C10—- Encounter Season

Three hours ago.

They took a car to the film city located on the outskirts of A city.

A City’s Film City, was the largest film city in the entire B Province, anyone could enter here to film, but the genres were to periodic dramas, in addition to some small cost of recent works, many of them were grand scenes, investment of more than ten million, even more than hundred million, Su Su was very excited on the way, because she saw a lot of famous actors, the number of actors here was simply more than some awards dinner.

The car stopped in front of a film set that was crowded with people.

The size of this set was not the largest, but everyone on it was very busy, and they worked in a busy and orderly manner, without any confusion, so it was a team with a strong professional quality.

Everyone was busy with their own matters at hand, for the guests that arrived no one payed them much attention, Yang Yu seemed unsuprised, he didn’t need anyone to guide him, so he led Zhou Yuhe and Su Su to the direction where most people had gathered.

There happened to be a scene that was about to be filmed.

Seeing that they were busy, Yang Yu was not so lacking in eyesight to make his way up, he brought Zhou Yuhe to stand in a place with a wide view of the center of the set.

In fact, Zhou Yuhe already had a hunch when he heard the words “Film City”.

The only artist under Yang Yu’s supervision who was worthy of his visit was Yan Yingyi, and since it was a big production, it didn’t take much thinking to figure out that this was the filming location of Intelligence 2.

This wasn’t the first time he had seen a movie that had been a hit, but he had to pretend.

The story of “Intelligence” was about a Communist Party member, Gu Wuxi, who was a member of the underground Communist Party during the Sino-Japanese War. Gu Wuxi, a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC) underground, befriended the chief of the intelligence section of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) when he was studying in Japan, and joined the intelligence organization of the CPC, and later joined the Wang pseudo-government at the behest of the CPC.The story of a man who survived in the cracks and became a rare “four-sided spy” in history.

In order to confuse and gain the trust of the Chinese and Japanese sides, Gu Wusi staged a thrilling drama of counter-intelligence and counter-counter-intelligence in order to confuse and gain the trust of both the Chinese and Japanese sides.

Unlike the traditional anti-Japanese drama “love and faith”, “intelligence” was really about intelligence work, the plot was compact, not muddling, really had a high standard, high quality of excellent spy works.

In a sequel to a masterpiece of this caliber, Yang Yu’s ability as an agent was on full display.

In fact, with Yan Yingyi’s fame, he definitely couldn’t get any important supporting characters within this level, but he had to say that Yang Yu’s eyes were very sharp, and he had secured a small but extremely easy character for Yan Yingyi – Ichiro Watanabe, an intelligence genius sent by the Japanese side to the pseudo-government intelligence section to investigate Gu Wusi.

Almost all of the first five episodes of Intelligence 2 were devoted to the battles between Watanabe Ichiro and Gu Wusei.

What they were filming today was the scene where Ichiro Watanabe and Gu Wusei met for the first time, and the first time they went head-to-head.

On the set, Yan Yingyi, who was wearing a military uniform and had a tall, straight body and a handsome face, was actively practicing against Gu Wusi’s stunt double and upon seeing Yang Yu and Zhou Yuhe, they greeted each other cordially and he walked towards them.

“Brother Yang,” Yan Yingyi nodded towards Yang Yu, and when he turned to look at Zhou Yuhe, there were three extra points of surprise in his eyes, “Yuhe?”

In fact, the two were still good friends when they hadn’t debuted, but then Zhou Yuhe was heavily favored then abandoned, Yan Yinyi could be said to have stepped on him to get to the top, so the relationship naturally grew distant.

It was clear that he was not expecting Yang Yu’s actions today.

After Zhou Yuhe nodded towards him, they tacitly stopped talking.

Before the scene could get awkward, he heard Yang Yu ask with a straight face, “Still not a good shot?”

Yan Yingyi looked back at the stuntman in the scene and looked very dejected, “When I’m practicing with the stuntman, it’s all fine, but when I’m actually filming it, it’s completely no good, I don’t know what’s going on, Brother Yang, we’ve already wasted a whole afternoon yesterday, if this scene isn’t filmed well today, will I be replaced?”

His words were filled with worry and his spirit wasn’t too good, it looked like he was under a lot of pressure.

It was no wonder that Yan Yinyi was a fan favourite, usually spoiled by the fans, the crew also had a lot of care for him, it was the first time he entered a crew with such a strong sense of professionalism, from the director to the playwright, all of them were both windy and strict, they wouldn’t be relaxed because of the number of fans he had.

If it wasn’t for the fact that there were other scenes to be filmed in the evening, he would have been held down all night until the director was satisfied.

If it really couldn’t be done, he would be replaced with just a word from the director, after all, this was still just Watanabe Ichiro’s first scene, and even if the actor was changed, it wouldn’t have any effect on the crew.

