C11— Error After Error

Restraint, restraint.

Zhou Yuhe warned himself countless times in his heart before he managed to suppress the hatred that surged in his heart.

Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that he and Ji Chen, would meet again so soon!

The confrontation in the fire, the fight, the tearing up of his heart… It was as if he could see it in his mind, and it took all his strength to resist the urge to rush up and strangle Ji Chen-!

If he did, Zhou Yuhe’s life would basically be over.

He couldn’t be impulsive.

In fact, if Zhou Yuhe hadn’t already known in his previous life that he didn’t have many days to live, he would never have chosen the same method to take revenge on Ji Chen.

The current situation was different, he had many chips and many advantages, he even knew all the movies and TV shows that would be big in the next twenty years… He definitely wouldn’t trade everything he had for the thrill of revenge like he did in his previous life, this life was still long, he could fight with Ji Chen slowly, there was no need to offend him now.

Thinking like that, the expression on Zhou Yuhe’s face really eased up a lot, and the look on Ji Chen’s face wasn’t as unkind as before, it was just normal, looking at a stranger like that.

But he wouldn’t know that with just a quick glance, he had already left an impression in Ji Chen’s heart.

* * * * * * * *

Once the lead actor was in place, the scene was officially shot.

“Until the start of Rejuvenation, I will bring you here every day, so watch and learn something.” Yang Yu softly instructed.

Zhou Yuhe couldn’t help but feel a little amused.

Yang Yu thought he hadn’t seen any big scene, afraid that he would be embarrassed after entering the crew. In fact, the former Zhou Yuhe, back in his famous years, already had resources that rose to the sky, dramas, fans, the number of times he had been the main lead in commercial works couldn’t be counted with ten fingers, and this kind of era positive drama, historical masterpiece, when his popularity plummeted, but his acting skills went up, there were also many directors who approached him….

It could be said that in the twenty years since he entered the acting world, Zhou Yuhe had been in almost every type of drama, and the details of filming were even more melted into his bones and blood, and it might be harder to make him look bad than to have him perform a classic character that would go down in history.

Even so, Zhou Yuhe nodded his head in a good-natured manner.

When Yang Yu saw that he was more obedient than “usual”, he didn’t ask for more, and calmly looked towards the set.

This scene was Yan Yingyi’s first scene and also the first scene of the entire script.

In “Intelligence”, the eight-sided Gu Wusi, who had been implicated many times but had repeatedly gotten away with it, finally revealed himself at the beginning of “Intelligence 2”, not quite in the trap set for him by Watanabe Ichiro, exposing himself as a spy .As soon as he returns to the mansion, he was invited by Ichiro Watanabe’s men to the Intelligence Bureau for tea.

The first confrontation between the two men began.

“Mr. Watanabe, isn’t it too easy and rash to use this brand of cigarettes, which can be found at any roadside stall, to frame an important government official?” The handsome and elegant Gu Wusi hooked his lips, although his hands were still shackled, although he was only a prisoner, but in the face of the evidence on the board, he was not nervous at all, polite with a trifle disdainful questioning, as if he really was an ordinary section chief who was innocently implicated.

A smiling knife flew through the lens, and Yan Yingyi, who played Watanabe Ichiro, was apparently a bit overwhelmed as he persistently held onto this evidence and asked with a cold face, “But you know that the peddler of this cigarette is a vile and cunning red bandit?”

“Red bandits?” As if Gu Wusi had heard some kind of joke, his demeanor was still idle and his speech was still elegant, but his words had begun to hint at anger, “Your Section’s process of convicting me is too childish, isn’t it?”

“You’re the ones who don’t allow any personal items to be brought to Chief Ozawa’s dinners, and I’m known to be a big smoker, so instead of me trying to buy cigarettes in the venue, someone is trying to shove this guy in there for the sake of dirtying me, the smoke-loving Chief of Foreign Affairs!

