ”
They suddenly discovered at that moment, Zhou Yuhe’s size and Yan Yingyi were really the same, and there were some similarities in the eyes.

Zhou Yuhe pointed to himself in surprise. Yang Yu sent Yan Yingyi to get on the van. Seeing this, he couldn’t attend to other things. Yan Yingyi’s studio mistakes was I.S responsibility. He pushed Zhou Yuhe and motioned for him to hurry over.

Director Lin turned a circle around Zhou Yuhe. “Great … OK! Just you! Xiao Wang take him to the make up room, quick! ”

Came too suddenly.
Unprepared, Zhou Yuhe was clumsily dragged to the dressing room.

He was very good-looking, especially his heavy eyebrows and long eyes, filled with a sense of youth, could show the charm of that era to the fullest without too much description.

The makeup artist just painted a little eyeliner and used some powder, and the makeup was finished.

   Zhou Yuhe came out of the dressing room in his military uniform, and everyone suddenly brightened up.

Broad shoulders, narrow waist, long posture, perfect proportions, just the right amount of muscles made the military uniform look valiant, a hormonal explosion, as if this outfit was specially tailored for him. The teenager’s taut back, proper features, and firm facial lines after makeup, without even having to speak, could make one feel a fierce aura coming from him.

A stand-in? How come the Yan Yingyi looked like his understudy?

Director Lin’s stunned gaze lingered on his body for a long time before he reluctantly withdrew it.

“Xiao Zhou, have you seen Intelligence?” Director Lin asked, while in the make-up room, Director Lin had learned about Zhou Yuhe’s history from Yang Yu’s mouth.

Zhou Yuhe: “I’ve seen it no less than three times.”

  Such a coincidence? Director Lin looked at him in surprise, and if it weren’t for the equally surprised expression of his agent, Yang Yu, he would have wondered if there wasn’t some hidden story to today’s episode.

“Then you should be familiar with the plot.” The assistant director didn’t think about it that much, he was satisfied with Zhou Yuhe.

“That has to be according to the rules too, let’s do an audition first,” the strict director Lin wanted to conduct an audition, he handed the script to Zhou Yuhe, “Just… this part, just some filler shots, don’t be nervous. ”

In fact, the first scene of yesterday’s shoot Yan Yinyi acted pretty well, but the emotions were not full enough, before being asked to keep reshooting.

Now the situation was different.

For the sake of shooting progress, they could only make up some defective shots on the premise of yesterday’s shot.

The so-called body double.

Divided into literary and martial arts.

Martial artist was a special actor who took the place of actors in martial arts and some dangerous scenes to protect the personal safety of the actors, while the stand-in was responsible for taking the place of actors and shooting the back of the actors in some scenes.

There were a lot of shots depicting the characters’ thoughts in Intelligence. In this way, the number of shots switched and positions changed would be much more, especially the protagonist Gu Wuxi, whose shooting volume in the same scene was often three or four times that of his rival actors. In order to relieve his shooting pressure, he was the only one in the whole crew who had a special stand-in, and others shared several body doubles.

Although it was just an on-the-spot body double, there was no shortage of processes to go.

Zhou Yuhe sat in torture chair with complicated emotions.

Opposite was the seemingly smiling Ji Chen, who sat on the chair and flirted with the little assistant, provoking her to laugh frequently.

It was one thing to see him from a distance, but it was another thing to really face the other at such a close distance.

He who confronted the other like that yesterday, went crazy, and ended up dead …

And then he appeared in front of him today intact, still as it was twenty years ago.

Not everyone had the opportunity to experience this kind of visual impact.

  ”Relax, don’t be too nervous.” Ji Chen noticed Zhou Yuhe on this side, and he glanced at his hands that were tightly squeezing the script and couldn’t help but smile.

 That gentle and courteous appearance, if he didn’t already know this man’s true face, he would definitely be deceived into thinking that he was a very easy going, kind and elegant person.

Zhou Yuhe exhaled a deep breath.

Then pulling out a cold smile, he indifferently said, “Thank you, Brother Ji.”

  All over his body, he exuded a lack of affection for Ji Chen.

“You’re welcome.” Ji Chen was slightly stunned.

It was the first time that he, who had always been extremely popular, had been brushed off, and the other party was still a small actor who wasn’t even known by name.
But his looks were indeed quite outstanding.

Ji Chen hooked his lips and didn’t get angry.
“I heard you’ve seen Intelligence three times?” Ji Chen’s long legs were overlapping, his demeanor languid and strong.
“Right.” Zhou Yuhe squeezed the script.

Looking at the other party’s mental state, which was really no better than Yan Yingyi’s, Ji Chen said “Sure” generously and walked away.

Director Lin pulled Ji Chen aside.

“Yan went to the hospital, our filmin
g has slowed down a lot, this re-shoot, don’t make any more mistakes, do you understand what I mean, Ji Chen?”
Ji Chen shrugged his shoulders and said with a natural look, “Of course, don’t worry about it.”

  He wasn’t so bored to run off to make things difficult for a little person.
As for that whatever new generation popular youngster yesterday, the fact was that he only slightly squashed him to vent his anger, who knew that it would actually get to the point of going to the hospital?

Ji Chen smiled coldly and glanced at Zhou Yuhe, who was so nervous on the torture chair that his eyes were vacant.

If you don’t even have this much psychological quality, you’d better stop acting.

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