C9– Day 9

The Snow Lion wagged his tail, very lightly.
He stopped and tossed the gripped clothes in front of Shen Tong graciously.

“Thank you.”

Shen Tong lifted his face, his eyes curved into a nice curve.
The mole at the bottom of his right eye was very light in color and very close to it. Such a mole would have been a bit gaudy, but perhaps it was due to Shen Tong’s temperament, but his face was still pretty and soft.

Perhaps he would look prettier crying.
Caesar thought carelessly.

Shen Tong had just bumped his ankle, it actually still hurt a bit, he draped the clothes around him and hugged the snow lion buried in his head and rubbed it gently, “Meow, I don’t want to move.”

It was Caesar’s clothes, black military uniform, icy cold rows of buttons, draped over Shen Tong, the size was big, and the shoulder line slipped far away, he lowered his head, revealing the snow-colored back of his neck, and his long shoulder and neckline were hidden.
It was Caesar’s scent.

Caesar narrowed his eyes in pleasure.

Perhaps the youth could be informed of his identity?
Then he would reluctantly forgive the youth for those unknowing acts and bring him to the Perth palace on the capital planet.

After all, Caesar didn’t always have time to enter the spirit world.

Two hours later, Caesar shut down his spirit world.
He summoned his butler.

The young monarch dropped his eyes, playing with a straw ring in his hand.
— It was the straw ring the youth had given him at their first meeting.

His hand was long and strong, and the grass ring, made of grass, slightly dried and overly crude, should not have been in Perth’s palace, much less in his hand, it just seemed out of place. The steward looked around a few times, “What is the order, your majesty?”

Caesar didn’t look up, “Has anyone been found?”
The butler was stunned, “What person?”
“My, match.”

The steward had followed Caesar for many years, knowing full well that with his personality, he would not mention it again once he commanded it, after all, he wasn’t interested in it. But Caesar repeated the question, which made the steward’s heart stir and he quickly guessed what was going on, he smiled and said, “It seems that you and your match get along well, Your Majesty.”

He then shook his head, “No sign of him yet.”

Caesar nodded his head with little expression.
It wasn’t clear if he was responding to the fact that they were getting along well, or if he was indicating that he knew.

After a long moment, Caesar opened his mouth again, his accent loose, “Maybe a Blue Starman.”

“A Blue Starman?” The butler pondered for a moment, “Dark hair and dark eyes, but it’s possible he’s from the Blue Star.”
“Not because of that.”
Caesar said bluntly.

In the spirit world, the youth’s attitude towards him was more than intimate and less than guarded. Even when getting along, the youth seemed to treat him simply as a cat, a small pet that could be teased, held in his arms, or-.

 He didn’t really realize that the snow lion in front of him wasn’t just a snow lion.
Moreover, the youth also had no idea about the spiritual world.

Only the Blue Star would be like this.
Because the Blue Star was a unique existence.

It was an immigrant star of ancient humans, but it failed to maintain the purity of the human gene pool. The first settlers bonded with evolved felines, seemingly with human genes prevailing and their offspring not possessing the form of cats, but actually retaining many of their feline instincts, known as neanderthals.
They were educated to strictly follow ancient human standards and also liked to have some pets.

The butler waited for a moment, and when he saw that Caesar had no intention of explaining, he nodded, “I’ll have someone go to Blue Star.”
Caesar said carelessly, “Find him then let me know first.”

His voice was low and touching.


Caesar left the spirit world, and Shen Tong ended his nap early.
— Inside the glass enclosure, the little plant stood up, no longer slumping limply.

He looked at the lab, and it was empty.

Shen Tong felt a bit strange. Ever since he had sprouted, even though access to this lab had been strictly restricted, there were still many staff members with higher privileges who took the excuse to come here to see Shen Tong, so whenever he woke up, there were always many people he knew and didn’t know around him.

This time no one was here, Shen Tong did not think much about it, he quietly looked out the window.

It was afternoon, around one or two o’clock, the sunshine leapfrogged in, light, and the shadow laid on the ground.
It was warm everywhere.
Quiet and warm.

Shen Tong actually liked this kind of atmosphere, where one could sleep or stay in a daze, relaxed, and at ease.
It was a pity that this tranquility didn’t last too long.

The door opened.
A lot of people came.

The dean gave a soft “shush”, the others stayed at the door, only he wore a pair of holographic glasses and walked in, he lowered his voice and said, “Ahem, now, let the live broadcast begin.”
Shen Tong: “?”

“Why start a live now?” The Dean said, “I thought you wanted to see it doze off. It’s still napping at this time, and if it’s a pup, it’s a baby with a very regular routine.”
In Shen Tong’s eyes, the dean was talking to himself, but he suddenly had a bad premonition.

It turned out that Shen Tong’s hunch was correct.

An hour ago, the executives of the Academy of Sciences had discussed whether or not to turn on the live broadcast, but the meeting had come to a standstill again because of the succession celebration-…
Are we still sending catnip?

Send it, of course, they would, no matter how much they couldn’t bear to tearfully send it to the Capital Star.