“It won’t,” Yang Yu patted him on the shoulder with a comforting mouth, but his expression was not optimistic, “But you better get used to the feeling of being in a scene with ‘him’, you guys have a lot of scenes after that.”

Yan Yingyi nodded his head as he bit his lip.

The conversation between the two sounded like a riddle, but Zhou Yuhe didn’t ask too many questions and just stood quietly to the side.

In fact, he didn’t even care too much about what the two of them said, he had been a bit absent-minded since he entered this crew.

Since it was Intelligence 2, of course he knew that “that person” would also be in……..

At this time, the door of the set opened, the man wore a suit with gold-rimmed glasses artist, following him were the stylist, assistant, set service …….A large group of people joined the crowd of the set, the row was simply exaggerated.

The young man wearing a suit had a more dazzling appearance than the sun, face like jade, even without the makeup, thrown in the crowd, he would absolutely still stand out.

The gold-rimmed glasses did not make him stiff, but enhanced the elite feeling on him. He was well educated and gentlemanly in the way he carried himself, with a faint, polite and elegant light smile in the corner of his mouth.

Even if his outfit was so undisguised, no one got the impression that he was playing the big shot, but rather as if the man was born to be held in the palm of the crowd.

A natural star – that was the kind of person Ji Chen was.

And he was indeed a “natural” star.

As the only grandson of Master Ji, the head of I.S. Entertainment, Ji Chen was born listening to the lullaby sung by Cai Xu, the God of Song; when they heard that he wanted to invite his classmates to a concert, FOX, the most popular group in Asia, immediately personally offered the first-class tickets to him; the first time he appeared on the screen was directly in the A-class production, the investment had more than 100 million dollars in the film “China”, the third male lead, the youngest film emperor Qiankang………

He was the young emperor in the movie “Warsaw”, but he was also the true crown prince of the entertainment industry.

Countless people’s coveted resources were held up to him almost like an offering of treasure, and countless people who worked their entire lives were unable to reach his starting point.

And the naturally privileged Ji Chen also lived up to everyone’s expectations, and swept the entire entertainment industry as soon as he made his official debut.

Appearance and powerful publicity plus the true Prince’s origin had made him one of China’s premier superstars in just four years, one of I.S’s leading artists with a huge number of fans and resources against all odds, his development was still soaring upwards, and it was said that his next step was to enter the international arena and play a pivotal role in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Ji Chen, in a big male drama like “Intelligence” and “Intelligence 2”, played of course the very brilliant and difficult male lead Gu Wu Xi.

The suit and uniform, which was what he was dressed up as for most of the time in this drama, was clearly well styled at this point and he came over ready to be filmed.

The director of the film, director Lin, who had a supreme status in the field of television, saw Ji Chen and also had to give him face, he didn’t blame him for taking too long to do the styling, but kindly called him over to talk about the film.

Yan Yingyi was also called over, and his face was somewhat reluctant and fearful.

As expected, Director Lin said no more than three sentences and began to bash Yan Yingyi’s performance yesterday, and Yan Yingyi listened to the director’s lecture, his head getting lower and lower, wanting to bury himself in the ground.

At that moment, Ji Chen reached out and hooked Yan Yingyi’s shoulders, straightening Yan Yingyi’s body with a supportive gesture.

“I heard that this is first time Yingyi is acting in this kind of period drama, and being a great director of such status as Director Lin, he was so nervous that he didn’t sleep well for a week, he was just too nervous yesterday, today is definitely fine, Director Lin, calm down.” Ji Chen’s expression was sincere, and his words invariably elevated Director Lin, who was so relieved that he let go of Yan Yingyi and continued to speak.

This was the charm of Ji Chen, although born noble and now super popular, but not at all arrogant, treating people affably and politely.

This kind of educated and polite style, no wonder so many fans liked him, even the set with many staff members were also Ji Chen’s sister and brother fans.

And Yan Yingyi was also very grateful to Ji Chen, obviously he was the one who caused Ji Chen to have to follow him to reshoot, but Ji Chen still spoke for him.

When Ji Chen winked at him, the shame in Yan Yinyi’s heart became even greater.

All the people on the set cast such eyes at Ji Chen, envy, admiration, admiration… Ji Chen was used to enjoying the attention, but at a certain moment, the corner of his mouth suddenly froze, and his eyes shot towards the corner of the set like a torch.

There was a young man there standing in the shadows, leaning casually against the wall, looking over at him in a completely different way than the others, calm with a hint of coldness, deep… even hate?


He was shocked by this inexplicable thought that popped up in his mind.

When his vision caught up to look again, he found that the youth had already turned his head to look elsewhere, and his eyes were free of those negative emotions, and his expression and eyes were as calm as water.

It was as if he had misread.


I changed Spy 2 to Intelligence 2, sounds fancier 😅

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