“If you’re going to hold me responsible, I’d like to ask Mr. Watanabe how you let a cunning bandit sneak into the conference hall without your knowledge, since security at the conference hall has always been the responsibility of the Intelligence and Security Section. Do you know how many dignitaries were at the dinner? The red bandits were no more than five steps away from Chief Ozawa at the closest point, so if anything happens to the Chief, you- Is it worth the responsibility!”

Gu Wusi’s rebuke could only be described by four words: throw, overwhelm, and voice.
Resounding and powerful, the words were reasonable.

The expression on his face from the beginning was calm and leisurely, to the defense of them being justified, and finally turned into a pig teammate with the annoyance and the rise of condemnation, all the emotional changes in his face, rich and layered, had an instant majestic power, which made Watanabe Ichiro feel dizzy.

Letting the hawkers enter, was indeed a ploy of Watanabe Ichiro to pull Gu Wusi’s pigtails, he didn’t expect to be used as a gun now, not only did it not catch Gu Wusi, but also got him into a foul.

“I I I…” “Watanabe Ichiro’s” brain went blank, and panic once again appeared on his face.


“What’s wrong with you, Yan Yingyi? Can you act or not, if you can’t, get out!” Director Lin rolled the script into a barrel shape and cursed as he peeked out from behind the monitor.

“I’m sorry… “Yan Yingyi clasped his hands together and apologized to the people around him with a face that was on the verge of tears, now he was no longer the popular youngster who had collected thousands of fans, but just a newcomer on the set who couldn’t even get the scene right and hadn’t improved at all after one day.

Yan Yingyi turned his head to look at Ji Chen, but the other party was not as good-tempered as before to comfort him.

Ji Chen loosened his wrists that had been handcuffed for too long, and a seemingly smiling look was delivered behind the smooth lenses.
This look made Zhou Yuhe, who had been watching the scene outside the set, straighten up, brows knitted.


Yan Yingyi’s back went cold when he saw this look from Ji Chen, suddenly feeling tension leaping up all the way from his tailbone.
Ji Chen hadn’t said anything, hadn’t even accused him of anything, but that didn’t mean that people didn’t have any opinions about him keeping up with the drama. After all, he was the one who missed the reshoots, and Ji Chen was the one who got dragged down.

Yan Yingyi took the ice water handed over by his assistant and gulped down a large gulp.

Icy drinks had always been the best way for him to relieve stress, but today, this “best way” did not bring much effect, and at the director’s urging, the scene was reshoot once again.

“But did you know that the peddler selling this cigarette is a vile and cunning red bandit?” As soon as Yan Yingyi finished this line, the director’s call to stop sounded.

“Is he a prisoner or are you a prisoner? Take the momentum! ”

“But you know the villain who sells this cigarette, the hawker … I’m sorry.”

Looking at the terrible situation on the set, Yang Yu finally stood up and stopped.

Yang Yu repeatedly apologized to the director, calling Yan Yingyi, who was drinking ice, into the nanny van on the grounds of “adjusting his state”, and Zhou Yuhe also entered the nanny van.

As soon as he entered the nanny van, Yan Yingyi’s whole state collapsed.
He covered his head in frustration and buried his face deeply in his knees. “I’m sorry Yang Ge, I don’t know how I did this. It was good when I auditioned, and it was also good when I played with the body double. It happened that I couldn’t shoot well when I officially acted! I am not suitable for filming, why am I so … ”

“Don’t you dare try to say the word ‘useless’ out loud!” Yang Yu interrupted with a cold voice, slightly disgusted at Yan Yingyi’s self-loathing. But thinking that no matter how popular the other was, he was only a newcomer in the end, and it was normal for him to be mentally incompetent, which was why he endured the next words of rebuke.

“Don’t blame yourself, it’s not you who caused this mistake.” In the dark and depressed van, Zhou Yuhe’s faint voice, like a clean stream, miraculously stopped the depressed atmosphere.

“What did you say?” YanYingYi raised his head, red eyes with three points of confusion.

At Zhou Yuhe words, Yang Yu also sat up and took notice. He didn’t think he also found it.
Yang Yu said: “Yuhe is right, it’s not your fault-”

“Didn’t you find it? Ji Chen is deliberately suppressing you. “

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