The answer was yes.
The science of cultivating catnip was not hidden, and the news of catnip sprouting wasn’t hidden, it couldn’t be hidden from Perth Palace, the name of the tyrant wasn’t a joke, whenever he frowned, everyone would be finished.

It was also because of this reason that the dean immediately shot the board to open a live broadcast immediately!
By the time it was sent to Capital Star, it would be okay to watch the recording and keep a memory of it.

So the dean started a live broadcast.
As for Shen Tong, he still didn’t know that he had become a little popular on the star network with a moving picture.

Because the live broadcast opened too suddenly, there was no advance notice, even the live broadcast room was a temporary application, the Academy of Sciences took five minutes to go to the Star Network’s official blog to share the live broadcast ID, so the people online number were only 303.

Dean: “Here, let me show you the snoozing-”

The glasses he wore were broadcast-specific glasses that allowed viewers to watch the broadcast from a first-hand perspective, as well as share smells and tastes, and then allow them to have a hands-on experience.

So in front of everyone, there was a small plant in a pot.

Straight and upright, a little more open than in the moving picture, the leaves stretched out, and the little plant grew brittle in the soil, so brightly colored that it seemed to be dripping out, and not at all wilting.
And quite spirited.

The Dean’s voice trailed off and a few comments popped up.
  [Miss Puffy: Huh? Isn’t it nap time?]
[Raising Lots of Green: What about a good routine for a well-behaved baby! It’s a rebellious pup!]
[la la la la hoop: rebellion.jpg]
[Don’t want to be a cat anymore: rebellion.jpg]

The Dean was also surprised, so he had to say dryly, “Maybe it has insomnia today.”
Shen Tong: “?”
The more he listened, the more he felt something was wrong.

Since Shen Tong ended his nap early, the dean couldn’t broadcast catnip sleeping anymore, and he sighed regretfully and asked the viewers in the live studio, “Do you know what species this is?”

[cranberry cookies: don’t know.]
[La la la hoop: what variety is it?]
[Raising Lots of Green: Uncle Hua says it’s an Ancient Earth plant].

Dean casually asked, “Uncle Flora?”

[Raise Le Duo Duo Green: a plant science blogger la, I saw the retweet from him and touched over, didn’t think it would just happen to hit live.]
After saying that, Raising Lotto-Green threw a screenshot over.

At this time, a few not-so-harmonious pop-ups popped up on the screen as well.

[bar: boring.]
[Bar: Boring.]
[bar: I thought the grass would doze off and be quite special, but it turned out to be no different from a normal plant at all, a waste of time].

The bar wasn’t the only one who thought so, as the live viewers were leaving a few after another, and the number was now steady at 295.

But the dean wasn’t paying attention, he was looking at the screenshots put out by Raising Lotto Green.

@Botanist with a flower shop: don’t know it, it’s supposed to be an Ancient Earth plant, lovely indeed.
The comments under this dynamic are arranged in descending order of the number of likes received, and the dean took a look, and was happy to read a few-.

“Watched it no less than ten times! The brain (leaf) bag (sub) a little bit is simply adorable, and even tried to raise his head, however was cruelly pressed down.”
“What if the grass dozed off? Sneak a video of it and post it on Star.com for public execution and receive everyone’s lovely sanction.”
“Would like to keep one so I can snooze against it every day and whoever is awake first is the dog.”

Snooze? Shooting video?
Several key words linked together, and Shen Tong probably understood.

He was filmed sleeping and posted on the internet.

Shen Tong: “……”
It really was a public execution.

Dean was still reading comments, “Sisters, at 2.03 seconds, the leaf droops down and then suddenly lifts up again, like waking up by itself and being confused for a moment?”

Shen Tong didn’t want to hear any more.

Perhaps it was too humiliating, but Shen Tong didn’t notice that his leaves had changed a little.
–The thin leaves were tightly curled up, almost impermeable to gaps, and the whole catnip plant had inexplicably shown a kind of “I’m shy” state.

The people in the live broadcast room could naturally see his changes, and many of them instantly blew up.
  [Strawberry Smoke: !]
[But TEM-8 doesn’t change its name: it’s moving!]
[Raising Lotto Green: ???]
[User 26354232: What’s going on?]
[La-la-la-la-la-la: I have a wild guess. Shy, shy?]
[silly yellow sweet: quick! Read a few more!]

Dean was interested in the comments, as they were all compliments on catnip, and although he wasn’t watching the live feed, he was still reading down, “Overly cute, where can I adopt a grass that snoozes like this? Don’t want one that won’t doze off.”

“Sleepy with drooping leaves swinging around, what kind of little baby is this, want to have it, mama will definitely let you sleep through it!”

Shen Tong: “……”
All thoughts were lost.

The more embarrassed he became, the more the plant shrank.

So all of the viewers in this live broadcast room watched as the little plant, which had been so energetic just now, wilted.

In particular, every time the dean said a word, the small, tender green leaves tightened up a little, and every time the dean said a word, it drooped down a little, so that little by little, it drooped down, and soon, the two small leaves of the young plant were almost touching the soil.

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